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Riders Redux

Story Editors: Bill Motz and Bob Roth
Written by: Richard Stanley
© Disney 1995

Transcription by Heather H
Edited by and screencaps by Calluna

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(Marauder #1) Motherless dogs!

(Marauder #2) No mercy!

-four guards thrown in pile chained up-

(Zorasto) Tell your sultan what happened here today. Tell him... there is no hope! Tell him... Zorasto and his marauders have struck again!!

-all marauders laughing-

(Zorasto) Go! -throws sword into sand- Go!

-guards head back home-

(Zorasto) Victory is ours -laughs- as is the sultan’s treasure!

(Jasmine) Oh, not again!

(Rasoul) They got everything, your highness. We were lucky to escape with our lives.

(Jasmine) It's not your fault, Rasoul.

(Ambassador #1) Ten lost shipments, ten late payments.

(Ambassador #2) A bad precedent between our lands.

(Ambassador #1) Bad precedent, indeed. Debts ending may require action!

(Ambassador #2) May require...

(Both) War!

(Jasmine) War!? Ambassadors, please!

(Ambassador #1) This is what happens when relationships between countries break down.

(Ambassador #2) Your father would understand.

(Jasmine) -sighs- Why does this happen when Father's on his royal voyage? Well, we’ll just have to get a shipment through!

(Rasoul) But, Princess, the marauders, they’re too powerful! They appeared from nowhere! It can't be done!

(Aladdin) Don't be so sure, Rasoul. I'll get the shipment through.

(Jasmine) Aladdin! -turns to ambassadors- Aladdin will guide the next shipment through and you'll be paid!

(Rasoul) Zorasto struck faster than the eye can see! How can you hope to beat him?

(Genie) There's only one way to win this game! Hit 'em high! Hit ‘em low! Hit 'em right between the eyes! Now go out there and win one for uh, uh, don't tell me. Uh, for Jimmy, no! Uh, George, no! Ronnie!

(Aladdin) We'll ride with Rasoul. Zorasto won't be a problem.

(Rasoul) Princess! Don't entrust this mission to a... a street rat!

(both) A street rat!?

(Ambassador #1) Perhaps you’re not taking this seriously!

(Ambassador #2) Your father would!

(Jasmine) This street rat is my fiancé! My father trusted me to lead Agrabah in his absence, and I trust Aladdin with all my soul! He can get the shipment through.

(Genie) -rolls up in van- Now, will that be overnight express or two-day economy?

(Ambassador #1) We will take you at your word then...

(Ambassador #2) For now. -they leave-

(Aladdin) -sighs- She's got all the faith in the world in me.

(Jasmine) You can do this, right?

(Aladdin) Well, uh, of course I can.

(Rasoul) You say that now, boy, but I wonder if you will be so cocky when Zorasto strikes! -exits-

(Genie) Um, how come we don't fire that guy?

(Rasoul) Oh, they’ll strike! At any moment! Any moment now... They're gonna... strike!

(Aladdin) If they’re going to strike they’ll do it here.

(Genie) All quiet, Chief. Not even a blip.

(Aladdin) That's what worries me.

(Iago) Remember, the minute we're attacked just play dead then when no one's lookin' we sneak off with the gold!

(Abu) Yeah!

-Rasoul arms himself with his sword-

(Genie) I’m not hearin' anything, Al. Maybe they’re on vacation this week.

(Aladdin) Ha, looks like we're safe.

(Iago) I wish ya'd stop sayin' things like that! It always sets us up for the worst! -bright light flashes--everyone's captured-

(Aladdin) -looks at his chains- Huh?

(Genie) -inside bottle- Whoa! Reality check, testing, 1, 2, 3.

(Aladdin) What happened? Was that magic?

(Iago) I don't know but I’m stickin' with the plan! Play dead!

(Abu) Uh-huh! -they fall down and close their eyes-

(Zorasto) We'll cook these dead animals for our victory feast!

