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Night of the Living Mud

Story Editor: Duane Capizzi
Written by: Bill Motz and Bob Roth
© Disney 1994

Transcript by Shiera

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Setting: The desert. The camera pans to the right until it reaches a hole in the ground. The inside of the mud hole is shown and Iago comes flying out frantically.

Iago: They wanna eat our flesh!

(Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, and Abu fly out of the hole on Carpet right behind Iago while several Al-Muddi follow behind them with mud spears. Noticing they were not able to catch up to the gang on two legs, some of the Al-Muddi combine together to make themselves into centaur-like creatures with four legs. Once they get a little closer in range, one of the Al-Muddi centaurs throws a spear and makes a direct hit at Carpet that causes everyone on-board to fall off. Carpet is pinned to the ground, Aladdin flips safely onto the ground with Abu on his shoulder, and Genie lands on his feet right before catching Jasmine in the air and putting her down. The Al-Muddi that combined split back into two like they were before, and run after the gang on their legs. Jasmine and Genie gasp as they see the Al-Muddi coming towards them.)

Genie: Ahh!

(Genie attempts to make a run for it, but one of the Al-Muddi grabs him by the leg. It tries to bite Genie's foot, but Aladdin takes a mud-spear and slices the Al-Muddi on the arm. This causes it a great deal of pain as it loses its forearm and releases Genie in the process. Aladdin and Genie run away while the Al-Muddi lets out a yell once it re-grows its forearm.

Carpet is still struggling to get free from the ground he is pinned to while Jasmine uses a stick to slice the Al-Muddi that is coming towards her. She succeeds by being able to slice the Al-Muddi in half through the stomach. The Al-Muddi pulls up its lower half like a pair of pants to fill in the gap that is there, and tries to take the stick out of Jasmine's hands. The two struggle for a bit before the Al-Muddi knocks Jasmine down and snaps the stick in half.)

Jasmine: Ahh!

(The Al-Muddi tries to pin her down with the two halves of the stick it just broke, but Jasmine manages to escape just barely. Genie gets an idea and turns his hands into spinning fan blades.)

Genie: Welcome to my weight-loss program!

(He pushes his hands towards the Al-Muddi, which causes it to back away as parts of its stomach is blasted to pieces.)

Iago: Hey, slopola, quit splashing!

(An Al-Muddi hand reaches up for Iago, but he gets away.)

Iago: Ahh!

(Carpet still struggles to get free as two Al-Muddi try to grab Iago.)

Iago: Keep your muddy mitts off me!

(The Al-Muddi eventually gets ahold of Iago for a second, but he manages to get out of its grasp and fly away. Carpet finally manages to get free from being pinned to the ground while Genie, Jasmine, Aladdin, Abu and Iago are now being closed in on by several Al-Muddi pointing spears at them.)

Genie: Why do I get the feeling we're just helping the Al-Muddi work up an appetite?

Jasmine: If anybody has any ideas, don't be shy!

(Aladdin looks around and spots a rock on top of a cliff near-by.)

Aladdin: Keep them put!

Genie: (saluting) Aye, aye Captain!

(Aladdin runs away from the enclosing circle of Al-Muddi and hops on Carpet. An Al-Muddi tries to catch them, but misses. Two other Al-Muddi attempt to catch Aladdin and Carpet, but end up colliding into one another. Aladdin reaches the top of the cliff and stars pushing the boulder.)

Aladdin: Push!

(Aladdin and Carpet push the boulder off the top off the cliff until it rolls down and hurls towards the Al-Muddi.)

Aladdin: Carpet, let's move!

(Aladdin hops back on Carpet and races down towards where the rest of the gang are as they move away from the boulder coming towards them. The boulder manages to collect all the Al-Muddi and rolls them through the desert as the Al-Muddi dry on the outside of the boulder. The boulder keeps going until it reaches the hole where the Al-Muddi first emerged from and plugs the hole back up. Aladdin and Carpet finally make it to the ground.)

Aladdin: I think that's all of them.

(An Al-Muddi that the boulder missed is behind Aladdin now about to attack. Jasmine gasps and Genie places his hands on his head.)

Jasmine: No!


Aladdin: Ahh!

