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Forget Me Lots

Story Editors: Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley
Written by: Mike Ryan
© Disney 1994

Transcribed by Disney Princess and Calluna
Screencaps by Calluna

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Abis Mal
Scene i

Setting: An alley somewhere in Agrabah just before sunset.

Abis Mal: (creeps into a building and falls down the stairs) Oo! Ah! Ee! Ah! Oh! Ah! Oof! (hears footsteps) Huh? (sees lurking shadows) The mystic monks! (creeps along, grabs one of the monks, beats him up and puts on his blue robe. Panting.) Sorry. Don't mind me. (sees the Blue Rose in an orb set on a table. rubs his hands with a greedy look on his face. The monks notice.) Right! Business as usual. (tries to look inconspicuous, then kicks the table, knocking the rose off the table and into his hands.) Got it! (Monks circle around him.) I-I-I mean, uh, worry not, my brethren! I have saved the legendary Blue Rose! (A monk reaches for the rose.) Ah, wish to return the magical rose to its sacred place. (struggles to open orb.) Just give me a minute here... (obtains rose, tosses empty orb to monks.) Think fast! (he runs from the room, crashing as he flees) Oh! Ow! Hey! Oof! (runs screaming as the monks chasing him trip and end up in a big pile) Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene ii

Setting: Outside the palace just before sunset

Haroud: (dressed as a mystic monk) If I may offer my humble opinion, this is an ill-conceived scheme.

Abis Mal: (also dressed as monk) And what's that supposed to mean, Haroud?

Haroud: I merely question the wisdom of strolling into the palace unarmed, Sir.

Abis Mal: (laughs) Oh, no! We have the mightiest weapon of all! (pulls out the Blue Rose)

Haroud: A flower. Well then, count me among the true believers.

Hakim: (off screen) Halt! (enters, sees Abis Mal and Haroud; sarcastically) How wonderful.

Abis Mal: (concealing his face with the hood of the cloak; in disguised voice) I am but a humble citizen bearing a gift for the Sultan!

Hakim: (not buying it) Typical night shift starts off with a beheading.

Abis Mal: Not while I have this! (he shoves the rose in Hakim's face)

Hakim: (sniffs the rose. his eyes flash blue; the spell has been cast) Ha...have what?

Abis Mal: Um...what did you say my name was?

Hakim: I...don't remember! I don't even remember my name!

Abis Mal:'re Shinta! The sand merchant. It's time to begin the harvest! (lets Hakim out through the gate)

Hakim: (shoveling sand into his turban) Yes, before all the good sand is taken!

Abis Mal: (laughing) The mystic monks who guarded it put up a fight, but I have the Blue Rose of Forgetfulness!

Haroud: Very effective.

Abis Mal: Soon, Haroud, I'll be in charge! I'll be on the throne! I'll wear the big hat!

Scene iii

Setting: The palace garden. Jasmine sits on the edge of the fountain with Rajah at her feet.

Jasmine: Oh, Rajah. How could Aladdin not remember?

Rajah: (growls)

Jasmine: Our first date...this is the anniversary!

Rajah: (sighs)

Jasmine: We soared away on Carpet. There were flowers and was magical! And he forgot.

Aladdin: Jasmine, I remembered! Today is something special, but...I have no idea what! Hey, can't we just go on our date? Maybe it'll come to me.

Jasmine: You're right, Aladdin. It will come to you! Let me know when it does. (walks away)

Iago: Look, Princess, he's a cute kid but his gotta make compromises.

Jasmine: (winks) Don't worry, Iago. I just wanna give him a chance to remember without any hints.

Abis Mal: (is with Haroud, hiding in the bushes, and sees Jasmine) The princess!

Haroud: Shh!

Iago: (to Aladdin) Forget it, kid. You're on your own.

Aladdin: What am I gonna do?

Iago: Beg for mercy.

Abu: Huh? (sees Abis Mal and Haroud and notices the rose. has an idea) Aha! (runs off after them)

Scene iv

Setting: The hallway just outside the throne room.

Abis Mal: Watch me turn the Sultan's mind into putty!

