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The Citadel

Story Editors: Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley
Written by: Bill Motz and Bob Roth
© Disney 1994

Transcribed by Ruth
Screencaps by Calluna

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(The Agrabah marketplace. A few CITIZENS are running from a large, winged CREATURE, which is chasing them. We see a fruit cart. One of the pears on top floats up into the air, floats past a few other carts and through an arch, where, from the shadows, a gloved hand plucks it from the air. Finally, we see the owner of the glove — a smartly dressed young man. This is the sorcerer MOZENRATH. His pet, a flying eel, XERXES, floats by his shoulder.)

MOZENRATH: Cowards, Xerxes. All of them.

(XERXES chuckles and nods; MOZENRATH takes a bite of the pear. Meanwhile, the CREATURE smashes through a stack of pots and lands on the roof of a building. It turns its head and we see three palace GUARDS, led by RASOUL, run up.)

FAZAL: Oooh ... it is so ugly!
RASOUL: When we are through, he will be uglier still!

(They draw their swords. The CREATURE flies off the building and lands in front of them. The second GUARD goes forward, but the CREATURE knocks his sword out of his hand with his wing. The first GUARD goes forward, but the CREATURE snatches his sword and breaks it in two with his jaws.)

HAKIM: It is inhuman!
RASOUL: And I am his match!

(He brandishes his sword at the creature, but it knocks the sword out of his hand. We see MOZENRATH and XERXES again, watching from a distance, with XERXES eyeing the pear MOZENRATH has in his hand. He licks his lips and takes a snap at it, but MOZENRATH moves his hand and he misses.)

MOZENRATH: This one has the muscle ...

(Unfortunately, the CREATURE wails at RASOUL and he cowers in fright.)

RASOUL: Mercy!
MOZENRATH: Pathetic.

(XERXES takes another snap at the pear, but MOZENRATH throws it away. The CREATURE is advancing on RASOUL when ALADDIN swoops down on CARPET and grabs him by the belt. RASOUL is not particularly happy about being rescued.)

RASOUL: I was just about to get the drop on the creature, street rat!
ALADDIN: Drop away, Rasoul. (He lets go.)

(RASOUL falls into a hay cart. ALADDIN swoops down again.)

MOZENRATH: Now this one shows flair ...

(The CREATURE swoops at ALADDIN. He ducks. The CREATURE wheels around for another try, but ALADDIN stops CARPET just in time.)

ALADDIN: Whoa! (He turns and flies back the other way.) Faster, Carpet!

(The CREATURE catches up and grabs hold of the CARPET. We see MOZENRATH watching, looking quite impressed for the moment. The CREATURE pulls the CARPET and ALADDIN falls off. CARPET struggles to get free. ALADDIN falls.)

ALADDIN: (As he's falling) Whoa!

(We see a MAN lying on a bed of nails. He jumps off when he realises ALADDIN is heading straight for him. At the same time, ALADDIN notices the bed.)


(We see GENIE watching TV — he can see ALADDIN is in trouble. He pauses it.)

GENIE: Hold on. (He takes out a book from underneath him and starts flipping through the pages. Let's see ... Al plummets, Al says 'oh no', Genie poofs to the rescue. Sorta predictable. (He realises something and pulls out a watch.) I'm late! (He disappears and re-appears just in time to catch ALADDIN before he falls on the bed of nails. A little way away, he puts him down.)
ALADDIN: Genie! Thanks.
GENIE: Oh, just doin' my part, Al. (Takes out the book again.) I think.

(MOZENRATH is still watching.)

MOZENRATH: A genie. Now that's not very sporting. (XERXES shakes his head and chuckles.) Ha ha! Let's see how the boy handles my magic without the genie's.

(The CREATURE swoops down and picks up GENIE, who's still reading the book.)


(We see the GENIE lying on the bed of nails. The nails are sticking through him and the pages of the script float down to rest on top of him.)

