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Egg-Stra Protection

Story Editor: Duane Capizzi
Written by: Brian Swenlin
© Disney 1994

Transcript by Medjai Monty

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(Starting Scene:) We see a far view shot of Agrabah we look down and see a building with a ladder, Abis Mal and Haroud are running towards the ladder and Abis Mal is holding a blue egg, Haroud gets to the ladder first

Haroud: This way! (he rides the ladder to another building and then he tosses the ladder back to Abis Mal) Here, sir!

Abis Mal:
(looks down from the building) Not a chance!

(Abis Mal turns around and a laser blast was fired in front of him, he sees Genie as a spaceship with Abu at the controls)

Genie: We'll de-particlize 'em yet Commander Chimp!

(Abu gives a salute agreeing)

Aladdin: Careful Genie, the egg!

Abis Mal: Catch Me! Deeeyyyyyaaaaaaaaahhhhh! (he rides the ladder to the building where Haroud is, when the ladder hits the building he accidentally tosses the egg to Haroud) I have conquered gravity Haroud!

(The ladder part where Abis Mal was on snaps and he falls on top of the building)

Aladdin: Keep going, Genie! I'll surprise them on the way down!

Genie: Check! Warp speed Commander Chimp! (Abu pulls down in his POV the second lever and they fly fast, Abis Mal runs away while Haroud picks up a piece of wood and hits him with it) Mayday! Mayday! (Abu screeches, Abis Mal and Haroud come across another ladder. They were about to get on until they saw Genie as a cowboy. Abu is spinning dizzy from the hit that they took earlier) Haroud, when that monkey stops a-spinnin' I start a-shootin'!

Abis Mal: Last one's to the next roof's a rotten egg!

Haroud: Sir don't!

Abis Mal: (gets on the ladder) Hee-Hee! Hoo-hoo-ha-ha! (he sees that there's no roof and that he's falling to Marketplace ground level) whaaaaaah!

Genie: (he grabs the ladder and starts to pull him back to the building where everyone is. Aladdin is at the building where the ladder is and starts to climb it) I'll take that egg.

Haroud: (pushes Genie aside with Abu in his hands) One move… (he holds Abu over the building) and the monkey goes splat!

Genie: (sees Aladdin in position while Abu is screeching, Aladdin winks at him) Oh, Yeah? Well I don't think that's the sound monkeys make!

(Genie takes the egg from Abis Mal, Haroud lets go of Abu and Abu falls right into Aladdin's arm, Abu wipes his forehead in relief. Genie uses his magic to put balloons in Abis Mal and Haroud's hands which lifts them high in the sky screaming)

Aladdin: You got the egg?

I got the egg. You got the monkey?

Aladdin: I got the monkey.

Genie: (who still sees Abis Mal and Haroud flying away in balloons while screaming) So long! Bon voyage! Don't forget to write!

(the rung on the ladder that Aladdin was holding breaks and Aladdin falls back,)

Aladdin: Aah!

Genie: AL!

(Aladdin crashes into crates containing eggs, he tries to get up but he groans before passing out)

(Next scene:) A shot of the Palace, then it zooms in

Genie: (bawling) Poor Al! I was right there! I COULD HAVE SAVED HIM!

(Genie continues to cry, then he transforms into a Judge)

Judge Genie: Does the jury have a verdict?

Jury Genies: We find the Defendant… GUILTY!

Prisoner Genie: I accept my fate.

Jasmine: Genie, relax. It's just a few bruised ribs.

Aladdin: Yeah, I'm fine. (he starts to get up)

Jasmine: (stops Aladdin then points at his chest) You will be fine… after you recuperate.

Aladdin: There'll be plenty of time for that after I get the egg back to Getzistan.

Jasmine: Aladdin, you are in no shape to go on a monster hunt.

Aladdin: It's not a monster Jasmine, it's a griffin, a mother. She's only angry because Abis Mal's stole her baby.

Abu: Baby? (knocks on the egg) Hello? Hello?

