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Moonlight Madness

Story Editors: Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley
Written by: Mirith J.S. Colao
© Disney 1994

Transcript by Shiera

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Setting: Agrabah. A shot of the city is shown as the camera pans down closer to the streets. The marketplace is shown with customers buying items from vendors, or chatting with others. Various vendors are shouting out their goods from olives to sugar dates in the background as the camera pans right and get closer in on a vendor holding a blue vase.

Omar: Look here! Olives! Fresh off the branch! Sugar dates!

Aladdin and Jasmine walk by holding hands and talking.

Aladdin: What? So does that mean you don't like the marketplace anymore, Jasmine?
Jasmine: Oh, Aladdin, it's not that this isn't a nice place. I...I was just hoping...
Aladdin: Hoping?

Jasmine: Never mind. It's a perfect date. Just you and me...
(As Jasmine reaches down to smell a flower off a near-by cart, and Iago zooms and runs into something off camera. Jasmine drops the flower startled as she and Aladdin look in the direction to where Iago flew to.)
Iago: (off-camera) That'll bruise.
Jasmine: ...and the guys.
(Aladdin walks over to where Iago is.)
Jasmine: I mean...they're great, but—
(Carpet rushes in front of Jasmine much to her surprised to block a random watermelon that is coming towards her. The watermelon ends up bouncing off him and into Aladdin, who gets knocked down into a cart of fish. Aladdin stands up, but starts to lose his balance and flails around due to the slippery fish on the ground he's standing on, and falls into a banana and peach cart. He tries to stand up, but because the fruit is on the ground below him, he starts to lose his balance again and crashes backwards into a near-by wall. Iago is now perched on the banana and peach cart Aladdin was just at, and Aladdin looks up a bit angry.)
Aladdin: Oh, guys...
(Iago grabs a peach and begins to dust it off with his feather by rubbing it on himself while humming a little song.)
Iago: The monkey started it!
(Abu is shown sitting in a pile of apples and places an entire vine of grapes in his mouth. He chews them a bit, pulls out the stem, and spits the grapes at Iago. Iago manages to dodge all of them by flying a bit upward and not remaining stationary. Abu grabs some more grapes and places them in his mouth to try again, but Aladdin comes over to the stand and stops him.)
Aladdin: Abu!
(Abu nods his fez to Aladdin and gives him a large, sheepish smile containing a mouth full of grapes.)
Abu: Hello!
(Aladdin walks over to Jasmine, who has her arms folded in annoyance. Aladdin begins to wipe the watermelon off his vest.)
Aladdin: Sorry, Jasmine. I guess our date kinda turned into a disaster
(Abu is shown putting more grapes in his mouth now that Aladdin is gone as Aladdin wipes the watermelon off his cummerbund. Genie emerges upon being inadvertently rubbed dressed as a female Latin dancer wearing a fruit hat and speaking in a Spanish accent.)
Genie: You rubbed? Aye, food fight!
(Genie takes an orange from his hat and pushes up his sleeve as he is about to throw it before Aladdin grabs him down to his level to whisper to him.)
Aladdin: Genie! We're in the marketplace!
Genie: So? Is there a law against bad accents?
(Aladdin points to Genie's smoke tail.)
Genie: Oh! Right! Our little secret!
(Genie gives himself some legs, a red skirt and red sandals to match his outfit. He then throws the orange from earlier at Iago as Aladdin ducks for cover.)
Genie: Heads up, amigo!
(The orange just barely misses Iago and hits the wall behind him.)
Iago: Oh, you are gonna regret that.
(Iago takes two bananas he's been holding in his hands, tosses them up in the air, grabs them with his feet and squeezes the bananas out of their skins towards Genie. The bananas hit someone off camera, and a large shadow looms over Iago as it gets closer to him.)
Iago: I, uh...I think I'll just mosey along now.
(Iago flies off and the person hit is shown to be Omar, the vendor from earlier, who now has the two bananas lodged in his lower mouth like two giant fangs sticking up vertically. He is not very happy.)
Omar: Oooh, somebody will pay for this!
(Omar spits out the two bananas.)
Aladdin: I guess I'm "somebody", Omar.
(Aladdin reaches for some money out of his vest and pays Omar for the damage. Omar walks away upset and Jasmine still has her arms folded.)
Jasmine: Well, I can't say you don't take me on expensive dates.
Aladdin: Heh. Genie and the guys just get... carried away sometimes.
Jasmine: Just once...
(Jasmine moves her head as a banana boomerangs near her.)
Jasmine: ...just once, I'd like to go on a real date.
(Jasmine goes over to Aladdin and places an arm around him while her other hand interlocks with his.)
Jasmine: You know, just the two of us.
(Aladdin notices something coming towards them and moves the two of them out of the way fast.)
Aladdin: Duck!
Jasmine: Ahh!
(A watermelon goes flying by while a large splash is seen showing Aladdin and Jasmine falling into a tub of water.)
Aladdin: Jasmine, I promise to make it up to you!
(Jasmine is shown with her hair covering most of her face from being so wet. A camel comes over to her and licks her face. The camel tries to rub its face against Jasmine's, but she pushes it away several times.)
Jasmine: Do you really think that's possible?
(Aladdin begins to get out of the tub of water and reaches for Jasmine hand to help her out.)
Aladdin: I'll take you on the most romantic... it'll be a date you'll never forget!
(Jasmine gets out the tub and begins to ring her hair out.)
Jasmine: Just the two of us?
Aladdin: Of course!
Jasmine: Well...
(Jasmine gives Aladdin a kiss and begins to walk away.)
Jasmine: See you tonight.
(Aladdin sighs happily as Jasmine walks away, but the moment is quickly ruined as a peach hits Aladdin in the back. He turns around angry and sees Genie, Iago, Abu and Carpet all with peaches in their hands. They slowly drop the fruit to the ground as Aladdin marches towards them.)
Iago: Did I blame the monkey already? Okay, okay, it's the rug's fault!
Genie: Is something wrong, Al? Be brutal!
(Aladdin charges towards them as they make a dash for it. Carpet, Iago and Abu manage to make it inside a building while Genie stops right outside the opening to the building. Before Aladdin could tackle him, he extends his legs and molds them to the shape of the doorway Carpet, Iago and Abu ran into. Aladdin charges underneath him and runs inside the building, crashing into something inside.)
Genie: Whoopsie.