GENIE: I really oughta start reading these scripts in advance.

(The CREATURE swoops down again and ALADDIN catches its ankles. It continues flying with ALADDIN hanging on for dear life. After a bit, ALADDIN starts climbing so he's sitting on the CREATURE'S back. It flies under a clothes line, and ALADDIN grabs a sheet from it, which he puts over the CREATURE'S head. He jumps off just in time and grabs onto the line, safe again. The CREATURE manages to get the sheet off its eyes just in time to realise it's about to fly into the top of an arch. It does so, and falls to the ground.)

MOZENRATH: He's good. Let's see how good.

(Hanging on the line, ALADDIN looks over to see a WOMAN standing on top of the arch with a crying BABY. The CREATURE also looks up and starts to fly up.)

ALADDIN: No! (He grabs onto another line and swings past just in time to snatch up the WOMAN before the CREATURE gets it. He swings up to a high balcony, where he puts the WOMAN down and turns just in time to see the CREATURE.) Yah! (But just as the CREATURE reaches him, it vanishes in a puff of smoke.) Huh?
GENIE: (Down on the ground, with CARPET) Come on Agrabah! Put your hands, and tassels, together! He puts the 'he' in 'hero'! (He turns into a strong man, then into Indiana Jones) Adventure is his middle name ... if he had a last name ... Aladdin!

(Back up on the balcony)

ALADDIN: (To the BABY) Hey, everything's okay. (He goes to take the blanket off the BABY'S head, but finds XERXES there instead, who hisses at him.) Whoa! What?

(The WOMAN starts to glow, then disappears in a puff of smoke like the CREATURE did a moment ago. MOZENRATH steps out from behind the curtain behind ALADDIN.)

MOZENRATH: Good work. You beat a magical monstrosity.
ALADDIN: Uh, yeah.
MOZENRATH: I hope my little creation didn't play too rough.
ALADDIN: *You* turned that monster loose?
XERXES: I helped!
MOZENRATH: Think of it as a test. The good news is, you passed.
ALADDIN: A test? People could've been hurt!

(MOZENRATH and XERXES exchange a glance.)

MOZENRATH: And your point would be ... ? Look, the important thing is we found each other; see, I have a job for you.
ALADDIN: Who are you?
MOZENRATH: I am Mozenrath. (He bows.) Ruler of the distant land of —
ALADDIN: Ruler? Hah. Yeah, right. You're barely older than me.
MOZENRATH: Which is more your problem than mine, I think.
GENIE: (Appearing with a sandwich on his head) Come on, Al! Lunch is on me! (The sandwich disappears.) Who's your friend?
ALADDIN: He's no friend, Genie, he's a creep.
GENIE: Well, I had a hunch. But it wouldn't've been polite.

(ALADDIN whistles for CARPET.)

ALADDIN: Let's go! (He motions to CARPET, then he and GENIE jump on and fly off.) Find someone else to do your dirty work, Mozenrath!

(They fly off. MOZENRATH disappears and re-appears on the top of a building just as ALADDIN and GENIE fly past. He shakes a fist at them.)

MOZENRATH: You don't get it, Aladdin! I'm talking huge reward!

(ALADDIN turns on CARPET and flies back over to MOZENRATH.)

ALADDIN: No, *you* don't get it.
MOZENRATH: You'll risk your life to save others but not for gold?
ALADDIN: That's right! (He, GENIE and CARPET fly off.)
MOZENRATH: This won't be a simple as I thought. (XERXES appears from behind him and MOZENRATH strokes him.) But it will be much more fun.

(Early the next morning. The camera goes through the window into ALADDIN'S hovel, where see IAGO sleeping against CARPET, ABU on a cushion near ALADDIN and ALADDIN lying on a blanket near the window. Camera moves past the window to show the LAMP on a cushion. We can hear GENIE snoring. The LAMP starts to glow, then rises into the air. MOZENRATH is standing at the door. He motions with his right hand and the LAMP comes towards him. When it reaches him, he touches it and it disappears. We see ABU again. He opens one eye to see XERXES staring at him. XERXES hisses and ABU starts, backing into IAGO and waking him up, then finally jumps onto ALADDIN to wake him up.)

