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Seems Like Old Crimes — Part One

Story Editors: Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley
Written by: Bill Motz and Bob Roth
© Disney 1994

Transcribed by Samantha
Screencaps by Calluna

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(Setting: Inside of the Temple of Destiny)

(The Destiny Stone rests on a pedestal. The Guardian of the Destiny Stone comes forward as the Stone begins to glow red, like it is about to burst.)

Guardian: (Ducks away from the light) No, it cannot be!

(Setting: The Palace of Agrabah)

Guardian: Once you helped me in the Temple of Destiny, Aladdin. I must ask for your help again.

Genie: Temple of Destiny? Nope, didn't happen. I'd remember that.

Iago: Nice try to get some free labor, but we've never been there.

Aladdin: I have, and so has Abu. Long before we knew any of you.

Guardian: The Destiny Stone has cracked. And from inside the stone came voices. Their voices.

Aladdin: They're alive in the Destiny Stone? Is that possible?

Jasmine: Who's alive? And what's a Destiny Stone?

Guardian: The Destiny Stone is a cross-roads of fate; in its presence commoners become kings, cowards become heroes.

Genie: (Turns into Geppetto) Can it turn my little wooden head into a real boy? (Turns Iago into Pinocchio)

Iago: Hey!

Genie: (Turns into King Triton) Or how about a mermaid into a biped? (Turns Iago into Ariel)

Iago: Hey!

(Genie changes himself and Iago back to normal)

Guardian: The full power of the Stone is shrouded in mystery.

Jasmine: What does this have to do with you, Aladdin? How do you know this man?

Aladdin: It was a long time ago.

Abu: Uh huh.

(The setting now becomes a flashback. In the middle of the market place, a stage is erected. A group of people stand near, watching.)

Aladdin (Voice over): A small band of entertainers had just come to Agrabah. (The camera shifts to the stage) Aziz was their master of mystical arts.

Aziz: Privy to the secrets of the Samarian yogis I am. (Does some flips) See how I am completely impervious to fire. (He appears to be walking on hot coals. The crowd gasps and awes)

Aladdin (Voice over): At least, that's what he told he told everybody. (The camera reveals Aziz walking on a slab of plain coal in between two rows of hot coals) That guy put the fake in fakir. (The camera shifts upward, to a woman walking on a tightrope) Fatima was the band's acrobat.

Female Audience Member: She's as beautiful as a dove.

Male Audience Member: And quick as a hawk.

(The camera shifts to a large man holding a pedestal)

Aladdin (Voice over): And Minos was their leader.

(Fatima jumps off the tightrope and lands on the pedestal held by Minos; he holds it up with one hand)

Male Audience Member 2: He is as strong as a bull!

Aladdin (Voice over): But their real money maker was a clever little monkey named...

Iago (Voice over): Oh, don't tell me.

(Abu, looking the same except for the lack of a fez, begins robbing audience members)

(Minos and Fatima run onto the stage)

Minos: (Bowing) Many thanks! Your applause is our greatest reward.

Fatima: Now watch as Aziz shares with you more of his mystic power.

(Minos and Fatima walk behind the curtain. Abu follows; he is holding a pouch.)

Minos: Gimme that loot! (Takes the pouch from Abu)

Abu: Hey!

Minos: (Dumps the gold from the pouch into his hand) Well, Abu, it's about time you pulled your weight around here. (Pulls an earring from the pile in his hand)

Fatima: Let me see it. (Takes the earring from Minos) Where's the other earring? (Holds it up to the light) Brass? Brass turns my ears green. I need gold! (Throws the earring at Abu)

Minos: Is that the best you can do? (Minos picks up Abu) You mangy beast, go back out there and get something good, something gold!

(Throws Abu toward the exit)

Aziz: (Still on stage; wrapped in chains) For years I trained with the monks of Ghanistan to perform this feat. Silence, please. (Aziz struggles; he can't escape the chains) Snag... just a moment. (He continues to struggle, with no success; he falls over) Ow...

(The crowd bursts into laughter)

Male Audience Member 3: I did not realize comedy was part of their act. (Continues to laugh)

(Abu exits the curtain, sulking)

Abu: Ohh.... (Abu begins taking money from audience members)

(Abu robs two people; on the third, the man turns around and grabs him)

Aladdin: Hey, that's mine you little thief! (Abu bites Aladdin; Abu starts running) Ow! You can't get away from me, monkey. (Aladdin chases him into the marketplace) Huh, where'd he go? (Aladdin sees a tail sticking out of a man's turban; Aladdin pulls the man's turban off)

Abu: Uh oh.

