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The Vapor Chase

Story Editor: Douglas Langdale
Written by: Steve Roberts
© Disney 1994

Transcript by Medjai Monty


(Starting Scene:) We find Haroud traveling the desert carrying a bag over his shoulders, he walks into the hideout where Abis Mal is warming up by the fire.

Abis Mal: Well it's about time! I've been waiting!

Haroud: (panting) How awful for you, waiting here, while I frolicked merrily across the desert, with a half-ton chest! (drops the bag with the chest and cracks his back)

Abis Mal: That's OK. Just don't let it happen again. (he opens the bag revealing a treasure chest and laughs gleefully, as he opens the chest.) What? I paid a thousand dinari for powder?! (he grabs both handfuls of powder) This is even worse than when I traded the cow for those magic beans! Boy was that embarrassing! Eh, when you're a kid you think you're so smart. (screams) Powder! What a rip-off!

(Abis Mal throws the powder in the fire and the fire raises very high when it came back down a smoke demon came out of the fire and Abis Mal screams)

Smoke Demon: Burn more.

Abis Mal: Oh great. a thousand dinari for talking smoke. With this I can work children's parties. (he grabs another handful of powder) Eh, might as well see what happens.

Haroud: (grabs Abis Mal's hand) This could be a trick.

Abis Mal: Say this could be a trick! (throws the powder back in the chest)

Smoke Demon: Trust me, I can be useful to you. (the smoke demon goes inside Abis Mal's clothing)

Abis Mal: (laughs while he being tickled) Quit it! That tickles!

Smoke Demon: I can steal for you.

Abis Mal: We're in business. (he grabs the chest)

Haroud: Wait! Wouldn't it be wiser to burn it a little at a time? We could steal more that way.

Abis Mal: Yeah… More.

Haroud: Distribute it all over the city.

Abis Mal: Yeah. All over the city.

Haroud: Sell it in the Marketplace.

Abis Mal: I've got it! We'll sell it in the Marketplace!

Haroud: And when people bring it home…

Abis Mal: And when people bring it home…

Haroud: (whispers in Abis Mal's ear) The smoke will steal all their valuables.

Abis Mal: The smoke will steal all their valuables.!

Haroud: An excellent idea, sir.

(Next scene:) In the Marketplace people are trying to sell their stuff

Merchant 1: Clothing woven from finest silk!

Merchant 2: Fish! We fry it, you buy it!

Abis Mal: Fuel Powder! A little powder goes a long way! Burns faster, hotter, cheaper! A little powder… (Haroud elbows him to point at Jasmine & Iago who were looking at pots and are heading their way) Must hide, must hide! (Haroud taps his shoulder) huh? (Haroud points at the clothing merchant)

Merchant 1: Clothing woven from finest silk!

Haroud: Disguises, sir.

Abis Mal: (gives the merchant a bag of dinari) I'll take it all! (he takes the clothes and goes back to their booth, Haroud gets down and pulls him down as well dropping all the clothes he was carrying, Haroud wears a hooded disguise but Abis Mal was wearing female clothing, he quickly changed again this time he had the same kind of clothing as Haroud)

Jasmine: Oh, what are these?

Haroud: A more efficient type of fuel madam.

Abis Mal: (in a highly pitched voice) Burns faster, hotter, cheaper!

Jasmine: The nights have been so cold, and firewood is expensive. I've been looking for something I could do for the people of Agrabah. I could buy all the powder and give it to to poor!

Abis Mal: (in a highly pitched but disappointed voice) The… poor?

Jasmine: We could even use some for the palace!

Abis Mal: (in a highly pitched but approving voice) The palace! Ooh!

Jasmine: I'll take all of them!

(Next scene:) In the Palace, Rasoul and another guard are carrying baskets full of containers of powder, Aladdin and Genie are running to Jasmine)

Aladdin: Jasmine we got great news!

Genie: We found an underground spring in the desert!

Aladdin: If we can tap the water we can set up our own oasis! (Rasoul picks up another basket) Uh What's going on?

Jasmine: I found this in the Marketplace. It's a special fuel that burns better than wood.

(Abu takes a container of powder and places it in his vest)

Aladdin: No kidding?