ABU: Aladdin! Aladdin!
ALADDIN: Wha — huh?
MOZENRATH: Rise and shine! You have a busy day.
ALADDIN: Mozenrath! What are you doing here?
MOZENRATH: I just can't take no for an answer.

(IAGO is brushing himself off. XERXES floats up.)

XERXES: Busy day! (He drools.)
IAGO: Yech! Beat it, worm boy! (He smacks XERXES one.)
MOZENRATH: Nice hovel, Aladdin. But something seems to be missing — something blue and magical.
IAGO: (Flying over and landing on the cushion.) Probably oversleeping, snug as a lug in a rug. (Realising) Hey, the lamp's gone!
ALADDIN: Genie. What have you done with him?

(MOZENRATH disappears and re-appears on the other side of ALADDIN.)

MOZENRATH: Why tell you when I can show you?

(He waves his right hand and they all disappear. The next thing we see is an impressive-looking citadel, with a bridge leading from it into the city below. MOZENRATH, ALADDIN, IAGO, ABU and CARPET appear outside the citadel doors.)

IAGO: A warning would be nice! I could've packed a toothbrush.

(ABU screeches and hides himself under CARPET.)

MOZENRATH: Ah ... no place like home. (He's standing right in front of the doors, where two of his slaves, the MAMLUKS, are standing guard.)
ALADDIN: Where are we?
IAGO: Wait ... the Land of the Black Sand?
MOZENRATH: My kingdom.
IAGO: Ah, tell me another one. Everyone knows the sorcerer Destane runs this joint. (He flies up onto ALADDIN'S shoulder.) Destane's a real hard-case ... even Jafar steered clear of him.
MOZENRATH: Ah, Destane ... he was like a father to me. Until I stole his power and his throne.
IAGO: Sure you did.
MOZENRATH: Then ... I stole his humanity. (He motions at one of the MAMLUKS standing guard, who comes over and kneels at his feet.) Hello, Destane, hellooooo, you shambling, half-dead mamluk!
ABU: Ewww ...
IAGO: Turned him into a lowly servant. Nice touch! This kid is twisted!
ALADDIN: Where's Genie?

(A BEAST'S cry sounds; MOZENRATH puts a hand to his ear.)

MOZENRATH: Ah, there's your answer now. The distinctive cry of the Thirdac.
IAGO: Thirdac? Eh, never heard of it.
XERXES: Thirdac dangerous!
MOZENRATH: Indeed, the beast devours magic, and all things magical. With the Thirdac in my corner, no other sorcerer could touch me. I will be —
XERXES: All-powerful!
IAGO: It's Jafar Junior!
ALADDIN: If this thing eats magic, won't it bite the hand that feeds it?
MOZENRATH: (Holding up his gloved hand) Yes. Once bitten —
XERXES: Twice shy!
MOZENRATH: I have devised a collar to control the beast. (He conjures an image of it for ALADDIN.)
XERXES: Heh heh. Mozenrath smart!
ALADDIN: So you need me to put that thing on the Thirdac, right?
MOZENRATH: Other mortals have tried — all have failed — but you, Aladdin, have no choice. Collar the beast. Oh, and do it before snack time, if you want your genie to — well, heh, you know ... live.

(MOZENRATH and XERXES leave; the THIRDAC cries out again ALADDIN goes over to the citadel doors and bangs on them a couple of times.)

ALADDIN: Open the doors — now!

(We see the doors from inside the citadel. The doors swing open and ALADDIN, IAGO, CARPET and ABU are seen standing outside. They start walking in.)

