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Hero With a Thousand Feathers

Story Editor: Douglas Langdale
Written by: Steve Roberts
© Disney 1994

Transcript by Calluna

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(Setting: the Marketplace, at night. Aladdin, Abu, Carpet, Genie, and Iago are there, looking at a stall where a merchant is selling fireworks.)

Aladdin: Wow…

Merchant: I bring them from my homeland!

Aladdin: I've never seen anything like this in Agrabah before!

Merchant: They are called fireworks. (lights a sparkler) Very beautiful, and very dangerous.

(Abu looks scared, and Carpet pats his head to comfort him. Aladdin and Iago are handed sparklers, and Genie picks up a rocket.)

Merchant: Be careful, they are not toys to play with!

Iago: Well they look like toys to me.

(Iago spins his sparkler around and around, and one of the sparks hits the fuse from Genie's rocket and sets it alight. The rocket takes off, shooting Genie up into the air. The fireworks explode, and Genie crashes back to the ground.)

Genie: That's one giant step for man, and one giant headache for me. (falls over)

Iago: Gee, you're right! This stuff is really dangerous! I'll take two of the big ones.

(Iago tosses a coin to the merchant, but it stops in mid-air before it reaches his hand. The merchant is not moving, either. Iago flies over to him and starts waving a wing in front of his face. Then he looks over at his friends and sees that they aren't moving either, as is everyone else in the Marketplace.)

Iago: Okay, this is bad.

(Iago reaches up to take the floating coin back, but there's suddenly a flash of light.)

Fasir: Iago!

(Iago looks up to see Fasir, the blind seer from "The Prophet Motive", floating above him.)

Fasir: Iago, I have come to warn you. An ancient evil is about to return to Agrabah.

Iago: (laughs nervously) Aladdin! There's a guy talkin' about ancient evil! Sounds like your department!

Fasir: They can neither see nor hear you. I have halted time to pay you this visit.

Iago: Halted time…

Fasir: Iago! I have foreseen two possible futures. In one, you heroically defeat the beast.

Iago: Oh, really! Now that's what I call a prophesy.

Fasir: In the other, you are destroyed by the beast and banished to the realm of perpetual torment!

Iago: Wake up, Al! We've got some packing to do!

Fasir: You cannot escape your destiny! By your hand shall the beast awaken, and by your hand alone can it be returned to its eternal slumber. Take this. (takes out a medallion with a sun design and places it around Iago's neck) Use it against the beast.

Iago: A medallion? Well, we all know how costume jewelry can come in handy when you're fighting ancient evil. What am I supposed to do with this?!

Fasir: From within, Iago. You can only destroy the beast from within. From within…

(Fasir disappears, and time restarts.)

Aladdin: Genie, are you okay?

Iago: Aladdin, we gotta get outta here! Now!

Aladdin: What's the hurry? Hey, nice medallion. Where'd ya get it?

Iago: Uh… I found it in the gutter. Hey, I've got a swell idea. Let's all take a nice little vacation somewhere. Somewhere real far.

Aladdin: That's not a bad idea. In fact, there's a place I've been meaning to check out.

Iago: Fine. Whatever. Let's go.

(Setting: later that night. The five of them are flying through a canyon.)

Iago: Heh, ancient evil, he says. Can't escape your destiny, he says. (chuckles)

(They fly into the entrance of an ominous-looking temple carved into the canyon wall.)

Aladdin: Sure is dark in there.

Genie: Say no more! (pulls a torch out of his mouth) Eating the fire is the easy part.

(They start walking further into the temple.)

You know, when I think vacation I think tropical beaches. What're we doin' here?

Aladdin: The sultan wants to run a trade route through these mountains, so I thought I'd make sure they're safe. Apparently there's a legend about some kind of ancient evil trapped in here.

Iago: AAAAAAHHH! We gotta get outta here! Where's the nearest exit? I can't see a thing!

Genie: (as a firefly) Does this help?

Iago: Light! We gotta get some light in here!

(Iago grabs the torch and throws it in a brazier in the center of the room. While Iago is warming himself, he hears a voice coming from the fire.)

Voice: Ahhh… Many thanks for rekindling the flame of my existence.

Iago: (nervously) Don't mention it. (tries to blow the fire out)

(The fire grows until it reaches the ceiling. It then turns into a giant covered in red fur, with the tail of a lion and wings on his back covered with black and white feathers.)

Amok: I am Amok Mon Ra! I am again free to rule Agrabah, as I did thousands of years ago.

