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The Secret of Dagger Rock

Story Editors: Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley
Written by: Mirith J.S. Colao
© Disney 1994

Transcribed by Ruth
Transcript edited by Calluna
Screencaps by Calluna

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(The desert. ALADDIN and JASMINE fly past on CARPET. We see a little more of the desert, then a pretty oasis, which CARPET is obviously heading for.)

JASMINE: What a perfect day.

(ALADDIN pulls CARPET to a stop, jumps off and CARPET forms steps for JASMINE.)

ALADDIN: It's all in the company you keep.

(JASMINE walks down the steps made by CARPET. ALADDIN catches her around the waist. They smile at each other until they hear a little yelp from behind them. They turn and see a small FOX caught by its foot in a big bear trap.)

ALADDIN: What kind of creep would set a trap like this? (He frees the FOX, who runs over to JASMINE. She catches it and hugs it.)
JASMINE: Ahh ... he's so cute.

(ALADDIN smiles and moves to go back over to them, but finds his feet stuck in black goop underneath him. He struggles, but can't get himself free.)

JASMINE: Aladdin!

(Now the little FOX she's holding becomes XERXES, the sidekick of the sorcerer MOZENRATH, who hisses at her. JASMINE runs towards where ALADDIN is stuck.)

ALADDIN: Jasmine! Stay back!

(CARPET flies over to ALADDIN. ALADDIN catches him and tries to pull himself out, but something zaps CARPET and he crashes back over JASMINE'S head.)

MOZENRATH: Aladdin. You're looking well — though trapped.

(MOZENRATH appears through a portal and stays hovering above everyone.)

ALADDIN: Mozenrath.
MOZENRATH: Guilty. Now let's cut to the bone. You know how I've made a career of collecting magic? Well, I've decided your genie will now be my genie. (During this, XERXES sniffs at ALADDIN'S belt, but ALADDIN swats him away during his own little speech.)
ALADDIN: Yeah, right. Genie's not here, so you're out of luck.
XERXES: (Flying back up to MOZENRATH) No lamp.
MOZENRATH: No problem. I have you now. I'll have him soon enough.

(JASMINE has been waiting at the side, hovering on CARPET.)

JASMINE: Now! (They zoom over towards ALADDIN.) Aladdin! (She tries to pull ALADDIN out, but isn't quite strong enough.)
MOZENRATH: Ho-ho, a girl of action. Where are the tears, little princess? Beg me for mercy. (He raises his right hand and zaps her. She flies backwards and lands on her side, not far from CARPET.)
ALADDIN: Mozenrath!

(He doesn't get to say anything else, because the goop underneath him forms a hand which engulfs him. JASMINE picks herself up and starts running to him.)

JASMINE: Aladdin!

(The hand that caught ALADDIN rolls itself up into a little ball (spraying JASMINE as it does) and forms into a little marble, which MOZENRATH catches.)

MOZENRATH: You know, Princess, pitiful is very cute on you. If you want to see your beloved Aladdin again, have the genie delivered to me at Dagger Rock by nightfall. (He zaps her again and she falls backwards.) Now, I know this won't be easy, but don't try anything royal, like sending an army. Defy me, and —
XERXES: Aladdin pays.
MOZENRATH: With pain.
XERXES: Yes! (He starts to chuckle. MOZENRATH starts to laugh too and they both disappear. JASMINE watches, looking rather ticked.)

(Back to the palace. JASMINE is explaining the situation to GENIE.)

GENIE: He wants me?
JASMINE: Mozenrath wants you at Dagger Rock by sunset. Or else Aladdin —
GENIE: Al's got nothing to fear, Jas. If that warped wizard wants to take me on, let him try! (He poofs himself into a gladiator, a barbarian, then a Mighty Duck, who smacks a hockey puck.) He
shoots, he scores!
JASMINE: Genie, it's an obvious trap. Mozenrath wants your magic. I will rescue Aladdin.
SULTAN: (From off-camera) No, you will not! (We see him entering the throne room.) It's much too dangerous.
JASMINE: But, Father —
SULTAN: Don't worry, Jasmine. I'll send my finest men to rescue the boy.
JASMINE: Father, that's just what Mozenrath expects!
SULTAN: Dearest. Aladdin's best hope is for you to leave this matter to my guards.
JASMINE: Father, listen —
SULTAN: Jasmine! I ... I may be ... I may be a little out of practice at this, but ... but ... go to your room!