Aladdin: Gotcha! (Aladdin slams the turban down; Abu dodges)

Man: Ow!

(Aladdin continues to chase Abu; Abu runs onto a banana cart, squirting Aladdin in the eye)

Aladdin: Hey! (Aladdin jumps onto the cart, missing Abu) You are in real trouble now.

(Abu scampers up the side of a building; Aladdin grabs a wooden pole and pole-vaults up the side of the building, making it to the roof moments before Abu)

Aladdin: (Grabs Abu) Ha, got ya!

Abu: Uh oh!

(A woman sticks her head out the window. She screams and begins attacking Aladdin and Abu with a broom. Abu escapes Aladdin and starts running around the roof, Aladdin in pursuit. The woman starts throwing dishes at them)

Woman: Get out! Shoo, you beasts! Get away, filthy creatures!

(On stage, Aziz escapes the chains)

Aziz: Ta da! (The crowd cheers; dishes began flying onto the stage) Whoa!

Man: Falling crockery!

(The crowd runs away; Minos and Fatima come from behind the curtain)

Aziz: Dimwit monkey!

Woman: (To Aladdin and Abu) You animals!

Minos: The monkey and that scrawny kid scared away our audience.

Fatima: Ah, but look at the boy. He's fast enough to keep up with Abu.

Minos: Is he fast enough to avoid my fists? (Minos approaches the building)

Aziz: Oooh... I smell a slaughter coming.

(Aladdin grabs Abu; he jumps off the roof, bounces on some awnings, and lands on the ground.)

Aladdin: Hands off my money, monkey.

Minos: Hands off my monkey, beggar! Or you won't have any hands to beg with. (Abu escapes Aladdin's grip with the money; he runs to Minos, who takes the bag) Well, let's see what you're hauling, street rat. (Minos pulls out a coin) A single coin? All that bedlam for this? I don't know which one of you is dumber. (Shakes Abu)

Aladdin: It's all I have and I want it back, you big ox!

Minos: Who do you think you're talking to, boy? (Drops Abu) You're not talking to me like that, are you?

Aladdin: Do you see another big ox here? I want my money back.

Minos: I think you want me to squash you like a bug!

Abu: Uh oh...

Aladdin: (Backing away) Hey, hey, it's yours. Keep it. Besides, I've got plenty now! (Aladdin holds out a pouch full of money)

Minos: (Looks in his belt) My money!

(Abu laughs; Minos glares at him)

Abu: Oops!

Aziz: (To Fatima) This should be good and gory...

Minos: That foolish stunt will be your last, boy. (Approaches Aladdin)

Fatima: (Runs behind Aladdin; she puts her hands on his shoulders) Oh, don't be such a bully, Minos. The boy is strong, quick, and agile. With all his skills, he could help us find our... destiny. (Saunters past Minos) But you're the boss, whatever you think.

Minos: (Wearing a fake smile) Ah, yes, maybe I've been hasty. He does have a unique talent. I think you're just the man we've been looking for!

Aziz: Looking? When did we start looking for anybody? There's barely enough loot as it is! He'd be dead weight, drift wood, extra baggage, and he attracts fleas. (Cringes) What are we, a flea circus? I don't— (Minos grabs Aziz, shoving him against a wall)

Minos: I want him in. (Whispering) He just might be the one for our plan. We'll keep him around to see if he's got what we need. If not... (Laughs)

Aziz: Oh... (Laughs)

Minos: (Sets Aziz on the ground; to Aladdin) What do you say, boy?

Aladdin: I don't think so. I only take what I need to get by, and I can do that by myself.

Fatima: (Places her hands on Aladdin's shoulders) Oh, come now Aladdin, don't you ever get lonely? Out in the world all by yourself...

Aladdin: Well, it would be nice to have some friends. (Abu jumps onto Aladdin's shoulder; he takes Aladdin's fez and places it onto his own head) Okay, okay, count me in.

Fatima: Wonderful...

(Setting: The Stage)

(Minos, Fatima, and Aziz are on stage, holding large rings)

Aladdin (Voice over): I know I shouldn't have trusted Minos, but I figured 'what's the harm?'

Minos: Now, with the swiftness of a hawk, Fatima will fly through a ring of fire.