(Amok tries to smash Iago with his fist, but he gets out of the way in time. He tries again, but Aladdin grabs him and they all fly out of the temple on Carpet. Amok crawls out of the temple entrance and grabs Carpet; everyone else falls. Genie turns into a giant catcher's mitt and catches them. Meanwhile, Amok flings Carpet away like a rubber band. Genie sets the others on the ground. Amok stands over them, making a ball of fire with his hands.)

Genie: Okay, tall dark and horrid! Choose your weapons!

(Amok throws his fireball at the canyon wall just above Genie, causing boulders to fall down onto his head.)

Amok: You cannot hide from Amok!

(Amok throws another fireball at the canyon wall near Aladdin, Iago, and Abu, knocking a boulder down on Iago's tail, trapping him.)

Iago: I'm stuck! Guys, I'm stuck over here!

(Aladdin and Abu try to pull Iago out. Amok looms over them.)

Amok: Now you shall perish!

Iago: (looking at his medallion) What do I do?

(Amok creates another fireball and is about to throw it when the sun starts to rise. Amok winces when he sees it.)

Amok: The sun! I'll return, and all of Agrabah shall cower before me. (vanishes)

Iago: Well, he's off to a good start.

(They finally manage to get Iago free. Genie emerges from under the pile of boulders he was trapped under.)

Genie: (punching the air) I'll moitalize ya! I'll moitalize ya!

Aladdin: We've gotta get back to Agrabah and warn the city!

Iago: Okay, how many for running away and saving our own hides?

(The others scowl at him.)

Iago: Eh, just goes to show the essential flaw in democracy…

(They all fly back to Agrabah.)

(Setting: Agrabah, shortly before dusk. Archers are taking their places on the walls. Some men are rolling a catapult into place. Guards are sharpening their swords.)

(Setting: in the palace, the throne room. Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Iago, Carpet, and Sultan are all there. The guards Rasoul and Fazal watch them from the doorway.)

Jasmine: I can't, Father. I can't hide while Agrabah is in danger.

Sultan: But it's far too dangerous out there! Let Aladdin handle it!

Aladdin: You two are the rulers of Agrabah. You can't be at risk.

We're wasting time.

Aladdin: (sighs) She's got that look…

Sultan: She used to get like this at bedtime. Once she stayed up for six weeks straight! There's no changing her mind now, my boy.

(Jasmine smirks.)

Aladdin: I'll see that nothing happens to her. Now please, go with the guards.

Sultan: Very well. One might as well argue with a camel. (leaves, followed by the guards)

(Genie comes out of his lamp holding a large book.)

Genie: Look what I found in my library! "Amok Mon Ra: The Beast, the Myth, the Legend." It's his authorized biography.

Aladdin: What does it say?

Genie: (reading) His name is Amok. "Overwhelming physical force is utterly useless against him."

Iago: Maybe we can reason with him.

Genie: "Amok is Malevolence Incarnate and therefore completely unreasonable."

Aladdin: There's gotta be some way to stop him!

Genie: Hmm… It says here Amok can only be defeated by whoever set him free.

Jasmine: Well, then who set him free?

Aladdin: Wasn't me.

Abu: Uh uh.

Genie: I didn't do it.

(Iago starts to walk away slowly, whistling.)


Iago: What're you accusing me for?! I'm not acting guilty!

Aladdin: I just wanted to ask what Amok whispered before he took full form. We couldn't hear him.

Genie: It sounded like something about "the flame of my existence."

Iago: He said… he said, "the genie's magic has rekindled the flame of my existence."

Genie: Oh, what have I done?! Woe is me! I am woe!

Aladdin: Hey, it's okay, Genie. You couldn't have known.

Genie: Well, I guess it's up to me, then.

Aladdin: Genie, only you can save us now.

Genie: Don't worry, the book says he who released him can destroy him. It's a good thing, too. Otherwise I wouldn't have a chance. He'd tear me into bits! He'd squish me into a gelatinous smear! He'd grind me into—

Iago: We get the idea!

(The sun sets, and Amok appears at the city wall.)

Amok: I am Amok! Surrender Agrabah!


(The archers on the wall fire at Amok, but Amok burns the arrows before they reach him. The catapult throws rocks at him, which he bats away as if they're nothing.)

Amok: (laughing) Force is useless against me.

Genie: (gulp) That's my cue.

Iago: Genie!

Genie: Yes?

Iago: Uh… good luck!