Sultan: (in the throne room playing with his toys) ...And the southbound dromedary collides...SMACK!...with the northbound caravan!

Haroud: You appear to be too late.

Abis Mal: One sniff and the Sultan's memory will be wiped away. Agrabah will be plunged into chaos! I will step into the power vacuum and at last-

Haroud: (claps his hand over Abis Mal's mouth) The throne shall belong to Abis Mal.

Abu: (sneaks in unnoticed, sees the rose) Oh! (climbs up onto Abis Mal's shoulder, steals the rose, and leaves)

Abis Mal: (to Haroud) Let's go. I-I'm getting itchy!

Haroud: Where's the rose?

Abis Mal: (sees that the rose is gone) I...dropped it? Maybe?

Haroud: (smacks head)

Abis Mal: (dragging Haroud away) C'mon!

Abu: (in hallway admiring the rose) Oh!

Scene v

Setting: The palace garden

Aladdin: Uh, Jasmine? I just want uh...(sees Abu) Huh?

Abu: (chatters and gives Aladdin the rose)

Aladdin: Uh...heh...give you this! (hands Jasmine the rose)

Jasmine: Oh Aladdin! You did remember!

Aladdin: (realizing he's screwed) I did?

Abu: (smacks Aladdin over the head trying to get him to just play along with it)

Aladdin: Uh, I did! Of course! How could I forget the uh...

Jasmine: (sniffing the rose) You're so cute. You knew all along today is our...(her eyes flash blue)

Aladdin: Our...? Our what?

Jasmine: Who are you?

Aladdin: OK, look, I've been a creep. I don't blame you for not liking me a whole lot right now...

Jasmine: I don't like you? (shoves him out of her path) Go away!

Aladdin: Jasmine! Wait! (runs after her, smacks into Rasoul)

Rasoul: Is there a problem here?

Aladdin: Rasoul, I know this looks bad.

Rasoul: No, street rat. This looks bad. (picks up Aladdin, Abu, Carpet, and Iago and throws them out the gate)

Iago: Do you have any idea who you're dealing with? This is Aladdin. He's-

Rasoul: Back in the gutter where he belongs. (walking back inside) I knew Princess Jasmine would tire of him one day.

Iago: (sarcastic) Oh, good idea with the flowers, Monkey! I won't miss visiting the palace!

Aladdin: I've never seen Jasmine like this. (whistles for Carpet) Hey, c'mon, Carpet! I gotta get in there and talk to her.

Iago: (following along) Try jewelry this time! I can get you a sweet deal on a scarab necklace made from real bugs!

Scene vi

Setting: The balcony of Jasmine's bedroom.

Jasmine: What's happening? Who am I?

Abis Mal: (with Haroud on top of a tower looking down on Jasmine) OK...swing down there and grab my blue rose.

Haroud: Oh that is most generous of you, Abis Mal!

Abis Mal: Heh?

Haroud: The sweet taste of triumph shall be mine!

Abis Mal: No! My idea! My taste! My triumph! (he swings down just as Aladdin swoops down on Carpet and grabs Jasmine.) Whoa! (crashes; to Haroud) Aladdin has my rose!

Jasmine: What are you doing? Please, let me down!

Aladdin: I only wanna talk to you.

Jasmine: I don't like you!

Aladdin: I know I did something to upset you, but aren't you overreacting?

Jasmine: (shoving Aladdin away) I want off this thing now! (jumps off of Carpet and slides down a small tower, landing softly in the streets of the marketplace)

Aladdin: Jasmine! Wait!

Abis Mal: (sees Jasmine running, points in the opposite direction) That way!

Haroud: (sees that Abis Mal is heading in the wrong direction) Try this way.

Abis Mal: That was my next guess. (runs after Jasmine panting) rose...getting away...

Aladdin: (flying overhead) I don't see her.

Iago: And I get the feeling she doesn't wanna see you either!

Abis Mal: (panting) capture her...I'll wait here.

Haroud: (sees Aladdin) Aladdin!

Abis Mal: Why would the Princess run away from her boyfriend?

Haroud: Perhaps she's forgotten how much she means to him!

