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Two to Tangle

Story written and edited by Mark Seidenberg
© Disney 1995

Transcribed by Heather H.
Transcript edited by Calluna

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(Mozenrath) Alas. According to the sands of the hourglass I don't have much time left on earth.

(Xerxes) Not much time?

(Mozenrath) It's the price I pay for this! –gauntlet glows- my body is weakening... Drained by the very magic of my gauntlet. I need a new body. One that's young and agile.

(Xerxes) Yes!

-at Agrabah’s palace Genie, Jasmine and Aladdin playing polo-

(Aladdin) -Abu is his horse- Come on, Abu! Cheer up! This is a fun game! -hits ball-

(Genie) Playin' through! -hits ball-

(Jasmine) -hits ball- Sorry, Genie, but you've got to be quicker than that!

(Iago) -yawns- Why can't you kids play something with a little more pizzazz? Like say bingo! Now that's a game!

(Genie) Hmm. Bird man's got a point. Let's make it more interesting! -turns horses into winged dragons-

(Aladdin) Ha, ha. Well, this might take some getting used to. -hits ball into Iago’s beak--Iago spits it out--Jasmine hits ball in palace window-

(Iago) Now that's an odd ball!

(Jasmine) Out of my way, Genie! It's mine!

(Genie) Not if I get there first, princess woman!

(Mozenrath) -enters as Jasmine on winged dragon- Aladdin.

(Aladdin) Jasmine? How, how'd you?..

(Mozenrath) I’m tired of playing, Aladdin. Why don't we go for a walk in the garden?

(Aladdin) Well, okay.

(Abu) Huh?

(Aladdin) But I - I still can't believe how fast you got that ball.

(Jasmine) Aladdin!

(Aladdin) Jasmine!

(Iago) Reality check, please. Uh, Jasmine does not have a twin sister?

(Aladdin) If she's... Then who?.. -Mozenrath changes back- Mozenrath!?!

(Mozenrath) -laughing- Aladdin, you're so gullible!

(Jasmine) Aladdin, watch out! -they disappear to land of the black sand--everyone gasps-

(Genie) Doesn't that twisted wizard boy have anything better to do than kidnap Aladdin!?!

(Iago) Obviously not!

(Aladdin) -strapped down struggling to get free- What do you want with me this time, Mozenrath!?!

(Mozenrath) Calm down, Aladdin. I have no intention of harming you. In fact I plan to take very good care of you.

(Xerxes) Very good! -laughing-

(Mozenrath) You see, I’m going to transport my essence into your body.

(Aladdin) And what about me!?!

(Mozenrath) Your spirit will enter my body. I'd call that a fair exchange, wouldn't you?

(Aladdin) But I don't want to live in your body!!

(Mozenrath) Oh, alas. I'm afraid you have...

(Xerxes) No choice!

(Aladdin) You're out of your mind, Mozenrath!!!!

(Mozenrath) Uh, no I’m not, but soon I will be out of my body! -laughing- Let the transference begin.

(Aladdin) Once I get out of these I will...!

(Mozenrath) Don't fight it, Aladdin. It will all be over soon.

(Xerxes) -transference starts- Master all right? Good bye, Aladdin! Bye, bye! -laughs-


(Genie) Emergency! -crash through undead guards--they fall apart-

(Iago) Boy! The doctor bills for those undead guys must be tremendous!

(Jasmine) Okay, guys, let's be careful. Mozenrath hates uninvited guests. -undead guards come upon them-

(Iago) Oh, it's party time!

(Genie) -as rock 'n roller- Hey, undead dudes! -plays electric guitar- Let's shake, rattle and roll! -they fall apart-

(Jasmine) -struggling to open doors- I need some help!

(Genie) -as cowboy boot- Help's my middle name, pilgrim. -boots open doors--they rush in-


(Xerxes) Aladdin’s almost gone! -doors burst open- Huh?

(Genie) Who ordered the gumdrop and pepperoni? -throws slice at Xerxes another at transference device-

(Jasmine) Aladdin? Is he all right?

(Genie) What the boy needs is some of my special garbanzo bean noodle soup and a little tender, loving care. -sticks pacifier in Aladdin’s mouth- couchie, couchie, coo!!