Genie: Thanks, buddy!

(Genie goes outside the city walls and confronts Amok.)

Genie: Foul demon! Leave now, or I will be forced to destroy you!

Amok: Destroy me? (laughs)

Oh, goodie. I've intimidated him.

Amok: Don't worry, little genie. You shall not suffer… for long.

Genie: I can destroy you because I released you!

(Amok laughs and smashes Genie into the ground with his fist. He then reaches into the hole to pick Genie out, but he has turned into a giant mousetrap and snaps Amok's fingers. He shakes Genie off and starts throwing fireballs at him, which Genie deflects.)

Genie: Ha ha! So, I am a more formidable foe than you expe—

(Genie notices his pants are on fire and jumps into the air, where Amok grabs and squeezes him.)

Genie: Go ahead, make my day.

Amok: (hitting Genie against the city wall) Surrender the city to me, now!

Jasmine: Stop! (goes up to Amok) I am the city's ruler. Spare the genie and Agrabah is yours.

Amok: (drops Genie) Good. Now the people of Agrabah shall celebrate the entrance of the mighty Amok into their city.

(A little while later, Amok is carried through the streets on a giant throne by several men, including Aladdin.)

Aladdin: (to Abu) We've got to do something!

(Carpet and Iago have gone to take care of Genie.)

Genie: (as a little boy) Mommy, where do genies come from? (passes out again)

(Amok is now sitting in his throne in front of the palace doors, with giant bonfires to either side of him. Jasmine is next to him, in chains.)

Amok: People of Agrabah, your old lives are at an end. Gifts! Bring me gifts!

(The fireworks merchant approaches Amok.)

Merchant: Fireworks from the east, oh mighty Amok! Most impressive!

Amok: I am not so easily impressed.

(The merchant lights several rockets, which shoot into the air and explode.)

Amok: Ah! I like fireworks.

(The merchant sighs with relief and walks away.)

Amok: Sacrifices! Bring me sacrifices!

(A poor woman carrying a small sack of coins and a little boy with a teddy bear approach him.)

Woman: This is my entire life savings.

(Amok takes the sack of coins and throws it into the fire.)

Amok: Give me the bear.

Boy: No, Wuzzy! You can't take Wuzzy!

(Amok takes the bear.)

Boy: Mommy! (starts to wail, and his mother carries him away)

Amok: Enough! (laughs, and throws the bear in the fire)

Jasmine: You monster! (starts pulling at her chains)

(Aladdin starts to approach Amok, but Abu pulls on his vest and chatters at him.)

Aladdin: (sighs) You're right, Abu. I can't outfight him. But maybe I can outsneak him.

(Setting: the palace gates. Iago is pacing back and forth, moaning to himself.)

Iago: It's no use! I can't just stand by and watch this. There's only one thing to do! And that's… leave so I don't have to see it. (flies off, out of the city)

(Setting: Amok's throne. There is now a giant pile of treasure in front of him, and people are walking up and adding more to the pile.)

Amok: Sacrifices! More sacrifices! (throws a handful of treasure into the fire)

(The sun starts to rise.)

Amok: I will return at sunset, and the people of Agrabah will glorify me properly! You will build a great statue in my honor. And… fireworks! I want more fireworks! (vanishes)

Aladdin: If it's fireworks he wants, we'll give him fireworks.

(Setting: later that day, in front of the palace. The people of Agrabah are building a giant, hollow statue of Amok and filling it with fireworks.)

Aladdin: Abu, more fireworks! You're in for a big surprise, oh mighty Amok!

(Carpet flies Genie, who is still punch-drunk from his fight with Amok, into the throne room and starts fanning him.)

Genie: (dizzy) Back for more, eh? Well, I shall thrash you soundly, blaggard!

(Genie's eyes slowly focus on the Amok statue outside. He turns into Don Quixote, with a horse and a lance, and charges at the statue.)

Genie: Charge! Fear not! I shall handle this foul demon!

Aladdin: No, Genie, no!

(Genie's lance slips and hits the ground, catapulting him through the air, hitting the statue and then falling to the ground.)

Genie: Take that, vile creature! (passes out)

(Setting: A tropical island. Iago is lying in a hammock, drinking coconut milk.)

Iago: I don't get it. It's a beautiful day. I've got peace and quiet and plenty of coconut milk. And yet I'm not enjoying myself!

(Behind Iago there's a sound of someone panting and clinking chains. He turns around, and there's another Iago behind him, wet and breathing heavily, covered in seaweed and chains, and wearing a halo.)

