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While the City Snoozes

Edited by Bill Motz and Bob Roth
Written by Jan Strnad
© Disney 1995

Transcribed by Heather H.
Transcript edited by Calluna
Screenshots by Calluna

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(Mirage) What a drab, dreary place. Positively morbid. I love it! (Slumbergath appears) Why, there you are. Oh, my poor, weak friend. A mere shadow of your former self. How long since you last fed? A while, I expect. Don't worry. We'll change all that. Soon you will feast to your black heart's content. (sees music box) Ah, here it is. Untouched for centuries. (blows off dust) It's been a long time since you last soothed Agrabah’s troubled brow... Too long if you asked me! (opens box) Ah! What a sweet, sweet melody.

(Aladdin) (looking at stars through telescope) Amazing! I can see things I never knew existed! Take a look, Iago.

(Iago) (walking on telescope) Stars, no thanks, but point this thing at the aviary and you've got a deal. (Aladdin tips telescope--Iago falls) Ah!

(Jasmine) Father will be so happy. This star chart will make a fine addition to the royal library.

(Genie) Keep watching the skies! There's horrors up there that'll curl your hair! (curls Aladdin’s hair--as all) Killer robots, space mutants, potato monsters from Planet X. Spudzilla trashes another plastic town.

(Jasmine) (pulling curlers out of Aladdin’s hair) Genie's been watching another monster marathon, I see.

(Aladdin) Yeah, whatever that is. (stretches) Boy! It's been a long night. (Abu asleep) I guess Abu wasn't up for an all-nighter. Hey Abu, wake up! You're having a bad dream. Ha, ha, silly monkey! Ah, dreams can't hurt ya. See? No monsters here.

(Abu) Whew! (sees Genie--grabs hold of Aladdin’s face) ahhhhhhhhh!

(Aladdin) (pries Abu off) It's just Genie.

(Genie) Hi! Oh, sorry my sleepy little simian. I guess I’m just a sucker for cheap b-movie thrills, but don't worry, Jasmeena, queen of the cosmos will save us!

(Jasmine) (sighs) Dawn can't come soon enough.

(Sultan) (guard asleep) Hakim!

(Hakim) (wakes up) Oh! Your highness!

(Sultan) Asleep at your post! I'm very disappointed!

(Hakim) Your highness, forgive me! I don't know what came over me!

(Sultan) I understand you have a demanding job but this is no place for laze-abouts!

(Hakim) Yes, your highness! Of course, your highness!

(Sultan) This is very serious. I’m afraid I’ll-I'll have to reprimand you (hears melody--yawns) first thing in the morning. (yawns) C-carry on. (heads off to bed) Nighty-night. (Hakim falls asleep)

(Flying back to Agrabah through marketplace)

(Genie) Back in college I did all-nighters all the time! (yawns) But I’m a few millennia older now. Oh, I can't wait to hit the lamp.

(Abu) (yawns) Uh-huh.

(Iago) (yawns) I’m gonna hug that pillow like a cousin... Which it probably is!

(Aladdin) That's funny. The marketplace looks so empty.

(Jasmine) The streets should be teeming with people by now.

(Aladdin) (sees rope charmer on top of rope asleep) Something is very strange here.

(Iago) Maybe the Sultan declared a holiday?

(Genie) Hm, (looks at people asleep) must be national asleep on your feet day.

(Aladdin) The whole marketplace is asleep!

(Jasmine) If this happened in the marketplace... Take us to the palace! Hurry!

(in palace)

(Jasmine) Father?

(Aladdin) The Sultan's usually hard at work by now.

(Iago) Oh, yeah. He's got the toy duck wound up and everything.

(Genie) (spies Hakim) You're in for a rude awakenin', soldier! (sprays water in Hakim’s mouth--he spits it out on Genie) Well, he got the rude part right.

(Jasmine) Come on! Let's find Father!

(Iago) (yawns) You go right ahead. Me... I'm checking out the inside of my eyelids. (falls asleep)

(Abu) Huh? (yawns--falls asleep on top of Iago)

(Jasmine) Father? Wake up. Father? I can't wake him, Aladdin! Aladdin?

(Aladdin) (wakes up) Huh? Wha..?

(Jasmine) Someone's put a sleeping spell on the whole town!

(Aladdin) You're right. Genie, if ya feel tired... (Genie fell asleep) Uh-oh. Too late.

(Jasmine) Who could have done this?

(Mirage) Well, this isn't the kind of thing Mechanicles would do, is it?

(Aladdin and Jasmine) Mirage!

(Mirage) All of Agrabah is under my spell. Join your subjects in sweet repose. Your eyelids are getting heavy. (Jasmine and Aladdin start to fall asleep) Yes. (bell rings--Mirage, Carpet, Jasmine and Aladdin seated at desks)

(Genie) (as student) My report '1001 Arabian nights' by Scheherazade. Uh, I thought the stories were really good. (looks down) Ahhhhhh! I'm standing in front of the whole class in my underwear!

(Mirage) Oh, how I tire of genies!

(Aladdin) Genie's having a nightmare?