-Abu and Iago open their eyes-

(Iago) Wait! I taste terrible! Besides I’m, uh, I’m on your side!

(Zorasto) Lies! This time no survivors!

(Aladdin) It's the truth! We want to be marauders!

(Genie) We do?

(Iago) Yes, yes! Of course we do!

(Abu) Yeah! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

(Genie) Oh, oh, uh, I mean... We do.

(Rasoul) I knew it! Traitors! You are behind this trap!

(Aladdin) And you walked right into it, Rasoul.

(Zorasto) Ah, a devious lad. I can use someone like you. -frees him-

(Genie) -set free from bottle- Take us all! Group rates are good this time of year.

(Zorasto) You, however, -turns to Rasoul- I have no need for! -takes out sword-

(Aladdin) No! -keeps sword away from Rasoul- Uh, I, uh, I wanna send him back to Agrabah! Ha, ha! Let those fools know how I manipulated them all!

(Zorasto) The boy has a streak of cruelty in him. Ha, ha, I approve! Run!

-marauders laughing--Rasoul turns for Agrabah-

(Rasoul) -shouts back- I’ll tell the princess what you've done, Aladdin!

(Aladdin) -through laughing he whispers- I’m counting on it, Rasoul.

-at night-

(Iago) -counting gold coins- Six thousand twenty eight, six thousand twenty nine, six thousand and thirty drachmas! I love this outfit!

(Genie) How long can we carry this off, Al?

(Iago) Forever! I can carry this off forever!

(Aladdin) It's risky, I know, but it's the only way to find out how Zorasto’s magic works.

(Iago) Beats turnin' on a spit.

(Abu) Uh-huh!

(Zorasto) -throws a sack of money to Aladdin- A bonus, lad, for bringing the caravan to me.

(Iago) It was actually my inspiration, -takes bag- Al just did the leg work.

(Aladdin) About the caravan. How do you manage to sneak up on your victims like that?

(Zorasto) -laughing- Anything is possible for a man with enough... time. -leaves-

(Genie) -laughs- I don't think he's gonna tell us.

(Aladdin) There's no beating Zorasto until we figure out his magic. I'd better warn Jasmine not to send the next shipment. -jumps on Carpet- Cover for me till I get back! -flies off to Agrabah-

(Genie) No! Wait! Al! What if... -turns and faces leader- Zorasto comes back!?

(Zorasto) I’m back! What of it?

(Genie) I, uh, I was just wondering, how long is the night watch? Remember, I get regular coffee breaks.

(Zorasto) Do not stray from your post! -leaves-

(Genie) Whew! -wipes off forehead- Pulled that one off.

(Iago) Yeah, that was smooth... like sandpaper!

(Fazal) -sees Aladdin flying- Marauder attack! Defend the palace!

(Aladdin) Marauder attack? But I don't see any marauders. -arrows fly past them- Whoa! They mean us! -arrows fly through Carpet- Carpet, get us into the palace before we become pincushions! -they fall through a palace window- Whew. -Rasoul holds him up- Whoa!

(Rasoul) Now I’ll show you what we do to traitors, street rat!

(Aladdin) No, wait!

(Jasmine) Put him down!

(Rasoul) Your highness?! But this traitor swore allegiance to the marauders! I saw it with my own eyes!

(Jasmine) Rasoul, I told you: Aladdin could never betray Agrabah. He's fooling Zorasto to learn how to beat him.

(Aladdin) -frees himself from Rasoul’s firm grip- That's exactly what I’m doing!

(Ambassador #1) Then you must know how to beat Zorasto.

(Aladdin) Um, uh, well, not quite. Yet! He's using some sort of magic, I think.

(Ambassador #2) An unlikely story. Uncorroborated.

(Ambassador #1) Lacks proof, lacks witnesses.

-Carpet tries to explain-

(Ambassador #2) Lacks credible witnesses.