(Later, JASMINE is sitting in her room, by the mirror. ABU and IAGO are with her. ABU chatters sadly and JASMINE puts her hands on the dressing table.)

JASMINE: I can not just sit here. (She stands and starts to walk off.)
IAGO: Lie down, then. (JASMINE looks darkly back at him.) Eh, I mean, I find that a good nap clears the mind in a crisis.
JASMINE: Carpet! (CARPET appears and salutes her.) You have to take me to Dagger Rock. And we are going now.
GENIE: Careful! The walls have ears! (A giant GENIE ear appears through a curtain, then the rest of GENIE appears. He poofs himself into the room with JASMINE.) Jasmine, if your father sees you ...
JASMINE: Well, we can't let Mozenrath see you.
GENIE: So only the guards go?
JASMINE: To their doom. No guard's a match for Mozenrath. (She thinks for a moment, then gets an idea.) Genie —
GENIE: Unless ... we're the guards. (He poofs himself into a GUARD.)
IAGO: I am sleeping! I do not hear this crazy talk!

(ABU starts chattering excitedly.)

JASMINE: Sorry, Abu, but you and Iago had better stay here.
ABU: What?!
GENIE: (As a secret agent, to ABU) This is a secret mission. Feathered and furry operatives could blow our cover.
ABU: Oh!
IAGO: (He flies over) So ... you're not gonna drag us along?
JASMINE: Genie, let's get started. (She and GENIE leave the room.)
IAGO: (Flying back over to ABU) I feel so left out! (He slides down JASMINE'S chair/bed thing and onto a couple of cushions, where he puts his wings behind his head.) Ah ... I could get used to this.

(We go to the gates of Agrabah, and see four GUARDS leaving, riding camels.)

RASOUL: Onward, beast.
SULTAN: (From a tower window) Do bring Aladdin home safely!
RASOUL: (Waving to the SULTAN) Without fail, Your Highness. (Then he adds to himself) Risking our lives for a lousy street rat.

(We see the back of the GUARDS. The last two suddenly disappear from their camels and JASMINE and GENIE (dressed as guards, of course, JASMINE wearing a fake beard and a fake moustache) take their place.)

RASOUL: (Looking back) What's going on here?
GENIE: Personnel reassignment. Paperwork just went through, sir. (He hands RASOUL a scroll.)
RASOUL: Stinking bureaucracy ...

(The GUARDS continue through the desert.)

JASMINE: (To GENIE) I think we're going to wrong way.
GENIE: Well, say something.

(JASMINE goes ahead to catch up to RASOUL.)

JASMINE: Ah, not to say this isn't a lovely route, Rasoul, but I was wondering maybe ... maybe ... (GENIE snatches her back.)
GENIE: If you want Rasoul to listen, you have to talk like a man.
JASMINE: Man? And how is that?
GENIE: (First produces a very girly sound) Well, uh ... since you're new at this, I'll give you the (deep booming voice) Brief History of Man. (He poofs himself into various things to tell the story.
First is a Proto-Man.) This is the single cell Proto-Man. This little fella had only one muscle. And so, in an effort to look tough, Man evolved. (He evolves into a trilobite thing.) But hard shells were nearly impossible to tattoo. (He morphs into a fish with a tattoo of a mermaid and an anchor on his chest.) So man swam on. (The fish swims off and becomes a fish-looking thing
with arms and legs.) Man needed arms and legs, so he could operate a really hot set of wheels. (We see a car, which the fish-man jumps into.) Preferably a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, turbo-charged Straight Eight.
FISH-MAN: And the best part, it's leased! (He zooms off.)
GENIE: This process will continue until he reaches his ultimate macho form in the 1970s. (He becomes an ape-man, a football player, a construction worker, a cowboy, and finally a disco dancer.)
JASMINE: Thanks, Genie. (She rides to catch RASOUL again.) Yo, Rasoul! You got somethin' against the shortcut through the Shiftin' Sands?

(RASOUL turns back.)

RASOUL: Listen here, you plebian little — (FAZAL puts a hand on his arm.)
FAZAL: He's right. It would be much faster.
RASOUL: Ah, the shortcut through the Shifting Sands was to be my next order. If someone hadn't interrupted me. What did you say your name was?
JASMINE: Jamahl.
FAZAL: (To GENIE) And what is your name?
GENIE: Ah, oh, ah, me? Gee, uh — Ned.

