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Story editor: Doug Langdale
Written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth
© Disney 1994

Transcribed by Katie Ann
Edited by Calluna
Screencaps by Antichrissy, The Heart of the Tiger, and Merkal

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[It's nighttime in Agrabah. The palace is shown, with the moon lighting up the corner. The camera slowly shifts back to view a tower on the outskirts of the city. The camera focuses on the tower. Sadira is shown, walking towards the balcony to look at the palace. She pulls out a bag from her shirt as she speaks.]

Sadira: This time, it will work. [She pours the blue sand out of the bag and into her hand.] Aladdin will be mine! Agrabah- let the mystic shifting sand bring the changes I demand. City sleep throughout the night. My dream is born at morning's light! [The sand floats in the breeze to cover the city as she speaks the spell.]

[Light dawns on the palace. The camera focuses on the city portion of the landscape.]


Genie: [Dressed as Captain Ahab] Arh! Moby Dick! Come thee here and meet thy doom! [He's on the side of a fountain. He looks up as a huge, white whale emerges from the water in the fountain.] Ah! [Aladdin is shown sitting on the side of the fountain, and he shakes his head at the whale. The whale growls at Genie and gets closer as Genie raises his spear.]

Aladdin: Quit fooling around Genie. [His arms are crossed as he raises his eyebrows.]

[Genie looks up at the whale and vice versa.]

Moby Dick: [In the voice of a not-so-killer-whale.] Ah, we never get to have any fun!

Genie: Cool it! I'll see you at recess. [The whale smiles and jumps up into the air, then splashes into the fountain. Aladdin turns to Iago and Abu.]

Aladdin: You two are awfully quiet this morning...

Iago: Yeah, something's not right today... [He scratches his head]

Abu: Yea...

Iago: It's as if reality's fabric has been twisted by grotesque forces beyond our comprehension!

[Abu looks puzzled and lets out a monkey-type gasp.]

Iago: Or maybe it was that takeout falafel we had last night.

Abu: Oh.

Aladdin [shrugging]: Well, everything seems fine to me.

Genie: Or it will, when the princess gets here, hey Al... [he jabs Aladdin with his elbow, his eyebrows raising and lowering]

Aladdin: Well, yeah.

Iago: So where is her serene highness, anyway? I've got better things to do than to wait around for her!

Sadira [approaching]: Well, hello, Aladdin. [She's dressed in Jasmine's turquoise outfit, save the headband.]

Iago [Putting a hand on his forehead]: Oh, perfect. The classless lass.

Abu: Ha! [Crosses his arms and scowls]

Iago: So, what's with the new threads?

Aladdin: Sadira, you sure look beautiful this morning... [He stands up and takes her hands in his.]

Sadira: Why thank you...


[Aladdin chuckles, so does Sadira. Then, they both lean in and kiss. Iago and Abu's mouth's hit the ground as they gasp in surprise. Aladdin and Sadira break apart, and Sadira takes his arm, leading him away.]

Sadira: So, what do you want to do today, dear?

Iago: What the heck? Aladdin just kissed Sadira!

Genie [sighing]: Yeah, the kid's really got a way with the princess... [He begins to walk away. Iago catches up, flying in the air next to him.]

Iago: Hold the phone! The princess? Oh! I get it! It's Make-the-Bird-Doubt- His-Sanity-Day! [He lands on Genie shoulder.] That's why he kissed her. Oh, tres amusant!

[Genie looks over and then turns his head into a phone. It rings, and Iago answers it.]

Iago: Hello?

Genie [His head popping out through the phone]: Get a clue! He kissed her because she's his fiancée... [The camera goes to Aladdin, who hands Sadira flowers.] Ah, young love... [Genie drops Iago, Abu climbs onto his shoulder.]

Abu: [Making his monkey talk]

Genie: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down. Let's get out the Human-Monkey dictionary. [He poofs a large book in front of him and bends over to read.] Ah, let's see. Ouk-squeky-squeky-awk-squawk-eek.

[Abu begins yelling, shaking his fist at Genie, who looks over.]

Genie: I am not a prevaricating rapscallion. [He straightens up and tosses the book over his other shoulder.]

