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The Shadow Knows

Written by: Mark Seidenburg
© Disney 1995

Transcript by Calluna


(Setting: a landscape of green hills covered by mist, at sunrise. A woman appears; she is a black sillouhette with stars in it, as if there is a woman-shaped hole in the universe through which you can see the night sky.)

Woman: Rise, my children. It is time to go back, for now your rest is complete.

(Many human-shaped shadows fly across the sky, towards the sun.)

Woman: But, as always, I will be waiting here in the Shadow World for you tonight.

(A portal opens up in front of the woman, and Ayam Aghoul and his shadow, which has glowing red eyes, climb through it.)

Woman: Oh!

Ayam: Faraboo the Caretaker, I've heard so much about you.

Faraboo: Who... who are you?

Ayam: Ayam Aghoul's the name, and capturing spirits is my game. But thanks to a rotten streetrat, I've been banished from the Earth for all eternity.

Faraboo: It's obvious you're not alive, yet somehow your shadow is!

Ayam: Ah, alas, when I left the land of the living so did my poor, withered shadow. But, with the help of a powerful spell I obtained from the late, great wizard Khufu, I gave it new life. He was my ticket here. Isn't he perfect?

Ayam's shadow: I'm a real chip off the old block. (laughs)

Faraboo: What do you want here?

Ayam: Your world is just the first step on the path of all shadows. You see, because of the banishing spell I'm under, I can't go to the land of the living. But, my living shadow can. Brilliant solution to my problem, wouldn't you agree? (to the shadow) Have fun, my pet. Go forth and capture Aladdin's shadow, and his friends' shadows, too.

Ayam's shadow: With pleasure, master. (laughs)

Faraboo: But if my children do not return to the living beings they belong to within a day's time they will fade away, and all will perish!

Ayam: Precisely. Then their spirits will be mine in the Netherworld! (laughs)

Faraboo: No! I shall never let your shadow pass!

(Faraboo holds up a hand, and the shadow is pushed backwards.)

Ayam: Say goodnight, lady!

(Ayam shoots magic at Faraboo, trapping her in a giant spiderweb.)

Faraboo: Let me go! Release me at once!

Ayam: There's simply no time for that, Faraboo. I've got to make room in the Netherworld for Aladdin.

(Ayam's Aghoul's shadow flies off towards the sun, after the other shadows.)

(Setting: Agrabah, early morning. Aladdin, Abu, Iago, and Carpet are walking along a street in the Marketplace.)

Iago: (yawn) Al, did we have to get up this early? If I don't get a full night's sleep I'm grouchy all day.

(Iago leans up against a stall and starts to nod off. Abu leans on him, and Carpet leans on both of them.)

Aladdin: Come on, guys. Shahib is getting in a new shipment of spices today, and I want to make sure I get some for Jasmine's breakfast.

Iago: How sweet. Why can't she just have a bowl of bran flakes like everyone else?

(As Aladdin and the others walk away, Ayam's shadow appears behind them and starts pulling on Aladdin's shadow, which struggles against him.)

Ayam's shadow: Dont fight it, fool. You don't stand a chance.

(Aladdin's shadow is absorbed into Ayam's, then the two shadows separate again. Aladdin's shadow has red glowing eyes like Ayam's now, and is no longer attached to Aladdin.)

Aladdin's shadow: Yes, I feel much better now.

Ayam's shadow: I knew you would. My spell has made you more than just a mere shadow. You're carrying a part of me now. Now, help me get more shadows. I'll take the east, you take the west.

Aladdin's shadow: It's as good as done. (laughs)

(Setting: the palace. Aladdin's shadow creeps into Jasmine's room. Jasmine is still asleep. As the shadow sneaks towards her bed, it brushes up against Jasmine's vanity table, knocking a jar of makeup to the ground. Jasmine wakes up and sees the shadow.)

Jasmine: (gasp) What are you?

Aladdin's shadow: Something very close to your heart.

Jasmine: Aladdin?

(Aladdin's shadow reaches for Jasmine's, but she backs away.)

Jasmine: Stay back, you monster!

(The guards Rasoul and Hakim enter the room.)

Rasoul: What's going on in here?

(They see Aladdin's shadow, gasp, then charge at it. They run right through the shadow.)

Rasoul: What?