(We go through a mountain pass and inside what looks like a large cavern. MOZENRATH takes the marble from his robes and throws it at one of the convenient rocks. It bursts open and ALADDIN emerges, now stuck to the rocks with the black goop that captured him before. He struggles, but can't get free. XERXES floats up to him and starts chuckling.)

MOZENRATH: Soon your genie will be mine.
ALADDIN: You'll never get Genie!
MOZENRATH: And who is gonna stop me, Aladdin? You? You who refused to be a Sultan so you could play 'the hero'?
ALADDIN: Beats some of your hobbies.
MOZENRATH: I single handedly conquered the Land of the Black Sand. I became the most powerful sorcerer of our age. And that's only the start. I will rule the Seven Deserts!
ALADDIN: Sure ... but how many parties do you get invited to?

(XERXES starts chuckling; MOZENRATH grabs him around the neck.)

MOZENRATH: Some of us have free time to torment the prisoner. But some of us should be on the look-out for my new genie! (He releases XERXES, who flies reluctantly off.)
ALADDIN: You lost this battle the minute you got Jasmine mad.
MOZENRATH: Oh, no! (He laughs) I've angered the princess.
ALADDIN: You don't get it. I've seen her mad.
MOZENRATH: Oh, should I tremble at the painted toes of her dainty little feet? I don't think so! Your precious princess is no doubt weeping in some cloistered corner of the palace.

(We see JASMINE riding through the desert, then XERXES flying along near the dunes close to the guards. He hides himself in one of them to watch.)

GENIE: Yessir! Nothing like a dangerous mission to make a man feel manly! (He bumps JASMINE, who almost falls off her camel, but GENIE catches her.) Oh, sorry man.

(JASMINE senses something.)

JASMINE: Halt! Something is out there!
RASOUL: How dare you give the halt command! It is my command. One of many I bellow.

(JASMINE rides a little ahead and sticks her sword into the dune. XERXES yelps and comes out. He flies in circles around JASMINE, then over to the others.)

JASMINE: Capture it!

(XERXES flies circles around GENIE and the other GUARDS, looking for the lamp. The GUARDS kick at him until JASMINE snatches RASOUL'S turban and catches him in it. He struggles, but can't seem to break free.)

RASOUL: Well done, Jamahl! I'll take over the capture from here. (He takes the turban from JASMINE. XERXES struggles again, and breaks through the top of the turban. He bites RASOUL and flies off.)

(Back to the palace. ABU is sitting at the window, looking very mournful.)

IAGO: Relax, monkey! They do the adventure thing, and we do the hang out thing. (We see ABU'S face, then IAGO joins him at the window.) How long is it gonna take them, anyway?

(At Dagger Rock, MOZENRATH is pacing impatiently, waiting for XERXES. He looks up when he sees XERXES flying back in, out of breath. He stops at MOZENRATH.)

MOZENRATH: Give me a full report.
XERXES: Four guards.
MOZENRATH: So did they have the genie?
XERXES: No genie.
MOZENRATH: Did you see the lamp?
XERXES: No lamp.
MOZENRATH: So is there any reason why we shouldn't obliterate Aladdin's little rescue party?
XERXES: No reason. (He chuckles.)

(The GUARDS progress through the desert. FAZAL looks carefully at JASMINE, who is missing her beard from the last fight. She notices him looking at her.)

JASMINE: What is it, man?
FAZAL: Didn't you have a beard?

(JASMINE feels her face and realises the beard is gone.)

FAZAL: But ... I remember —
JASMINE: Enough, man. We have arrived. The Land of the Black Sand.
GENIE: (When his camel starts bucking) Whoa, whoa ... easy, Humpty. Look alive, men. Something's spooking the camels.

(MAMLUKS, MOZENRATH'S guards, start to rise from the sand.)

JASMINE: Undead guardians.
GENIE: Pretty much undead anything woud do it. Yah!

(The MAMLUKS start to advance.)

FAZAL: Mamluks! The shambling half-dead!

(RASOUL leaps off his camel, draws his sword, yells and charges at the MAMLUKS. FAZAL swallows, then yells, but a MAMLUK grabs him around the neck and pulls him off his camel. The MAMLUK looks at FAZAL for a moment, then throws him head-first into a dune. RASOUL is still fighting, trying to fend off three or four MAMLUKS at once. GENIE peeks out from between one of the camels' legs, then we see him crouching behind it. JASMINE is there too.)

GENIE: I'll get the mamluks.
JASMINE: I'll keep Rasoul busy. (She hurries off. We see RASOUL still fighting, then JASMINE calls to him.) Rasoul! Behind you!