(Inside the building, Aladdin has fallen on the ground and is leaning against some pots. A blue pot falls from the top of the stack near him and breaks leaving nothing but some small bones that were inside on the ground. Genie, Iago, Abu and Carpet go over to Aladdin.)
Genie: Sorry about the leg thing, Al. Involuntary genie reflex.
(As Genie beings to help Aladdin up, a voice is heard off-camera and upon hearing it, Genie drops Aladdin to the ground.)
Old Woman: Don't move!

(A woman is shown emerging from a curtain in another doorway.)
Old Woman: The bones are speaking!
Iago: (to Abu) Oh, I'll bet she hears lots of things talking to her. (motions to leave) Come on!
(Aladdin gets himself off the ground as the woman moves towards the bones that are in a single spotlight. She gets on the ground and begins to listen to them.)
Old Woman: Mmm-hmm...ahh...ohh.
(Genie shrugs to Aladdin, neither of which knows what's going on.)
Old Woman: My boy, the bones tell a tale of an extraordinary fortune!
(Iago and Abu rush on screen to the woman.)
Iago: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! The last part. What was that?
Old Woman: I'll tell all...for a coin of silver.
(Genie turns himself into a man wearing a blue business suit, and pulls out a wallet with a long chain of plastic credit card holders.)
Genie: Do you take plastic?
Old Woman: Silver!
(Aladdin looks skeptically at the woman, while Iago and Abu are sitting on his shoulders.)
Iago: Give her a copper. Look at this dump. How good could she be?
Aladdin: Actually, a copper is all I can afford.
(Aladdin hands the woman a piece of copper as she snatches it away.)
Old Woman: Birds! Rats with wings!
Iago: Oh, yeah, go back to your crystal ball, jerk.
Old Woman: I see...a vast treasure of spectacular riches...
(As she is saying this, the bones begin to rise off the floor and take a pyramid-like form, and Aladdin moves closer to her.)
Old Woman: ...and it awaits you on the Isle of Tragoon. But! The treasure shall only appear in the light of a full moon.
Aladdin: There's a full moon tonight! We could leave now!
Old Woman: Ah, but the bones also speak of true love's promise made.
(The bones drop to the ground and Aladdin gasps.)
Aladdin: Jasmine! I almost forgot our big date tonight. Guess the treasure'll have to wait.
(Aladdin walks off disappointed and begins to go up the stairs to leave.)
Iago: I don't believe thi—! You're just gonna walk awa—! Hey, hey! Wait! Wiggy idea...why not do both?!
(Abu jumps up and down in excitement on Aladdin's shoulder.)
Abu: Uh huh! Uh huh! Uh huh!
Iago: I mean, what could be more romantic than an island? Picture it! The moon! The beach! A GIGANTIC PILE OF GOLD!
(Iago grabs Aladdin's face and Aladdin swats him away.)
Aladdin: But I promised Jasmine.
Iago: She doesn't have to know!
(Aladdin has finally made it to the top of the stairs, and Iago takes Aladdin's fez off his head.)
Iago: Aladdin, opportunity is knocking. (He hits Aladdin on the head a few times with his foot) Answer the door!
(Aladdin snatches his fez back as they make it outside.)
Aladdin: I don't know guys.
(The old woman is inside on the stairs shouting to the guys as they leave.)
Old Woman: Trust the bones! They tell all! (The gang are completely off-screen now) But I don't. Maybe for silver I would have warned them of the curse.
(The old woman takes the copper coin and adds it to a bag.)

