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The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath

Story Editors: Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley
Written by: Bill Motz and Bob Roth
© Disney 1994

Transcript and screencaps by Calluna

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(Setting: The city in the Land of the Black Sand)

(Aladdin, wearing a cape and hood, jumps from one rooftop to another, then signals to someone else. Jasmine jumps across towards him; she is wearing a dark top and pants as well as a hood and cape.)

Aladdin: C'mon, let's keep moving. (starts to run off)

Jasmine: (stops Aladdin) We're missing somebody.

Aladdin: Where is he now?

(They look back to see Abu, wearing a cape, swing from a building, to a flag, to a blue crystal on top of a post, where starts looking around in a serious way.)

Aladdin: Abu, dark defender of the night.

(The crystal beneath Abu starts to glow, and he shrieks and jumps toward Aladdin.)

Aladdin: Relax, Abu. That glowing crystal is a good thing.

Abu: Huh?

Aladdin: Mozenrath has them all over the place to let him know if anything magical comes into his kingdom.

Jasmine: If that one's glowing, Mozenrath's new magic weapon could be close.

(A cart driven by a mamluk passes below them; it is carrying something covered by a sheet.)

Aladdin: One way to find out.

Abu: Charge!

(Aladdin covers Abu's mouth.)

(Aladdin and Jasmine jump down from the roof onto an awning, then bounce onto the ground. Abu jumps back up to the crystal lamppost.)

(From the lamppost, Abu sees three other mamluks approaching.)

Abu: Uh oh!

(Abu scampers down the post, but his cape gets tangled up in it. He pulls on his cape to try to get it loose, but it is stuck. The mamluks have almost reached him when Jasmine hits him with her whip, pulling him free of the lamppost and into the alleyway where she and Aladdin are hiding.)

Jasmine: (covering Abu's mouth) Shh!

(The mamluks pass by the alley.)

Aladdin: (looking out onto the street) The mamluks are on patrol.

Jasmine: I'd face a dozen mamluks to keep that weapon out of Mozenrath's hands.

Aladdin: I'd just like to know what we're up against.

Abu: Yeah!

Jasmine: My father's spies heard Mozenrath's weapon could spell Agrabah's doom.

Aladdin: I guess that's all we need to know, then.

(Setting: the Palace)

(Genie and Carpet are playing Monopoly. Iago is lying by the window, eating grapes.)

(Carpet rolls the dice.)

Genie: Woo hoo hoo! You're going to land on Agrabah Place! Where I have erected a super-deluxe mega palace!

(Carpet starts to move his game piece.)

Genie: Say hello to bankruptcy!

(Carpet lands on the space after Genie's palace.)

Genie: Huh? You missed it by one!?

Iago: I told you, don't waste your money building palaces. And always keep a "get out of dungeon free" card handy.

(Carpet waves to Genie.)

Genie: What?

(Carpet shows him the card he just drew.)

Genie: (reading) "You have been elected sultan of the land. Other players pay you fifty gold pieces." Missed it by one, and I pay him fifty gold pieces?

Iago: I can't remember the last time Aladdin just let us lounge in the palace. Say, where are the kid and the monkey, anyway?

Genie: (annoyed) I don't know and I don't care.

Iago: Aladdin didn't tell you what he was doin' tonight?

Genie: He and Jasmine probably went on a date.

Iago: With the monkey? Nah, somethin's up.

Genie: Can't you see I have a game to lose here?

Iago: This may just fuel my paranoid delusions, but I'm gonna nose around.

(Iago flies out of the room into the hallway and finally comes to just outside the throne room, where he sees Sultan talking to Rasoul.)

Sultan: I'm not so sure I should have let them go by themselves. It's an extremely dangerous undertaking, very risky.

Iago: "Risky"?

Sultan: But, I trust Aladdin's judgment. If they are successful it will most definitely be worth it.

Iago: "Worth it"...

(Back in the room where Genie and Carpet are playing their game)

Genie: (reading a card) "Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 gold pieces. Proceed directly to Dungeon."

Iago: (flying into the room) I was right!

Genie: Yeah, a "get out of dungeon free" card would come in handy right about now.

Iago: No, my paranoia is confirmed! They cut me out of the deal. They cut us all out! But me — that's the part that hurts.

Genie: Who cut who out of what?

Iago: Who do you think? The kid, the princess, and that stinky little monkey!

Genie: (turns into a reporter) Son, a good reporter needs less opinion and more facts. Now, feed me what you've got!