Iago: Aah! It's my conscience!

(The conscience rips off the chains and seaweed and straightens his halo. He then advances on Iago, angrily.)

Heh heh heh! So, long time, no see. Where've you been?

Conscience: You chained me up, locked me in a chest, and dropped me off a cliff into the ocean! Remember?!

Iago: You were cramping my style.

Conscience: You instigated one of the bloodiest wars in the history of Mesopotamia just so you could corner the falafel market!

Iago: Hey, no one's perfect.

(Iago's conscience picks him up, spins him around, and throws him into a tree trunk.)

Iago: (cough) Point taken.

Conscience: Look, pal, as your conscience I'm telling you to get back to Agrabah and save your friends! Now!

Iago: And if I decline?

Conscience: Then you will pay!

(Iago wakes up and falls out of the hammock.)

Iago: Whew, just a dream. I'm off the hook! Conscience, what a laugh!

(Some chains and seaweed wash up on the beach.)

Aah! Okay! Okay! I'm goin'! I'm goin'! (flies off into the setting sun)

(Setting: Agrabah, at sunset. The statue is finished, and Jasmine is inspecting a fuse running into the statue from where Aladdin is hiding, holding a sparkler. Amok approaches the city in the form of a cloud, then changes into his normal form when he reaches the palace.)

Mighty Amok has returned. You shall now honor him!

Jasmine: Your statue awaits you, o mighty Amok!

Amok: Where are the fireworks?

Jasmine: Uh, before you see the fireworks, you should look at the statue. It is filled with all the gold of Agrabah.

Amok: Gold?

(Jasmine runs for cover behind a pile of pots.)

Jasmine: Now!

(Aladdin lights the fuse.)

Amok: I don't see any—

(Amok looks down and sees the fuse, then the statue explodes. There's a giant cloud of smoke, and fireworks flying everywhere. Everyone watching jumps up and down.)

Aladdin: Woo! Yeah!

Jasmine: Yes! We did it! It worked!

(Iago flies into the city and sees fireworks going off.)

Iago: A party! They must have mashed the creep on their own! Huh, talk about luck!

(The cloud of smoke starts spinning, and turns into Amok, even larger than before.)

Amok: I am Amok!

Iago: Uh oh.

Amok: (laughs) Fools. From fire was I born! It only increases my power. Now you shall perish for your treachery!

(Amok creates a fireball and throws it at one of the palace towers. Aladdin and Abu try to dodge out of the way of the falling masonry. He throws another fireball at the pots Jasmine is hiding behind. Abu's foot is caught under a rock, and Aladdin tries to get him out.)

Iago: Well, here goes nothin'.

(Amok is laughing and about to throw another fireball at Aladdin and Abu, when Iago flies up to him.)

Iago: Hold it right there, creep!

Amok: So, he who set me free has returned to face his doom.

Iago: Would you mind keeping your voice down!

(Amok is about to throw a fireball at him, but Iago holds up his medallion, which starts to glow.)

Iago: Aha!

(Amok cowers, until he figures out Iago doesn't know what he's doing.)

Iago: Okay, so he doesn't like the medallion. Now what do I do?

Fasir: (voice) From within, Iago. It can only destroy Amok from within.

Iago: "From within"? What does he mean by "within"?

(Amok roars at Iago.)

(looking into Amok's mouth) I've gotta go in there?

(Iago flies into Amok's mouth. Amok looks surprised and clutches his stomach, roaring in pain. Genie walks up to Amok.)

Genie: (dizzy) Demon! How many times must I defeat you?

(Genie turns into a wrecking ball and hits Amok's knee. Amok continues screaming with pain, turns into a cloud of smoke, and disappears. Aladdin frees Abu from the rock. Iago falls to the ground next to Genie, and his medallion fades away.)

Jasmine: Genie, you did it!

Aladdin: You saved the city!

Iago: Huh? Hey, wait a minute! What're you talkin' about? I'm the one who—

Genie: It's the least I could do since I was the one who released him.

Iago: Eh… good point. Oh, well that was just careless of you, Genie!

Aladdin: He didn't do it on purpose, Iago.

Iago: So what? He could have gotten us all killed! (flies toward the palace, muttering) The things I put up with around here…

Aladdin: Sure hope we never have to count on him in a tight spot.

(Iago lands on a perch by one of the palace windows, sighs, and smiles proudly.)




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