Genie: You want to hear how we found the water?

Jasmine: (ignoring Genie) This could be something really great for the city!

Genie: I turned into a dousing rod. (he turns his face into a dousing rod)

Aladdin: (examines the container) How do you know it works?

Jasmine: Well— Why wouldn't it?

Genie: Suddenly, I started to shake!

Aladdin: How hot does this stuff burn? It could be dangerous.

Jasmine: The merchant said it was safe.

Genie: Suddenly, I jerked to the side!

Aladdin: I think we should try this stuff before you hand it out.

Jasmine: And I think you're jealous!

Aladdin: What?

Genie: Then I shot off! (he flies around the throne room) Homing in on the nearest water!

(Abu takes cover and Genie flies out of the palace)

Aladdin: Why would I be jealous?

Jasmine: You're jealous because I found this great powder, and all you found was water! I can't believe you'd be so petty!

Abu: Ohh…

(Outside The Palace, Genie's upper body is in the Palace fountain while his lower body is kicking out)

Genie: (dazed) And that's the story of how we found the water. Next week I'll tell you about "Goldilocks and the Three Excruciating Head Impacts."

(Next scene:) An overshot view of Agrabah, it's nighttime and the wind is howling, the Marketplace and the streets are empty, then a building shows and out comes three smoke demons carrying treasure around the city of Agrabah, all the smoke demons are carrying treasure. In Aladdin's hideout Aladdin Carpet Abu and Iago are all asleep)

Iago: (while he's still sleeping) Of course I have an alibi!

(Iago snatches the covers from Abu and he gets angry at him, the wind blew the fire making it shorter and Abu is now shivering, he takes the container of powder which he took from the palace earlier, grabs some powder and puts it into the fire, a smoke demon rises from the fire and circles Abu before he takes his fez. The smoke demon leaves and Abu gets angry. Iago then wakes up.)

Iago: You got the wrong guy! you want my twin brother, Othello!

(Iago's screaming woke up Carpet and Aladdin)

Aladdin: What's going on?

(Abu tells Aladdin what has happened by screeching and sign languages)

Iago: The smoke from the fire stole your hat. Of course! wake me up if anything unusual happens.

(Carpet examines the ground and see a light brown substance on the floor, he brushes some off)

Aladdin: (sleepily) Abu go back to sleep. (Carpet shows him the substance) That's strange. It's some kind of soot.

Abu: Uh-huh, Uh-huh, I told you.

Aladdin: You sure of what you saw?

Abu: Uh-huh.

Aladdin: We better tell Jasmine and the Sultan!

(Next scene:) shows a big pot full of fire inside The Palace before showing Aladdin, Iago, Abu, Carpet, Jasmine and the Sultan

Jasmine: You got us out of bed in the middle of the night because Abu had a bad dream?!

Aladdin: There was strange soot all over the place.

Abu: Yeah!

Aladdin: And I think this (shows container) has something to do with it.

Jasmine: You just won't rest until you prove I was wrong!

Aladdin: Jasmine this has nothing to do with you. I just think we should test it.

Jasmine: Do whatever you like. (Aladdin opens the container, goes by the fire, and takes out from the container a pinch of powder before looking back at her) I'm waiting. (Aladdin puts the pinch of powder into the fire and it rises, Abu and Iago takes cover but only a cloud of smoke came out) Hmph! Are you satisfied? It worked just like it's supposed to.

Iago: You just didn't use enough.

(Iago takes the container from Aladdin)

Aladdin: Iago!

(Iago throws the whole container into the fire and the fire rises blasting him into a wall)

Iago: I had better ideas.

(The fire dies down and a smoke demon rises from the fire; the smoke demon wraps its smoke substance around the Sultan and lifts him up way high out of Aladdin and Jasmine's reach. Aladdin takes out his lamp, rubs it, and Genie is out with his pajamas on while he's looking in his own refrigerator for snacks)

Aladdin: Genie! Save the Sultan!

Genie: Righty-O! Drop the Sultan, buddy!

(The smoke demon takes the jewel out of the Sultan's turban and literally drops the Sultan)

Sultan: Aah! Whooooaaahh!