IAGO: Why do people build places like this?! Ever hear of a sunroof?

(The THIRDAC is heard again; ALADDIN looks rather unsure. ABU clings to him.)

ALADDIN: (to IAGO and CARPET) You guys get that collar. We'll find Genie.

(ALADDIN and ABU go one way, IAGO and CARPET the other. Now we see the LAMP at the back of a room somewhere in the citadel. Close-up of the LAMP. It rocks a little and GENIE comes out, dressed in a night shirt and night cap. He yawns.)

GENIE: I can't get any rest with all that snoring, Abu. (He looks around) Al — did you remodel? (He gulps) I must warn you — I have a lamp! (The THIRDAC cries out from behind him and GENIE
turns.) H-hi there. You must be new in the neighbourhood. Uh — sorry — didn't catch your species.

(We finally see the THIRDAC, a funny-looking beast with one eye and a shell-like back that walks on all fours. It advances on GENIE, waving its tongue.)

GENIE: Ah, Toto — something tells me I'm not in Agrabah anymore. (He runs through a door behind him, bolting it.) ALADDIN!!! (The THIRDAC tries to break down the door. GENIE disappears for a sec and when he comes back he's dressed as a construction worker.) Today on 'This Old Monster', we're going to build a wall. (He does so, covering the whole door. He looks quite satisfied with his work; he hears the THIRDAC crying from the other side.) Did I mention that it's a magical, monster-proof wall? (A brick disappears from the wall.) Heh heh heh ... a magic eater. That's a new wrinkle.

(The bricks continue to disappear from the wall and we see the THIRDAC on the other side, obviously 'eating' the magic GENIE used. GENIE poofs himself into a racing car, complete with the set of starter lights in front of him.)

GENIE: Genie-men, start your engines!

(The lights go from red to green and GENIE takes off just as the THIRDAC breaks through the wall. It stops once it's in the room, watching GENIE with its one eye way out on a stalk in front. It starts sucking at the magic and GENIE'S car stops, starting to get pulled backwards. GENIE jumps out and the THIRDAC sucks in the car. GENIE, still dressed in his racing gear, runs off again.)

GENIE: (Puffing) Lost him. (He skids to a halt.) Found him!

(The THIRDAC is there in front of him. It advances on him.)

GENIE: Eh-heh heh ... I guess you're probably stuffed by now. Heh. I mean, all things in moderation, right? Hehe.

(GENIE poofs out of the racing suit just in time — the THIRDAC sucks it up. Then it proceeds to continue chasing him through the corridors. Then we see ALADDIN, in another corridor. He can hear the THIRDAC'S cries.)

ALADDIN: It's close. (We see GENIE, still being chased by the THIRDAC, run through another corridor.) There!

(He starts running towards the sound with ABU following close behind him. We see GENIE again run to a corridor where he has a choice of which way to go. He looks both ways, shrugs, then splits himself in two, with one GENIE going each way. The THIRDAC stops at the intersection. One GENIE runs along a corridor, and another is coming from the top of the camera — they meet in the middle. The THIRDAC again. He follows the right-hand corridor and GENIE hears him cry,
causing one GENIE to jump into the other's arms. Then they join together again and he slips under a door just behind him just as the THIRDAC runs past. ALADDIN and ABU come from a corridor, approaching the door GENIE is behind.)

ABU: Uh-uh ...
ALADDIN: Calm down, Abu, we'll be okay — we aren't magical.

(He opens the door to see GENIE, heart beating out of his chest, in the corner.)

GENIE: (High-pitched voice) Bu-bu-but I am!
ALADDIN: Genie! You're safe! (He runs over and hugs GENIE.)
GENIE: SAFE?! HA! Ah! It's after me, Al! I'm the blue-plate special!
ALADDIN: Come on, Genie, we're here now — nothing's gonna happen.

(The THIRDAC cries from behind them again; ALADDIN turns. The THIRDAC leaps over him and knocks GENIE off his feet.)