Iago: Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and Abu are missing.

Genie: Ooh, I smell a scoop! We could be talkin' front page! So, where are they?

Iago: They are on a treasure hunt without us!

Genie: Name your sources.

Iago: The sultan, and I quote, (impersonating Sultan) "It is an extremely dangerous undertaking, but, if they are successful, it will most definitely be worth it!"

Genie: Oh, that's a highly placed source in the current administration!

Iago: Think, people, think! "Danger" plus "worth it" equals treasure hunt!

Genie: But why would Al keep it a secret?

Iago: Because he doesn't wanna share.

Genie: Nope, not buying it. There's only one way to settle this. We'll just have to check the Big Book of Stuff We're Not Supposed to Know.

(A big book appears, and Genie starts leafing through it.)

Genie: Hmm... what the tooth fairy does with all those molars... what is really in a tongue sandwich... yech!

(Carpet takes the book from him, finds the correct page, and shows it to the others.)

Genie: (reading) "Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu are in the Land of the Black Sand"!

Iago: No one would go to the Land of the Black Sand unless it was to get a real juicy treasure!

Genie: Al wouldn't tangle with Mozenrath just to get some treasure. They must be in some sort of trouble!

Iago: You say "to-may-to", I say "to-mah-to". You say "trouble", I say "treasure".

Genie: Carpet! Let's move.

(All three fly out the window.)

(Setting: the city in the Land of the Black Sand)

(We see the mamluk still driving the cart carrying Mozenrath's weapon. Jasmine is up on a bridge above it. She ties her whip to a gargoyle on the bridge and then swings down, kicking the mamluk out of the driver's seat and into a pile of barrels.)

Jasmine: (calling up to Aladdin and Abu, who are still on the bridge) It's all yours, Aladdin.

Aladdin: (to Abu) Where does a princess learn this stuff?

(Aladdin and Abu jump into the driver's seat; Jasmine jumps onto the back of the cart.)

Jasmine: Ah. That went well.

Aladdin: Looks like we're home free. Yah! (makes the horses speed up)

(They come to a bunch of mamluks and Xerxes; Aladdin gasps.)

Xerxes: Halt!

(Aladdin stops the cart; when he does his hood falls down over his face.)

Xerxes: Have weapon?

Aladdin: (impersonating a mamluk) Mmm.

Xerxes: Ooh! Magic weapon! Take to Master.

Aladdin: Mmm?

Xerxes: Mozenrath! Take to Mozenrath!

Aladdin: Mmm. Mmm-hmm. (starts the cart again)

Xerxes: (flies in front of Aladdin) Wrong way! Citadel there! (points back to the Citadel behind them) Mozenrath waits.

(Aladdin turns the cart around and heads toward the Citadel; Xerxes follows him.)

(Setting: in another part of the city)

(Two mamluks meet at an intersection. They look at each other, then go their separate ways. Once one of them is gone, the other turns around, and we can see that it is Genie in disguise.)

Iago: (coming out from under Genie's mamluk hat) This had better be a really choice treasure.

(Genie changes back to normal, except that his mouth is still sewn shut like a mamluk's. He tries to talk, but he can't. Iago rips the stitches out.)

Genie: (adjusting his jaw) That's better. Now let's find our friends before the cadaver cavalcade does!

(Carpet flies over to the lamppost Abu got stuck on earlier and picks up a piece of his torn cape.)

Iago: Hey! What's with the rug?

(The crystal in the lamppost is glowing.)

Genie: Find something of note there, wonder rug?

(Carpet shows Genie the piece of fabric.)

Genie: Ah, a clue! We must analyze this hair. This calls for... (a lab appears, and Genie turns into a scientist)! (he looks at a piece of hair from the cape under a microscope)

Iago: Give me that! (takes the piece of hair and sniffs it) Yeuch! (falls down) That's Abu all right.

Genie: Oh, sure, if you want to do it the easy way. (makes all the lab equipment disappear)

(Carpet signals to the others to follow him, and they all walk away.)

Genie: Look alive, boys. Mamluks lurk around every corner.

(Once they're gone a group of mamluks turn onto the street and see that every lamppost on that street is lit up.)

(Setting: at the gates of the Citadel)

(The cart has reached the gates, which open. Mozenrath appears.)

Xerxes: It's here!

Mozenrath: Finally! (to Aladdin) I should shred you for being late, but... I'm in too good a mood. This is the eve of my ultimate conquest. At last I have the power to lay waste to the Seven Deserts.