(Ambassador #2) Our land needs its payments!

(Ambassador #1) Call in the professionals!

(Aladdin) Professionals?

(Jasmine) Well, after the last hijacking the ambassadors strongly advised me, in the best interests of Agrabah, to hire...

(Rider #1) The Riders of Ramand!

(Rider #2) Delivery guaranteed!

-rider #3 laughs-

(Aladdin) The Riders of Ramand! You guys are the best in the desert, but it's too dangerous... even for you.

(Rider #1) Too dangerous for the Riders of Ramand? Ha!

(Ambassador #2) The street rat attempts to disrupt the shipment schedule!

(Ambassador #1) He is a saboteur!

(Ambassador #2) He is a security risk!

(Ambassador #1) He must be locked up!

(Jasmine) Aladdin is as loyal to Agrabah as I am.

(Ambassador #1) Your own guard saw him defect.

(Ambassador #2) The situation calls for security measures! Drastic security measures!

(Jasmine) I said no!

(Ambassador #1) She shows no concern for our concerns!

(Ambassador #2) Perhaps she doesn't feel the hijackings are undesirable!?

(Ambassador #1) Perhaps she wants our country to be denied payment!?

(both) Perhaps she wants... war!?

(Jasmine) No! I don't want war!

(both) Then lock the boy up!

(Jasmine) I won't!

(both) You must!

(Jasmine) -sighs- What would Father do?

(Aladdin) -puts his hand on her shoulder- He’d do what’s right for Agrabah.

(Jasmine) Aladdin...

(Aladdin) I understand.

(Jasmine) -sighs- Rasoul, take him to the dungeon.

(Rasoul) I’ve waited a long time for this, street rat! -pulls Aladdin by his cape- A long time!

(Aladdin) Listen! You can't send the next shipment! I don't know how but Zorasto is using magic!

(Rider #1) Magic? What concern is magic to the Riders of Ramand? -all break out into laughter except Jasmine while Aladdin’s dragged to dungeon-

(Rider #2) What a fool the boy is!

-Jasmine hides her face-

-outside on Jasmine's balcony-

(Ambassador #1) You have done the right thing.

(Ambassador #2) You should be proud. Very proud.

(Jasmine) Proud that I threw my fiancé in the dungeon? I don't think so.

(Ambassador #1) You put your city before your personal feelings.

(Ambassador #2) Good leadership quality.

(Ambassador #1) Your father would have done the same. -they leave-

(Jasmine) Maybe.... But I’m not my father! -leaves for dungeon-

-down in dungeon-

(Aladdin) -hears footsteps- Jasmine!

(Jasmine) I...

(Aladdin) You can't let the Riders take the next shipment! They don't stand a chance against Zorasto!

(Jasmine) I know! I've got...

(Aladdin) Go stop them! Make them listen!

(Jasmine) I’m getting very tired of people telling me what to do! -holds up key-

-Carpet flies in to release Aladdin from his chains-

(Aladdin) Uh, I didn't mean it that way.

(Jasmine) -unlocks cell door- Look, I’ll handle the riders. You take care of Zorasto.

(Aladdin) Thanks. -they hug-

(Jasmine) Now quickly! Get back to the marauders. Sabotage their plan.

(Aladdin) Right! -flies back to marauders-

(Genie) -snoring when Aladdin taps and scares him- Halt! Who goes there!? What's the password!? -as baseball player- Who won the series in '68!?

(Aladdin) Genie, it's me. Listen, the Riders of Ramand are delivering the next shipment of gold.

(Genie) The Riders of Ramand!?! Hoo-hoo! They'll wrap this puppy up! No one can beat those guys!

(Aladdin) I don't know. Zorasto is using magic. It may be too much, even for the riders.

(Iago) Get the feeling we'll be roasting on a spit come tomorrow?

(Abu) Uh-huh.