(The guards slide into a curtain, which falls down on top of them.)

Aladdin's shadow: Fools! I don't have time for this!

Jasmine: (grabbing the shadow) Gotcha!

Aladdin's shadow: Oh, yeah?

(The shadow melts into a puddle on the floor and slides away, towards the doorway.)

Jasmine: What?!

Aladdin's shadow: I'll get you later. (runs away)

Rasoul: What is this all about, Princess?

Jasmine: I don't know, but I hope Aladdin does.

(Setting: the Marketplace. Aladdin is standing in front of a merchant's stall.)

Shahib: Ah, you'll be very happy with these new spices, Aladdin. They are truly one of a kind.

Aladdin: Good, good, because I want to surprise Jasmine.

Jasmine: (walking up to him) You already did!

Aladdin: Jasmine? What are you talking about?

Jasmine: Your shadow attacked me this morning.

Aladdin: My shadow? You must have had a bad dream.

Iago: Yeah, you probably ate too many chocolate-falafal sundaes before bed last night.

Genie: (appearing behind them) Did someone say falafal sundaes? Oh, that's my favorite. Although strawberry-hummus shakes come in a close second.

Aladdin: (chuckling) Genie, Jasmine thinks my shadow is alive and dangerous.

Genie: (with a German accent) Hmm, sounds like a dark shadow complex. (turns into a doctor and puts his stethoscope to Jasmine's head) Your brain is going to need a heavy steam-cleaning twice a day.

Jasmine: My brain is fine, Genie. It's Aladdin's shadow that needs fixing.

Aladdin: Jasmine, it's just a shadow. Nothing more, nothing less.

Iago: Less is right. It's gone!

(Aladdin turns to look at the wall behind him. Genie and Jasmine's shadows are on the wall, but his is not.)

Aladdin: What?!

Jasmine: (gasp) How could you lose your shadow?

Aladdin's shadow: (behind them) It's a lot easier than you think. (walks toward Jasmine)

Aladdin: Jasmine! (pulls her out of the way)

Aladdin's shadow: Stand still! You're just making it harder on yourself!

Aladdin: You were right, Jasmine. It's alive!

Aladdin's shadow: And there's nothing you can do about it. (runs away)

Aladdin: Get back here!

(They all chase the shadow through the Marketplace.)

Aladdin: This doesn't make any sense! Something weird happened to my shadow, but what? Hurry! I think it went this way.

(The shadow hides on a clothesline in the shape of a pair of pants. A woman tries to remove the "pants" from the clothesline.)

Aladdin's shadow: Hey! Hands off! That tickles!

(The shadow changes back to its normal shape, and the woman screams. She puts a sheet over it and runs away.)

Aladdin's shadow: Hey, get this off me!

Woman: Help, help! A monster attacked me!

Jasmine: It must be your shadow, Aladdin. Let's get 'im!

(They run in the direction the woman just came from and see the shadow standing there.)

Aladdin's shadow: Come and get me!

Genie: Okay, shadow-man! The gloves are off! (turns into a salesman) Let me introduce you to a brand-new item in cleaning up. (creates a vacuum cleaner) The Suck-o-matic 3000! This baby's guaranteed to pull the fuzz off a peach in two seconds flat! Interested?

(Genie turns the vacuum on the shadow and tries to suck it up. The shadow runs away.)

Genie: Sorry, but I can't take no for an answer. (chases after the shadow and sucks it up into the vacuum, then hands it to Aladdin) Here's your shadow, Al. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Aladdin: Thanks, Genie. Maybe now I can get some answers.

Aladdin's shadow: Let me outta here!

Aladdin: Fun's over, shadow. You belong to me!

Ayam's shadow: Not for long.

Aladdin: Ayam Aghoul? Is that you?

Ayam's shadow: Let's just say I'm a shadow of my former self. (laughs)

Iago: Uh, point of order, please. Isn't old death-breath still banished from ever coming back here?

Ayam's shadow: Yes, he is. But Aghoul isn't ready to lie down and die. Oh, my, what am I saying? He's already dead. (laughs) But that's precisely why my master gave me life, to do his evil bidding for him.

Aladdin: So you're the one who put a spell on my shadow!

Ayam's shadow: Well, if Aghoul can't get your spirit, why not go for the next best thing?

