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Web of Fear

Story Editor: Duane Capizzi
Written by: Kevin Campbell and Brian Swenlin
© Disney 1994

Transcript by Calluna

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(Setting: Agrabah at night, just after what appears to be an earthquake. Aladdin and his friends are helping to pull people out of the rubble of the destroyed buildings. Aladdin and Abu have just rescued Omar the merchant.)

Omar: It is terrible! Everything just collapsed! Swallowed by the earth!

(Sultan and Jasmine are looking down at the destruction from a palace balcony.)

Sultan: In all my… Oh, dear. I've never seen such a catastrophe!

Jasmine: Have hope, Father. The rescue parties are doing all they can.

(We can now see the entire area that was destroyed; it looks like a crater in the middle of the city.)

Aladdin: Over here! (points a group of guards towards where he thinks some survivors are)

Genie: (measuring a giant boulder) Let's see… affected area… hmm, big one, all right. Needs a gentle touch. (hits the boulder with a hammer and it splits into two and falls away, freeing four people trapped beneath it)

(Carpet sees a man whose feet are trapped and pulls him out, then flies him to safety.)

(Aladdin and Abu are digging through the rubble, while Iago stands by, yawning.)

Iago: Can't this wait 'till morning? It's not like these people are going anywhere.

Genie: Need a hand?

(Genie zaps the rubble and it all turns into balloons and floats away, carrying Abu with them. A boy and a dog were trapped underneath. The boy hugs Aladdin, while the dog starts licking Iago's face.)

Iago: Aah! Gross! They did it! Lick them! Them!

(Abu, still holding on to a balloon, floats past Farouk the merchant, who is trapped under a wooden beam.)

Abu: Huh?

Farouk: Help! I cannot get out!

(Abu jumps down to the ground, runs to Farouk, and whistles for help.)

Aladdin: (running towards them) Good work, Abu! (tries to lift the beam)

Genie: (as a construction worker) Eh, the boys'll handle this one, Al. (splits into five construction worker Genies)

(From a ruined building, two unknown creatures watch as the Genies get ready to lift the beam.)

Genies: Heave, ho! (lift the beam)

Genie: (looking at a watch) Break!

Genies: All right! (throw the beam into the air and walk away)


(Abu watches where the plank will land, then runs to where Iago is sitting, on one side of a plank of wood, and waves goodbye to him.)

Iago: What?

(The beam lands on the other end of the plank, catapulting Iago into the air.)

(Aladdin helps Farouk to stand.)

Farouk: It took you long enough, street rat! (pushes Aladdin away and leaves)

Abu: Oh, yeah? (starts to run after Farouk)

Aladdin: (stopping Abu) Save your strength, Abu. Others still need our help.

(Carpet flies up to them and starts pointing in one direction. We can then hear someone in that direction calling for help.)

Genie: (approaches them, pointing in the opposite direction) We've got a situation thisaway! …and thataway.

Aladdin: We'll split up. You take Abu. (jumps on Carpet and flies toward where the cry came from)

Genie: We need to do some heavy lifting.

(Abu flexes his biceps.)

Genie: Close, but no cigar. (turns Abu into an elephant)

(Aladdin flies down towards where a woman is calling for help. We can see another one of the strange creatures hiding in a building behind her.)

(Jasmine is with the boy and dog that were saved earlier; they can hear the woman's cries for help.)

Boy: My mama's out there!

Jasmine: It's all right. We'll find your mother.

Boy: But what if the Unkbuut find her first? They'll eat her!

Jasmine: (hugs the boy) I know it's dark and scary, but the Unkbuut aren't real. They're just a fairy tale.

Boy: But I saw them! They're out there!

(Aladdin and Carpet have found the trapped woman.)

Woman: Over here!

Aladdin: Nice going, Carpet! (they fly down to her)

Sultan: (standing near Jasmine, looking down into the crater) There are untold layers of ancient Agrabah under our modern city. Anything could be down there.

(Aladdin helps the woman onto Carpet.)

Aladdin: Watch your footing, now.