(Mozenrath begins uncover from the crate holding the weapon; Jasmine is also hiding under the sheet.)

Xerxes: Mozenrath! Trouble brews!

Mozenrath: (grabs Xerxes by the throat) Indeed it does, Xerxes, if you persist with this interruption.

Xerxes: (choking) Magical intruders!

Mozenrath: What!? (looks at Aladdin, who still has his face covered)

Xerxes: (turns Mozenrath's head away from Aladdin) There! There! (points out to the city, where all of the lampposts are glowing blue)

Mozenrath: (to Aladdin) Stay with the cart. I'll be back in a flash. (he and Xerxes disappear)

Abu: Whew!

Aladdin: (takes off his hood) Oh, lucky break.

Jasmine: Let's not waste it.

Aladdin: Yah! (he turns the cart around, and the horses gallop away)

(Setting: another part of the city)

(Carpet, Genie, and Iago are walking down a street.)

Iago: Uh, let's just get the treasure and get out of here.

Genie: (waving his hand under a lamppost, which has just turned on) See? It's starting to light up! Self-lighting lamps! What a great idea! How do you suppose they work? Do they sense motion?

Mozenrath: Magic, actually.

(They turn around to see Mozenrath and Xerxes, followed by a group of mamluks.)

Mozenrath: Hi, kids.

(Mozenrath zaps them with his gauntlet; they are all now in chains.)

Mozenrath: I am so glad I ran into you. Because wherever I find you bumbling sidekicks, I'm sure to find—

Xerxes: Aladdin!

Genie: You think these pathetic little manacles will hold me, Mozenrath!? (struggles to get free, but gets an electric shock) Ow!

Xerxes: Anti-magic manacles. (chuckles)

Genie: Hmm, I was not aware of such a product.

Mozenrath: I made them. And these crystals, too. They alert me to uninvited magic. Then I can proceed with capture, torment, abuse...

Xerxes: ...whatever.

Iago: Heh heh heh... Me being non-magical and all, I'm off on a technicality, right?

Mozenrath: (picks up Iago) Wrong. But I might delay the pain and suffering, if you tell me where Aladdin is.

Genie: (turns into a soldier) Go on, torture us, you stinking rat. All you'll get is name, rank, and favorite cereal.

Iago: No! Don't torture us! We know nothing! We're ignoramuses! The kid ditched us back in Agrabah, just left without the magic carpet and genie. Why? You tell me, 'cause I don't know!

Genie: (realizing something) Because the magic carpet and genie would set off the local bad guy security system!

Xerxes: Genie smart.

(Mozenrath grabs him by the throat.)

Xerxes: (worried) Mozenrath smarter!

Mozenrath: Thanks to the genius, we now know that Aladdin is here.

Genie: I did not say that! (to Carpet) Did I say that?

Xerxes: Start search!

Mozenrath: (after thinking for a moment) The driver!

(Setting: the Land of the Black Sand, just outside the city)

(The cart is speeding away.)

Aladdin: Hyah!

Jasmine: We're going to make it!

Abu: Yippee!

(Two mamluks rise out of the sand and break the front wheels of the cart with their swords.)

Aladdin: Yaah!

(Aladdin loses control of the cart; the horses run away and the cart skids to a stop. The two mamluks approach the cart. Jasmine jumps out of the back of the cart and whips one of their arms, pulling it off, along with the sword it is holding.)

Aladdin: Don't worry, Jasmine, they don't feel a thing.

(Aladdin picks up the fallen sword and starts to fight the second mamluk. The disembodied arm of the first mamluk grabs his leg.)

Aladdin: Which can be a problem...

(Abu pulls the mamluk arm off of Aladdin. Xerxes flies up to Abu and wraps around him.)

Xerxes: Hi, monkey.

Aladdin: Abu!

Mozenrath: (appearing at the top of a dune) Aladdin, you were in my kingdom but you didn't look me up? I'm hurt.

(The mamluk he was fighting grabs Aladdin from behind.)

Aladdin: Get used to the feeling. (throws off the mamluk) Yah!

(The mamluk is thrown towards Mozenrath, who zaps it; it explodes into pieces.)

Mozenrath: This is the problem with undead servants. Always falling apart on the job.

(Jasmine's whip wraps around Mozenrath's gauntlet; he turns around to see her standing at the top of a dune.)

Mozenrath: Want this? Careful! It packs a punch! (he sends a bolt of magic along the whip, zapping Jasmine)

Jasmine: Aah!