(Ayam's shadow shoots shadow spiderwebs at them. They run away and hide in an alley.)

Genie: (looking at a computer) Uh oh! According to the Genies' Almanac, the shadows of all living beings must go to the Shadow World every night to rest. If your shadow is unattatched to you for over a day, it'll fade away, and so will you!

Aladdin: I don't have much time.

Ayam's shadow: You'll have lots of time on your hands, Aladdin, in the Netherworld! (shoots a shadow spiderweb at Genie's computer, destroying it)

Genie: Whoa, you're really beginning to get on my nerves, man.

Ayam's shadow: Relax, blue boy. Aladdin won't be alone. I'm planning to take all of your shadows, too!

Iago: Aah! Then we'll all perish!

Ayam's shadow: Sad but true. Soon you'll be calling the Netherworld home. (laughs)

Jasmine: You're pathetic, just like your other half.

Ayam's shadow: Really? Well, let's see how your other half feels about that. (removes Jasmine's shadow)

Jasmine: No!

Jasmine's shadow: Yes, I feel so alive now! (steals the container with Aladdin's shadow in it)

Aladdin: Hey, give me that!

(Jasmine's shadow frees Aladdin's.)

Aladdin's shadow: It's great to be back.

Aladdin: You're not going anywhere.

Jasmine's shadow: Oh yes we are.

(The two shadows melt into puddles and speed away.)

Aladdin: (whistles) Let's go, Carpet!

(Everyone climbs onto Carpet.)

Ayam's shadow: Aladdin, I'm not through with your friends yet.

Aladdin: Well, we're through with you!

(Carpet flies away.)

Ayam's shadow: That's what you think! (shoots spiderwebs after them)

Iago: Do we have to hang around here? We're gonna end up extra-crispy in about a minute!

Genie: Don't worry, guys. I'll take care of this goon.

(Genie holds up an umbrella, and the spiderwebs bounce off it, back towards Ayam's shadow.)

Ayam's shadow: Blast you!

Aladdin: Come on, Genie, we're losing time!

(Aladdin and his friends chase Aladdin and Jasmine's shadows across town.)

Aladdin: (trying to grab his shadow) You're mine!

Aladdin's shadow: Not anymore!

(Aladdin's shadow turns into a ball and bounces away. Aladdin jumps onto it.)

Aladdin: Gotcha!

(The shadow-ball doesn't stop, and it and Aladdin bounce down the street. They bounce into a window. A woman in a towel screams and runs out, followed by Aladdin and his shadow. Genie turns into a referee and blocks their path.)

Genie: (blows a whistle) Foul! That's a two-shot penalty for that, pal!

(The shadow tries to bounce over Genie, but he raises his arms and hits it back in the other direction.)

(Meanwhile, the others are chasing Jasmine's shadow.)

Jasmine: Give it up, shadow!

Jasmine's shadow: Never!

(They run into Aladdin, who is bouncing back in the opposite direction, and they all crash to the ground.)

Iago: You guys did it! You stopped your shadows!

Ayam's shadow: Fools! You really think you can win?

(Ayam's shadow zaps Genie, who breaks into puzzle pieces and falls apart.)

Jasmine's shadow: Come on. (she and Aladdin's shadow run away)

Genie: (putting himself back together) Ooh, I hate falling to pieces.

Aladdin: Genie!

Ayam's shadow: Don't think you'll be needing this anymore. (removes Genie's shadow)

Genie: (gasp) I feel naked!

Ayam: So, tell me, how do you feel?

Genie's shadow: Semi-phenomenal, nearly cosmic, and totally evil.

Iago: Uh, maybe this is a good time to clean out that parrot cage.

(Iago and Abu start to run away, but Ayam grabs their shadows, too.)

Iago: No!

Jasmine: Let them go, monster!

Ayam's shadow: You can't help them. They've practically got one foot in the grave already. (flies after Carpet and steals his shadow)

Iago's shadow: This is the life, right, shadow monkey-boy?

Abu's shadow: Yeah.

Genie: (as a boxer; to his shadow) Listen up, buster, who do you think you are? You're nothing without me! Nothing!

Genie's shadow: Aw, buzz off. I'm as tough as you are, bud. Maybe even more so. (swats Genie away)

Ayam's shadow: Move it, kiddies! We've got a lot more shadows to collect before the day is over.