Iago [still on the ground]: Princess Sadira is Al's fiancée? Oh boy, stand back, here comes Mr. Nausea! [He turns a nasty shade of green. Genie hunches over him.]


Genie: Ho! Maybe you're sick. [He poofs a table under Iago, which rises so that Iago is level with him. He does a series of typical doctor's checks.] Nope, not sick. Just a few feathers short of a duster. Hey Al, Iago's fallen into a bottomless abyss of delirium.

Aladdin: Huh?

Iago: Ah ha ha! Such a kidder! I'm fine! Just fine.

[Aladdin stands there confused still, then walks away with Sadira and Genie.]

Iago: [to Abu] We better be real quiet until we figure out what's going on...

Abu: Yeah.


[The blue palace door swings open to reveal the guards Nahbi and Hakim. They bow as Sadira and Aladdin enter.]

Sadira: As you were, boys.

[They're in the throne room. The Sultan sits in the middle with a model of the city. He spots them and gets up.]

Sultan: Ah! Come, come! There my boy. [He shakes Aladdin's hand.] How are you feeling, hhm? Nervous?

Aladdin: Well, no. I've made my decision. There's nothing to be nervous about. [He has that assurance of love about him.]

Iago [to Abu]: I don't know what they're talking about, but it's making me nervous.


Sadira: Raul? [Rasoul comes forward.]

Rasoul: Rasoul, your highness.

Sadira: Whatever. Bring us grapes. And don't skip on the servings. Oh, this is for you. Get yourself something. [She flips him a coin.]

Rasoul [a bit confused]: Uh... yes, your highness. [He bows and leaves.]

Aladdin: What was that all about?

Sadira: Um...I just thought that.. uh...

[Rajah, in the corner, spots Sadira and growls. He comes closer, stalking, ready to pounce. Sadira sees him and gasps.]

Sadira: Nicccceeee kitty....

[Rajah rears back, ready to strike. Aladdin, the Sultan, and Genie look over. Just before the tiger hits Sadira, Aladdin jumps and gets in the way. Rajah lands on Aladdin and they tumble back, Rajah on top of him.]

Aladdin [still on the ground]: What is wrong with you, Rajah?

[Rajah looks confused.]

Genie: Hhmmm, he's acting as squirrelly as Iago and Abu. [He rubs his head, suspiciously.]

Iago: [innocently] Uh, maybe he had falafel last night too?

[Rajah growls again at Sadira as she looks over at him. Then, she turns to Abu and Iago, who look up, innocently again.]

Sadira [To herself]: Oh no... the animals...

[Abu and Iago hear her and gulp.]

Sadira: Heh heh, uh, poor Rajah just uh, um... hasn't been fed today. Yeah! Uh, um, Rajah go to the, um, room at the end of the hall or whatever it's called and I'll feed you.

[Rajah looks even more confused.]

Sultan: Yes Rajah. Run along now. [Sultan speaks in his affirmative tone.]

[Rajah sulks away.]

Sadira: Why don't you all just head to the garden while I feed him?

Sultan: But my dear, the-the servants will—


Sadira: Come on, it's a beautiful day; the sun's good for you! [She pushes them along.]

Genie: Dudes, let's catch some rays... [Dressed as a surfer, he runs after the Sultan and Aladdin. Abu and Iago stand back, hiding behind the pillar.]

Sadira: That stupid spell didn't work on the animals!

[Iago and Abu hear her and cower, letting out gasps. Sadira goes into the room where Rajah is, still growling at her. She goes to the table and grabs an hourglass and pours the sand into her hand.]

Sadira: I really hate to have to do this Rajah, but if you tip everyone off that I've switched places with Jasmine, it'll ruin everything! [She rubs the sand in her hand and it glows. She sets it on the ground and it slides across the floor like a snake towards Rajah. It encircles him, then creates a cage.]

[Iago and Abu are standing behind the corner, watching.]

Sadira: I'm sorry, it won't be for long. Now I have to find the bird and the monkey. [She stomps out of the room, past Iago and Abu.]

Iago: Trooouubbbllleee.