(The THIRDAC has GENIE cornered and is starting to suck the magic out of him. ALADDIN is pulling at the THIRDAC'S body, trying to get it off. He succeeds, but GENIE looks very pale — he's almost disappearing.)

GENIE: Something's happened — aah! (He disappears completely when the THIRDAC almost pounces him again.)

(He charges the THIRDAC and knocks it off its feet. The THIRDAC proceeds to knock ALADDIN off *his* feet. ALADDIN jumps back on it, punches it in the eye, then swings it around by its tail and letting it go so it smacks into the wall. He picks it up again by the front of its shell, but the THIRDAC leaps onto the ceiling goes back out the door that way. ABU climbs onto ALADDIN'S shoulder.)

ALADDIN: It ... it got Genie.

(ABU does some sad monkey talk and wipes his eyes, but then GENIE appears from under ABU'S hat, very small and white, but he soon returns to normal.)

GENIE: Is it gone?
ALADDIN: Genie! (He hugs GENIE.) You're alright!
GENIE: (Frightened) It got a taste of me, Al!
ALADDIN: Don't worry, that thing's not so tough.
GENIE: Oh yeah, easy for you to say. You're not magic — you're not edible!
ALADDIN: This'll be over soon. I bet Iago and Carpet have found the collar.
GENIE: Right! (He pauses, looking confused.) What collar?

(We see the citadel doors again. MOZENRATH and XERXES approach.)

XERXES: Hero fail!
MOZENRATH: Patience, Xerxes. Aladdin will not let his genie become the Thirdac's victim.
XERXES: Too quiet. (As he says this, he floats past MOZENRATH, who catches him by his tail.)
MOZENRATH: Not quiet enough, Xerxes.
XERXES: Xerxes quiet.

(We see the outside of the citadel and hear IAGO speaking.)

IAGO: Welcome to the sorcerer Mozenrath's land of enchantment. (We see him now, flying through MOZENRATH'S laboratory.) Also known as Thirdac Central.

(ALADDIN, GENIE, ABU and CARPET enter. They all look around. GENIE whistles.)

GENIE: This Mozenrath guy has done his homework.

(There are various potions bubbling and scrolls and books everywhere. MOZENRATH has obviously been doing a lot of research. On a table is a statue of the THIRDAC. ABU jumps up onto the table and makes as if to fight it. CARPET comes over carrying the collar that's supposed to control the THIRDAC.)

ALADDIN: The collar! Way to go, Carpet!
GENIE: And here's the instruction manual! (He picks up a scroll. Reading) Just snap the collar around its neck ... (The scroll shows the THIRDAC with the collar on) ... assuming that *is* its

(ABU jumps up onto a table in front of a tapestry showing a few THIRDACS.)

ABU: Huh?
IAGO: (Landing near ABU) A tapestry tells the tale, boys. In the Thirdac's world, magic is everywhere. Like water.

(ABU goes to touch it, but gets a shock and jumps onto ALADDIN'S shoulder.)

ALADDIN: Which means in this world he's dying of thirst.

(CARPET is still struggling with the collar.)

GENIE: I bet a big, blue genie and a magic carpet'd really hit the spot.

(CARPET suddenly starts to shake and we see the THIRDAC watching them from the rafters. It jumps towards GENIE and CARPET. GENIE yelps and goes to jump out of the way. But CARPET knocks him out of the way and the THIRDAC hits CARPET.)

ALADDIN: Carpet!

(CARPET is holding onto a table leg — the THIRDAC starts sucking him in. Two of the tassels disappear and he starts unravelling. GENIE comes up behind the THIRDAC, extends his arms and pulls CARPET out underneath the THIRDAC. The THIRDAC ends up on its back. ALADDIN picks up the collar. GENIE, holding CARPET, follow ALADDIN, ABU and IAGO out of the lab, slamming the door behind them. The THIRDAC crashes into it, making a dent, but doesn't get through. ABU, sitting on ALADDIN'S shoulder, faints. GENIE holds up CARPET.)