(Jasmine) And sleepwalking, too. (bell rings)

(Genie) (as teacher) Fire drill! Everybody out! Hip-hop! On your feet! Straight line! Leave your books! No talking!

(Mirage) And where is it that you hope to run?

(Aladdin) To the throne room, Carpet!

(Genie) No running in the halls!

(Aladdin) We've gotta get away from Mirage’s spell! (they stop and gasp)

(Mirage) Don't mind me. I'm just tidying up my throne room (holds out resting Abu and Iago) and I have just the place for this trash!

(Aladdin) (grabs them) Got 'em! Let's go!

(Genie) What? This isn't the principal's... (Aladdin grabs him) Whoa! (they fly out of palace)

(Mirage) You'll sleep soon enough, and when you do it will be forever!


(Genie) This goes on your permanent record, young man!

(Aladdin) (holds out lamp) Tsk, tsk, tsk. Look at all those children not doing their homework.

(Genie) Oh!? We'll see about that! (enters lamp) No running in the halls!

(Aladdin) At least he's not dreaming anymore.

(Jasmine) (yawns) We'd better get out of town soon. I'm getting so sleepy.

(Aladdin) We'll be away from Mirage’s spell in no time. Give it all ya got, Carpet! Carpet? (feels rug go limp) We're in trouble. Carpet, wake up!

(Jasmine) But rugs don't sleep.

(Aladdin) They don't usually fly, either, but this one's doing both! (falling)

(Jasmine) Carpet!

(Aladdin) Hang on! (guiding Carpet) Up, Carpet! Up! Slow down! (sees cart full of hanging knives) Oh no.

(Jasmine) (they fly through cart) Aladdin! (land inches from brick wall--gasping) Made it!

(Aladdin) (rolls Carpet up) Looks like we'll have to get out of Agrabah on foot. Once we're safe we can figure how to beat Mirage.

(in palace)

(Mirage) (peering through magic bowl) Well, that was fun, but this will be better. Arise, my slumbering minions! Arise and destroy Aladdin!

(Omar) Destroy! (takes knife) Destroy Aladdin!

(Rope charmer) (climbs down rope) Destroy Aladdin!

(Citizens) Destroy Aladdin! (melody playing louder)

(Jasmine) (yawns) I’m so sleepy.

(Aladdin) Hang in there. Just keep putting one foot (yawns) in front of the other. (yawns--citizens surround Aladdin) Uh-oh. This can't be good.

(All citizens) Destroy!

(Jasmine) If Mirage controls the sleepers then what about..?

(Iago) Destroy Aladdin! (Jasmine gasps and drops them--all closing in on Aladdin)

(Aladdin) This could get tricky.

(Citizens) Destroy Aladdin!

(Aladdin) Gotta wake up Genie. (Genie appears as huge evil monster--gasps) No!

(Genie) Destroy Aladdin! Destroy! (grabs Aladdin)

(Jasmine) Carpet, no!

(Aladdin) Hey, old buddy.

(Genie) Destroy!

(Aladdin) I knew you'd say that.

(Jasmine) (Carpet behind her) Swell. (jumps--she and Aladdin land in pile of hay) Are you all right?

(Aladdin) I’ve had better days. (Genie turns into potato monster from Planet X) This way!

(Jasmine) This alley was a dead end!

(Aladdin) Okay. Uh, that was a mistake.

(Genie) (turns into killer robot) Neutralize target. Destroy Aladdin. (blasts hole through dead end--stairway behind it)

(Jasmine) (pulls Aladdin up stairs) This way! (Genie breaks some steps--Jasmine falls--Aladdin catches her--holds her tight--get to top)

(Aladdin) He can't follow us!

(Jasmine) I’d like to believe that, but I’m fresh out of optimism! (pushes him along)

(Genie) (turns into space mutant) Destroy humanoids! (zaps them with sound laser gun)

(Aladdin) No! Can't let it end like this!

(Jasmine) We're finished! We've lost!

(Phasir) No. Not yet. (takes Aladdin and Jasmine)

(Genie) Hm? (checks laser gun)


(Aladdin) Where are we?

(Phasir) In the ancient city beneath Agrabah.

(Jasmine) Phasir!

(Phasir) I brought you here with my remaining strength. (starts to fall--Aladdin and Jasmine catch him)

(Aladdin) Easy. What's happened to you?

(Phasir) In the heart of the city there is a magic box. As long as its melody plays, all of Agrabah will be under its sleep spell. Close the box and the spell will be broken. Too long have I fought Mirage’s evil plot. I... am... tired. (pulls Aladdin closer to him) You must close the box.

(Aladdin) Me? (yawning) But I’m so tired.

(Phasir) That matters not! Beware the creature of night. (falls asleep)

(Aladdin) He's fallen under the spell.

(Jasmine) (yawns) Oh, if Mirage could beat Phasir… what chance do we have?

(Aladdin) (sighs) Not much, but we've gotta try (yawns) no matter how tired we are.

(Jasmine) Hurry! Before he turns against us too. (they run to find box)

(in palace)

(Mirage) (peering through magic bowl) Could I ask for more? Phasir has finally fallen and Aladdin dashes to his doom! Hoo-hoo! Evil can be so good.