(Carpet saves the Sultan)

Genie: I didn't mean that literally. (the Smoke Demon tries to escape but he blocks his exit, the Smoke Demon covers Genie's face and they both fly around damaging the whole room) Oh, look out! Hey! Stop it!

Iago: Why do things always get worse when he shows up?

(Genie tries to pull the Smoke Demon away from his face Aladdin takes a urn and opens it)

Aladdin: Genie, in here!

(Genie finally gets the Smoke Demon away from his head, he slams down the Smoke Demon into the urn and Aladdin closes it)

Genie: Whoo! What were you guys doing before I got here? This place is a wreck!

Jasmine: Are you okay, Father?

Sultan: (dazed) Uh— fine, fine my dear. Oh uh— r-remind me to paint my teeth tonight.

(Jasmine catches him and drags him over to where Aladdin is)

Jasmine: I'm responsible for this.

Aladdin: Don't blame yourself, you meant well. These things happen.

Jasmine: (sadly) Aladdin, I knew you were right. But I was so excited about helping Agrabah, I guess I just didn't want to listen. (hugs Aladdin) It's all my fault!

Aladdin: It's okay. It's okay.

Iago: I hate to quash your emotional circus kids, but we got bigger problems right now!

Genie: Ooh! what are we gonna do, Al?

Aladdin: We're gonna let it go.

(Aladdin lifts up the urn lid and the Smoke Demon escapes)

Iago: We're in a generous mood today. How about lending me a hundred dinari?

Aladdin: No, we're gonna let it go and follow it.

(The smoke demon leaves the Palace, and Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, & Iago fly after it on Carpet)

(Next scene:) The Smoke Demon reaches a building, flies to the top and goes inside. Inside there are more smoke demons flying in circles. The smoke demon with the jewel keeps flying down to Abis Mal and Haroud. Abis Mal is playing with the coins

Abis Mal: Hoo-Hoo! All the wealth of Agrabah is mine, and I didn't have to lift a finger to get it! And uh, ahem. check this out, (he puts on Abu's fez) this is a good look for me, no? (Haroud gives him a disapproving look) You don't like it? Fine! i can take a hint! (the smoke demon with the jewel drops it right onto Abu's fez) Ooh Hoo-Hoo-Hoo! Shiny, Shiny! (he kisses the jewel)

Haroud: (looking up at the smoke demons) There's something very strange going on. (the smoke demons started to fuse to get bigger) I don't like the looks of this; they're getting larger.

Abis Mal: Good! They'll be able to steal bigger stuff!

(The gang breaks the door in)

Aladdin: Abis Mal! I Should have known!

Jasmine: I can't believe I was taken in by these bandits! You… dogs!

(Jasmine spears Abis Mal into a pile of coins)

Abis Mal: Get her off me! Get this… goh— Get her off!

(Abu picks up his fez and places it on top of his head)

Jasmine: You used me to further your own twisted scheme!

Abis Mal: Get her off me! Get her off me!

(Aladdin runs over to Jasmine but Haroud trips him over with a jeweled wooden staff. Abu unravels Haroud's turban and covers his face with it. Carpet picks up Abu and takes him away from Haroud.)

Iago: Nice take! You really ought to guard it more carefully. (he take a coin and places it in a bag)

(Genie picks Aladdin up)

Aladdin: Stop Jasmine before she strangles Abis Mal!

(Abis Mal is still struggling to get Jasmine off him until he looks up at the smoke demons who're now fused up and a big cloud of smoke)

Abis Mal: Look!

(A huge smoke demon starts to laugh)

Big Smoke Demon: I am Sootinai!

Genie: Whoa! Not the Sootinai.

Sootinai: Sootinai, Lord of smoke, destroyer of cities, annihilator of worlds.

Iago: You know this guy? You should be a tad more picky choosing your friends.

Abis Mal: All right! You work for me! And I order you to destroy them. (he laughs evilly)

Sootinai: I take no orders from you, your greed was but a tool to release my power. And I have no more need of you. (He looks at Haroud) Or of you!

(he picks up Haroud)

Haroud: Put me down!

(Abis Mal and Haroud are both straining and grunting to break free)

Abis Mal: Put me down!