Aladdin: (lowers Carpet, jumps off directly in front of a stand in Jasmine's path) Now you have to give me a chance!

Jasmine: (beats stand with a stick so it falls on Aladdin)

Aladdin: (really confused now) Jasmine!

Iago: Look out!

Abis Mal: (sees Jasmine, who is escaping) Aha!

Jasmine: (claps her hand over Abis Mal's mouth) Shh!

Aladdin: (to Iago) Where's Jasmine?

Iago: We, uh...lost her.

Aladdin: Jasmine? Jasmine?

Iago: (as the guys board Carpet to go home) She didn't even ask for a ride home! Yup, it's the old "dump-a-rooney."

Abis Mal: (tries to take rose, but is interrupted by Jasmine)

Jasmine: (embracing Abis Mal) Thank you for saving me from...from...whoever he was.

Haroud: My dear, Abis Mal would never abandon his daughter.

Jasmine and Abis Mal: (jumping away from each other, shocked) Daughter?

Haroud: (whispering to Abis Mal) The Sultan, his guards, that impudent Aladdin...none would dare lay a finger on their beloved Princess Jasmine!

Abis Mal: (to Haroud) If she's on our side...we can't lose! (to Jasmine) Daughter! Sweetheart! Apple of my eye! Heir to my tyranny!

Jasmine: (confused) I'm...the heir to your...tyranny?

Haroud: Of course you are! You are the Scourge of the Desert! The blackest, most twisted heart in all of Agrabah!

Jasmine: (evil grin, she kind of likes the idea) Really?

Scene vii

Setting: Abis Mal's lair somewhere in Agrabah

Abis Mal: (laughing with Haroud) Ha ha! There is evil in the air and hot cocoa in my mug!

Haroud: (raising his cocoa mug) Here's to the Blue Rose of Forgetfulness! It helped us turn sweet little Princess Jasmine into- (The crack of a whip is heard and the cocoa mugs are knocked into the fire)

Jasmine: (standing with a whip in her Scourge of the Desert outfit) Party's over! We conquer Agrabah at dawn!

Scene viii

Setting: In front of the palace the next day.

Rasoul: Any sign of the Princess?

Fazal: Nothing, sir!

Hakim: Uh, which Princess are we looking for again? I-I uh...ugh!

Rasoul: (muttering to himself) If she is in trouble, then we are in trouble!

Hakim: Trouble? That sounds familiar!

Jasmine: (grabs Hakim and knocks him aside)

Fazal: (draws his sword, then, shocked, realizes who the 'enemy' is) Princess Jasmine???

Jasmine: (uses her whip to grab Fazal's sword from his hand and points it at him) I recommend surrender.

Abis Mal: (attempting to scale the palace walls with a rope ladder) Oh...yes...I too recommend...oof! Surrender. Uh!

Jasmine: (to Abis Mal) Father, why did this man call me `Princess'?

Fazal: But you are the Prin-

Haroud: (covers Fazal's mouth) Uh..uh...uh...he meant Princess of of your nicknames. Like Scourge of the Desert.

Abis Mal: Kitten of Cruelty!

Jasmine: I prefer Scourge! (Abis Mal's men scale the walls, ready to obey the Scourge)

Jasmine: Onward men! Agrabah palace will be ours!

Scene ix

Setting: the streets of Agrabah

Aladdin: I don't get it! She acted like...she didn't even know me! (he and Carpet both look sad; Aladdin rubs the lamp)

Genie: (in a phone booth as a radio personality) Love is on the air...Dr. Love. Line 1, Agrabah, who's tuggin' on your heartstrings? (zaps a phone into Aladdin's hand)

Aladdin: Jasmine! She locked herself in the palace and won't even talk to me!

Genie: Ah, the Rapunzel complex! She's gotta let her hair down. (Genie's hair grows really long)

Aladdin: I don't care if I have to fight Rasoul and all of the guards. I'm going in there to tell her how I feel. I love her!

Genie: (as himself) That's the spirit! And don't worry about Rasoul. It looks like he's been fired. They've got new guards.

Aladdin: New guards?