GENIE: Steady there, Rug Man. (He pulls out a pair of knitting needles and quickly repairs CARPET who starts dancing around.)
ALADDIN: Abu, Iago — you guys distract him while I snap the collar around his neck.
IAGO: Or ... the monkey distracts, you snap and ... I provide moral support.
ALADDIN: Genie, you and Carpet stay here okay, where it's safe.
IAGO: I wanna be where it's safe.
ABU: Uh-huh ... (More monkey-talk and he drags IAGO off.)

(We see the bottom of the door, closed. It opens. We see ALADDIN'S feet, then ABU'S hat on the end of a stick. When he thinks it's safe, ABU comes out.)

ABU: Hello? (IAGO jumps onto his shoulders)
IAGO: Well, he's gone — let's leave.
ALADDIN: No. He's here.

(ALADDIN opens he door further and they step inside the laboratory again.)

GENIE: (Poking his head round the door) Find him yet? You'll let me know when you find him, right?

(ALADDIN walks through the lab, ABU close at his feet, making with the monkey talk again. A book suddenly hits him and he screeches at ALADDIN in fright.)

IAGO: Eh, sorry, that was me.

(ALADDIN puts ABU on a table and continues looking for the THIRDAC.)

GENIE: (Still from the doorway) Al? What's taking so long? (He looks behind him and sees the THIRDAC standing there.) ALADDIN!! (He grabs CARPET and runs into the room, the THIRDAC chasing him.)

(GENIE and CARPET fly up to the ceiling, IAGO hides under a book and ALADDIN chases the THIRDAC around the room. He jumps at it, but misses. The THIRDAC climbs up the wall and into the rafters where GENIE and CARPET are hiding. It runs across the rafters at them. GENIE backs into a corner. On the floor, ALADDIN picks himself up and jumps onto a handy table.)

ALADDIN: Abu, cut the rope!

(We see what he's talking about — a lantern suspended from the rafters with the rope running onto the floor. ABU bites through it, releasing the lantern.)

IAGO: (Pushing the book off him.) 'Abu cut the rope', what kind of plan is that? (He looks up just in time to see the lantern falling towards him. He flies out of the way.)

(The lantern hits the other side of the table that ALADDIN is standing on, vaulting him into the air and up to the rafters, where he lands in front of the THIRDAC. The THIRDAC looks frightened and jumps down, hanging by its tail.)


(GENIE turns his tail end into a spring and springs across the rafters. The THIRDAC jumps back up and follows. It backs GENIE into a corner again.)

GENIE: So, you like magic? Here's a trick — pick a card. (He conjures up a few cards, but the THIRDAC sucks them up.) Or pick 'em all — whatever! (The rafter underneath the THIRDAC starts to break and it starts to suck up GENIE.) You want dinner *and* a show!

(ALADDIN jumps onto the THIRDAC'S back, but it bucks him off. The THIRDAC falls, and ALADDIN crashes into GENIE and CARPET, the rafter breaks and they all fall. We see CARPET trapped under a few beams. He struggles to get free, can't, so IAGO and ABU pull him out, and they crash into a few broken beams on the other side of the room instead. IAGO shakes one of CARPET'S tassels.)

IAGO: Well, congratulations, you're not Thirdac chow — yet!

(GENIE pushes himself out of a pile of broken beams, flasks and scrolls.)

GENIE: Aladdin?

(Across from GENIE is another pile of wood, flasks and scrolls. Something moves under it. We see the THIRDAC'S back, then we see the collar around its neck and the other side of the pile lifts, we see ALADDIN holding the rope.)

ALADDIN: It's okay, Genie. He's under my control now.

(MOZENRATH appears and takes the rope from ALADDIN.)