Sadira [In the hall]: Oh Iago, Abu! Where are you?

Iago: That's it! We're history! [He grabs Abu's vest.] We're nothing but a nasty cleanup for the palace janitor! Okay, okay, plan, plan, plan. Sadira and Jasmine switched places. So if Sadira is a princess, then the princess must be a... streetrat.

[Abu runs over to Rajah as Iago thinks out loud and pulls out a file. He rubs it against the bars of Rajah's cage.]

Iago: Well, we'll just find her and...ah! [He rushes over to Abu when he realizes what he's doing.] Ah! What are you doing? It's not enough that Little Orphan Sandy is after me! You want to free the tiger!

[Abu continues filing. Rajah growls.]

Abu: [Monkey-talk]


Iago: I don't care if he's got muscle; he's got teeth! He'll eat me in a hot-second!

Sadira: [in the hallway] Iago! Abu! I've got something special for you!

Iago: Ah! [to Rajah] Okay, how bout a truce? No eating me, no clawing me, and no breathing cat breath on me!

[Rajah growls in response and Iago sighs, then pulls out his own file. He and Abu begin filing away at the bars.]

Sadira [still in the hall]: Boys? Where are you!? [She looks in a vase, then closes the top again when she doesn't find them. She walks back into the room with Rajah, Abu and Iago. She gasps when she sees the tiger missing from the cage.]

[Rajah, with Abu and Iago on his back, is near the window. He sees Sadira and jumps out. Sadira rushes to the window. Rajah jumps on the wall and then over it into the city.]

Sadira: Ragoul!

[Rasoul runs in.]

Rasoul: [annoyed] RASOUL, your highness. [bows]

Sadira: Whatever. Catch those animals and bring them to me.

Rasoul [sighing]: Yes, princess. [He runs out the room and as Aladdin walks in.]

[Aladdin comes over to Sadira.]

Aladdin: What was that all about?

Sadira: Oh, I, uh, I just don't want them to miss any of the fun.

Aladdin: Heh, you know, you've been acting pretty strange today.

Sadira [coming closer to his side]: Well, I guess I'm just excited about... our wedding tomorrow. [She takes a hold of his hand and they begin to walk out of the room.]

Aladdin: So am I, Sadira.


[Back on the streets of Agrabah, citizens are running around screaming when they spot Rajah.]

Citizens: Tiger! Tiger! Ah! Run! Run!

[They continue to flee as Rajah pounces his way here and there, growling at their fear. The guards are behind them as Rajah looks back. Then, he sees an apple cart coming right in his path. He head-butts it and apples fly everywhere, as does the merchant with the cart. The merchant floats through the air, and then lands in Rasoul's arms.]

Merchant: Tiger!

Rasoul: I...know. [He throws the merchant to the side.]

[Rajah, Iago and Abu are still running away. They reach a safe distance and out of view, so they stop, panting.]

Iago [jumping off Rajah's back]: You are not easy to hide with, you know that? I don't hear any people screaming, "Parrot, Parrot!"

[Rajah looks at him, and then chomps at him and puts him in his mouth.]

Iago [inside Rajah's mouth]: Hey! Hey! I thought we had an agreement!

[Abu jumps off Rajah's back and then scolds him in his monkey talk. Rajah opens his mouth and unrolls his tongue, which had Iago wrapped up. Iago, covered in tiger drool, hits the floor.]

Iago: Eeewww, tiger drool. [He shakes off, then looks around.] Hey! I think we lost them!

[Just as he says so, a net pulls put from under them and catches them, then pulls them up.]

Iago: Then, again, maybe not.

[The two guards Nahbi and Fazal, at the top of the building they were next to, jump to the ground, with the ropes in their hands to pull the animals up higher. Rasoul runs over.]

Rasoul: Take them to the palace. Princess Sadira will deal with them... personally.

Iago: I think I speak for us all when I say, "AAAHHHHH!"