(Aladdin) -spits pacifier out- I’m fine, Genie. Mozenrath's magic blew up in his face... Again.

(Iago) Well, you might be peachy but you're pal sure took a licking!

(Xerxes) Mozenrath gone?

(Genie) -picks up stone figurine of Mozenrath- Guess this is all that's left of him, slug boy. I want to thank the academy for making all of this happen!

(Aladdin) -Xerxes sniffs figurine then Aladdin- Go away! We'd better take the gauntlet with us. It's way too dangerous.

(Genie) Just like Mozenrath. There's no telling what kind of secret surprises might still be inside wonder boy.

(Jasmine) I’m just glad you're still in one piece, Aladdin.

(Xerxes) Something wrong.

-all staring at statue-

(Iago) Ugly, but in a few centuries it might be a real collectable.

(Aladdin) At least Mozenrath won't be bothering us anymore. -Abu touches gauntlet firing off some magic- Fool! Keep your hands off that!

(Jasmine) Aladdin, what's wrong with you?

(Aladdin) I - I don't know. I feel really strange. I'm sorry, Abu. I don't know what got into me. Friends? -Abu jumps up kissing him-

(Iago) Okay! Enough with the mushy stuff! I just ate! -Xerxes enters palace-

(Genie) Hey, what are you doing here? Lacky land is that way.

(Aladdin) Get your slimy fish head out of here! Now!

(Xerxes) Not feeling well?

(Aladdin) Go home, thing! -tosses Xerxes out of window- You're not welcome here! Go!! I feel very weird.

(Jasmine) I think you're still worn out from what happened at Mozenrath’s lab. We should all let him rest.

(Aladdin) They can go but you can stay.

(Jasmine) Oh! Enough's enough, Aladdin! This isn't funny anymore!

(Aladdin) Wait! Jasmine! This is crazy. I don't know why I’m acting this way.

(Genie) -as psychiatrist- Could be the baffling wacko wizard syndrome. highly contagious. I recommend lots of mud baths, a strict diet of bran products and a falafel rub down every hour.

(Aladdin) what's happening to me? -sighs- maybe Jasmine's right. I need rest. I know I’ll sleep a lot better with these things locked up in a safe place.

(Genie) -changes back- Oh, me too. I'd hate to think what would happen if this gauntlet fell into the wrong hands.

(Iago) Anyone's hands would be the wrong hands.

(Abu) Yeah. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

-at night-

(Aladdin) Good night, Mozenrath. -puts figurine and gauntlet in trunk- There! Now we don't have to worry about that.

(Iago) Are you absolutely sure no one can get in here?

(Genie) No problem. I've installed the latest state-of-the-art security system complete with bells, whistles and guppies.

(Iago) Guppies!?!

(Genie) They were out 'o Dobermans. -locks doors-

(Iago) I’m still worried about Mozenrath, Al. Maybe we should've tossed his glove into a bottomless pit.

(Aladdin) Relax, Iago. It's not going anywhere. Mozenrath's gone, remember?

(Iago) You're right! Tonight I’m gonna sleep like a baby.

(Abu) Uh-huh!

(Genie) Yeah. Forty winks and you'll be as good as new, Al.

(Aladdin) -sighs- I hope so. I still feel like I’ve been turned inside out.

-later at night everyone awakens as all alarms go off-

(Jasmine) -gasps- What's that?

(Genie) Rise and shine, boys! Someone's slipping into the cookie jar! Hurry up, Al! Ya don't want to miss all the excitement!

(Jasmine) Be careful, guys. We don't know who or what's inside there.

(Iago) I hate surprises!

(Jasmine) There's the thief!

(Iago) And he's got the gauntlet! -thief turns around-

(Jasmine) Aladdin!?

(Genie and Iago) Al!?

(Aladdin) Must you pests stick your noses into everything!?!

(Iago) Pinch me! Al's acting like Mozenrath!

(Aladdin) -Mozenrath’s voice- You fools! I am Mozenrath! -laughing-

(Genie) Al! Get a hold of yourself!