MOZENRATH: Wrong! The Thirdac is under *my* control. (He waves his hand and several torches around the room light.)
GENIE: What now, Al?
ALADDIN: (Sounding defeated) It's over. (GENIE looks surprised.) Mozenrath won. (MOZENRATH looks happy; ALADDIN starts to leave.)
ABU: Huh?
IAGO: (Landing beside ABU) The kid's callin' it quits?
XERXES: Hero quit? (MOZENRATH pulls him back.)
MOZENRATH: The hero knows when he's beat.

(ALADDIN pauses at the door and turns.)

ALADDIN: Guys, we're finished here.

(GENIE, CARPET, IAGO and ABU follow him and we see from behind MOZENRATH, XERXES and the THIRDAC watching them leave. XERXES chuckles. Then we see the citadel doors. ALADDIN, GENIE, CARPET, IAGO and ABU emerge.)

IAGO: Whoa! I can't believe you've actually figured out how sensible cowardice can be!
ALADDIN: No way! That was just to throw off Mozenrath.
IAGO: Figures.
ALADDIN: Here's my plan ... (He starts whispering to the others.)

(We're back inside MOZENRATH'S laboratory. He's seated at a big golden wheel, depicting the kingdoms of the Seven Deserts. As always, XERXES floats by his shoulder. The THIRDAC is there too, tied to the wheel and looking very sad.)

MOZENRATH: (Sigh) Decisions, decisions ... who to conquer first?
XERXES: Quarkistan?
MOZENRATH: An enchanted land blessed with an enchanted King. An intriguing target. Hm. (He spins the wheel and stops it at another spot.) Perhaps the subterranean world of the Almuddi?
XERXES: Definite maybe.
MOZENRATH: (To the THIRDAC) And you will devour my magical foes.

(The THIRDAC moans and looks very sad. On the table, XERXES starts chuckling again until he's grabbed from behind by IAGO and ABU, who hold him while CARPET covers his mouth. MOZENRATH, standing at the wheel, hasn't noticed this.)

MOZENRATH: Agrabah! Not a particularly magical place ... why conquer it? Oh, because it's there! (He spins the wheel again, but it stops when ALADDIN hops onto it. MOZENRATH looks up at him.)
ALADDIN: Not while I'm here!

(He jumps off the wheel, behind MOZENRATH. He pushes the sorcerer onto the wheel and spins it. MOZENRATH groans when it stops, but ALADDIN grabs him by the collar.)

ALADDIN: Send the Thirdac back to its world, Mozenrath. Or I'll let him loose — on you and your magic.

(We see the THIRDAC struggling against his bonds.)

MOZENRATH: You wouldn't. You're not that ruthless.
ALADDIN: You're right — I'm not. But he is.

(He points at IAGO, perched on the THIRDAC'S back.)

IAGO: And man, do I feel cranky!

(He starts to push the collar off the THIRDAC'S neck.)

MOZENRATH: No. No, no, no! No!

(IAGO succeeds in getting the collar off the THIRDAC, which promptly starts chasing MOZENRATH across the room. It pounces and pins MOZENRATH to the floor for a sec, but he wriggles free and starts crawling away from it. The THIRDAC does its magic sucking trick and MOZENRATH finds his right hand being drawn towards the beast. Luckily he's now on the floor in front of the tapestry of the THIRDACS. He casts a spell which turns the tapestry into a portal. The THIRDAC pauses, looks at the portal for a few moments, then jumps through it. Once it's gone, MOZENRATH waves his hand again and closes the portal up.)

MOZENRATH: Aladdin! I'll —

(He goes to cast a spell, but GENIE appears in front of him.)

GENIE: You'll what, son?

(MOZENRATH blinks, then turns and starts to walk away.)

ALADDIN: Think of this as a test, Mozenrath. You failed.
ALADDIN: (Standing with GENIE, CARPET, IAGO and ABU) For good.

(The end.)

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