(Genie, Abu and Iago dreaming)

(Iago) what did you say about my mother? (inside his mind) Well, you'd better prepare yourself for the glory stomping of your life!

(Dominus Tusk) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Iago) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Jasmine) Brave Iago is facing that monster all by himself!

(Aladdin) If only I weren't so terrified! (Iago twirls Dominus Tusk throwing him out of Agrabah--they rush up to him)

(Genie) Iago, you're my hero! I was really worried there for a moment!

(Aladdin) Iago, you've taught this weak-kneed coward the meaning of bravery.

(Iago) Yeah, well, it doesn't put groceries on the table.

(Sultan) Iago, there you are. I have too much wealth. Would you... Take some of it?

(Iago) Well, I know it would insult you if I did otherwise so... (Sultan claps) You gotta love me!

(All) We do! We do! (outside his mind)

(Iago) Ah, yes. Come to me, my little crackaberra. (makes kissing noises)

(Mirage) What's this? Pleasant dreams? We can't have that. This calls for a tiny nightmare. (puts small evil floating nightmare creature into Iago’s mind)

(Iago) Oo! That tickles. Huh? Jafar! No! Not the cage of torment! Ahhhhhh!

(Mirage) That's more like it. Now let's see how Aladdin fares against a nightmare of his own... A living nightmare! (peers into magic bowl)


(Jasmine) Aladdin, wait. I need to rest.

(Aladdin) We can't stop. We've gotta fight it.

(Jasmine) But it's so hard. (melody plays louder)

(Aladdin) Hear that? The music box! It's close! (wanders off--sees the box in a room behind bars) There it is! All I have to do is close that box! If I could just get in there! (yawns) Have to stay awake. (returns to Jasmine) Jasmine! We're almost there! We just have to get through some rusty old bars and... Jasmine. (she's fallen asleep--nudges her chin upward gently--gasps)

(Jasmine) Destroy!

(Aladdin) Jasmine! Stop! You don't know what you're doing!

(Jasmine) Destroy!

(Aladdin) Fight Mirage’s spell, Jasmine! Fight it!

(Jasmine) Destroy!

(Aladdin) I don't want to hurt you, Jasmine! (pins her against wall with golden breastplate--Jasmine growls at him) sorry, Jasmine, but I guess I’m going on alone. (yawns--struggles to pry open bars--crawls through--gasping) Almost there! The spell... (yawns) so strong. Can't block the music! Have to stay awake. (Slumbergath appears and much bigger) Huh? What is that thing? (Mirage appears)

(Mirage) It's called the Slumbergath. The creature of the night. It was pieced together long ago from the nightmares of a thousand sleeping minds. (it turns into octopus--grabs Aladdin by ankle--he yells) Why fight it, Aladdin? Many warriors died of fright just gazing upon the Slumbergath.

(Aladdin) (takes sword from skeleton) I hope this helps me more than it did you. (Aladdin cuts its arm off—it transforms into spider--Aladdin takes his sword then cuts it in half--Slumbergath turns into dragon) How do ya beat this thing?

(Mirage) (laughing) That's the beauty. Ya don't. (laughing)

(Aladdin) (Slumbergath picks him up then throws him down facing wall) Wait. There's my shadow but where's the monster's? That's what Phasir tried to tell me! It's just a creature of my nightmares. And dreams can't hurt you no matter how bad they are!

(Mirage) Are you so sure, Aladdin? These warriors all died very real deaths.

(Aladdin) It's not real! It's not real! It's not real! It's... not... real! (Slumbergath destroyed)

(Mirage) Accursed boy!

(Aladdin) I... I beat it!

(Mirage) Yes, Aladdin. You've earned your rest. Now, sleep, sleep, sleep. (Aladdin falling asleep--Mirage laughs wickedly)

(Jasmine and Phasir) Destroy Aladdin!

(Aladdin) Huh?

(Mirage) What?

(Jasmine and Phasir) Destroy! Destroy Aladdin!

(Mirage) Not now! (Aladdin gets up and closes box--spell is broken)

(Jasmine) Wh... What happened?

(Phasir) The nightmare is over.

(Mirage) No! It isn't over until I’ve won! (cuts down rocks--falling overhead of Aladdin)

(Jasmine) No!

(Genie) (saves Aladdin--sits him on couch with newspaper) Hey, take a load off, Al. You've had a busy day.

(Mirage) Oh, I’d kill for a world without genies!

(Genie) I am rested, pumped and ready to kick kitty!

(Aladdin) (rolls up newspaper) Well, Mirage, ready to go another round?

(Mirage) Not today, (disappears) but someday! Someday soon!

(Aladdin) You know, with Mirage absence does not make the heart grow fonder.

(Iago and Abu eating--both grab banana)

(Iago) Gimme that!

(Abu) No! It's mine! (banana squirts in his face)

(Iago) Ha!

(Sultan) Tell us again, Aladdin, how you defeated the Slumbergath. Oo, that part gave me the shivers.

(Jasmine) (giggles) I think your shivers will have to wait, Father. At least until tomorrow morning. (Aladdin fell asleep on table)

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