Iago: (looks at the main palace balcony and sees the "new guards") Those are Abis Mal's goons!

Scene x

Setting: the throne room

Abis Mal: Give me room, folks! Usurper comin' through!

Sultan: Abis Mal? What is the meaning of this intrusion?

Jasmine: (ties up the Sultan and Rasoul with her whip) You're whipped!

Sultan: Ja-Jasmine???? What are you doing?

Abis Mal: (takes the Sultan's turban and places it on his head) Oh hoo hoo! Fits like a dream!

Sultan: The audacity! Jasmine!

Jasmine: Men! Take them to the dungeon!

Sultan: Ah!

(Jasmine takes her whip back and Abis Mal's men tie up the Sultan and Rasoul)

Rajah: (pounces on Jasmine and licks her face)

Jasmine: Ooh!

Rajah: (not realizing the change, he sniffs the rose in her hair. His eyes flash blue)

Jasmine: This fierce beast shall be my protector!

Rajah: (growls)

Sultan: But...but...but Dearest!

Rajah: (growls)

Jasmine: (to Abis Mal) How did I do, Father?

Sultan: Huh?

Abis Mal: (clapping his hand over the Sultan's mouth) Uh...perfectly, my cruel child!

Jasmine: (to the Sultan) I know you?

Sultan: (nods and tries to speak, but Jasmine doesn't notice)

Abis Mal: (leading the Sultan away) Uh...come, come, come, come, off to the dungeon! Can't keep the rats waiting!

Rasoul: (tries to hop away, but Jasmine trips him with the whip, and he falls) Whoa! Oof!

Abis Mal: (startled that Rasoul just narrowly missed him, sighs) Nice work, Scourge.

Aladdin: (on Carpet outside the window to the throne room, looks in) Abis Mal's got Jasmine!

Abis Mal: (still inside) The throne of Agrabah is up for grabs!

(Jasmine and Rajah share an evil look)

Iago: (back outside with Aladdin) She obviously wasn't your type then.

Aladdin: Let's go, Carpet!

Genie: (pulls Aladdin back) Whoa, Al! You can't just go barging into a delicate hostage situation!

Aladdin: But Genie—

Genie: This calls for subtlety and finesse! I'll go first.

Iago: Oh, measure us for caskets.

Abis Mal: (back inside again) It is time for the most evil scoundrel, the most vile tyrant, the most cruel villain to ascend the throne of—

Jasmine: (shoves Abis Mal out of the way and seats herself on the throne) Correct.

Abis Mal: I meant me!

(Rajah sharpens his claws and growls)

Abis Mal: But I got the big hat!

Jasmine: You can't possibly be my father. I could never be related to such an incomp— Men! Take him away!

(The men shrug, confused)

Haroud: The most evil, vile, and cruel villain in the land has spoken!

Abis Mal: Huh? No! No! No! The throne is mine, mine, mine, mine! I called it! I called it! Dibs!

Haroud: I am but your royal puppet, Scourge.

(Smoke flies past Haroud, which changes into Genie in the form of a fat woman with glasses and a brightly colored dress.)

Genie: What do you do after the coup? Redecorate!

(Haroud runs at Genie; Genie shoots magic at him and a lampshade appears on his head.)

Genie: Hmm, makes you look a bit shady.

(Aladdin, Abu, and Iago fly into the throne room on Carpet.)

Aladdin: Come on, Jasmine, I'll get you out of here!

(As Carpet flies past Rajah, he sticks out his paw and grabs Carpet. Aladdin falls off, but Iago and Abu hang on. Jasmine throws her whip at them, and Abu and Iago get rolled up in Carpet with the whip tied around the middle, so that Iago's head sticks out one end and Abu's feet on the other.)

Aladdin: Jasmine?

Haroud: (pulls the shade off his head) To the dungeon with them!

Jasmine: No! (smiling) They do not belong in the dungeon.

(Aladdin sighs with relief.)

Jasmine: (grabs Aladdin by the hair and pulls him up) They are far too annoying. Execute them, immediately!

(Abis Mal's men advance on Genie and Aladdin with swords.)

Genie: So you forgot a special day. Does she have to jump right to execution?