(The shadows all run away.)

Iago: Wonderful, now we're all in the same boat, and it's sinking fast!

(Setting: the palace garden. Genie is throwing random junk out of a chest and into a big pile. The others are watching.)

Iago: Am I missing something here? We're about to take up permanent residence in the Netherworld and Genie's straightening out his sock drawer!

Genie: (holding a box of slides) Got it!

(Genie turns into a professor and starts showing the others the slides.)

Genie: Students, today's topic is "Me and My Shadow". Every night, your shadow and mine rest in the peaceful Shadow World which is guarded by Faraboo the Caretaker. Since the beginning of time, this stately woman has ensured the safety of all shadows, and she will do so forever.

Aladdin: That's it! Genie, we've gotta go to the Shadow World. Maybe Faraboo can help us.

Jasmine: If Aghoul's around he could be more dangerous than ever.

Genie: There's no way the duke of decay's gonna sneak up on us. I've got eyes in the back of my head.

Jasmine: Just be careful, Aladdin.

(Setting: in the clouds. Aladdin and Genie are walking up a long, winding staircase.)

Aladdin: How far is the Shadow World, Genie?

Genie: Let's see. (looks at a map) Three gazillion miles past the big dipper, turn left at the big bang black hole, then it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Aladdin: That'll take forever!

Genie: Good point. Let's take a short cut.

(The stairs turn into a fast moving escalator. Soon they reach the Shadow World.)

Genie: Hmm, doesn't look like anyone's home. Unless you call that spiderweb a place to hang your turban.

Faraboo: Go away, ghouls! Go back to the Netherworld!

Aladdin: No, no, you've got it all wrong, Faraboo! We're not with Aghoul, but our shadows are. They were stolen by him.

(Genie holds up a spotlight to show that he and Aladdin have no shadows.)

Genie: See? Nothing! Nada! Zippo!

Faraboo: Then Aghoul's plan is working.

(Genie tries to cut Faraboo out of the spiderweb with hedge clippers, but they break when he tries.)

Genie: Ooh, uh, getting Faraboo out of here isn't going to be easy, Al.

(Genie turns into a cannon and shoots at the web; there is still no effect.)

Genie: Not even my semi-phenomenal powers can break Aghoul's spell.

Aladdin: Is there anything you can do to help us, Faraboo?

Faraboo: As long as I am trapped here, I am powerless. By tomorrow, you and your shadows will perish. If Aghoul continues to capture more shadows, my world and your world will eventually fade away, and only the Netherworld will remain.

Aladdin: Don't worry, Faraboo. We're not gonna let that happen.

Ayam: (appears in a cloud of smoke) You don't really have any say in the matter, streetrat.

Aladdin and Genie: Aghoul!

Ayam: In the flesh! So to speak.

(Ayam throws an exploding skull at Aladdin and Genie, who run out of the way.)

Ayam: I'm so glad to see you boys again. I can't wait to catch up on old times. (throws another skull) Although we have all of eternity to do that. (laughs, throws another skull) Ha, this is so much fun. And it'll get even better once I've taken your spirits. (throws another skull, barely missing them and knocking them to the ground)

Genie: That's it! Enough's enough!

Ayam: It's never enough for me, Genie. I love excess.

Genie: Stand back, Al. This could get ugly.

(Genie turns into three baseball players: one who's at bat, a catcher, and an umpire. He creates a baseball diamond around them, so that Ayam is in the pitcher's position.)

Aladdin: Genie, I don't think that's such a great idea.

(Ayam throws a skull at the batter-Genie, who swings at it and misses.)

Genie (umpire): Strike one!

(Ayam pitches again; Genie swings and misses.)

Genie (umpire): Strike two!

(Ayam pitches a third time; Genie looks like he is about to hit it.)

Aladdin: No!

(Genie hits the skull, and the explosion throws him backwards into the other two Genies. They all combine back into one.)

Genie: Strike three, I'm out. Way out. (falls over)

Aladdin: Come on, Genie, we've gotta get moving.

Genie: (still dizzy) But this isn't even the seventh inning stretch.

(Aladdin pulls Genie away, while Ayam keeps lobbing exploding skulls at them. They run into a cave.)