-riders loading chests of gold on camels and horses-

(Ambassador #2) A lot of treasure.

(Ambassador #1) But no more than we are owed.

(Ambassador #2) With the traitor in the dungeon there is nothing to fear.

(Jasmine) Aladdin is no traitor! Have you considered what Aladdin said?

(Rider #1) Ha, ha, ha! Magic is not worth our consideration!

(Jasmine) Well, consider this: I’m paying your salary and I’m not convinced you're taking all the precautions you should!

(Ambassador #1) The Riders are the best money can buy!

(Ambassador #2) Your badgering them makes us doubt your sincerity to resolve the problem!

(Jasmine) This is how sincere I am! –mounts camel- I’ll see to it personally that the Riders get through the canyon! I'm riding with you! Let's move! -takes off-

(Rider #1) Quickly, men! -they take off-

(Ambassador #2) -coughing- She shows fiery spirit!

(Ambassador #1) -coughing- Yes! Fiery indeed!

(Zorasto) -looks down in canyon- The shipment approaches! Gather 'round, men! The moment is at hand!

(Iago) Now would be a good time to do something!

(Aladdin) Like what?

(Iago) I don't know! Improvise!

(Zorasto) Join the circle! All of you! You must join the circle, boy. -they all hold hands forming circle-

(Iago) Unless we’re doing the hokey pokey this is gettin' a little cozier than I’d like.


(Rider #1) This is the canyon.

(Rider #2) They're supposed to ambush us here. I hope they don't use... magic.

-rider #3 laughs--Jasmine has stern look-

-on cliff-

(Aladdin) What's with the hourglass?

-canyon--bright light flashes-

(Rider #1) Be ready, men. This is it!

-on cliff-

-slowly hourglass loses sand-

(Zorasto) Come on, boy. We only have so much time!

-marauders climb down cliff--they rob and put riders in chains-

(Aladdin) -flying down- So that's how they strike so fast! They freeze time!

(Genie) Oh, it's worse than that, Al.

-Al sees Jasmine being put in chains-

(Aladdin) Oh boy!

(Zorasto) And... -hourglass empties last of sand- now!

-marauders laughing-

(Jasmine) What... happened?

(Zorasto) The great Riders of Ramand captured by Zorasto the marauder!

(Rider #1) A technicality.

(Rider #2) We're biding our time... Waiting to make our move.

-rider #3 groans-

(Zorasto) Correct me if I’m wrong... -pulls Jasmine up by her chains- but you’re the princess of Agrabah, are you not?

(Jasmine) I order you to surrender!

(Zorasto) Surrender? When you are my prisoners? -laughing-

(Iago) Whoa! My math's not that good but I’d say the odds against you are slightly... overwhelming!

(Genie) He's right, Al. You'll only end up as a sheath for their swords!

(Zorasto) The princess will be returned to Agrabah... in pieces! And our new recruit -throws sword to Aladdin who grabs it- will be the executioner!

-Jasmine gasps-

(Aladdin) This can't be happening. I can't execute Jasmine.

(Iago) You'd rather someone else did?

-whirlwind comes-

(Zorasto) -grabs his sword- What is this?

(Genie) Abdul Babool, desert insurance services at your service. Gotta hot tip that someone in this group needs life insurance. What have we got here? Marauders, kid with monkey, princess in chains. I think I’ve got the picture. -hands pen to Aladdin- Sign here, initials here, and here, and here. -looks at paper- Oops! Slight problem! It seems in your haste to sign you’ve made yourself the beneficiary! That means you can't be the executioner.

(Zorasto) Then I’ll do it, you infernal genie!

(Genie) Ah, a man with leadership qualities. Now, what exactly are you interested in? Whole life, term life, short life, no life?

(Aladdin) I could use the Riders’ help. Abu, I need the key to their chains. -Abu salutes him-

-in office Genie created-

(Genie) Another thought: given the danger levels in your line of work you might consider a policy on your men.