(RASOUL turns, and CARPET pushes his turban down over his eyes. A MAMLUK wanders up behind him, but GENIE snatches it before it reaches RASOUL. RASOUL continues to struggle to get the turban off his eyes.)

RASOUL: Hey! What is going on here?!
JASMINE: Don't look! The burning glow from a mamluk's eyes can blind an entire army. (This makes RASOUL cower and stop struggling.)

(Meanwhile, GENIE is taking care of the MAMLUKS. He picks one up, looks at it, then winds up and bowls it towards three others like a bowling ball and pins.)


(FAZAL manages to pull his head out of the sand. JASMINE notices and gasps.)

JASMINE: Carpet!

(CARPET flies over and winds himself around FAZAL'S head. GENIE is still fighting the mamluks. He materialises a boxing ring for him to fight in.)

ANNOUNCER: (GENIE) In this corner, the rambling, shambling mamluks! (The
MAMLUKS, standing in the corner, look frightened.) In this corner, hailing from parts unknown, weighing in at 472 pounds ... eight ounces, the Genie of the Lamp!
WRESTLER GENIE: Rub this lamp, and you're wishin' for lights out, man!

(He launches himself off the ropes at the MAMLUKS.)

ANNOUNCER: Ow! Oh, a (something I can't make out — sorry!) I wish you could see this, but broadcast standards forbid that we show any kind of mayhem! Ooh, that's gotta hurt! Nobody home!
WRESTLER GENIE: I am the Genie of Pain! I will rub you out!
JASMINE: Ned. (ahem) Ned! (We see the GENIE shaking one of the MAMLUKS in his mouth.) Genie! (GENIE finally hears her.)
GENIE: Oopsie.

(He makes the boxing ring vanish and poofs back into his guard clothes and all the MAMLUKS clatter to the ground around him.

RASOUL: (Worried) Poor Fazal. He must've stared into the mamluks' eyes!

(FAZAL stumbles about, CARPET still wound around his head.)

FAZAL: All has gone dark!

(CARPET releases him and rolls himself back up on one of the camels' backs.)

JASMINE: (To RASOUL) It's okay — you can look now.

(RASOUL pulls the turban off his eyes and sees GENIE standing near all the MAMLUK corpses in a real hero pose, one foot up on the pile of MAMLUKS.)

RASOUL: How — ?
GENIE: Well, I ah ... majored in mamluk battling at ah, school. (GUARDS exchange a glance. GENIE jumps back on his camel.) Let's go!

(They ride off again. RASOUL looks back at JASMINE, riding behind him. She's missing her moustache now too. RASOUL thinks for a moment. JASMINE sees him and starts thinking herself. She too notices her moustache is gone. RASOUL realises something and looks back, but CARPET quickly covers under JASMINE'S nose, where the moustache should be. RASOUL looks suspicious, but when he looks back, the moustache is back in place. He shakes his head in disbelief.)

RASOUL: Yeh, onward men!

(And they continue along their way. XERXES watches them go, then flies over to a dune where he can inspect the damage. He gasps when he looks over and sees the MAMLUKS defeated and chasing after their legs, arms, heads, etc. He flies off. Back to the palace in Agrabah now. ABU is still sitting by the window, and we see him jump back inside. He flops down on a cushion near IAGO.)

IAGO: Ya know, we could still catch up with the others. (ABU looks up and chatters excitedly.) Whoa! What am I sayin'? (He dips his head in a bowl of water.) Get a grip here. I gotta think cowardly thoughts. Adventure hurts. Adventure very bad. Adventure you could hurt yourself. (ABU chatters at him and folds his arms.)

(Back to Dagger Rock. XERXES flies in to give MOZENRATH a report.)

MOZENRATH: So, what was the damage? Gruesome, I hope?
XERXES: Real ugly.
MOZENRATH: So we crushed the street rat's saviors.
XERXES: We — lost.
MOZENRATH: My ... my mamluks? Defeated by mere mortals?
ALADDIN: Pretty pathetic, Mozenrath.

(MOZENRATH narrows his eyes and turns back to ALADDIN.)

MOZENRATH: I should have known the Sultan would send his bravest warriors to rescue this court jester. (He zaps ALADDIN. XERXES chuckles and MOZENRATH takes a couple of pieces of rock from the ground.) Well, I like a good laugh too. I'm laughing already. (He laughs and throws the rocks towards the GUARDS, ever drawing nearer.)