(Rajah walks towards Iago, Abu, and Carpet and kicks them along.)

(Genie pushes Aladdin out of the way, and turns into four genies with swords.)

Genie: Prepare to... (sword changes into a feather)...giggle! (starts tickling the chin of one of the thieves, who laughs.)

(Abu manages to stand up; Rajah growls at them.)

Iago: Monkey feet, don't fail me now! (they run away; Rajah growls and chases them)

(The first thief is rolling on the floor laughing. Genie's feather has changed back into a sword.)

Aladdin: Genie! Toss me the sword!

(Genie slides the sword to Aladdin along the floor, but just before he catches it Jasmine steps on his hand.)

Aladdin: (trying to get his hand free) Jasmine! Stop fooling around!

(Jasmine raises her sword, but Aladdin rolls out of the way before she can bring it down on him.)

Aladdin: You're not fooling! You're not even you, are you?

(Rajah is still chasing Abu, Iago, and Carpet.)

Iago: Hey! Let go of the rug!

(Abu pulls the whip off of Carpet, and he and Iago fall out. Rajah chases after them.)

(Jasmine chases Aladdin past Haroud, pushing him out of the way.)

Haroud: (frightened) I would not want to intrude on your evil glee, my Scourge!

(Genie turns into a fireman with a hose, and sprays water at a thief, knocking him back between Aladdin and Jasmine. When Aladdin sees that Jasmine has stopped chasing him, he slides under the stream of water and tries to grab her sword. They struggle, and then Jasmine kicks him onto the floor. Jasmine tries to stab him, but he moves and her sword gets stuck in the floor. It takes a second to pull it out, but then she goes after Aladdin again.)

(Carpet swoops down and saves Iago and Abu from Rajah.)

(Jasmine advances on Aladdin, swinging her sword.)

Aladdin: Princess Jasmine!

(Genie approaches another thief.)

Thief: I won't fall for any of your stupid tricks!

(Genie makes some quick slashes with his sword, and the thief's clothes fall off in pieces. He looks embarrassed, tries to cover himself, and then runs away. Genie waves goodbye.)

(Aladdin pulls the rug out from under Jasmine.)

Aladdin: Sorry, Jasmine!

(Jasmine falls down, and Aladdin catches her sword.)

Aladdin: Let's talk. What's going on?

Jasmine: I am the Scourge of the Desert! I am the most evil scoundrel, the most vile tyrant, the—

Aladdin: Uh, see, that's what I want to talk about.

Jasmine: No talk! Do what you have to do.

Aladdin: (looks at the sword) Jasmine, I can't! I wish you could understand.

Jasmine: (sweetly) I guess you're just... (angrily) weak!

(Jasmine kicks Aladdin's legs out from under him, grabs the sword back, and backs him into a pillar.)

Jasmine: You're fast, boy, but I'm just a little bit faster.

(Jasmine brings her sword back, but Carpet flies down and rescues Aladdin just in time.)

Jasmine: No!

(The four Genies change back into one.)

Genie: Oh, come on, Jasmine, it's me, big blue, you remember me?

(Jasmine throws the sword at him; Genie ducks and the sword only takes off the top of his ponytail and sticks in a pillar.)

Genie: Not fondly, apparently...

Scene xi

Setting: the palace garden

(Aladdin, Abu, and Iago fly out into the garden on Carpet, followed by Genie. They land by the fountain.)

Genie: Al! Either the princess is holding the world's biggest grudge, or she's under a spell.

Aladdin: An Abis Mal spell, and I've gotta break it. Do you think it's a true-love's-kiss kind of spell?

Iago: Kiss? From you, Mr. Forgetful? I'm tellin' ya, the answer is jewelry.

Aladdin: Hey, maybe if I remember whatever it is I forgot, then she could remember what she forgot!

Genie: (with his hand on his ponytail) Like her manners, for starters.

(Carpet thinks for a second, then realizes what it is and flies over to Aladdin.)

Aladdin: Now, let's see, it's not her birthday, (Carpet taps his shoulder) uh, maybe an anniversary! (scratches his head) Uh, it might have been a year ago that we fought the Cyclopian Warriors. That was pretty special. (Carpet flies in front of him) Carpet, you remember?