(Aladdin) -Mozenrath’s voice- No one tells me what to do! -normal voice- No! -struggles to get gauntlet off- This isn't right!

(Jasmine) Aladdin, what's going on?

(Aladdin) Don't know! Have to get this glove off!

(Iago) Um, is it just me, or is Al a little goofy?

(Aladdin) -throws gauntlet on floor- What's happening to me, guys?

(Iago) Uh, let's just put it this way, Al. I wouldn't operate any heavy machinery if I were you!

(Aladdin) I just don't get it. Have I changed somehow?

(Genie) Nah, don't be silly. It's just nerves. You're still you.

(Aladdin) Am I? -sees Mozenrath in mirror--gasps- Mozenrath! What are you doing here? -Mozenrath’s voice- My spirit is inside your body thanks to your pathetic friends! The transference would've worked if they hadn't interfered! Now we are one forever! -normal voice- No!

(Iago) You must be sick! You're talkin' to yourself!

(Jasmine) And you sound exactly like Mozenrath!

(Genie) Al, baby, we gotta get you some fresh air!


(Aladdin) Something must've gone wrong back in Mozenrath’s lab! He's inside me!

(Iago) Inside you!? Ah, go on.

(Aladdin) -Mozenrath’s voice- Brainless fool!

(Jasmine) Aladdin!

(Aladdin) -normal voice--sighs- I’m sorry, Jasmine, but... -Xerxes flying around with gauntlet in his mouth- What? How did you get?.. -Mozenrath’s voice- My gauntlet! I must have my power back! -puts glove on--normal voice- No! -struggles to get glove off- I don't want this!

(Genie) Excuse me, Al. Do you need some help?

(Aladdin) -Mozenrath’s voice- Back off, genie!

(Genie) Please put down your weapon. You have the right to remain... -Aladdin shocks him with gauntlet- Hmm. Maybe that bad boy wizard is inside Al.

(Aladdin) -normal voice--throws gauntlet on ground- Mozenrath, leave me alone!!

(Iago) Great. Like he didn't have enough problems. A split personality I can handle, but not when the other guy's Mozenrath!

(Jasmine) -walks, holding Aladdin, slowly back inside palace- This is horrible, Aladdin.

(Aladdin) -Mozenrath’s voice- I’m not too happy about this arrangement either, and I don't plan on spending the rest of my life with you! -normal voice- Well, we finally agree on something, Mozenrath. So how do we reverse this spell? -Mozenrath’s voice- First we must find the elixir of life. With a taste of this magical healing potion my spirit will leave your body and it will enter the stone figurine of my body. I will return to normal and we will each be separate again.

(Jasmine) How can we trust you?

(Aladdin) You have no other choice, do you?

(Iago) Oh, that's a comfort!

(Genie) He's right, guys. According to ‘The Big Book of Spells Gone Bad’ the elixir's gonna do the trick.

(Aladdin) And I know exactly where the elixir is. Just follow my directions. -Xerxes flying around with gauntlet in his mouth--normal voice- Get away from me! I don't want you or that thing around! -Mozenrath’s voice- No, we must take the gauntlet! -normal voice- No! It's too dangerous! -Mozenrath’s voice- We need my magic to get the elixir of life! Without it we're both doomed! -fighting with each other within himself--struggling to get gauntlet of his arm-

(Genie) Ah, I’ll hate myself in the morning for saying this, Al, but the wiz kid might be right.

(Aladdin) -stops struggling--normal voice- Okay, Mozenrath. You win... for now.

(Genie) Uh, I don't mean to spoil your day, Al, but how do ya know Mozenrath’s not leading us into one big sand trap?

(Aladdin) I don't, but if he is he's only hurting himself, too. -Mozenrath’s voice- Just make sure you take good care of my body, Jasmine.

(Jasmine) Relax, Mozenrath. You're safe in my hands. -black clouds and lightning up ahead-

(Iago) Oh, this looks like a good sign. What's next? Fire and brimstone?

(Genie) Look alive, boys! There's gold in them there sand dunes!

(Iago) Gold? Where?

(Aladdin) -points to temple- There! -normal voice- It's here! -Mozenrath’s voice- The elixir of life!

(Iago) Mama, we hit the jackpot!