(The two pieces of rock land in front of the GUARDS and build up to become two giant HANDS which proceed to chase after the GUARDS. They all turn and run, but one captures CARPET and JASMINE, who loses her disguise completely now.)


(GENIE poofs himself out of the guard disguise and goes to rescue JASMINE. She struggles and manages to free herself, but falls before GENIE can catch her.)

GENIE: Jasmine!

(CARPET races after her and catches her just before she hits some rocks.)

RASOUL: (With FAZAL, captured by the the other HAND and now realising who the new guard is) Princess Jasmine?!

(The other HAND starts chasing JASMINE, who flies off on CARPET, evading it as it tries to thump her. GENIE is working on freeing the other two GUARDS.)

GENIE: Let go! These are devoted civil servants — Agrabah's finest! (He fails to make the HAND let go and spins off into the air. He gathers his thoughts and goes in for another try. He poofs himself into a motherly-type woman.) Oh, look at these nails. You need a trim, doll. (He takes out a jackhammer and hammers the HAND in a few places until it lets go and RASOUL and FAZAL fall to the ground. The HAND promptly starts chasing them again.) Thank me later, boys. (The HAND flicks RASOUL and FAZAL into the sand. They come up coughing and GENIE grins sheepishly.)
JASMINE: Genie, look out!

(GENIE zooms off just in time to save himself being crushed by the HANDS. Instead they hit each other and break into thousands of tiny pieces.)

JASMINE: Come on, Genie. It's almost sunset. (GENIE joins her on CARPET and the two of them fly off.)

(Dagger Rock. We see the sun sinking. MOZENRATH is getting impatient.)

MOZENRATH: My orders to the princess were simple. The lamp was to be mine by nightfall.
ALADDIN: Princess Jasmine doesn't take orders from anybody.
MOZENRATH: That being the case, I'm thinking that I should keep my end of the bargain. It's been nice knowing you, Aladdin. Then again — no it hasn't. (He takes hold of ALADDIN'S shirt.) Goodbye, Aladdin.
JASMINE: (Off-camera) Hello, Mozenrath!
ALADDIN: Told ya.

(We scale up the cliff and see JASMINE hovering above.)

JASMINE: I always get my man.
MOZENRATH: Ha ha! Look, Xerxes, it's the Royal Pain. (JASMINE glares at him.) Hoo-hoo-hoo, if looks could bruise.

(JASMINE zooms towards MOZENRATH. She jumps off CARPET. MOZENRATH prepares to zap her, but JASMINE gets there first, knocking him off his feet. She skids to a halt and CARPET catches her before she hits the wall. MOZENRATH slides down a cliff face and manages to grab hold of the edge with his magic hand before he falls off the edge. JASMINE gasps as he manages to pull himself back up.)

MOZENRATH: Are you clear on just how excruciatingly painful my powers can be?

(He goes to zap her, but XERXES stops him and turns his head.)

XERXES: The trap.

(GENIE is over with ALADDIN, a pair of scissors in his hand. He cuts one of the goop-ropes holding ALADDIN up, then stops when he realises his hand is stuck to the one on the other side and the one he just cut is dripping down onto his hand. He struggles, but just gets himself more tangled up.)

GENIE: Don't worry, Al. (ALADDIN, suspended by his feet and one hand, blinks. GENIE struggles some more and cuts the goop-rope holding him to the top. He falls, meaning he's hanging from the rope attached to ALADDIN'S hand.) Alright — worry.
MOZENRATH: Welcome, my genie.
JASMINE: (Flying up behind him) He's not your genie!

(MOZENRATH zaps her and she collapses on CARPET.)

MOZENRATH: Why is she constantly contradicting me? (He zaps ALADDIN and GENIE and brings them round to lie in front of him.) Now — my magical captives must obey a few ground rules. I don't put up with obstinate servants.
GENIE: I'm a free genie, bub. The only thing I'm a slave to is — fashion! These things go great with a tasteful string of pearls.
MOZENRATH: Hmm ... how does one trap a free genie? What is this? (He reaches inside his cape and pulls out a crystal.) This might do the trick.
GENIE: Yaaah!! (He hides behind ALADDIN.)
ALADDIN: Genie, what is it?
GENIE: The Crystal of Ix! Ooh, even to say it out loud would be to invite my doom!
MOZENRATH: Allow me. Ixtala!
GENIE: Aaah! He said it!