Aladdin (Voice over): All Abu and I had to do was work the crowd. (Aladdin and Abu stand behind the crowd, admiring a woman's jewels)

Fatima: (Holding another hoop) Wait, Aziz, let's not just use one hoop... let's use two! What do you think, fair citizens of Agrabah is two hoops of fire enough?

Citizens: No!

Fatima: Well, did you hear that, Aziz? I guess we better make it three hoops of fire!

(The crowd cheers)

Minos: Your wish for entertainment is our command.

(Aladdin and Abu steal a woman's necklace and gold, then a man's feather. Aladdin approaches another man, stealing his money; the man grabs his shoulder)

Man: Boy, isn't this exciting? Look at them! (Minos jumps down onto a platform, sending Fatima flying through three rings of fire) Have you ever seen such a feat?

Aladdin: (Clears his throat) Nope, can't say that I have...

Man: They are wonders! Never have I seen such masterful entertainers. (The man leaves)

Abu: Phew...

(Setting: Backstage, sometime later)

(The group is sitting before tables covered in gold)

Fatima: (Picks up a ring) Hmmm... this one is almost worthy of my beauty.

Aziz: (Taunting Abu with a coin) Monkey want gold? (Abu jumps for the gold; Aziz pulls it away) Monkey want gold?

(Minos sits in front of a large pile of gold. Beside him sits Aladdin, a small pile of gold before him.)

Minos: Naturally, as an apprentice, your share of the take is less. Once you're made a full member, you'll get a fair share.

Aladdin: Hey, this is still more money than I've ever had. I'm happy.

Fatima: And you should be, you sly devil. You did an excellent job.

Minos: Indeed, twice the job that miserable little monkey ever did.

(Abu sighs)

Aziz: And without the odor! (Aziz bends down in front of Abu, taunting him; Abu tries to jump Aziz, but misses and falls onto the ground) He can't do anything right.

Aladdin: Hey, Abu did his share. Here you go, pal. (Hands Abu half of his money) You earned it.

Abu: Huh?

Aladdin: (Putting his own money into a pouch) You know what to do with money, don't you Abu?

Abu: Uh huh!

Aladdin: Good! Well, then, I'll see you all in the morning. Good night. (Aladdin exits)

(Minos takes Abu's money)

Aziz: Gave his money to a monkey. What a gnat brain!

Minos: I don't know who's more of a fool. Aladdin for giving the money away...

Fatima: ...or Abu for thinking we'd let him keep it.

(The group starts laughing. Abu sighs and exits.)

(Setting: Marketplace, sometime later)

(Abu walks through the marketplace with his head hung. He passes a turban vendor.)

Aladdin: Hey, Abu! (Runs up beside Abu) What's wrong, pal? Has something got you down? Well, I don't like to see that. What can we do? (to the turban vendor) I would like to buy your finest hat.

Merchant: (Holds out an expensive white turban with a purple fez and feather on top) A finely crafted turban even the Sultan would be proud to wear.

Aladdin: I'll take it. (Pays) And now, Abu, in honor of your great work and our friendship, I present to you this turban. (Aladdin places the turban on Abu's head; it falls down, covering Abu's upper body) Hmm, Seems a little big.

(Aladdin pulls on the end of the white fabric, sending Abu spinning; when Abu stops, he is left with only the purple fez of the turban)

Aladdin: What do you think?

Abu: (Picks the fez up and examines it) Yeah! (Puts it back on)

Aladdin: My pleasure, Abu. For the first time in my life I have money. Lots of it. Now, what do you say we go get something to eat?

Abu: Uh huh!

(Abu and Aladdin start walking)

Aladdin: Some fresh bread, fruit, dates, and baklava for desert.

Abu: Oh, yeah!

(Aladdin and Abu hear a man talking to his family. They peek inside his window; it is the same man they robbed earlier in the marketplace)

Man: We have no money for food. I was robbed in the marketplace. How will we survive?

Woman: It'll be alright. We'll get by.

Man: But it's gone, all of it. Every last dinar we had! Gone! (Begins to cry)

Woman: There, there, we will manage... somehow.

Man: No, I'm a fool. I lost it all. (Someone knocks on the door) Who could that be this hour of the night? (Opens the door; there is a pouch of money on the front stoop) What— What is this? We are saved! It's a miracle!

Woman: Heaven has smiled upon us!

Man: This is much more than we lost. Tomorrow, we shall be generous with our alms..