(Zorasto) My men?

(Genie) One of them goes down how do you replace them? Who compensates you for that?

-Abu returns to Aladdin with key-

(Aladdin) Okay, guys. Let's take care of those marauders.

(Rider #2) -picks Aladdin up- The Riders of Ramand truck with no traitor!

(Aladdin) But I just set you free! I'm helping you!

(Rider #2) Once a traitor always a traitor!

-throws Aladdin against rock--Aladdin falls unconscious-

(Iago) I coulda told ya: you can't run from a reputation.

-in office-

(Zorasto) Let me get this straight. If I were to somehow lose all my heavily insured men I would be rich, eh?

(Genie) It's been know to happen.

(Marauder #3) Ah! The Riders are free!

(Rider #1) The Riders of Ramand take no prisoners!

(Genie) -packs everything away- Well, it looks like I caught you at a bad time so... -disappears-

(Iago) Play dead didn't work. How's this for a plan? Run!

-slowly hourglass loses sand-

-riders and marauders start fighting-

(Genie) Pillow fight! -joins in-

(Aladdin) -dodges through fight to free Jasmine- Hold on!

(Jasmine) Aladdin! Hurry!

-He frees Jasmine-

(Zorasto) You set the Riders free! First you betray them then you betray us!

-Aladdin dodges his sword--pile of coins fall on him-

(Jasmine) No!

-Zorasto takes Jasmine up on cliff--holds her out--Aladdin surfaces-

(Zorasto) Surrender or the princess goes over!

-marauder holds out bottle to Genie-

(Genie) Okay. If it’ll save Jasmine. -enters bottle-

(Rider #1) The Riders of Ramand have never surrendered before.

(Rider #2) But we’ve never been captured before, either.

-rider #3 groans-

-Aladdin goes behind Zorasto-

(Rider #2) What's the boy up to?

(Rider #1) I don't trust him. Remember, he's a traitor.

(Marauder #4) Zorasto! Behind you!

(Zorasto) Back, boy, or she goes over!

(Jasmine) Forget me, Aladdin.

(Zorasto) What?

(Jasmine) Do what's right for Agrabah. Save the city. I'm not important.

(Zorasto) You don't mean that?

(Jasmine) I mean every word! Stop him, Aladdin!

(Aladdin) Right.

-Zorasto falls over--Jasmine falls-

(Jasmine) Ahhhhhhh!

(Aladdin) Abu!

-Abu holds out hourglass-

(Zorasto) What? -Carpet holds him-

-Abu turns over hourglass-

-Aladdin positions himself under Jasmine's body--hourglass empties--Jasmine falls into his arms-

(Aladdin) Gotcha!

(Rider #2) You saved the princess? You beat Zorasto?

(Rider #1) Then all that is left is his pitiful band!

-marauders throw down their weapons and surrender-

(Rider #1) Marauders never a problem for the Riders of Ramand!

(Iago) Reality never a problem for the Riders of Ramand.

(Aladdin) The trade route is safe once again.

(Ambassador #1) Good. Very good.

(Ambassador #2) Excellent problem resolution.

(Ambassador #1) Good display of leadership qualities.

(Jasmine) Well, I’m not my father, but I manage.

(Rider #1) I believe we owe you an apology, boy. You were never a traitor.

(Rider #2) Perhaps we jumped to conclusions. A little too sure of ourselves.

(Rider #1) An understandable mistake given that we are, after all, the Riders of Ramand!

(Iago) Oh, it's understandable!

(Aladdin) No harm done, guys.

(Rider #1) One more concession. Given that you are a remarkable lad, we invite you to ride with us!

(Aladdin) Me?! A Rider of Ramand!?

(Genie) What about vacations, Al? I say three weeks minimum or no deal.

(Aladdin) -looks at Jasmine- I’m flattered, guys, but my loyalty is where it's always been... with Agrabah.

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