(The crystal in MOZENRATH'S hand begins to glow. It rises into the air. XERXES, realising what's going to happen, starts to fly off, but a beam comes from the crystal, searches him out and pulls him back, trapping him inside the crystal, which floats back down to MOZENRATH'S hand.)


(He throws the crystal in the air and it releases XERXES.)

GENIE: Well, it only snagged the wonder-slug! Methinks the crystal's power has been a wee bit overrated. Let's see you catch a semi-phenomenal, nearly cosmic genie with that little knick knack.
MOZENRATH: Point well taken. If only I had ... a monumental crystal!

(That said, he rises into the air and takes a chunk from the rock in the centre of the cavern, revealing something else underneath. He flies around it a few times and the rock starts to fall away, eventually revealing a giant Crystal. GENIE and ALADDIN (and JASMINE on CARPET) start running away from it, dodging the large bits of rock that are falling as MOZENRATH uncovers the Crystal.)

GENIE: That could do it.

(A large beam comes from the huge crystal, and starts searching out GENIE. It goes past where he, along with ALADDIN, is hiding behind a rock, pauses and comes back, dragging GENIE out with it. GENIE can't do anything about it, but ALADDIN grabs his hands in an effort to stop him being pulled backwards.)

ALADDIN: Genie —

(But ALADDIN isn't strong enough and he too starts getting pulled towards the Crystal. GENIE continues to yell while he's being pulled and ALADDIN manages to get his feet up on a rock in the way, stopping them for a little while. MOZENRATH starts to laugh. Just behind him, JASMINE and CARPET are plotting.)

JASMINE: Mozenrath's is just full of magical power— right? (CARPET nods.) Carpet, let's move. (She jumps on and they fly off.)

(ALADDIN is still trying to prevent GENIE being pulled into the Crystal.)

MOZENRATH: I love it!

(ALADDIN is losing his grip on GENIE'S hand.)

ALADDIN: Hang on!

(But he can't, and ALADDIN loses his grip. However, before GENIE gets far, the black goop, still stuck to his hand, stops him going any further ... for now.)

GENIE: Wha — ?

(ALADDIN pulls the string of black goop holding them together, pulling GENIE closer. When he's almost there, the string starts to break. ALADDIN tries another spot and pulls again. MOZENRATH is watching all of this.)

MOZENRATH: (To XERXES) Look how Aladdin loves his genie. He'd do anything for him. Can we really take his genie away? (XERXES nods.) In a Gomorrah minute. (He doesn't see JASMINE fly up behind him.)

(ALADDIN is still working on GENIE when MOZENRATH floats down and prepares to zap them both. But JASMINE grabs his cape and starts pulling him upwards.)


(JASMINE takes MOZENRATH to just above the Crystal's beam ... and lets go.)


(He falls into the path of the beam, which then lets GENIE go, who falls. MOZENRATH sends out his own beam, which zaps XERXES and pulls him into the Crystal too. The spell completed, the Crystal returns to normal and we see MOZENRATH and XERXES trapped inside. JASMINE is looking at them both.)

JASMINE: Next time know who you're up against! (She flies back over to
ALADDIN and GENIE, who look very impressed.)
GENIE: Wow! What an awesome display of manline — uh-uh — womanli — uh ... heroics.
JASMINE: It's all in the company you keep.

(Back at the palace in Agrabah, the GUARDS are relating things to the SULTAN.)

FAZAL: The princess caught the evil one in his own trap.
RASOUL: It was remarkable, Your Highness.
SULTAN: Not so remarkable, really. After all, Rasoul — she is my daughter. (He chuckles and JASMINE smiles.)
ALADDIN: (Pulling JASMINE away from the SULTAN) My hero.

(GENIE pushes ALADDIN and JASMINE apart.)

GENIE: Hey — anyone seen our funny little animal sidekicks?

(Back to Dagger Rock — IAGO and ABU have just arrived. They're both equipped with guns, knives, arrows ... and ... well, let's just say they're prepared.)

IAGO: Dagger Rock — twelve o'clock high. (ABU follows him.) It's showtime! (Even more weapons burst from the belt he's wearing. ABU follows and does the same thing. But there's nobody in sight.) Where is everybody? I think those shambling, half-dead mamluk guys gave us bad directions. (They both collapse against the Crystal.) Maybe we're supposed to go to Danger Rock, or Dagger Reef ... eh, I don't know, like more of a nautical thing... (We see MOZENRATH and XERXES above them, trapped in the Crystal.)

(The end.)

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