(Carpet starts to fly the woman out of the crater. As soon as he leaves, the ground beneath Aladdin crumbles.)

Aladdin: (coughing) I'm okay, Carpet! Just get her away before anything else collapses! (tries to pull himself free of what looks like spider webs)

(Elephant Abu carries three men out of the crater.)

Jasmine: Genie, did you see anything strange out there? This boy said something about—

Boy: Mama!

(Carpet is bringing the rescued woman over to them. The boy runs up to her and hugs her.)

Boy: I'm so happy the Unkbuut didn't eat you!

Woman: Silly, that's just a tale.

Boy: But I saw them!

Jasmine: (worried) Where's Aladdin?

(Aladdin has just gotten loose from the spider webs when he sees two giant spiders approaching him.)

Aladdin: Unkbuut! (tries to jump out of the hole he's fallen into, but it's too deep) Carpet!

(Setting: back on the streets of Agrabah, a little while later. Aladdin is just regaining consciousness, and Genie is waving a hand in front of his face. They're surrounded by a crowd of people.)

Genie: Al! Buddy! How many finger do you see?

Jasmine: Aladdin, what happened?

Aladdin: It was the Unkbuut.

Crowd: (gasps) Unkbuut!

Abu: Unkbuut?

Omar: They caused the cave-in!

Farouk: They will surely eat us all!

Iago: There goes the neighborhood! So, what happened? They whack you senseless? They get you with their venomous fangs?

Aladdin: Actually… I think I fainted.

(Someone in the crowd laughs.)

Iago: Fainted? You fainted? Cap'n Rescue here fainted! (laughs)

Jasmine: I think Aladdin's been through enough, don't you?

Genie: Yeah! (quietly) You fainted? Come on, Al. You've whupped dragons, mud giants, Lex Luthor… no, that was Superman.

Aladdin: I don't know, Genie. Stories about the Unkbuut always gave me the creeps. Then there they were, so close I could feel their breath on my skin!

Genie: (shuddering) Good thing rug-man here saved you!

Sultan: So, the tales are true.

Jasmine: We must do something, Father. (to the crowd) Rest assured, you will all be safe. The palace guards will be posted around the crater.

(Setting: later that night. Tents have been set up for those whose homes have been destroyed. A group of men are standing around a fire.)

Omar: (nervous) Surely there are worse ways to die than be eaten by ferocious Unkbuut. Right?

(The other men shake their heads.)

Man: No, I don't think so.

Farouk: This is the most— (sees a giant spider shadow) Aah! Unkbuut!

Omar: Unkbuut? (points to the small spider near the fire that's casting the huge shadow) It is a itsy-bitsy spider!

(All the men but Farouk laugh.)

Farouk: Just wait until the Unkbuut carry you away to be eaten!

(Setting: A palace balcony. Jasmine is looking down at the crater, and Rajah is with her. They then go inside. Rajah notices a piece of spider web that's fallen on the ground. He looks up and sees an Unkbuut lowering itself down from the ceiling, toward Jasmine. He jumps up to attack it, but it spits webbing at him, trapping him to the ground.

Jasmine: (gasps) Rajah!

(When Rajah is completely covered with webbing, the Unkbuut turns toward Jasmine. She pulls a curtain down on top of it and runs away, but it cuts its way out and comes after her. She picks up the curtain rod and starts hitting the giant spider with it. It knocks her back, but she picks up the rod again and pole vaults over it.)

Sultan: (entering the room) Jasmine?

(Jasmine runs towards a door and almost makes it, but she is hit with webbing and stuck in place.)

Jasmine: No!

Sultan: Jasmine!

(The Unkbuut finishes covering Jasmine with webbing, picks her up, and jumps off the balcony with her.)

Sultan: Jasmine?

(Setting: the streets of Agrabah. The group of men are still gathered around the fire.)

Omar: Well now, perhaps the Unkbuut really are just children's tales. Perhaps Aladdin was just overtired and only thought he saw one.

(The Unkbuut carrying Jasmine on its back runs up to the fire and rears up at them menacingly. The men all scream and run away. The Unkbuut then heads toward the crater, but some guards are in its way.)