(Carpet nods, then flies up to Jasmine's balcony and makes himself into stairs, like he did for Jasmine after "A Whole New World" in the first movie. Aladdin watches puzzled. Carpet flies around him a few times, then flies off and picks a flower and brings it back and gives it to Aladdin.)

Iago: No more flowers! Jewelry says, "I have class. I have cash." Flowers are for first dates.

Aladdin: First date! This is just like the flower I gave her on our first date! That's what was so special! The anniversary of your first date!

Iago: (in a tree) Oh, I'm so glad we cracked the big mystery prior to our funeral.

(An arrow streaks past Aladdin and hits the tree just below Iago. Jasmine and Rajah have come out of the palace; Jasmine has a crossbow.)

Jasmine: Fools! (throws down the crossbow) Nobody runs from the Scourge! (strides towards Aladdin)

Aladdin: Jasmine! I remember what it was I forgot! It was the—

(Rajah leaps on Aladdin, pinning him to the ground. Aladdin has dropped the flower and is trying to reach for it.)

Jasmine: Finish him off, beast.

(Rajah raises a paw to claw at him, but Aladdin grabs the flower and throws it to Jasmine, ducking out of Rajah's way.)

Aladdin: A year ago I-I-I fell in love! With you!

Jasmine: (puzzled) Love?

(The Blue Rose shrivels and turns brown, and falls out of Jasmine's hair. Rajah regains his memory and gets off of Aladdin.)

Aladdin: Time for true love's kiss...

(Rajah walks over to Aladdin and licks his face.)

Jasmine: Aladdin! (runs to Aladdin and hugs him) You remembered!

Aladdin: And I broke the spell!

Haroud: How splendid. (stands by the door into the palace, with two thieves) Everything is back to normal.

(Abis Mal steps from behind one of the thieves, wearing the sultan's hat.)

Abis Mal: Except, of course, there's a new sultan in town.

Jasmine: Abis Mal? What are you doing in my father's palace?

Aladdin: Ah, why didn't I see it?! He tried to use you to take over the throne!

Abis Mal: The Blue Rose of Forgetfulness may have been foiled by love or aphids or something...

Haroud: But we are in the palace and the sultan is in the dungeon!

Genie: (looking at the shrivelled rose) Blue Rose of Forgetfulness, eh? (zaps the rose back to normal)

Abis Mal: Yes, it's that good old-fashioned stick-to-it-ness that makes a villain victorious. It was inevitable, my dear princess, that I, Abis Mal, would rule Agrabah. It is... my destiny!

Genie: (in the form of a saleswoman, with the rose in a perfume bottle) Destiny? What a coincidence! That's the name of our new fragrance. Free umbrella with purchase. Try some on! (sprays Abis Mal with the bottle; his eyes glow blue) You won't remember the last time you smelled so good. Actually, you won't remember much at all. (sprays the two thieves and Haroud, and their eyes glow)

Haroud: Where am I?

Thief: What's going on?

Thief: I'm - I'm so confused...

(Abis Mal wanders over to Iago and Abu.)

Abis Mal: Who am I?

Iago: Wait - Your mind is gone, and you have no idea who you are?

(Abis Mal nods; Iago laughs and falls down.)

Scene xii

Setting: the throne room

(The sultan is on the throne, and Aladdin and Jasmine sit on cushions next to him. Jasmine is holding a bouquet.)

Jasmine: Thank you, Aladdin. You saved the kingdom, you know.

Aladdin: Heh, it's not like you would have actually beaten me!

(Jasmine gives him a dirty look.)

Aladdin: Well, uh, it would have been close.

(Abu and Iago are lying on a stack of pillows. Abu eats a bunch of grapes.)

Iago: Yo! Royal Pet Attendants! (fake British accent) I feel flush. How about a little air?

(Abis Mal and Haroud fan them.)

Abis Mal: Okee dokee.

Iago: That's better. And when you're done I'm ready for my manicure. And my simian associate simply must have a foot massage.


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