[The guards all surround the captured animals, Rasoul laughing. Iago and Abu hold on to each other, as Iago lets out a little yell. The guards all pull out their swords when suddenly, barrels drop on all their heads - one barrel per guard. After each guard is stuck in a barrel, a young women drops down. Jasmine is shown, wearing a brown, torn, dress that goes a little above her knee and a shoulder ripped a little. She's also wearing a rope in place of her usual headband.]

Iago [quietly]: Jasmine!

[Jasmine grins as she jumps up and kicks the guards, who happen to be conveniently lined up, and they all roll into the back of a fruit cart. The camel is jolted by the sudden movement and then takes off, the guards still in the back of the cart, still in barrels.]

[Jasmine then turns to her remaining audience and pulls out a dagger from her sleeve. The animals gasp and then with one swift movement, she cuts the bottom of the net and they fall to the ground.]

Jasmine: Go! They'll be back.

[Suddenly, Rajah jumps on her and licks her face, knocking her down.]

Jasmine: Ew!

Iago: At last! I can feel the ominous pull of doom starting to lift!

[Rajah is still licking Jasmine's face as Iago flaps down to her side. She gets up as she pushes Rajah off. Abu is hugging her arm tightly.]

Jasmine: Who are you? Leave me alone!

Iago: There's that pull of doom again... Jasmine, it's us! You know us! [Iago flaps up on a barrel to be somewhat level with her line of vision.]

Jasmine: Yeah, you're the guys I just saved! [She tries to pull Abu off her arm.] Hey... how did you know my name?

Iago: You KNOW us! Okay, here's the skinny: you're a princess, and Aladdin is your boyfriend, and you live in the palace, and-

Jasmine: I see. I'm a princess. Well, that would explain these rags I'm wearing, wouldn't it? Now buzz off, the royal wedding parade is starting and there'll be lots of pockets to pick. [She finally gets Abu off her arm and throws him at Iago.] And don't follow me!

Iago: Gee, a royal wedding parade. That oughta be worth a look. [He realizes what he just said.] AH! Royal wedding parade! Sadira's gonna marry Aladdin! That's it! Our lives are over.

[Abu screeches as Iago pulls out some of his feathers, then turns to Abu, who is still screeching.]

Iago: How am I suppose to convince her that she's the princess??!! Forget it! Can't be done!

[Abu turns to Rajah and then grabs Iago and stuff him in Rajah's mouth. A few seconds pass and Iago's voice is heard from inside.]

Iago: Okay. I'll try. I'll try!

[Abu screeches happily.]


[Other streets of Agrabah. There are ladies throwing flowers from rooftops, obviously for the royal wedding parade. There's a large crowd gathered on the "sidewalks" as they watch banners and elephants and such walk by.]

[The camera focuses on one man, at his waist. A set of hands comes up and grabs his coin purse. Jasmine stands up straight and looks her new money. Iago comes up and surprises her, causing her to drop the purse.]


[The man Jasmine just stole from turns when he hears Iago. Jasmine grabs Iago and stuffs him in a jar. She then hurriedly turns and picks up the money, and then bumps into the man it belonged to.]

Jasmine [confronted by the man]: Uh, uh, you, uh, dropped this.

[She holds the purse out for the man. He bends over then takes it from her and opens it up.]

Man: How nice to meet such an honest young lady. [He hands her one coin, and then turns back to the parade. Jasmine waves nicely and then turns and growls. She goes back to the jar and pulls Iago out, and throws him into the air.]

Jasmine: What'd you think you're doing? I'm trying to work here!

[She goes down the line of people, their backs turned away from her, watching the parade. She simply grabs several purses as she passes by. Iago is still following her, flapping in the air.]

Iago: Look sweetheart, I'm a little pressed for time. Suffice it to say that you're the one who should be in the parade because YOU are the princess!

[He says this very loudly and they crowd turns back, gasping, to look at Jasmine. She grabs Iago and smiles, shaking her head at the crowd. They turn back.]


Jasmine: Oohh, I'm REALLY sorry I rescued you. [She's holding onto Iago tightly. Suddenly, a voice makes her turn and she lets go of Iago, who flaps and then sits on her shoulder.]

Man: Make way for Princess Sadira, and her fiancé, Aladdin!