Setting: Leaving Agrabah. Carpet is flying over the city with Aladdin and Jasmine.

Jasmine: A whole evening. Just the two of us. Imagine...
(Jasmine is seen snuggling up to Aladdin, who looks rather worried about something.)
Aladdin: Yeah, heh, I'm trying to...

(Carpet flies a little higher and shows that Abu and Iago are underneath him hiding and clinging to the bottom with Iago backing up Abu.)

Setting: Isle of Tragoon. Carpet makes it to the island and gets low enough to the ground to folds himself into several little steps. Aladdin hops off first, and takes Jasmine hand as she walks down Carpet. As she walks down the "steps", she manages to step on Iago and Abu a bit. Iago lets out a noise, but Abu quickly quiets him.

Jasmine: Oh, Aladdin, it's lovely!
Aladdin: Thanks, Carpet!
(Jasmine examines the island for a second, but then turns and looks at Aladdin over her shoulder.)

Aladdin: Do you mind "laying low" for a while?
(Carpet backs away, making sure that Iago and Abu behind him at not seen by Jasmine.)
Jasmine: Oh, you're so sweet, Carpet!
(Carpet bows, but just low enough to not show Iago and Abu. Aladdin turns Jasmine the other way and begins walking with her.)
Aladdin: Heh, polite to a fault!
(Aladdin quickly tosses the lamp behind him to Carpet while keeping Jasmine distracted by walking with her in the opposite direction.)
Jasmine: Oh, this place is perfect! A full moon, a gorgeous island, and no guys.
(Genie is shown out of his lamp with digging tools, but Aladdin motions for him to go away behind his back. Genie winks and quickly leaves.)
Jasmine: Just the two of us.
Aladdin: Heh, yeah.
(Jasmine rests her head on Aladdin's shoulder, but the sound of a jack hammer is heard faintly in the background.)
Jasmine: What was that?
Aladdin: Uh, hard to say. I'll be right back.
Jasmine: Aladdin!
(Aladdin leaves and heads over to where Genie, Iago, Abu and Carpet are. Genie is using himself as a jack hammer to dig into the ground.)
Aladdin: Genie! What are you doing?!
Genie: Digging for buried treasure, Al!
Aladdin: But you gotta figure out where it's buried first!
Genie: Oh, sure, if you want to do it the easy way.
Aladdin: Look for clues or something. I gotta get back to Jasmine.
(Aladdin heads back towards Jasmine.)
Iago: Gotta get back to Jasmine! Where are his priorities?

(Jasmine is sitting on a huge log tossing little pieces of wood into a fire that has been made. Aladdin joins her on the log.)

Aladdin: You would not believe the size of the crickets on this island.
Jasmine: You sure are acting strange. Huh, must be the full moon.

(The full moon is shown with a howling noise in the background as some clouds eclipse the moon.