(Sootinai throws both of them to a wall and after they hit the ground head first, then Sootinai is trying to break open the roof. Genie grabs Aladdin and Jasmine; Abu flies after on Carpet and Iago flies after them.

Abis Mal: (Hugs the treasure) I won't abandon my loot! I won't! I won't!

Haroud: Then enjoy it… in the valley of the dead!

Abis Mal: Valley of the…eeeeeee. Wait, wait up!

(Sootinai finally breaks open the roof. A piece of rubble knocks over a fire stand which sets the building on fire. Abis Mal and Haroud try to exit the building, but they get trapped under the rubble. Sootinai laughs evilly once he's out.)

Abis Mal: (laughs triumphantly) We escaped unharmed! The luck of the bandit is with us!

(The fire gets close to the rubble, and Abis Mal and Haroud escape the building while screaming. Sootinai breaks the building into little pieces and grabs the rubble that's on fire)

Sootinai: Burn more!

(He throws it at some of the buildings which also sets on fire, Sootinai absorbs the smoke with his chest and he gets bigger)

Jasmine: What's happening?

Aladdin: He's getting bigger!

Genie: He's feeding on the fire, the smoke increases his power!

Iago: You seem to know a lot about this guy. You know anything constructive?!

Aladdin: Like how to stop him?

Genie: Don't worry, I can take this clown. (he flies up to Sootinai and transforms into an eagle) I fight for truth, justice, in the Agrabanian way! (Genie starts to blow wind against Sootinai who turns into smoke and surrounds Genie in a smoke tornado while taking all the feathers off Genie, he then falls close to the gang and wakes up dazed) The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Aladdin: Look out!

(Sootinai throws a fist at the gang but they go inside a building before his fist hits right where the gang was; the gang take a relieving breather before heading inside where it gets darker)

Genie: Sure is dark in here.

Iago: Yeah and there's a funny smell here, too. It smells kind of like… (Genie lights a fire with his finger and the room lights up revealing barrels around the gang) Lamp oil.

All: Lamp oil?!

Aladdin: (shoved Genie's elbow up so that his lit thumb was inside his mouth) One spark and this place will blow like… like…

Iago: Like it's full of barrels of lamp oil!

Genie: Sorry.

(Sootinai keeps absorbing the smoke, he then grabs barrels that are on fire, laughs, and throws them at the building where the gang is inside. The fire is close to the barrels and all of them scream. Carpet swats the fire; Abu throws wet sand on the fire, as does Aladdin)

Aladdin: We've got to put it out before it reaches a barrel!

(Jasmine also throws wet sand on the fire)

Iago: (blows on the fire) Aah!

Genie: (as a firefighter with a fire hose) Coming through! I'll handle this! (turns it on but the fire was being sucked in the fire hose) Hmm, must have had it on reverse.

Jasmine: We've got to get these barrels out of here. There's enough oil to blow up half the city.

Aladdin: Not to mention how that thing would feed off the fire.

Jasmine: Wait… didn't you say you found water out in the desert?

Genie: Oh, yes, you want to hear about it? I turned into a dousing rod…

Jasmine: Not now, Genie! (Genie transforms back to normal) I'm going to need your help. I've got an idea.

Aladdin: But what?

Jasmine: Trust me.

(Next scene:) In a canyon out in the desert. Jasmine breaks the cork with a rock and the lamp oil spills out of the barrel. She rolls the barrel, creating a trail of oil from the stacked barrels to the rocks where Aladdin Abu and Iago are

Jasmine: Come on, Genie, let's go!

Genie: (he takes the barrel and places it on top of the stacked barrels, then all the barrels fall apart) Uhh, neatness doesn't count does it?

(Genie uses his magic and the barrels are stacked up again. Meanwhile, Sootinai is still absorbing smoke from the fires in Agrabah and out in the middle of the desert Abis Mal and Haroud are still running)

Abis Mal: (out of breath) We'll be… safe… once we reach… the canyon.

(Abis Mal and Haroud starts to head there)

Jasmine: It's showtime!

Genie: It is?! Oh I love a good show! What are we gonna see?

(Genie takes out a box of popcorn and shove handfuls inside his mouth)

Aladdin: Genie, she means light the fuse!