Aladdin: Jasmine! This ends now, Mozenrath! (runs up behind Mozenrath, grabbing his gauntlet and putting him in a headlock)

Mozenrath: If only life were so cut and dry.

(Two mamluks appear, carrying the chained Genie, Carpet, and Iago.)

Iago: We- we were just sitting at home, minding our own business, when bang! Zoom! And, uh, here we be!

Mozenrath: A surprise complication! So, what'll it be? Surrender, or—

Xerxes: French-fried friends?

Genie: Don't worry about us, Al.

Iago: Who asked you? Worry, Al. Fret, even.

Aladdin: (letting go of Mozenrath) You win, Mozenrath.

Mozenrath: Status quo.

(Setting: a room inside the citadel)

(The gang are all chained to the wall.)

Iago: (panicking, to Aladdin) You don't think he'll hurt us, do ya? Very few treasures are worth the risk of open wounds. I—

Aladdin: There's no treasure, Iago.

Jasmine: We were on a mission to capture a weapon, not a treasure.

Genie: And you would have got it, too, if we'd kept our big, dumb noses out of it.

Jasmine: We had to keep our plan a secret. We knew you two would never let us face the danger alone.

Iago: Okay, the magic boys I get, but why not tell me? I have no qualms with you facing danger solo.

Aladdin: (angrily) We didn't tell you because you have a big mouth!

Iago: Oh. Good point.

Genie: So... what's the big weapon?

(Mozenrath and Xerxes enter. Mozenrath is levitating the crate holding the weapon.)

Mozenrath: Expiring minds want to know: what's in the crate?

Xerxes: Yeah, what's in the crate?

Mozenrath: Far be it from me to keep you all in suspense. May I present... Sirocco!

(The crate opens; there is a whirlwind inside.)

Iago: You bought wind? Oh, there's a lethal weapon! Hey, I'll sell you some sand to go with it!

Aladdin: Big mouth, Iago. Big mouth.

(Sirocco starts to whirl around Mozenrath.)

Mozenrath: Sirocco: a magical wind from a dark and dangerous corner of my desert. Sirocco, hear the voice of your master, and obey!

(The magic from Mozenrath's gauntlet surrounds Sirocco; he jumps out of the whirlwind. Sirocco grows a jackal head and blows around the room, howling. It lands next to Mozenrath, and, growling, takes the form of a jackal.)

Mozenrath: Sirocco, destroy.

(Sirocco whirls around a pillar, turning it to dust, then starts barking at Iago.)

Iago: Nice poochie!

Mozenrath: Sirocco can reduce an entire kingdom to dust. Who would dare challenge such power?

Jasmine: My father will fight you to his last breath!

Mozenrath: My dear princess, the leaders of the Seven Deserts will have a choice: grovel at my feet, or gravel at theirs. It begins at dawn, when I destroy all of you and Agrabah.

Genie: Ha! You can't be in two places at once! You have to destroy Agrabah or us.

Iago: Eh, go for Agrabah.

Mozenrath: I direct your attention to the ceiling, where you'll notice a rather large diamond.

Iago: Treasure! I knew it!

Mozenrath: At dawn the sun will hit that diamond, which will magnify the light into heat... and, well, it gets kind of messy from there.

Iago: Ah, you kids can take this treasure. I'll, uh, get the next one.

Genie: Nice try, Mozenrath, but a genie isn't afraid of a little sunburn. Another amateurish oversight.

Mozenrath: Okay, then. Everybody else expires at dawn, while I blow away Agrabah. Then, say, noon-ish, I return and devise some way to destroy you.

Xerxes: Good plan.

Genie: You... you could do it that way.

Mozenrath: Well, I could rave all night, but I've got a city to destroy. Sirocco! Come!

(Sirocco follows Mozenrath out the door.)

(Setting: at dawn, just outside Agrabah)

(Four guards are there on horses.)

Rasoul: The last sunrise this warrior may ever see.

Fazal: Nothing could be worse than to march into the Land of the Black Sand!

Rasoul: There is one thing worse: to do so with the sultan in command.

(The sultan walks towards them.)

Sultan: Uh, has- has anyone seen my horse? I- I seem to have misplaced him. Well, stallion or not, I will lead this elite attack force. Aladdin and Jasmine have been gone too long. We must bring the battle to Mozenrath.

(Mozenrath appears at the top of a dune.)