(Aladdin and Abu are sitting on the man's roof)

Aladdin: I've never taken more than I needed. Today, we were hurting people, Abu.

Abu: Oh…

Aladdin: Well, I'm not doing it again. And if Minos has a problem with that, then it's him against me.

(Setting: Backstage)

You're right.

Aladdin: I am?

Minos: Ah, I tire of this life as well. It's time we went after a bigger prize. Do you know of the Destiny Stone?

Aladdin: No...

Fatima: Legend says it is the stone that rewards those who reach it. Rewards them handsomely.

Minos: Some say the Stone is as big as a man.

Fatima: A gem that would rival a Sultan's fortune.

Minos: But reaching the Stone is the trouble.. We can't do it without you.

Aladdin: Sorry. Look, I'm through with stealing.

Minos: It's not stealing! It's a...uh....

Fatima: Uh, uh...a treasure hunt!

Minos: The stone is there for the grabbing.

Fatima: You're the only one fast enough. We need you. (Seductively) I need you.

Aladdin: Uh, I don't know... (Fatima kisses him on the cheek) ...I'm in.

Minos: Good! (Hits Aladdin on the back, nearly knocking him over) We leave at daybreak.

Fatima: Goodnight, Aladdin...

Aladdin: Yeah, uh, goodnight. (Aladdin leaves; Abu follows him)

Minos: (Mimicking Fatima) We need you, I need you. Huh! Stupid boy would have followed you into a volcano. (Takes Fatima's hand)

Fatima: Well, what good is a talent unless you use it?

Minos: Oh, I would do anything for you, my love. (Kisses Fatima's hand)

Fatima: And I would expect you to, Minos.

(A treasure chest in the corner begins to shake. Minos opens it. Aziz is inside; he's tied in a sack)

Aziz: Stupid trick, still not working right. So, is the kid in?

Fatima: (Primping herself in the mirror) Heart and soul.

Aziz: I'm sill not sure about that kid. Are you sure he can make it through all those traps? (Aziz struggles to get out of the chest; he falls onto his head) Ow.

Minos: If he doesn't, it's no sweat off of my back. So there's one less street rat in the world. He won't be missed.

(Setting: Outside the Temple of Destiny)

Aladdin (Voice over): The next morning, we journeyed to the Temple of Destiny. To keep out the unworthy, the Temple was full of deadly traps. That's why they needed me.

Minos: It's your show now, boy. You're the only one who's fast enough to enter the Temple.

Fatima: Just remember—push the sphere.

Aladdin: I'll do my best.

(Aladdin enters the Temple)

Aladdin: Push the sphere. Right. (He looks around) What sphere? (Takes a few steps forward) Nothing's happening. Hey, are you sure— (A tin knight beside him lowers a mace toward Aladdin's head; he notices it just in time to dodge) —ah!

(Traps set off all around Aladdin, including more maces, objects smashing together and an open pit; Aladdin reaches the end of the hallway and sees the sphere on the door)

Aladdin: The sphere. (Pushes the sphere, but is unable to get it in the whole way; he hears a noise behind him) What? Whoa. (A giant spiked ball rolls down the temple hall; Aladdin pushes the sphere harder, causing it to slide in before the ball hits him; a hole opens in the floor and the ball falls inside)

Aladdin: (To the others) Hey, it's okay. I made it! I'm okay!

Aziz: Well, I'll be a rabid jackal. He did it!

(The others enter the temple. Abu runs into Aladdin's arms)

Aladdin: It's okay, Abu. I'm alright.

Minos: Well done, boy.

Fatima: We couldn't have done it without you.

Minos: And now, (Punches the door open) the Destiny Stone is ours.

(The Guardian approaches the group.)

Guardian: You have proven worthy. I am the Guardian. You may now approach the Stone and embrace your destiny.

Minos: I'll embrace more than my destiny. I'll embrace the Stone.

Fatima: It'll bring a pretty price when we break it up and sell it all.

(The Guardian blocks the group's path with his ax)

Guardian: No, the Stone cannot be stolen! (Aziz blows the fire from a torch he carries to the ax; the handle becomes hot) Ah! (drops the ax)

Fatima: You should have let us have our way, old man.

(Minos tries to punches the Guardian; Aladdin stops him.)

Aladdin: No! I won't let you hurt him.

Minos: (Grabs Aladdin) You made a big mistake, boy. (Abu bites Minos in the ankle; Minos lets Aladdin go) Ow!

Fatima: You traitor!