Rasoul: Stand firm, men!

(The Unkbuut spits webs at the guards so they can't move, then runs down into the crater, still carrying Jasmine.)

(Setting: near the crater. Aladdin has just found out that Jasmine has been kidnapped.)

Aladdin: Jasmine… Let's go!

(Aladdin, Carpet, Genie, Abu, and Iago fly down into the crater.)

Iago: We need options! The guards! They get paid to do stuff like this!

(They are flying through a dark tunnel underneath the city.)

Aladdin: I can't see anything!

Genie: (turns into a lantern and shines in the others' eyes)

Aladdin and Iago: Genie!

Genie: Whoops! Sorry! (turns to face forward)

(They can now see a spider web blocking the tunnel ahead of them, but it's too late to avoid hitting it. Carpet gets stuck, and the others fall off and land on the tunnel floor. They can then hear the sound of an Unkbuut, and see the shadow of one approaching Carpet.)

Aladdin: Carpet!

Genie: Hang on, rug-man!

(The tunnel collapses beneath them. Genie turns into a mattress and breaks their fall.)

Genie: Magically crafted, the Genie-pedric mattress gives support where you most need it!

(Aladdin has landed on top of Iago.)

Iago: My aching back!

Genie: Head count! 1, 2, 3, 4… where's rug-man?

Aladdin: (shouting) Carpet!

Iago: (scared) Al? There's somethin' here you oughta see.

(A long line of Unkbuut are marching through the underground city. Each is carrying something wrapped in webbing on its back.)

Aladdin: That's a lot of Unkbuut!

Genie: (shudders) Boy, makes my skin crawl. You must be feeling swell.

Iago: Just like the fairy tales! They're wrapping people in those cocoons so they can feed them to their slimy baby Unkbuut larvae!

Genie: You don't suppose the Unkbuut eat carpets, do you? I mean, what with the high hairball risk factor and all.

Aladdin: I don't know, but the sure thing is Jasmine's in danger. We have to get in there somehow.

(Genie takes the form of an Unkbuut, carries the others on his back inside a cocoon, and follows the other Unkbuut.)

Genie: Okay, we're in the army now! Left! Left! Left, right, left!

Iago: Quit crowding! I hate to be crowded just before I'm eaten by Unkbuut!

(Aladdin and Abu give him funny looks.)

Iago: Look, it's a bird thing!

Aladdin: Shh!

(The Unkbuut walk across a giant web. Other Unkbuut lower themselves down from the ceiling and take the cocoons from the others.)

Aladdin: Genie, what's happening?

Genie: There's a whole city down here! It's like Chicago, only with Unkbuut!

Aladdin: Are there… a lot of them?

Genie: Yeah! …I mean, just a couple! How you holdin' up, buddy?

Aladdin: Don't worry about me! Keep looking for Jasmine!

Genie: Don't sweat it, Al! If she's here, I'll find her! Nothin's getting by this genie!

(While Genie was talking, an Unkbuut took the cocoon off his back and rose up into the air with it.)

Aladdin: Whoa, what's going on? Genie? Genie?

Iago: The jig is up! Any second now, stab! Fangs! Venom!

Aladdin: Shh! I'll take a look!

(Aladdin makes a hole in the cocoon and looks out of it, and sees the face of the Unkbuut holding him. It makes a screeching sound when it sees him.)

Genie: Gee, Al, sounds like… (notices his cocoon is missing) Al? Al!

(Aladdin kicks the Unkbuut in the face. It drops him, and he starts falling down toward the giant web. The Unkbuut and the cocoon containing Iago and Abu fall after him. Aladdin grabs the edge of the web, but the others fall through the center of it.)

Aladdin: Abu!

(The Unkbuut grabs a rope of spider silk to stop its fall. Carpet appears out of nowhere and catches Abu and Iago.)

Iago: I'm really glad to see they don't eat carpets!

(The Unkbuut who fell climbs back up towards Aladdin. Aladdin tries to get away from it, but has trouble keeping his balance walking on the spider web)

Aladdin: Genie!