Abu is shown carrying a compass and Carpet a digging axe while they walk through the jungle as Iago is perched on Genie's shoulder, who is now dressed in a full pirate ensemble.)

Iago: Look, all I'm saying: if the kid's not with us, maybe he doesn't get a cut of the treasure
Genie: Arrr! Me thinks ye be filled with mutinous intent!
Iago: What? I just want to spare him the painful choice between love and money!

(Abu finds foot prints on the ground and as he looks further up the trail, he sees they belong to a young woman that is standing there. She runs off upon being spotted.)
Iago: Oh, great, what if she's after our treasure?
Genie: If she dars cross our path, we'll keelhaul her! We'll lash her to the mizzen-mast! We'll...make fun of her hair-do. Arr!
(Genie slashes through the large plants with a sword,)
Genie: Methinks we're getting warmer.
Iago: Me thinks you don't have a clue. We've been going in circles! But what can I expect? You gave the compass to the monkey.
(Abu fusses a bit)
Genie: Follow me, lads! Just forty paces past Skull Rock and three crows feet beyond Dead Man's Curve! There will find...
(Genie splits some bushes apart to see Aladdin and Jasmine still sitting on the log. He winces a little. Aladdin notices them and motions for them to go away before Jasmine sees them. Abu and Iago duck back into the bushes while Genie looks stunned. Aladdin turns back to Jasmine placing his hand on his forehead.)
Jasmine: Aladdin?
Aladdin: Uh, Jasmine! I'll be right back!
(Aladdin gets up from the log.)
Jasmine: But where are you going now?
Aladdin: need flowers!
(Aladdin runs off into the jungle.)
Jasmine: Flowers? What I need is some company.
(Jasmine warms herself by the fire while the howling noise is heard again.

Aladdin catches up with Genie, Iago, Abu and Carpet.)

Aladdin: So what's the story, Genie?
(Genie turns himself into a TV news anchorman to give Aladdin the report. He begins to read the headlines off sheets of paper.)
Genie: (through the TV screen) Treasure Hunters Walk In Circles! Parrot Complains! Monkey Refuses Comment!
Aladdin: You haven't found anything?
Iago: Hey, smart guy, you think you could do better?
Aladdin: Yeah! I should just go look for the treasure myself!...ugh, no. I promised Jasmine a "evening of romance".
Iago: ...oh, you're hopeless.
Aladdin: Now listen up, you guys! Look for trails, or notches on trees! Anything! The treasure is here somewhere! Good luck!
(Aladdin leaves and returns to Jasmine.)
Jasmine: What about the flowers?
Aladdin: Flowers? Oh! Oh, flowers!
(Genie zaps some red flowers to Aladdin behind his back from behind the bushes.)
Genie: The sneaky boyfriend bouquet!
(Aladdin notices the flowers now in his hand and presents them to Jasmine.)
Jasmine: How did you...?
Aladdin: Uh, we romantic types have our ways!
Jasmine: Hmm, I've noticed!
(Iago, Abu, Genie and Carpet and back in the jungle looking again for the treasure. Genie is looking at the ground through a magnifying glass.)