[The crowd cheers as Sadira, dressed in a white gown and headdress, and Aladdin, dressed in his Prince Ali outfit. They're riding on an elephant, and Aladdin is waving to the crowd as Sadira lays on her stomach next to him.]

Iago [to Jasmine]: Look at that guy, tell me you don't know him.

Jasmine: Okay, I'm telling you, I don't- [She looks up at Aladdin and stops.] Why... I *do* feel like I know him...somehow...

[Iago smiles at this, and turns to give Rajah and Abu, who are hiding on the corner of the alley, a thumbs-up.]

Jasmine: This is completely ridiculous, but... let's check it out. [She stomps on past Abu and Rajah. Iago flaps over and gives Abu and high-five as they hurry off after her.]


[It's now nighttime in the palace. In the menagerie, we see the fountain as the camera shifts over to past Rasoul on patrol. It reaches some bushes and Jasmine, Iago and Abu, on top of Rajah's head, pop out.]

Iago: This isn't what I had in mind. We just escaped from here!

[Jasmine looks at him and then hurries to the next bush. Iago, Rajah and Abu follow.]

Jasmine: I just feel like I need to see this... Aladdin. If only for a moment.

[They hurry up the steps and go into the palace walls. We then see them creping along in a hallway, and they pause outside a door - Jasmine's bedroom door, which is now Sadira's. Aladdin is inside the room sitting on one of the chairs, and the curtains around Jasmine/Sadira's bed are closed. Sadira's head emerges from the curtains, and she has a huge headdress made of pink feathers on.]

Sadira: So, what do you think of this one? Too subtle?

[The dress is gaudy, huge and bright pink, white, and blue and, well, ugly. Aladdin's expression is blank. Iago, at the door way, grabs his stomach and stumbles.]

Iago: Oh, now I *am* gonna be ill!

[A hand then pops into view of the doorway, a hand holding a chicken wing, already bitten into.]

Sultan: Excuse me, my dear, I - I've seem to have lost my way.

[Jasmine and the gang back away from the door, trying not to look like they were spying.]

Sultan: Ah, uh, could you direct me to the Sultan's bedchamber?

[Jasmine shrugs and Iago flaps onto her shoulder.]

Iago: Ah, two doors down, take a left.

Sultan [looks about]: Don't tell my daughter, hhhmmm? [chuckles] She's worried I won't fit into my robes for her wedding!

[Jasmine smiles and nods graciously. The sultan begins to walk past her.]

Iago: Whew!

[The sultan turns back around.]

Sultan: Do I... know you, my dear? You, you seem... familiar...


Jasmine: I... I don't think so.

Sultan: No, I suppose not. You know, tomorrow I'll be giving away my only daughter. But if I had another, I'd want her to be as pretty as you!

[Jasmine smiles them looks at him.]

Jasmine: Father?

Sultan: Ah, uh...huh?

[Just then, Sadira and Aladdin come out of the room, her arm through his, laughing over something. Carpet follows. Sadira turns and sees the scene.]

Sadira: Oh!

[Rajah turns on Sadira and growls, Abu on his back. He jumps to attack her, but is grabbed by the tail and hits the ground.]

Genie: Down Rajah, down! [He's dressed as a lion tamer at a circus. He cracks a whip and then turns it into a ring.] Now, through the hoop!

Sultan: Rajah! What is wrong with you?


Sadira: She's a witch! She has the animals under her power! [Sadira points at Jasmine.]

Iago: It's a frame-up! She's the witch!! [Iago flaps near Sadira, pointing to her.]

[Aladdin comes up from behind Sadira and puts his hands on her shoulders.]

Aladdin: What?

Sadira: Guards!

[Iago and Abu scream, and try to get away. They run down the hall, but Carpet follows them and wraps them up in himself, and floats in the air. Jasmine turns to get away, but Aladdin sees her move and grabs her arm.]


Aladdin: And just where do you think you're-

[He pulls Jasmine to him, but she goes right up against him. He stops when he sees her, having the same reaction she had to him. They look at each other curiously and Jasmine tries to smile. Just then, Rasoul and Fazal grab her arms and pull her back.]