(As Aladdin turns around, the Al-Muddi covers Aladdin with himself, and Aladdin struggles to get out. Genie gets an idea.)

Genie: Hey, I got just the thing!

(Genie turns himself into a giant magnifying glass, and hovers in the sky near Aladdin. A ray of light shines through the glass, and hits the Al-Muddi that's covering Aladdin. The mud begins to dry until it crumbles to pieces and frees Aladdin. Aladdin drops to the ground trying to regain his breath. Jasmine rushes over to help him.)

Jasmine: Oh, Aladdin, are you all right?

Aladdin: I'm fine. Tired, (he cracks his back) but fine.

(Everyone else comes over to check on Aladdin.)

Genie: Tired? I can't imagine why! You just cleared a trade route of the Al-Muddi, and yesterday you saved Getzistan from the Terror Cyclops, and the day before that battled the Banshee of the North, and then it was the Claw Devils of the Sahara, and the shambling Mamluks…

(As Aladdin listens in on Genie rambling about all the things he's done recently and shakes his head at him, Jasmine grabs Aladdin's arm to signal it's time to fly home.)

Setting: Outside courtyard of the palace. The gang are just now flying in and about to land, and Genie is still listing all the things Aladdin has done recently.

Genie: And don't forget the Crimson Fear! You battled him the same day Howling Hyenas of the Himalayas. Oh! And the Legion of the Doom! That was the Thursday before last, right?

Jasmine: Actually, (places a hand on Aladdin's shoulder) Thursday was the Seven-headed Hydra.

(Aladdin leans back a bit on Carpet now that they've finally landed.)

Aladdin: I guess I have been pretty busy lately.

(Iago flies down off Carpet wiping mud off his feathers.)

Iago: Hydra-Smydra! So it's got spare heads! At least you go home clean! It's gonna take me a month to get all this mud off my feathers!

(Aladdin has his head hanging down when Jasmine tilts Aladdin's chin towards her and smiles. He smiles a bit back to her.)

Jasmine: You ought to be exhausted. I'd say you earned it.

(Genie smacks himself in the forehead.)

Genie: Oh! How could I forget the Bug Master of Avadon?

(Genie goes over to Aladdin and Jasmine who are still sitting on Carpet since they landed.)

Genie: Boy you sure gave him the run for the money!

Jasmine: I know just what you need. (she shoos Genie away and places an arm around Aladdin) A quiet, relaxing evening. (she places her head on Aladdin's shoulder as he places an arm around her. The two happily smile.) A special night.

(Iago flies on to Aladdin's shoulder breaking up the moment.)

Iago: Special night? Now you're talkin'!

Jasmine: Ahem! Just the two of us.

(Jasmine smiles back at Aladdin.)

Setting: Inside the palace. Genie and Abu are happily relaxing while they listen to Iago ranting, who is busy dusting off his feathers.

Iago: I give! I sacrifice! I offer moral support! But do I get a special night? No! Look at me! I'm caked from beak to toe with dry, flaky mud! My feathers are losing their sheen!

(Genie and Abu look to see what Iago is talking about, and in the middle of him ranting get an idea.)

Iago: Not to mention—AH!

(Genie picks Iago up by the head mid-sentence and brings him over to Abu.)

Genie: Well, my good man, Abu has drawn your bath!

(Abu takes a bunch of tulips out of a near-by vase, and Genie dunks Iago into the vase water a few times. Then, he places Iago on the ground, and uses a blow-dry to get rid of the remaining dirt and water that's left on him. Iago is dizzy from the entire ordeal.)

Genie: There! Squeaky clean! (he places a pine tree car freshener around Iago's neck) And smellin' fine. (Genie sniffs the air) Gotta love the pine scent!

(Genie disappears quickly afterwards, and Abu begins laughing uncontrollably at Iago wearing the car freshener.)

Iago: All right, it's monkey shaving time!

Abu: Uh oh!

(Iago throws the car freshener on the floor and goes after Abu. The two run around the vase from earlier before moving their chase off the table, but not before spinning the vase around on its base a bit. This causes the mud that was washed off Iago from earlier to over-flow out the vase as if it created more in the vase.)