Iago: So we give lover boy five percent tops!
Genie: I see a trail! This could be it!
(Iago is shown looking up at Genie through the magnifying glass. This startles Genie and Abu.)
Genie: Oh, it's just you!
(Iago moves out the way of the trail annoyed, and a paw print is shown under the magnifying glass. A growling noise is heard soon after in the background, and a giant jackal is shown heading towards them. They all yell.)
Genie: Shhh! They can smell fear!
(The jackal growls at them.)
Genie: Fear!
(Genie changes back into himself and the guys all make a run for it. Abu falls off Genie's shoulder, getting left behind during the run, and scrambles to make sure the jackal doesn't catch up to him. Carpet swings in picking up Abu and then Genie and Iago ahead, and flies off away from the jackal.)
Iago: (out of breath) Did you see?! What was that?
Genie: That was something we want to get far away from as fast as we can.
(Carpet cruises through the jungle until he hits a thick area of leaves and plants. The four of them hurl through them and end up on the other side of the plants.)
Genie: Oops.
(Unfortunately, it's back where they started where Aladdin and Jasmine are. Jasmine is not very happy.)
Iago: Al! Jasmine! What a coincidence!
Jasmine: Coincidence, huh?
(Genie turns himself into a cash register.)
Genie: She's not buying it, Al. Go ahead, tell her why we're here.
Jasmine: Yes, Aladdin. Do tell.
(Before Aladdin can say anything, Genie jumps in between Aladdin and Jasmine, who is plucking petals off her bouquet of flowers waiting for Aladdin's explanation.)
Genie: Well, the hopeless romantic here wanted to make your date super special with a cozy dinner for two.
Aladdin: Can you forgive me?
(Jasmine sweetly shakes her head 'yes' and Genie starts creating things with his magic. He makes a 50s style dinner appear along with a pink Corvette for Aladdin and Jasmine to sit in.)
Aladdin: Wow!
Jasmine: Ooh!
(Genie skates over the corvette dressed as a waitress)
Genie: Hey, daddy-o! What'll you have?
(Genie hangs over into the car playing with and chewing his gum.)
Aladdin: Uh, romantic dinner for two, please.
Genie: You want fries wit that? Order in! Two burning love birds sitting pretty on the spot track, and slim it with a moo freeze!
(Iago, Carpet and Abu are shown working inside the diner. Iago is working the fryer, Carpet is flipping hamburgers, and Abu is making milk shakes. He adds a scoop of ice cream to a cup, and then places the cup under a machine. The pink liquid begins to over-flow out the cup and on to Abu.)
Iago: Oh, this deep fryer gives me the creeps. You know, my cousin Jed, he had a bad experience in Kentucky.
Iago takes a fry out of the basket and eats it.

Aladdin and Jasmine are sitting in the pink Corvette outside the diner. Aladdin still looks worried.)

Jasmine: Ah, this night feels so... magical!
(Jasmine happily leans on Aladdin, who makes up an excuse to leave the car.)
Aladdin: H-how can it take so long for a genie to make dinner? I mean, can't he just go "POOF"?

(Aladdin hops out of the car.)
Aladdin: Stay right here! I'll...
(Jasmine gets annoyed and finishes the rest of Aladdin's sentence with him.)
Aladdin and Jasmine: right back.
(Genie gathers the food from the counter and skates over to the car. Aladdin rushes past him.)
Aladdin: Genie! Stall Jasmine!
(Genie nods his head at Aladdin, but doesn't realize there is a rock on the ground. He trips and crashes into the front of the car. All the food falls on top of him afterwards.

Aladdin is at the counter with Abu.)

Aladdin: I'll find that treasure!
(Abu hops into Aladdin's arms.)
Abu: Alright!
Iago: I still better get my cut!

(Aladdin runs off into the jungle to search for the treasure. He comes to a clearing with a giant crater like hole in the center of the area.)
Aladdin: (to Abu) Did you guys search this place?
Abu: Nuh uh!

(Beams of light are seen shining through the clouds above. They join together and hit the giant hole in the cleared area. After a few moments, something takes form and it turns out to be a giant glass room. Inside is the treasure.)

(He slides down into the area, and goes over to the room.)
Aladdin: This night really is magic!

(Meanwhile, Jasmine is still in the Corvette sipping on a drink through a straw. After drinking all of it, she crunches the empty cup with her fist and gets out of the car. When she closes the door, the car vanishes.)
Jasmine: What's going on here? Where's Aladdin?
(Genie and Carpet make innocent gestures as Iago walks past them towards Jasmine ranting.)
Iago: I'm thinkin' maybe he skipped town with the treas—!
(Before Iago could finish, Genie zapped him and put him into an old purple sock. Genie gathered up the sock like it was a bag.)
Genie: Oh! And I thought the dryer ate that sock!
Jasmine: Maybe I'll find out for myself.
(Jasmine storms off in search for Aladdin.)
Genie: This is un-good.

(Aladdin is peering into the glass room looking at the treasure.)
Aladdin: This fortune was worth the silver!
Abu: Yeah!

(The jackal from earlier is now on the ledge above Aladdin and Abu. Aladdin tries to open the glass room by pulling a giant ring, but it won't open.)