Sadira: Take them to the dungeon!

Sultan: But my dear, what has she done?

Sadira: Trust me, she's a witch! [She looks as Jasmine is carried off by the guards and Iago and Abu are trapped inside Carpet.]

Iago: This is an outrage! I'll report you people to the A.S.P.C.A!!!!

Aladdin [confused]: Who was that girl?

[Sadira looks to Jasmine being lead off then back to Aladdin. She rushes over and puts her arms around Aladdin.]


Sadira: Aladdin, you love me right?

Aladdin: Yeah, sure.

Sadira: Then I've got an idea. Let's get married right now... tonight!

Aladdin: [his jaw hangs open for a moment] Get married now?!

Sadira: Mm hm!

[He grabs her arms off him and looks at her.]

Aladdin: It's the middle of the night!

Sadira: Uh, um, well, it would be so romantic to be married in the moonlight.

[A gondola appears and Aladdin and Sadira fall into it, their arms around each other. Genie is near the end of the boat, dressed as a gondolier.]

Genie: Ah, that's amore.

Aladdin [raises a hand up]: Ah...

Sultan [coming up to the side of the boat]: This is highly irregular! [He pushes down on the side of the boat and causes Genie to fall out, with a splash.]

Sadira: Please?

Sultan: Well... if it will make you happy.

[Sadira and Aladdin smile and embrace each other. Genie pops up from underneath the "water" and pulls out a little guitar.]

Genie: [with an Italian accent] Ah romance! [He strums a few chords on the instrument.] Reminds me of the time I set up Antony and Cleopatra... Shame it didn't work out. Well, I'll get the rice! [disappears in a puff of smoke]



[The dungeon is shown, and the camera follows from the window in the corner to the ground (kind of like it did when Aladdin was imprisoned in the movie) where Jasmine is chained back, Abu is held with a shackle around his arms and waist, Rajah is chained and has a muzzle, and Iago is in a birdcage, sitting on a little perch, swinging back and forth. Jasmine has a thoughtful look on her face.]

Jasmine: There was something between us. I could tell he felt it too.

[Rasoul's voice is heard from outside the door, and the shoes of two guards can be seen under the dungeon door.]

Rasoul: Oh, this is unheard of! They've waited this long for the wedding, why can't the princess wait until tomorrow?!

Jasmine: She's marrying him tonight?! Why've got to stop them!

Iago: Oh, no sweat! We can overwhelm them with our pitiful cries for mercy.

[He's swinging back and forth on the little perch. Rajah glares up at him, and knocks the cage with his tail, sending it falling to the ground. Iago lets out a yell.]

Iago: Thank you so much! Now, I can't even sit on my cute little perch! It's not enough I gotta be stuck here, in this squalid, repulsive dungeon! No! I- [He began to walk and the cage rolled with him, like a hamster in a wheel. He was moving back and forth and suddenly noticed he could now move.] Hey! Not bad!

[Abu sees this and perks up. He starts screeching at Iago and pointing to his vest. Iago sees this and starts moving over there.

Iago: Keep your fur on. I'm comin', I'm comin'.

[He rolls over to Abu and reaches for the lock pick in Abu's vest. He tries to reach it and after a couple of tries he gets it.]


Iago: Almost... almost...GOT IT!

Jasmine: A lock pick!

Abu: Uh uh huh!

Iago: Okay, so you got a good idea for once. Don't get a swelled head! [picks the lock of his cage]

[We switch rooms to see Aladdin and Genie in the palace. It's a room near the throne room. Aladdin is in his Prince Ali outfit and Genie is dressed in a pink tux and top hat and has a Dustbuster for a hand, vacuuming Aladdin's suit. Aladdin isn't paying him any attention.]

Genie: Al, I can't believe you're finally tying the knot! I haven't been this stunned since I found the mutant space goats in my underwear drawer!


Aladdin: Huh, yeah, seems kinda strange, doesn't it? You know what else is strange?

Genie: Sure, this is! [He pulls a little green alien with one eye hanging out of it's socket out of his top hat. It has a tail and is slimy.] Piggy Piggy Piggy!