Setting: Jasmine's balcony at night. Aladdin and Jasmine are over-looking her balcony happily before Genie appears and grabs the two of them in his arms.

Genie: Glad I found you kids! I had to pull some strings, but I got 'em! Tickets to the Roman colosseum.

(He transforms himself into a Roman gladiator in Jasmine's room behind them.)

Genie: (as a gladiator) It's a night of thrill packed adventure!

(He turns around to see a giant, blue lion that is wearing Genie's red cummerbund and has Genie's facial features but with whiskers. It eats him in one bite, but then immediately spits Genie out.)

Genie: (as a lion) Eww! Pitooee!

(Genie as a gladiator transforms himself into a Roman actor.)

Genie: (as an actor) It is a night of drama. (he begins spoof Tony Curtis in "The Black Shield of Falworth") 'Yonder lies the palace of my father!'

(Another genie dressed as a clown shows up and throws a pink pie into the actor's face on a unicycle.)

Genie: (as a clown) And it's a night of comedy!

(Aladdin, who has been leaning on the ledge of Jasmine's balcony the whole time with his arms, lifts himself up and goes over to Jasmine.)

Aladdin: Heh, thanks Genie, but we'll pass. (he places his hands on Jasmine's shoulders) We just wanna relax tonight.

Genie: Ooh, right, tired!

(He begins to waves 'bye' to the two of them as he leaves the room.)

Genie: Have fun relaxing!

(Genie closes the door behind him as Aladdin and Jasmine now enter the room, and Aladdin turns to Jasmine.)

Aladdin: Alone at last.

(Aladdin pulls Jasmine closer and as the two are about to kiss, Genie comes back through the door.)

Genie: And don't worry about a thing! If any problems arise, I'll take care of em!

Aladdin: Thanks, Genie.

(Genie closes the door behind him again, and Aladdin and Jasmine return to each other.)

Jasmine: I believe you were about to kiss me.

(The two are about to kiss when Genie interrupts again.)

Genie: Anything! If the Terror Cyclops shows up, if the Hydra rears its ugly heads, if the plumbing backs up, I'll handle it.

Aladdin: Oh, I'll rest easier knowing you're out there!

(Genie leaves and closes the door behind him yet again. Aladdin tilts Jasmine's chin towards his and as the two are about to kiss, Genie bursts in the room again. Aladdin now has little patience left.)

Genie: You sure about those tickets?

Aladdin: (irritated) I'm relaxing, Genie! I'm…relaxing.

Hey! That didn't take long! (he gives Aladdin a thumbs up) Good work!

(Genie leaves the room again and Aladdin rubs his face in frustration as he lets out an annoyed moan. Jasmine ruffles Aladdin's hair and giggles at his frustration before pulling him closer to her for a hug.

The screen fades back to the room Genie, Abu and Iago were in. The vase is shown still over-flowing with mud that drips onto the table and eventually on to the floor. Iago is still chasing after Abu.)

Iago: You're monkey meat!

(The mud on the floor begins to take form into the shape of an Al-Muddi head with glowing red eyes. It starts to inch towards the direction Abu and Iago are in un-noticed. Abu jumps on a pile of pillows, but is pulled back down by Iago. The two begin to fight.)

Iago: Ooh, I'm gonna pull you inside out.

(The Al-Muddi head spots Iago and licks his lips. Iago is still fighting with Abu.)

Iago: You mangy, smelly—ahh!

(Iago flies upwards upon being bit, and the Al-Muddi is shown chewing on some of Iago's feathers. Iago lands back down on the pillow in disbelief as he accuses Abu.)

Iago: Hey! You bit me!

(Abu looks at Iago confused knowing he didn't do that, but Iago grabs Abu's arm.)

Iago: I've got a mean set of choppers and I am not afraid to use them!

(The Al-Muddi once again bites Iago while he's not looking and sends him flying upwards through the air again. Iago comes back down next to Abu.)

Hey, how did you…

(The two look behind them to see some mud is climbing the pile of pillows, and yell when they notice it's an Al-Muddi.)

Iago: Aladdin!

(Setting: another balcony on the palace. The camera pans over the city at night while Genie is narrating in a detective-like voice.)

Genie: Agrabah, a city of danger and intrigue.