Genie: Alley-oop! (turns into an acrobat, somersaults towards Aladdin, then hands him a pole to help him keep his balance)

(Several other Unkbuut see Aladdin and Genie and start advancing towards them.)

Aladdin: No! Get away! (swings the pole at the Unkbuut)

(Suddenly a high-pitched, rhythmic whistling sound starts. The Unkbuut stop in their tracks and start swaying back and forth to the beat.)

Aladdin: What're they doing?

Iago: It's not the hokey pokey!

Genie: The bird's right! The hokey pokey never looked like this! (points up)

(An even larger Unkbuut, over twice the size of the others, is climbs down towards them.)

Aladdin: No one move!

Iago: Tell you what: you don't move, I'll be over there.

Genie: Relax, Al. This one's mine! (walks over to the giant Unkbuut and turns into a can of bug spray)

Jasmine: No! Wait!

Aladdin: Jasmine?

(Jasmine slides down a rope of spider silk and lands on the back of the giant Unkbuut.)

Aladdin: Jasmine, jump clear!

Jasmine: No, no! They're our friends!

Iago: Yeah, she's cracked.

(The Unkbuut reaches a front leg towards Aladdin.)

Iago: It's gonna eat us!

(Genie jumps in front of Aladdin. The Unkbuut's leg touches his chest.)

Genie: (laughing) Hey, that tickles!

Jasmine: They don't want to eat anybody!

(Setting: back on the surface, in the tent city)

Farouk: We all know the Unkbuut feast on human flesh!

(A crowd around Farouk shouts and waves their fists.)

Farouk: We cannot let them eat our helpless children! Our children are not safe as long as even one Unkbuut lives!

Crowd: Yes!

Farouk: I say we get them first! Who's with me?

Crowd: We are!

(Setting: the underground Unkbuut city. Carpet pets a baby Unkbuut. It then wanders over to Abu, who blows it a raspberry. The baby then spits webbing on Abu's face and wanders over to Jasmine.)

Jasmine: They're gentle creatures!

Iago: Gentle?! They took you by force!

Jasmine: Only so they could show me they mean no harm to Agrabah.

Aladdin: But, the cocoon!

Jasmine: They're filled with potatoes. (opens up a cocoon to show them) They're farmers! Vegetarians. They were tunneling for potatoes when they caused the cave in.

Iago: Aha! It was their fault!

Jasmine: It was an accident! They were in an ancient section where the ground had rotted away.

Genie: (to the giant Unkbuut, shouting) We are from the surface world!

(The Unkbuut nods and points upwards.)

Aladdin: She must be their queen!

Jasmine: I think so. I just wish I could understand them better.

Genie: (still talking to the Unkbuut queen, holding fingers on each side of his head like horns) Tatonka! Buffalo! Tatonka!

Aladdin: Wait 'till Agrabah hears about this!

(Setting: on the surface. Farouk is leading a mob who are all carrying torches toward the crater.)

Farouk: Burn the Unkbuut!

Rasoul: Halt! No one enters the disaster zone!

(The mob push the guards out of the way.)

Farouk: Burn the Unkbuut! Bring the lamp oil!

(A group of women bring big jars of oil and pour it into the crater. The men then throw in their torches, setting everything in the crater ablaze.)

(Setting: underground. Iago is examining a cocoon filled with potatoes.)

Iago: Potatoes. Those children's stories are never gonna be the same.

(The Unkbuut queen is talking with Genie. It makes screeching sounds at him, and he responds with "meep meep" sounds.)

Jasmine: What'd she say, Genie?

Genie: Haven't the foggiest. But they are friendly critters! (pushes Aladdin towards the queen) It's okay, Al. Come on! Big hug!

Aladdin: (nervously) Uh, that's okay. (backs away) Do you smell something? Smoke!

(On the surface)

Farouk: Burn them!

(The tunnels are filling up with smoke. The Unkbuut frantically try to run away from it.)

Aladdin: We've got to get to the surface. Fast!

Genie: (turns into a racecar) Get in! I'll drive. (looks at a road map) Hmm, Magnolia… Lancashire Boulevard… June, ask the man where we are!