(Aladdin) -normal voice- Say good bye, Mozenrath! -worms appear-

(Iago) Who are these guys?

(Aladdin) These worms aren't too happy about us taking this cup!

(Iago) Neither am I!

(Genie) -changes into a fisherman and tries to hook one of the worms- Man! That's one nasty overbite you got there.

(Iago) I hate when this stuff happens!

(Aladdin) -Mozenrath’s voice- Drink from the cup! We're wasting valuable time! -normal voice- Don't worry, Mozenrath! I'll take care of these worms! -Mozenrath’s voice- So will I! -zaps worms--they float up in air--normal voice- Yes! I did it! -Mozenrath’s voice- You? If it wasn't for my magic you'd be worm chow, Aladdin! -normal voice- If it wasn't for me you'd be nothing!

(Jasmine) Would you two stop fighting?

(Iago) C'mon, Al! Drink up!

(Aladdin) Yes. Yeah, you're right. So long, Mozenrath. -his arm with gauntlet on it starts shaking- Hey! What's going on? -Mozenrath’s voice- I’ve had a change of heart so to speak. Once I take over your spirit from within, when we drink the elixir I will end up with your body! -laughs--Jasmine gasps-

(Xerxes) Mozenrath clever! -laughs-

(Aladdin) -normal voice- What about my spirit!?! -Mozenrath’s voice- It will end up in my old body! -laughs--normal voice- No!

(Xerxes) Yes!

(Jasmine) Aladdin!! -frozen still drops elixir--she catches it-

(Genie) Hello? Al? Anyone home?

(Jasmine) Is he going to be okay?

(Genie) I don't know, Jasmine. I just don't know.

(Aladdin) -Aladdin and Mozenrath’s spirit's fighting within--talking out loud- You're a snake, Mozenrath!

(Mozenrath) Can I help it if you're so trusting?

(Aladdin) You'll never win! Never!!

(Mozenrath) Oh, really. Well, things might look different once you're out of your body! Give it up, street rat!

(Aladdin) I’ll never surrender to you, Mozenrath!

(Mozenrath) Yes, you will!

(Aladdin) Ahh!

(Jasmine) It sounds like Aladdin is fighting Mozenrath... And losing!

(Aladdin) -inside himself- No!

(Mozenrath) Yield, Aladdin!

(Aladdin) I’m not like you, Mozenrath! I don't give up that easy!

(Mozenrath) Then maybe it's about time I changed that! -shoots at Aladdin-

(Aladdin) No! Stop! -Aladdin stops aim-

(Mozenrath) What? How did you get magic powers?

(Aladdin) It must be my spirit. I guess it has it's own mystical power... The power to defeat you!

(Mozenrath) No! This isn't fair!

(Aladdin) Since when did you care about playing fair, Mozenrath?

(Mozenrath) I refuse to lose to a street rat! -Aladdin fires at Mozenrath destroying him- No! No!!

(Aladdin) -moves- Hey. Guys! I'm back!

(Genie and Iago) Al?

(Jasmine) Aladdin!

(Aladdin) The elixir! Where is it!?!

(Iago) One elixir coming up! -Aladdin drinks elixir- I hope this stuff works before those slug brothers come back!

(Aladdin) -Mozenrath’s voice- No!!!!!! -he leaves Aladdin’s body forever- no!!!

(Mozenrath) No! -trapped-

(Genie) I added the cage and the hot air balloon. Nice touch, eh?

(Mozenrath) My gauntlet! Give it back!

(Aladdin) I don't think so, Mozenrath. It's bad for your health.

(Genie) Bon voyage, fly boy!

(Aladdin) Have an unpleasant trip!

(Iago) Uh, Al, I hate to bother you but... The boys are back!

(Aladdin) It's this cup they want! Not us! -places cup back on pedestal--worms go away-

(Iago) I hope we never see those ugly mugs again! But ya know it's too bad we can't keep that golden cup for a souvenir.

(Aladdin) Don't even think about it.

(Jasmine) I’m glad you're all right, Aladdin.

(Genie) Yeah. It's great to have you back, Al! All back! Inside and out!

-cup fills back up with healing liquid potion-

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