(Genie is shown on a balcony in the palace dressed in a high collar suit jacket and a light red hat.)

Genie: I'm intrigued by danger and danger's intrigued by me. It's a twisted, kooky world I live in.

(He transports himself into the palace no longer wearing the detective outfit, and makes a big red reclining chair appear to relax in.)

Genie: But, thankfully tonight it seems pretty quiet!

(No sooner does he begin to rest his eyes does he hear Iago and Abu yelling.)

Iago: Aladdin! Aladdin!

(Iago and Abu run into Genie's stomach, which knocks the recliner chair over and him out of it.)

Iago: Mud! Bite! Tail! Get Aladdin!


Iago: We've got Al-Muddi in the house!

(Abu imitates the Al-Muddi the two saw.)

Genie: Al-Muddi?!

(Genie goes back into the room Abu and Iago were previously in. He tip-toes in and looks around for the Al-Muddi.)

Genie: (talking in a low voice) You're pretty spooked, Iago. It must have been a big one.

Iago: Oh yeah! They were (noticing the Al-Muddi on the floor, he gestures to it)…ahem, huge.

(The Al-Muddi slithers on the ground as Iago and Abu look at it terrified. Genie continues to walk around looking for the Al-Muddi when he notices a brown lump on the floor.)

Genie: Careful, don't step in the puddle.

(Abu and Iago hold on to each other in fear.)

Iago: Ahh! Don't let it eat me!

(Genie looks at Iago amused.)

What? That? (points to the brown lump on the floor) Oh, that's gunk from someone's shoe!

(The Al-Muddi starts to form its face and latches on to Genie's face. Genie shakes his head rapidly to make it fall off.)

Genie: Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!

Iago: Shoe gunk? Yeah, shoe gunk with a taste for flesh!

(Genie grabs the Al-Muddi off his face and flings it towards a wall. The Al-Muddi rolls off the wall and seeps under the door disappearing into the palace.)

We better get Al!

(Iago starts to fly away, but Genie places a hand in Iago's face to stop him. Iago flies back down to the ground.)

Genie: Whoa, there! Need I remind you? This is Al's special night.

Iago: Well, how special will his night be when he finds our bones picked clean?!

Genie: Oh, that old thing? Heck, it's kinda cute! (speaks to us) You know, they domesticate easy if you catch 'em young!

(Genie turns himself into a gray mud version of Pluto the dog.)

Genie: (as Pluto) We'll have him fetching Sultan's slippers in no time!

(Genie runs out of the room.)

Iago: The fragile thread of his sanity finally snapped.

(Iago and Abu also leave the room. Genie peeks his head out from behind a door in another location.)

All we have to do is trap it! (he lowers his voice and cracks his knuckles) Remember, the way to an Al-Muddi's heart is through its stomach.

(Genie, now dressed as a chef is battering a turkey on the ground, while Iago and Abu hide behind a wall.)

Hurry! I hear something gurgling!

Genie: Don't rush me! (He pats some garnish on top of the turkey) Presentation is everything!

(The Al-Muddi comes from around a corner, and finds the turkey in the middle of the hallway. It licks its lips and moves towards the turkey. Genie, Iago and Abu high above the turkey holding a barrel to trap the Al-Muddi in.)

Genie: What did I tell you? He's going for it.

(The Al-Muddi sniffs the turkey for a few moments before devouring it in one bite. This causes it to grow arms and legs now instead of just a head.)

Genie: (shocked) That's a growin' boy!

(The Al-Muddi rubs its stomach and spits out the bones of the turkey still whole and intact. It continues walking down the hallway and just misses Genie falling on top of him trying to catch it in the barrel. Genie lands on the barrel itself breaking it open.)

Genie: Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

(Sultan is shown walking down the hallway happily humming to himself and unaware of anything that's going on. The Al-Muddi crawls out from a vase that's near the Sultan and Genie gasps. Sultan stops when he sees the Al-Muddi on the floor in front of him, and starts to yell as it jumps on him and attacks.)

Sultan: Help!

Genie: Stubborn mud stain! (Genie pours as box of detergent on the Al-Muddi) Ooh, and you're wearing white!