(Carpet, in the driver's seat, honks the horn.)

(Jasmine, carrying the baby Unkbuut, jumps on the Unkbuut queen's back.)

Jasmine: Come on! She can get us there faster than anything!

Aladdin: Uh, I'll follow on Carpet.

(The Unkbuut queen, carrying Jasmine and the baby, leads the way to the surface, and the others follow her. Avoiding falling rocks, they finally reach the crater. All the collapsed buildings inside of it are on fire.)

Rasoul: (pushing through the mob surrounding the crater) Make way! Make way for the sultan!

Sultan: What are they doing?! Jasmine is down there!

(Genie and everyone on Carpet fly out of the crater, but the Unkbuut queen is trapped by the flames and cries out for help.)

Aladdin: We've gotta stop this fire!

(Genie turns into a firefighter holding a hose attached to a hydrant. Nothing comes out of the hose.)

Genie: What, no water? Now all the plants will die! Aha, there's the problem! Fake hydrant!

(The Unkbuut queen leaps out of the crater. The mob cowers in fear.)

Jasmine: Don't be afraid! They mean no harm!

Sultan: Jasmine!

Farouk: Do not listen! She is under their spell! Feed the flames, monster! (throws a torch at the Unkbuut)

Woman: My boy! Where is my boy!

(The boy from earlier is standing on the edge of the crater watching the fire, while his dog tries to pull him away. The ground beneath them crumbles, and they fall into the crater.)

Boy: Mama!

(Carpet tries to fly in and save the boy, but he is singed by the fire and has to fly back out of the crater so Abu can put him out.)

(Genie turns into a giant drill and drills into the earth, but doesn't find any water.)

Genie: No water! What a rip! (gets an idea) Wait! Ocean! (flies away)

Boy: Mama!

Rasoul: There is no way through!

(The Unkbuut queen motions for Aladdin to climb up on her back, and he does.)

Aladdin: Let's do it!

(The queen jumps from building to building in the crater, leaping over the flames toward the boy. She shoots a rope of webbing toward the boy, then climbs down it.)

Boy: Aah! Unkbuut!

Aladdin: It's okay, she won't hurt you!

(Genie arrives at the ocean, jumps into the water, and spins around quickly, creating a tornado of water.)

(Back at the crater, Aladdin is climbing a rope of spider silk down towards the trapped boy and dog.)

Woman: My boy!

Jasmine: Come on, Aladdin!

Aladdin: (reaching down to the boy) Come on! You can do it!

Iago: I can't look! (covers Abu's face)

Abu: Hey!

(The boy grabs Aladdin's hand, and he pulls him up onto the rope with him.)

Jasmine: He's got him! (hugs the boy's mother)

Farouk: (cheering) The Unkbuut did it! He did it! I knew that they would… (trails off, looking shamefaced)

(Aladdin, the boy, and the dog have climbed back up onto the Unkbuut's back, but they now see that one side of the web bridge has caught on fire.)

Aladdin: The web!

(The web breaks, and the Unkbuut queen falls down into the crater. Aladdin climbs the other side of the web and carries the boy and dog to safety.)

Woman: My son! Oh, my son! (hugs the boy)

(Jasmine runs to Aladdin. The baby Unkbuut looks over the edge of the crater and makes sad noises.)

Aladdin: The queen?

(Genie arrives with the seawater and dumps it into the crater, putting out the fires.)

Genie: (as a lifeguard) All right! Everybody out of the pool!

(The Unkbuut queen climbs out of the crater, wet but unharmed. The crowd cheers.)

Farouk: I knew it! I said it all along!

Boy: Yes!

Jasmine: (to Aladdin) I'm so proud of you, jumping on the back of a big hairy Unkbuut like that! (hugs him)

Aladdin: Hey, I did, didn't I? (walks over to the Unkbuut queen and her baby) I know you can't understand me, but I just want to say thank you.

Woman: I think it's far past your bedtime.

Boy: Okay, but tell me a bedtime story. A happy one! All about the Unkbuut.




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