Ayam: (walking to the mouth of the cave) You're not being very neighborly. Please don't make me look all over for you! Oh, that's okay. I'm sure we'll meet again... in the Netherworld. (laughs and walks away)

(Setting: Agrabah, just outside the palace. Ayam's shadow is leading the other shadows towards the palace.)

Ayam's shadow: Come on, guys. Let's get the sultan.

(Jasmine and the others are chasing after them.)

Jasmine: No, stay away from my father!

Ayam's shadow: Sorry, Princess. We want all of Aladdin's friends to enjoy the pleasures of the Netherworld. There's nothing you can do about it.

Jasmine: Oh, yeah? We can do plenty.

(Jasmine and the others fly into the palace after the shadows.)

(Setting: Sultan's toy room. He winds up a toy shaped like an egg with a propeller on it, and it flies around the room.)

Sultan: (giggles) I could do this all day long.

Ayam's shadow: (smashes the toy) Sorry to spoil your fun, old man, but playtime is over.

(All of the shadows are floating in the air above Sultan.)

Jasmine's shadow: Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.

Sultan: Jasmine?

(Jasmine flies into the room on Carpet.)

Jasmine: I'm right here, Father.

Sultan: B-but how can this be?

Jasmine's shadow: It's simple: I'm free, and you're not. (laughs)

Jasmine: You beast! (tackles her shadow)

(The shadows combine into a tornado shape and chase after the sultan, stealing his shadow.)

Sultan's shadow: Long live the sultan's shadow.

Ayam's shadow: Friends, we're through here! Ayam Aghoul awaits us.

(The shadows fly out the window.)

Jasmine: (hugging Sultan) This is all Ayam Aghoul's fault.

Iago: We tried our best, but we lost.

Jasmine: For now, maybe. That's why we've got to find Aladdin and Genie in the Shadow World.

(They fly out the window on Carpet.)

Sultan: Be careful, Jasmine!

(Setting: The Shadow World. Ayam and the shadows are surrounding the web holding Faraboo the Caretaker.)

Ayam: I've waited all my life for this moment. And all my afterlife, too. (laughs)

Faraboo: No, this cannot be!

Ayam: If you go back to the land of the living every day, you could capture the shadows of everyone in the world! And then all their spirits will be mine.

Jasmine: You haven't won yet, Aghoul!

Ayam: What?!

(Carpet circles overhead. All the shadows except Ayam's combine into one, in the form of a wolf.)

Ayam: Take care of these intruders.

(The wolf chases after Carpet.)

Ayam: (to his shadow) Isn't this wonderful? No one can stop me from spreading my joy ever again.

Genie: (from a nearby hill) Oh, Aghoul! Oh duke of dumbness!

Aladdin: Did you really think we were gonna fade away?

Ayam: I was wondering where you weaklings were.

(Ayam throws a skull at them, and they dive out of the way. Aladdin and Genie run towards where Faraboo is being held.)

Aladdin: Ha ha, is that the best you can do, Aghoul?

Genie: I know a camel who could aim better with his eyes closed!

Ayam: Why you little!

(Ayam creates an extra large skull and throws it at them. Aladdin and Genie dodge, and the skull explodes right in front of Faraboo, destroying the web.)

Aladdin: It worked, Genie!

Faraboo: Thank you for freeing me, Aghoul.

Ayam: I've been tricked!

Faraboo: Now your shadow is mine, Aghoul! (makes the shadow disappear)

Ayam: No! I need my shadow!

(Ayam starts to throw a skull at Faraboo, but Genie turns into a football player and tackles him.)

Genie: Touchdown!

(A portal to the Netherworld opens up in the sky, and Ayam is sucked into it.)

Ayam: Oh, not again!

Faraboo: Now that your shadow is no longer alive, Aghoul, you must go back to your Netherworld.

Ayam: No! (the portal closes behind him)

(The shadow-wolf disappears, and Aladdin and his friends all get their shadows back.)

Abu: Oh, yeah.

Iago: That's much better.

Genie: Yes!

(Setting: the palace. Sultan notices his shadow is back.)

Sultan: Wonderful, they've succeeded!

(Setting: the Shadow World)

Aladdin: Welcome back, shadow. I'm never leaving home without you again.

Faraboo: You can rest easy, Aladdin. Now that Aghoul is gone, we can all get a good night's sleep.

Iago: (yawns) That's good to hear. Because this day has been just one long nightmare.




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