Aladdin: Well, yeah.

[Genie pulls it back.]

Aladdin: But I was thinking about that girl in the hall. I can't get her out of my mind.

[Genie takes Aladdin's turban off and gives him a noogie.]

Genie: Oh, Al, Al, Al. You've got the pre-wedding jitters! How cute! [He pinches Aladdin's cheek. Aladdin pulls away and puts his turban back on.]

Aladdin: Look, there's something about that girl. It's as if... I know her. As if I've always known her. Uh, the sound of her voice. The sweep of her hair.

Genie: The size of her shoes!

Aladdin: It's like some half-remembered dream... Only it's real. More real than anything... [He hugs his arms as he gets lost in romance. Genie taps him on the head and snaps him out of it.]

Genie: Yoo-hoo! Earth to Al! If you get any further out you're gonna need a spacesuit.

Aladdin: I don't understand it, Genie, why can't I get that girl out of my mind?

Genie [gasping]: She put a spell on you! [He turns into a tiki tribe member, complete with ceremonial mask and a maraca.] We must remove the bad juju!

Aladdin: Well, uh-

[Genie changes back into the tuxedo, and pops up on Aladdin's other side.]

Genie: There, all gone! Now go get married, you big lug! [pulls Aladdin out of the room]

[We switch back to the throne room, still nighttime. There are tapestries and decorations for the occasion set up. Sadira comes into view, dressed in the same white gown and headdress as in the parade. She walks over to a doorway, where Aladdin is pushed out by Genie.]

Aladdin: [to Sadira, indifferently] Uh, nice dress.

[Sadira looks back, then grabs his arm and pulls him. They start walking down the "aisle" (a red carpet) together. Aladdin looks back at Genie, who's still standing in the doorway. Genie is smiling and a tear slides down his face.]

[Outside, Rasoul and Fazal are standing near the entrance to the throne room, below the steps. Abu is ties a rope around their feet. He calmly walks past them, in a minding-his-own-business type of way. Rasoul notices him and Abu then turns around and gives him a raspberry, and taunts him, making faces.]

Rasoul: You little pest! [He draws his sword.]

[Just as Rasoul starts to move, the rope tightens and the two guards fall, their legs now bound. Jasmine then puts the end of it in Rajah's mouth, who takes off running, the guards trailing behind him.]

[Back in the throne room, Aladdin and Sadira are still walking down the aisle, with Genie holding up Aladdin's cape. Genie hears Rajah growling and goes with Carpet out to the menagerie. Sadira hears it too, and rushes Aladdin forward.]

Sadira: Walk faster!

Genie [now outside]: You're not on some work-release program, are you? Hey, come back here!

[Jasmine, Abu and Iago take off running. Aladdin hears and Sadira actually pushes him from behind to keep going. Genie is shown again, dressed as a policeman with a megaphone and a flashlight.] We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up! Or wings, or paws, or whatever.

[He passes the light slowly across the garden. It hits Abu, who is frozen still. It passes him, then comes back as Genie spots him. Abu takes off running and runs into Carpet, who rolls up and traps him. Rajah, by Rasoul and Fazal (who has a bite taken out of his pants), sees and tries to help Abu. He runs over, but as he gets close, trees suddenly spring up from the ground, blocking his path. Genie is shown dressed as a farmer with a watering can, watering the ground. Rajah turns to go the other way, but the same thing happens. Soon, all his paths are blocked by trees and he's trapped. Genie appears on the outside of the trees, dusting off his hands.]

Genie: Yeah, that'll hold ya. Unless a really hungry beaver comes along. [scratches his head]

[Aladdin is shown in the throne room with Sadira, who has finally gotten him all the way to the end. They stand before the Sultan, who begins to read from a long scroll.]

Sultan: We are gathered here today - uh, tonight... Actually, there aren't that many of us, are there?

[The room is empty and dark, except for Aladdin, Sadira, and the Sultan.]

[Back outside...]

Genie: Two wedding crashers down, two to go! And I aim to stop 'em.