(The Al-Muddi doesn't take well to the detergent, and starts to slip off Sultan as suds and bubbles form. He reaches the floor and walks away angry.)

Genie: You should see what it does for ketchup stains.

Sultan: Oh, what a terrible creature. I must send for Aladdin at once!

(Genie gasps and Sultan heads down the hallway again.)

Iago: (sarcastically) Ghee, why didn't I think of that?

(Genie cuts in front of Sultan.)

Genie: Oh, darn! Aladdin is running an errand in Pakistan. Too bad! But I'm not worried because I know you know what Al would do to stop this creature!

Sultan: I do? What is that?

Genie: String! Lots of it! And you are just the potentate to get it!

Sultan: I am? I am! (Genie shakes Sultan's hand) Good luck men! I will return!

(Sultan continues walking down the hallway determined.)

Genie: (saluting to Sultan) We're counting on you, sire!

Iago: Look, that cute Al-Muddi's moved off of baby formula and onto grown-up food. I say we get Al!

Genie: We can't! How many times has Al put his life on the line for us? Think of how hard he works.

Iago: My point exactly!

Genie: No, no, no, no! You see, Al's earned this special night. Some quality time with his gal! You know? A romantic dinner? Is that too much to ask for?

Iago: We need Al's help!!

Abu: Yeah!

Genie: No way! I'm going to stop that thing and you're going to help me.

(Genie scoops up Abu and Iago, and turns into a Mighty Ducks hockey player. He skates around the corner and down the hallway until he catches up to the Al-Muddi. He drops Iago and Abu off into a windowsill and goes after the Al-Muddi with a hockey stick.)

Genie: (narrating his own actions) Geniebrowski takes the ice! (He stands in front of the Al-Muddi). Here's the face off. (He hits the Al-Muddi with the hockey stick) He shoots! (The Al-Muddi lands on the wall above a door) He scores! Ha, ha!

(Genie returns to Iago and Abu at the windowsil and changes back into himself.)

Genie: Situation in hand! Who needs Al?

(Aladdin and Jasmine emerge from the door where Genie knocked the Al-Muddi to, unaware it's directly above their heads.)

Aladdin: Hey, guys!

(Genie gasps as the Al-Muddi slowly slides down the wall behind them.)

Aladdin: So, Genie, run into any Hydras or plumbing problems?

(Jasmine giggles)

Genie: Heck no! (He changes himself into a handyman and rushes over to the wall to scoop up the Al-Muddi before Aladdin and Jasmine notice. Perched on top of the door, he begins to spread the Al-Muddi out over the wall like plaster.) But these hairline cracks! This old shack is starting to show its age!

Iago: Don't listen to him! There's a—

(A plunger flies into Iago's face, knocking him down to the floor and getting stuck around his beak. Abu tries to pull it off.)

Genie: Whoops! Need to be more careful with my tools, I guess, ha, ha! Hey, far be it for me to keep you kids from your romantic evening. (He pushes Aladdin and Jasmine down the hallway) What's next? Dinner?

(The Al-Muddi falls to the floor and goes into the room Aladdin and Jasmine emerged from. Genie panics a bit.)

Genie: Ahh, now you kids have fun, okay?

(Genie rushes back through the door scooping up Abu and Iago along the way, and leaving Aladdin and Jasmine standing in the hallway confused.)

Jasmine: He's getting stranger by the day.

(Genie chases after the Al-Muddi down another hallway right before giving Abu to Iago to move out the way.)

Iago: Stop right there you monstrous mound of mud!

(The Al-Muddi thins its body and seeps into a crack in the ground before Genie could grab it.)

Genie: Ha, ha, ha! You're not getting away that easy. (He turns himself into a cockroach) Not when I can become a filthy, disease riddled bug! (He goes into the crack after the Al-Muddi)

(Meanwhile, Abu is still trying to pull the plunger off Iago's face and finally succeeds. This sends him flying in the opposite direction with the plunger in his hand and makes Iago hit his head against the floor.)

Iago: I'm getting one of my 'Genie's About To Get Us Into Big Trouble' migraines.

(Below the floor, Genie is still searching for the Al-Muddi as a cockroach. He spots a hole where he thinks the Al-Muddi went and takes a peek inside.)