Mozenrath: No, old man. I've brought the battle to you. Sirocco, hear your master's voice.

(Sirocco, as a whirlwind, approaches Mozenrath, then turns into a jackal.)

Sultan: Oh, my!

Rasoul: (nervously) Awaiting your orders, Commander!

(Setting: the Citadel, in the room where the gang is being held prisoner)

Genie: (being electrocuted by his shackles) Yaah! It's no use. I've tried everything. These anti-magic manacles are a real problem.

Iago: (impersonating Genie) Another amateurish oversight! (normally) I'd say that the brat-who-would-be-king has his bases covered.

Aladdin: Not all of 'em. Right, Abu?

(Abu digs through his vest pocket with his tail, and pulls out a lock pick.)

Abu: Aha! (reaches over with his tail and starts to pick the lock of Genie's manacles)

Genie: (nervously) No pressure. No pressure at all.

(The diamond in the ceiling lights up and starts burning a hole in the wall, which starts near the ceiling and gradually begins to move down a the sun rises. It is heading toward Jasmine.)

Genie: Okay, there's pressure! Big pressure! Do it now!

(Abu gets Genie's lock open)

Abu: All right!

(Genie flies up to the ceiling and smashes the gem.)

Genie: (wearing lots of jewelry) Is this too much? Be honest... (frees the others)

Aladdin: Let's move!

(Setting: Outside Agrabah)

Mozenrath: Sirocco, destroy!

(Sirocco destroys a building, and the sultan and guards run for cover.)

Rasoul: How can we fight such a beast?

Mozenrath: It was worth getting up early for this.

(Sirocco chases Sultan.)

Sultan: Back, you infernal beast!

(Jasmine and Carpet grab Sultan and carry him away.)

Sultan: Jasmine?

Jasmine: Let's get you out of here.

Mozenrath: (angrily) The princess.

Xerxes: And Aladdin!

Aladdin: Oh, did we miss much?

Mozenrath: You're just in time to witness the destruction of Agrabah.

Aladdin: (to Abu) Maybe he needs a girlfriend or something.

Iago: I think he's married to his work.

Mozenrath: It's so true! I love it! (zaps Aladdin)

Genie: (as a knight) Prepare to defend thyself, knave!

Mozenrath: Consider me prepared. Sirocco, attack!

(Sirocco attacks Genie, destroying his armor; Genie falls down.)

Mozenrath: Maybe I've found that elusive way to destroy Genie.

Xerxes: Xerxes watch!

(Jasmine and Carpet fly over to Aladdin and the others.)

Jasmine: How're we doing?

Iago: Not good.

Aladdin: We can still turn this around. Come on, Abu!

(Aladdin and Abu get on Carpet with Jasmine.)

(Sirocco growls at Genie.)

Mozenrath: Destroy, Sirocco! Eradicate!

(Aladdin and Abu tackle Mozenrath and Xerxes.)

Mozenrath: Sirocco! D-destroy Aladdin!

Iago: (impersonating Mozenrath) Attack this, destroy that... And you guys say I have a big mouth!

Jasmine: Iago! We need your big mouth!

(Aladdin and Mozenrath are still fighting; Sirocco is about to attack Aladdin.)

Iago: (impersonating Mozenrath) Sirocco, retreat! Sirocco, beat it! Retreat at once!

(Sirocco backs away.)

Aladdin: Thanks!

Mozenrath: That wasn't my order. Nobody commands my magical minions but me! Nobody!

(Aladdin grabs Mozenrath and covers his mouth.)

Aladdin: It is you, as far as Sirocco knows.

Iago: Ahem. (as Mozenrath) Sirocco, I command you to go to the farthest corner of the Earth and don't come back!

(Sirocco turns into a whirlwind and speeds away.)

Genie: Ooh, that hurt! Okay, point me towards Mozen-rotten and his wonder worm!

Aladdin: He's all yours.

(Genie picks Mozenrath up.)

Mozenrath: Whoa! Unhand me!

Genie: Hey, good idea! That magic hand of yours really annoys me. (covers Mozenrath's gauntlet with a giant oven mitt)

Mozenrath: What?

Genie: Anti-magic mittens!

(Abu throws Xerxes to Genie.)

Genie: Now where'd I put the other one? Oh, yes...

Xerxes: Stupid genie! Mozenrath— (the other mitten covers his face)

Aladdin: Mission accomplished, Sultan.

Iago: Ha, what would you have done without us?

Jasmine: I guess we'll never know.

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