Aladdin: Abu!

(Aladdin picks up the ax and grabs Abu before Aziz burns him, then stands before the trio)

You can't escape, boy!

(Aladdin hits Aziz with the ax's handle; Minos grabs the ax and breaks it in two, with Aladdin left holding part of the handle)

Abu: Uh oh...

(Aladdin runs; Fatima jumps in front of him)

Fatima: Don't rush away yet! Aziz has a trick to perform.

(Aladdin shoves Fatima away with the handle. Aziz sends a blast of fire past Aladdin and Abu, hitting a statue behind them. The statue crumbles and crushes the both of them.)

Minos: So ends your training, street rat.

(Aladdin and Abu crawl out from underneath the rubble)

Aladdin: (Weakly) I won't let you take the Stone. It's wrong!

Fatima: Sorry, tiger, but you're in no position to stop us.

Minos: This moment has been a long time coming.

(Minos picks the stone up from off the pedestal; the stone begins to glow)

Aziz: Reassure me. Tell me it's supposed to do that.

Aladdin: Wha...?

(The stone leaves Minos's hand and floats into the air)

Minos: Whoa!

Fatima: It's wondrous!

(The stone emits pink rays, grabbing Minos, Fatima, and Aziz. Aladdin and Abu hide behind a pillar before the magic can grab them.)

Minos: What?

(The rays pull Minos, Fatima, and Aziz inside the stone. The Guardian approaches Aladdin and Abu, scaring them.)

Guardian: It is finished.

Aladdin: What? What happened?

Guardian: I told them, the Stone cannot be stolen. We cannot change the Stone's place in the world, but it can change ours.

(Setting: Agrabah; Outside Aladdin's hovel)

Aladdin: Well, I guess this is it, Abu, we go our separate ways. Too bad... we work pretty well together. A real team.

Abu: (Nods, then turns away sadly) Oh...

Aladdin: (Hopefully) I suppose we could stick together as... friends. (Abu smiles and jumps into Aladdin's arms) All right!

(Setting: The Palace of Agrabah, Present)

Genie: Rip-off! I thought the Destiny Stone changes everybody's life? But it didn't change yours! Not like a certain lamp! (Pulls out his lamp)

Guardian: But if Aladdin's comrades had not sought the Stone, Aladdin would not have met his little friend.

Aladdin: And it was Abu who snagged the lamp from Jafar. I think that changed my life. Yours too.

Abu: Uh huh!

Genie: Yeah, well okay, if you want to look at it that way.

Guardian: The Destiny Stone works in ways that we cannot comprehend. What it has done to Minos, Fatima, and Aziz, we can only begin to guess.

(The setting changes to the interior of the Temple of Destiny. The Destiny Stone bursts open, and Minos, Fatima, and Aziz emerge. Now, however, Minos is a minotaur, Fatima is a half-bird, and Aziz is a magical being with green skin.)

(Setting: The Desert; Night)

Genie: So, Al, is there anything else you're not telling us? I mean, you think you know a guy, then you find out he's got a skeleton in his closet the size of a brontosaurus. (Pulls out a large bone)

Iago: Yeah... who knows how many genies there were before you? (Genie gulps)

(Carpet lands outside the Temple of Destiny)

Aladdin: Careful. This temple is full of booby traps. (The gang enters the Temple; it is in shambles) What could have done this?

Iago: A thing that wanted to get out of here bad. Like us... let's go (Abu and Iago run; Carpet pushes them back in).

Aladdin: At least we don't have to worry about any booby traps now..

Genie: That's right, the traps are trashed. (One of the traps engages, smashing Genie) Except one.

(To escape the trap, Genie separates the top of his body from its lower half)

Aladdin: From now on, let's stick together.

Genie: I'm working on it! (Reattaches his body)

(The group enters the Stone's lair. The Stone is in pieces)

Aladdin: Look! Minos, Fatima, and Aziz were here. Inside the Stone.

Iago: No, no, wait! I hear a voice. No, it's three voices! Coming from there. (Points to the pieces, then starts picking them up, as though he's in a trace) "Take the shards of stone. Mount them in tasteful settings. Sell them in the marketplace." For a fair profit.

Genie: Oh no. (As Merlin) That stone released something magical.

Aladdin: Magical?

Genie: Trust me, Al. When it comes to the freedom of magical entities, I know.

Aladdin: Whatever broke out kept on going. Let's get back to Agrabah.

(They leave the Temple)

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