Genie: (as a cockroach) Aha!

(A rat comes from the hole instead and startles Genie.)

Genie: (as a cockroach) Don't do that!

(He hears the Al-Muddi behind him and chases after him again. This leads him to another hole where this time he's sure the Al-Muddi went into.)

Genie: (as a cockroach) I've got you now, you mobile mound of mud!

(The Al-Muddi emerges through the floor in the palace again and starts walking. Genie also comes out of the crack.)

(as a cockroach) Aha! Stop and face me, coward!

(A large foot steps on Genie.)

Chef Abin: Yuck, a filthy, disease riddled bug! (he returns back to his cooking area) How can I work my genius in such squalor? It is enough to make me scream!

(The Al-Muddi closes in on Chef Abin un-noticed as Genie recomposes himself. As Chef Abin brings out the food he prepared, the Al-Muddi grows larger and towers over him. Genie gasps.)

Chef: (off-camera) No!

(Aladdin and Jasmine are in the dining room snuggling when they hear a loud crash in the kitchen and Chef Abin yelling.)

Aladdin: Hey, is something wrong in there?

(Genie, now back to his normal self, closes the curtains to the kitchen so that Aladdin and Jasmine don't see what's taking place in the kitchen. The chef throws a bowl at the Al-Muddi, but it keeps moving towards him.)

Chef Abin: I must warn the princess and Aladdin!

(Genie gasps and makes an elevator appear behind Chef Abin. Genie pushes him on it.)

Genie: Uh, they're upstairs! Third floor! Hosiery department!

(The elevator leaves.)

Stay calm, stay calm…

(The Al-Muddi climbs up on a table and the elevator comes back down carrying Iago and Abu on it. They look confused.)

Iago: Uh, what just happened?

(off-camera) Chef Abin! Are you all right?

Iago: Al!

(Genie gathers Abu and Iago, and places them on the table.)

Genie: No! Not on his special night!

(Genie disappears.)

Iago: That's what he thinks!

(Iago starts walking on the table and runs into the resting Al-Muddi puddle that wakes up. Iago and Abu jump into a large mixing bowl and grab eating utensils as weapons to fight it off.)

Aladdin: You know, I better check—

(Genie interrupts as a French waiter.)

Genie: Bonsoir, mon ami! I am your waiter for this, uh, how you say? Special evening?

Jasmine: (to Aladdin) What's going on in there?

Genie: Uh, uh, oh! (trying to block Aladdin and Jasmine from seeing anything that's going on in the kitchen) The chef can be so temperamental! 'These vegetables aren't fresh!' 'The broth is tepid!'

(off-screen) It wants to eat our kidneys!

Aladdin: Iago?

Genie: I'll get your salads!

(Genie shoots back into the kitchen. Abu and Iago are being chased by the Al-Muddi on the table. The two lift a roast and throw it towards him. This knocks it over, but it downs the roast in one bite and spits out the bone.)

Iago: Better the roast than us, right?

Abu: Uh huh! Uh huh!

(Genie comes into the kitchen in a panic.)

Genie: Salad!

(Genie immediately grabs a head of lettuce and a knife to chop it up with. The Al-Muddi lunges towards him, but he ends up slicing the head of lettuce and the Al-Muddi without noticing. The Al-Muddi lands on a plate, the lettuce lands in a bowl, and Genie rushes it out to Aladdin and Jasmine.)

Genie: Your salad! Ranch on the side, of course!

Iago: (off-camera) Ahh! Help!

Genie: Oh! Pardon me! I think the bread is rising!

(Genie leaves again.)

Aladdin: Like you said…

Stranger by the day.

(In the kitchen, Iago and Abu trap the Al-Muddi underneath a lid on a serving tray it was standing on.)

Iago: Got 'em!

(Genie comes in and snatches the serving tray and lid Iago and Abu were holding the Al-Muddi in from underneath them, and takes it out the kitchen thinking it was food.)

Genie: Main course!

Iago: Wait! That's not!

(In the dining room, Genie smiles as innocently as possible he holds the tray in his hands.)

Aladdin: Umm, Genie, is there something you want to tell us?

Genie: Yes…dinner is served!