Genie: Oh-ho-ho-ho! oh, right. (he tries to light a fire with his thumb) Ohh… must need a new flint. Well, I guess I'll just do it the easy way.

(Genie takes out a dragon, and the dragon breathes out fire to the starting point to the oil trail; the oil catches fire and starts to head for the barrels)

Aladdin: That was the easy way?

(The fire is almost close to the barrels)

Jasmine: Everybody get down!

(They all hide behind the rock. Abis Mal and Haroud get to the canyon and see the stacked barrels)

Abis Mal: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hee! Look! Someone must've stashed stolen merchandise in the canyon.

Haroud: You're jumping to conclusions again.

Abis Mal: Worry wart! Come on! Finders keepers! Hoo-hoo! First we escape the monster, then we stumble onto all this loot.

Haroud: I don't think…

Abis Mal: Talk about the luck of the bandit!

(Abis Mal runs to the barrels)

Haroud: WAIT!

Abis Mal: Ha-Ha! This must be the luckiest day of my life!

(the barrels explode and Aladdin and Jasmine cover their heads for the falling rocks. Sootinai then sees the explosion)

Sootinai: Mmm! More smoke.

(Sootinai heads for the canyon and the people of Agrabah start to put out the fires. Sootinai gets to the canyon)

Jasmine: It's working! He's heading this way!

Aladdin: I hope you know that your doing.

Abis Mal: (climbing rocks and panting) We'll be… safe… once we… get out of the canyon.

Haroud: (climbing right behind Abis mal) Yeah.

(Abis Mal and Haroud gets to the top of the canyon)

Abis Mal: Safe… at.. last.

Sootinai: (laughs) I am more powerful than ever!

(Abis Mal and Haroud scream and they start to climb back down. Haroud keeps climbing down until Abis Mal falls on him, making them both fall. Sootinai keeps absorbing smoke)

Jasmine: Okay Genie, now!

Genie: Roger! (he flies above Sootinai and turns into a dousing rod) Now to find that water again! (Sootinai sees him, grabs Genie's nose and laughs) Unhand me, foul demon! (Sootinai gets ready to throw him) This is not what I meant and you know it! (Sootinai throws him far but he comes right back and goes under Sootinai) Banzai!

(Genie then turns into a jackhammer and drills into the ground. He then pulls himself out. Water comes out from under Sootinai, and as he starts to dissolve the gang starts to cheer)

Jasmine: Good going, Genie!

Genie: And good thinking, Jas!

(Genie turns into an umbrella keeping dry the rest of the gang)

Aladdin: Yeah Jasmine, you really saved the day. Hey, I wonder what happened to Abis Mal and Haroud?

(Abis Mal and Haroud is running from a tidal wave while screaming but the tidal wave covers them and fades leaving them wet, Abis Mal spits water out his mouth)

Jasmine: I guess we've seen the last of Sootinai.

Iago: She frees a giant evil demon that burns down half of Agrabah, and nobody is even mad at her. And yet I'm probably gonna get smacked just for mentioning it! (Carpet kicks him in the back) Oh! (Aladdin and Jasmine smiles at Carpet) Life is so fair. (he faints)

(Final scene:) just like the staring scene we find Haroud traveling the desert carrying a bag over his shoulders, he walks into the hideout where Abis Mal is warming up by the fire.

Abis Mal: It's about time! It's dark and it's cold and I'm lonely!

Haroud: Ohh… (drops the bag) oh there, such a shame that, you were unable to join me in my delightful filth shoveling expedition.

Abis Mal: (looks inside the bag) I-I'm telling you all this gunk that rained down on us must be good for something. (he tests the rubber like substance with his fingers) Maybe we could sell it as lamp oil. You suppose it burns?

Haroud: I don't think that's a good—

Abis Mal: Ohh, don't be such a fraidy-cat!

(Abis Mal throws the handful of rubber like substance into the fire and huge amount of smoke rises from it revealing Sootinai)

Sootinai: I am Sootinai!

(Abis Mal and Haroud screams and bumps into each other before running out of their hideout, Sootinai sees them go and then he looks at the screen and transforms into Genie)

Genie: Like shooting fish in a barrel.




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