Aladdin: It's stuck!
(Abu notices the jackal inching down towards them and panics. He climbs onto Aladdin's head and covers his eyes.)
Aladdin: Quit fooling around, Abu!
(Aladdin continues to tug on the giant ring until it finally opens. A huge gust of wind follows.)
Aladdin: I think I got it!
(Aladdin finally opens his eyes after Abu lets go and he is no longer tugging on the ring. Looking into the reflection of the glass room, he realizes something is behind him.)
Aladdin: (to Abu) That's not you, is it?

(Aladdin turns around to see the jackal. It lunges towards him, but Aladdin dodges it and the jackal knocks itself out upon hitting the glass room. Aladdin makes a break for it back the way he came. He has some trouble getting back up to the area because it is a rather steep climb. The jackal awakens and goes after Aladdin who is still struggling to climb up to safety, but eventually makes it to the top as the jackal lunges towards him again and misses. The jackal hits its head and falls back down into the area giving Aladdin and Abu just enough time to secure an escape.

Now at the top of the clearing and in the jungle, Abu runs away and Aladdin climbs a near-by tree as the jackal is seen climbing over the ledge and making its way over to the area where Aladdin is. It runs towards the tree Aladdin is in, but doesn't make it in time to catch him. Angry, the jackal attempts to climb the tree, but slips here and there. Aladdin is also slipping further down the tree here and there, but eventually catches hold of a tree limb and climbs on top of it. Abu watches in panic down below. Aladdin inches his way outward onto the limb as the jackal has now caught up with him and makes its way out onto the limb Aladdin is on, too. Jasmine's voice is heard below.)
Jasmine: Aladdin!
Aladdin: Jasmine! Stay away!
(The weight of both Aladdin and the jackal on the tree limb proves to be too much, and begins to break. The jackal is almost at Aladdin when the limb breaks completely from the tree and the two of them plummet to the bottom.

Some clouds eclipse the moon again, and Jasmine is down below searching for Aladdin, unaware of any of the danger he was just in. She searches around some more until she comes to find him sitting on the ground of the jungle with the woman from earlier in his arms.)
Jasmine: Stay away, indeed!
(Aladdin looks to his side and notices that the woman is in his arms. He looks just as surprised as Jasmine is. Abu looks on from a distance.)
Abu: Uh oh...
(The woman gets up and runs away as Jasmine approaches them. Aladdin gets up quickly.)
Aladdin: Jasmine, I can explain! See, there was this beast!
Jasmine: Oh, and how would you describe me?!
Aladdin: No! I mean a real monster dog!
Jasmine: Stop it! I saw her! She was beautiful! You've been sneaking away with her all night
Aladdin: No! Just this once!
(Realizing that he probably worded that wrong, and that Jasmine took it exactly that wrong way, she storms off even more angry and Aladdin chases after her.)
Aladdin: Ahh! No! You have it all wrong!
Jasmine: Well, I'm going to find that girl and see just how wrong I am!