(Iago and Abu run out behind the curtain leading to the kitchen.)

Iago: Don't lift that lid!!

(Genie lifts the lid and the Al-Muddi growls in anger. Genie quickly rams the Al-Muddi out the palace with his shoulder, and the Al-Muddi drops off the balcony and into Jasmine's fountain below. Aladdin and Jasmine go outside to the balcony to confront Genie.)

Jasmine: That was an Al-Muddi!

(Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie peer over the balcony. They see the Al-Muddi dissolve into a puddle of muddy water.)

Genie: Ah, it's dissolving! (he turns to Aladdin) Well, I guess it's bean-spillin' time, Al. (He leans in closer to Aladdin) We had a little situation with an Al-Muddi. (adjusting his cummerbund) Yep, the boys wanted to call you in, but, uh, I handled it. (he cracks his knuckles)

(Below at the fountain, the mud duplicates and creates several larger Al-Muddi now instead of just the one small one. Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie peer over the balcony again to see the Al-Muddi growling at them. Genie gasps and bites on his nails, and Iago lands on his shoulder.)

Iago: I would say that I'm going to hate you for the rest of my life, but I don't think that's going to be all that long!

(An army of Al-Muddi creatures jump out of the fountain lined up and march into the palace.)

Iago: They want to make a meal of us!

Jasmine: Not my idea of a romantic dinner.

Aladdin: We've got to stop them!

(The gang runs out of the room, Aladdin leading the way, and into the hallway where he is already confronted by an Al-Muddi. He runs back to a vase in the beginning of the hallway and grabs it.)

Aladdin: Genie! Boost me!

Genie: Upsy-daisy!

(He gives Aladdin a lift by foot, which lifts him high enough to trap the Al-Muddi underneath the giant vase. He then kicks the vase, splitting the Al-Muddi in half with his upper half being thrown across the room. Two other Al-Muddi enter the room and see what has happened to the other one on the floor. He points to Aladdin, and the three Al-Muddi go after him.)

Aladdin: (to everyone behind him) Go back! Go back!

(Everyone goes back into the room they were in before and shut the doors just before the Al-Muddi crash into them. Genie is shown on the other side holding the doors closed as the Al-Muddi pound on them. The Al-Muddi Aladdin split into half seeps under the door and goes after Iago on the table.)

Iago: Back off, you freak of nature! Back off!

(Abu charges the Al-Muddi with a serving tray and slams it to the table underneath the tray. Abu and Iago jump up and down on the tray.)

Iago: Yeah! Take that! And that! And that!

(Genie is still trying to keep the door closed.)

Jasmine: That door won't hold!

(Aladdin is shown over-turning a long dining table on its side.)

Aladdin: Help me with this!

(Genie comes to pick up the table and holds it at the door. He then turns himself into a giant hammer and begins to nail the table to the door. Five Al-Muddi are on the other side pounding the door still trying to get in.)

Jasmine: Any ideas, Genie?

Genie: Yeah, send me to the frozen north where I can't do any more harm!

(Aladdin and Jasmine run over to the door to help Genie keep it closed.)

Aladdin: What?

Genie: Al, if I had called you in the first place, we wouldn't even be in this mess!

Aladdin: What?!

Jasmine: Your special night?

Well, we are in a mess and I know one thing. If we're going to get out of it, we're going to need a little of that old Genie magic!

(Mud is shown seeping through the cracks of the wood on the door, and eventually the door itself breaks open and sends Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie to the other side of the room. The Al-Muddi are now in the room and one begins to swipe at Iago.)

Iago: You don't want me! I'm high in cholesterol!

Genie: Some of that old Genie magic, coming right up, Al!

(Genie grabs the Al-Muddi away from Iago.)

Iago: Ahh!

(And now dressed as a surfer, Genie talks to the Al-Muddi.)

(as a surfer) Cowabunga! Thanks for coming to Deep Tan Dan's tanning salon. (he places the Al-Muddi on the tanning bed and straps him down) You'll be the hit of the beach when the girls lay eyes on your golden brown tan, and dude, when I say golden brown (he goes over to a giant switch on the wall), I mean deep fried!