[He has a bow with a plunger for an arrow, and is lurking around the pillars. Iago sees him and steps around a bush to hide. Genie appears behind him, aiming the plunger at him. He lets go of the arrow, but it misses Iago. Iago hears it and turns around.]

Iago: AH!

[Jasmine is seen around the corner of the fountain, hiding behind it. Iago comes out from around the bush, flying away from Genie, who is shooting at him with plunger arrows. Genie starts to shoot again, but the string breaks and hits his nose. He rubs his nose, and then pulls out a missile launcher with a plunger in it and shoots it. It hits Iago and smashes his body against the fountain. Only his wings are sticking out of the sides of the plunger.]

Iago: Oh, call my chiropractor...

[Genie reels the rope back in, with Iago still sticking to the plunger- arrow.]

Genie: [looks around] Now where's the ringmaster of this little circus? [Abu starts chattering and Carpet suddenly points to the steps, where Jasmine is running towards throne room.] Hey! Stop!

Sultan: With a sacred kiss, you are wed.

[Sadira grabs Aladdin and dips him back as she leans down to kiss him.]

Jasmine: Aladdin! NO!

[Sadira, so surprised to see Jasmine, drops Aladdin. He comes back up and smiles when he sees Jasmine. Jasmine smiles back, but Genie's hand covers her mouth and pulls her back.]

Genie: Uh, sorry Al. Just pretend we're not here, 'kay?

Aladdin: No! [He starts to walk over to Jasmine.]

Sadira: Aladdin! [She pulls at his hand to bring him back.]


Aladdin: I'm sorry, Sadira. I can't do this.

Sadira: But we belong together!

Aladdin: No, we don't. [He takes Sadira's hands off of his.] This just isn't right. [He walks over to Jasmine, and looks into her eyes.] I don't know why, [looks at Jasmine's lips] but... this is. [kisses Jasmine]

Sadira: NO! [A purple light flashes around her.]

Iago: YES!!

[White light surrounds Jasmine and Aladdin (who are still kissing) and Genie, who is standing nearby. Jasmine and Aladdin don't even notice it, and Genie looks around, confused. The light spins around them, flashes again, and the scene is gone.]

Iago: What? Huh?

[He's outside, and it's daylight. He's standing next to Rajah, who just opened his eyes, and Abu, who looks around as well, confused too. They hear a splash of water and Jasmine letting out a little yell, and they run over to the fountain to see what's going on. They hear her laughing next, as she splashes water at Aladdin, who blocks it and smiles. The water hits Genie, who is sitting on a deck chair, sunbathing.]

Genie: Hey! Do you mind?

Iago: [singing] The kiss broke the spell! The kiss broke the spell!

[He and Abu holding hands and dance in a circle. Rajah smiles at them.]

[Aladdin and Jasmine are staring into each other's eyes, silently, when Abu and Iago jump onto them, Iago holding onto Jasmine's neck and Abu onto Aladdin's.]

Aladdin: Hey!

Iago: It's so good to see you kids together like this!

Abu: Oh...

[Aladdin looks up, confused.]

Jasmine: If you want money, forget it. [She pries Iago off her neck and tosses him to the side. Rajah comes up and licks her face.] Rajah!

Iago: You mean, you don't remember?

[Jasmine stands, her arms folded across her chest.]

Iago: How Aladdin almost married Sadira?

Aladdin: What? Huh, you know Jasmine's the only one for me. [He walks up to her and grabs her hands with his.]

Jasmine: You can say that again. [She lovingly taps him on the nose.]

Genie: You feeling okay, birdman?

Iago: Perfect....

[He flies up and sits on Genie's sun-reflector as the gang gathers around Jasmine and Aladdin, who are again staring into each other's eyes lovingly. Everyone is smiling.]

[The tower Sadira cast the spell from is shown again. The camera gets closer and we see Sadira appear on the ledge of the balcony.]

Sadira: Oh... Rats! Rats, rats, rats! [She kicks her feet and swings her arms in fury. She folds her arms, pouting. She gets an idea and smiles. She pulls out a scroll from her sleeve and reads it quickly.] Hmm, "Secrets of Sand Mesmerism". That could work. [to the camera] If at first you don't succeed... [She grins.]

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