(Jasmine goes deeper in the jungle.)
Aladdin: Why won't she believe me? Because I hardly believe me. Jasmine, wait!
(Genie appears in front of Aladdin, who bounces off Genie's stomach and gets knocked to the ground where Carpet, Iago and Abu are now standing. Aladdin gives Genie an annoyed face as Genie smiles sheepishly at him.)
Aladdin: Genie!
Iago: Shh! (Iago raises a wing to signal to quiet) Look! (He points to some foot prints on a path) I bet it's that treasure stealing girl in the nightie.
Aladdin: The girl? You've seen her, too?
(Abu examines the foot prints and gets excited about something as he points in the direction the foot prints are going. The gang follows the foot prints and realizes that they evolve from human foot prints to animal paws.)
Aladdin: The jackal?
Iago: Maybe that vicious, blood-thirsty jackal...(Iago gulps)...ate the girl.
(Iago and Abu think about that scenario for a second.)
Iago and Abu: Eww.
Aladdin: Jackal? (He gasps) We have to find her!
(The woman is shown running through the jungle as Jasmine tries to find where she ran off to.)
Jasmine: I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for being in my boyfriend's arms, and I'd just like to hear it. Now.
(Jasmine looks to the left of a tree, but the woman behind it escapes to the right of the tree. Jasmine notices and chases after her, grabbing the woman's wrist and that causes her to stumble to the ground. The woman is on the ground begging to Jasmine.)
Woman: Please! Go away!
Jasmine: What's wrong?
(The clouds begin to part behind Jasmine and the moon is revealed again. The woman scoots back into a corner of the jungle trying to cover herself out of fear.)
Woman: The moon! No!
(Jasmine watches in horror as the woman begins to transform. Her hands match the paw prints from earlier. The woman is shown in a partial transformation. She has retained her human form, but her face and body is beginning to morph. Some clouds start to cover the moon again, and the woman is turned back to normal, but is still cowering in fear.)
Jasmine: Let me help you!
Woman: No! (she pushes Jasmine away) I'm cursed! In the light of the full moon I...I...
(The clouds reveal the moon once more and the woman begins to morph. Jasmine screams and tries to run away, but trips to the ground. Now the jackal has taken full form and begins to go after her. Right as the jackal lunges for Jasmine, Aladdin pushes it out of the way. Now on top of the jackal, Aladdin tries to fight it. Genie is off-screen making a whistling noise. He is holding a little chew toy.)
Genie: Here, Fido! Here, boy! (to Jasmine) They love these things. (Genie sniffs the toy) I think it's that fresh rubber toy smell!
Aladdin: Whoa! Genie!
(The jackal charges towards the rest of the gang while Aladdin tries frantically to hold on to the jackal. The gang moves out of the way when the jackal comes towards them. It continues to run until it makes an abrupt turn that causes Aladdin to fly off its back. Genie holds up the chew toy for the jackal to come get, but doesn't realize how close the jackal really is. The next thing he knows, he's being hauled off by his smoke trail in the jackal's mouth. Genie tries to grab it out of the jackal's mouth, but does not succeed. The jackal flings Genie around by his tail and spits him out towards a tree. Genie circles a branch a few times before rolling himself completely on to it. The jackal grabs a piece of Genie that's hanging from the tree and begins to unravels him. Genie's hand catches hold of the branch before he was completely unraveled, and Genie hits the jackal with a newspaper while he holds on to the branch. Aladdin and Jasmine look in horror.)
Genie: Bad dog! Let go! You're leaving teeth marks!

(Everyone stands around watching helplessly as the situation grows worse. Now the branch that Genie was holding on to for support was beginning to break. Once it snaps completely, the jackal gnaws even more on Genie's tail. Carpet rushes in underneath the jackal and flings it upwards to make it let go of Genie. Before the jackal hits the ground, Genie zaps it and places it in a giant container that comes with a wheel for it to run around in.)
Jasmine: But the jackal is a girl!

Iago: Yeah, a blood-thirsty, poorly manicured girl.
Jasmine: No, she's a real girl under a curse!
Aladdin: But who would do that? (Aladdin thinks for a moment) Whoever needed a guard dog for the treasure!
Jasmine: Treasure? What treasure?
Aladdin: Heh, what treasure?
Genie: Al, the dog may be in the cage, (Genie turns himself into the Cheshire Cat from Disney's Alice in Wonderland) but the cat is out of the bag.

(Everyone is now peering in to the glass room containing the treasure from earlier. The door is still closed.)
Iago: Well what's the problem? We're here, the treasure's here, it's kismet. (Iago pushes Aladdin's face on the glass) Let's open it.
Aladdin: It's just that...well...Jasmine...
(Aladdin walks over to Jasmine and holds her hands. Iago flies over to them.)
Iago: Love or money?
Aladdin: It's love for me!...but, uh, the treasure is nice, too.
(Jasmine sighs in defeat.)