(The tanning bed overheats immediately turning the Al-Muddi to dust. Genie blows the dust off the tanning bed. The remaining Al-Muddi start to close in on Aladdin and Jasmine. The two spot a large curtain behind them, pull it down, and toss the curtain over the Al-Muddi. They then push the curtain to wrap the Al-Muddi up in it, and Abu ties off the end of the curtain.)

Abu: Tada!

(Genie makes a potter's wheel appear and spins any Al-Muddi coming near him into pots.)

Genie: I'm getting in touch with my artistic side. The right side of my brain, man.

(He does this with four more Al-Muddi before taking the pots he's made and placing them in a kiln. He hums a song to himself as he watches the time go by on his watch. After a little while, he opens the door to the kiln and examines one of the pots.)

Genie: Chipped—oh well!

(He tosses the pots out the kiln onto the floor so they break and completely destroy the Al-Muddi.)

Aladdin: There're too many of them!

Genie: (as a giant magnifying glass) If the sun were up, I'd dry them all out!

Jasmine: There must be something we can do.

Iago: I suggest panicking! Ahh!

(Genie snaps his fingers as he gets another idea.)

Genie: Hold the fort, Al! I am going to the frozen north!

(Genie flies out a high-up window in the palace over an army of Al-Muddi and Aladdin whistles for Carpet over the balcony outside the room.)

Aladdin: Carpet!

(Carpet arrives just in time as the Al-Muddi tries to attack Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu. They fall off the balcony while the gang gets away.)

Aladdin: Whew, that was close!

(Sultan is heard off-camera presumably down below.)

Sultan: Ahh! Keep back, I say! Away!

Jasmine: Father! We've gotta go back!

Setting: the frozen north. Genie is shown in the frozen north examining a large block of ice.

Genie: Ooh, it's cold!

(He gives himself a pair of mittens, goes into a hole under the very large sheet of ice, and lifts it from under to take it with him back to Agrabah.)

Setting: Agrabah. Aladdin and Carpet are flying back to the palace to get pick up the Sultan, who is carrying a large ball of string. He is surrounded by Al-Muddi.

Sultan: Stay back! I have string!

(He holds the ball of string up to the Al-Muddi, and Aladdin swoops in to grab Sultan on Carpet. The ball of string is left on the floor and the Al-Muddi look puzzled by it.)

Thank-you, Aladdin. Good thing you got back from Pakistan so early!

Aladdin: Pakistan?

(Aladdin looks up to see the Al-Muddi have found where Jasmine, Abu and Iago were hiding on top one of the palace domes.)

Aladdin: Oh, no!

Jasmine: Aladdin!

(As Aladdin, Sultan and Carpet fly by the Al-Muddi on the dome, one of them grabs Carpet and this causes Aladdin and Sultan to fall off and slide down the other side of the round dome. Aladdin grabs Sultan by the cape and stops him from falling off. The Al-Muddi are pulling Carpet's tassels and hitting him to the ground.)

Iago: It's times like this I'm glad I'm a bird.

(Iago flies upward a bit out of reach of the Al-Muddi while Aladdin and Sultan return to Jasmine and Abu hiding behind a spire.)

(Genie is now in Agrabah with the large sheet of ice practicing his opening line.)

Genie: "Put that thought on ice!"? Or "Freeze, dirt bag!"? Hmm, which is the better heroic catch phrase?

(He spots the gang and gives them winter attire before blowing on the large sheet of ice he brought back. This makes an icy wind that freezes the Al-Muddi in their tracks and turns them into ice.)

Jasmine: They're frozen!

Aladdin: Why not? Mud's just dirt and water! I knew we could count on some of that old Genie magic!

(Aladdin gets no response.)

Aladdin: Genie?

(He turns around and sees Genie has fallen asleep using the dome as a pillow. He's snoring.)

Aladdin: Genie!

Jasmine: Shh, he's tired!

Aladdin: Tired? I can't imagine why! I mean, he just saved Agrabah from the Al-Muddi and before that he did help me battle the Banshee of the North, and the Claw Devils of the Sahara, and the shambling Mamluks, oh, and the Crimson Fear…

(The camera pans up to the sky as Aladdin continues to list all the things Genie has helped with.)



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