Jasmine: Go ahead. We're here.
(Aladdin kisses Jasmine on the cheek before returning to the treasure room to open the door. Genie, Carpet, and Abu all join Jasmine while Iago follows Aladdin.)
Iago: Does this mean we have to cut the dough six ways?!
Aladdin: We can always give Jasmine your share.
Iago: Aheh, no need to go to extremes!
(Aladdin pulls the giant ring again and wind rushes from the inside like earlier. This causes Iago to fly backwards to where the rest of the gang is standing. Everyone, including Aladdin, is bracing themselves from the wind. After a few moments, the wind stops and Aladdin enters the treasure room. The gang watches on in suspense as Aladdin walks towards it, but the moment is short lived when a familiar growling noise is heard in the background. The gang looks back to see the jackal has escaped the box Genie put it in, and is wheeling itself down to do where they are. Genie turns into a traffic cop and tries to stop the jackal.)
Genie: (blowing a whistle) Stop!
(The jackal runs over Genie, and the gang begin to run as the jackal tumbles out of control towards them.)
Jasmine: Aladdin!
(The jackal escapes the wheel after the crash, and moves in towards Aladdin. Aladdin is still inside the treasure room, unaware of the events taking place outside the glass room.)
Aladdin: Come on, you guys! (Aladdin hears a growl) Huh?
(Aladdin turns around to see the jackal approaching him. The door is shut and he is left alone with the jackal.)
Aladdin: I'm in trouble!
(The two circle around the treasure for a moment before Aladdin makes a run towards the door. The jackal quickly follows. Aladdin tries to push the door open, but it's stuck and he is now pinned against the door by the jackal.)
Jasmine: (to Genie) What can we do?!
(Genie tries to zap the glass room, but his magic bounces off it and comes flying back towards the two of them.)
Genie: That thing's enchanted! We're talking genie proof!
(Jasmine thinks for a second before coming up with an idea.)
Jasmine: The moonlight! Genie, you have to block the moonlight!
(Genie zaps the group and gives them all sunglasses.)
Genie: This should do the trick!
(Inside the room, the jackal tries to bite Aladdin's face, but he ducks and makes his way over to the treasure. He grabs a shield from the pile and uses it to brace himself as the jackal attacks.)
Jasmine: Genie, we've got to block the moon itself! Without the full moon, the jackal can't exist!
(Aladdin is on the floor in the treasure room underneath the shield as the jackal hovers over him. The reflection of the jackal's face can be seen in the shield as drool drips down upon it.)
Genie: Okay, this'll work! (Genie changes himself into a body builder.) Time to pump up!

(Genie attaches an air pump to his smoke tail and begins to make himself larger while floating in the air like a huge balloon. Jasmine backs up as Genie pumps himself larger and fills the area. Eventually, he rises to the top of the jungle trees and bounces himself off them until he makes it up high enough to cover the moon. Jasmine turns around to see if it worked.

Inside the treasure room, the jackal begins to morph back into the woman from earlier until she is completely normal again. Still hovering over Aladdin and realizing what has happened, the woman jumps up excited and runs over to the treasure kissing it. Iago is outside the treasure room banging on the glass.)
Iago: Get your lips off of my treasu—!
(Iago looks inside and is amazed at the sight taking place inside. The pile of treasure the woman is kissing begins transforming into another human. Jasmine, Abu, and Carpet are also amazed and stunned at this. The shield Aladdin was holding began to disappear, and when the woman stepped back from the pile of treasure, from a bright white light emerged a man. She runs towards him with the biggest smile, and the glass room surrounding her, the man, and Aladdin disappears as well.)
Woman: You broke our curse! Thank you.
(Aladdin looks on stunned, and Genie floats back down to where everyone is at.)
Genie: Oh, this is just beautiful!...uh, what's happening?
(Jasmine walks over to the man and woman who are embracing each other.)
Jasmine: So a wizard put a curse on you and your prince?
(Abu climbs up on the man's shoulder.)
Woman: And the fiend's curse could only be broken by a kiss.
Man: (to Abu on his shoulder) An impossible kiss.
(Genie is wiping tears from his eyes with a cloth while Iago perches himself on Genie's finger.)
Iago: Nothing! Zilch! There's nothin' here! There's not a dime! There's nothing! I don't see anything!
Woman: (to Jasmine) And the full moon transformed me into the jackal beast!
Jasmine: So you could never kiss him and break the curse!
Woman: Until tonight.
(The woman looks over at Aladdin.)

Aladdin: Heh, happy to help!
(Iago flies over to the man and woman.)
Iago: Yatta, yatta, yatta. So where's the treasure?
Man: I was the treasure. Only my beloved's kiss could return me to flesh and blood.
Aladdin: So, there's really no treasure?
(The man and woman hug each other with no response. Aladdin hangs his head in disappointment.)
Iago: Nice work.
(Jasmine walks over to Aladdin and tilts his chin up to look at her.)
Jasmine: You kept your promise. This was the most romantic date ever.
(Jasmine grabs Aladdin's face and gives him a kiss as the screen closes in on them in the shape of a heart.)
Iago: You people make me sick.



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