Iago: The kid's right Princess, we should get that egg back to its poor mother. Even if she is a giant half-lion half-eagle who could rip a man in two.

Oh, and since when do you do good deeds Iago?

Iago: What good deed? Getzistan's got a nice casino. While Al takes care of some business… The parrot gets to roll some dice, baby!

Aladdin: (pushes Iago) Ahem! uh, the point is, Jasmine, the griffin doesn't mean any harm. She'll leave Getzistan peacefully, once she gets her egg back. Besides… (he holds Jasmine's chin up so she could look at him) I feel fine. (he holds his stomach) Ow!

Jasmine: (looks at Aladdin briefly) Hmm… you're right, Aladdin. Getzistan needs us.

Aladdin: Us?

Jasmine: Well we can't let you go alone in your condition, can we Genie?

Genie: (he picks up a phone and answers it) Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. It's the governor, I'm pardoned! (singsong) I'm going to Getzistan. (he holds Aladdin close) Don't worry Al, I'll see to it nothing bad ever happens to you again! (he uses his magic to transform in to a Grandma, and to put Aladdin in a bed) Now, open wide! Chicken Soup's the best thing for busted-up ribs.

(Grandma Genie places a spoonful of Chicken Soup near Aladdin's mouth, Aladdin looks at Jasmine who agrees with Genie for him to eat it, Aladdin groans in a disagreeing but in a having no-choice way)

(Next scene:) We find the gang riding on Carpet to Getzistan

Iago: So what's Abis Mal want with this thing anyway, a really big omelet?

(Abis Mal and Haroud sees the gang coming towards them)

Abis Mal: (laughs) We're so close, I can taste that egg! Blaiiih, I hate eggs! They're so gooey and yellow, I hate yellow food and W— Whatever! Once I have that talon of newborn griffin (he pulls out a bottle and opens it) My super-strength potion will be complete! Then pow! Biceps like tree trunks! I'll flick people… hard! And I'll… I'll juggle elephants. Yes. My name will be feared! Abis Mal: Lord Elephant Juggler!

Haroud: (Clears throat) Lord Juggler, they approach.

Abis Mal: Huh? Oh, Oh. Uh, right.

(Abis Mal closes the bottle)

Aladdin: Genie, can't we go any faster?

Genie: (he transforms into a jet) Ever break the sound barrier, hot-shot?

Aladdin: The what?

(Genie performs a sonic boom and the gang flies fast. Abis Mal and Haroud tries to ambush them with swords, but the gang flew over them so fast, that all the clothes they had on were removed excluding their underwear)

Haroud: To Getzistan?

(the gang arrive at Getzistan and Genie lands softly to the ground)

Aladdin: (trying to pull a small seat away from him) Genie.

Genie: Al, you can't expect to do Mach-5 in your shape without a baby seat.

Jasmine: The place is deserted.

(Aladdin moves forward briefly until he bumps into something solid and invisible)

Genie: (who has Aladdin in a glass barrier) 500 tons of elastic plexiglass ought to keep you safe.

Al-Dente: Oh! I'm so glad you are here!

Aladdin: Sultan Pasta Al-Dente!

Al-Dente: For that matter I'm glad that anyone is here. That cursed griffin has scared everyone away! Just a big rat with wings, I'm telling you…

(Al-Dente walks up to Aladdin but he bumps into Genie who's still a glass barrier, but then he transforms back to normal)

Genie: Sorry.

Al-Dente: Thank you, my blue friend. Now if you would only save our ruined economy! Because of that griffin, our poor casinos have lost their business!

Aladdin: Don't worry, Sultan Pasta. I'll take care of everything.

Al-Dente: That's the spirit my boy!

(Al-Dente elbows Aladdin in the chest)

Genie: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Easy on the roughhousing, eh champ?

(the gang sees the shadow of a griffin and Aladdin starts to run)

Aladdin: Come on!

Jasmine: (who's being held back by genie) Aladdin!

(Genie uses his magic on put a belt attached to a spring on Aladdin)

Aladdin: Huh? (getting pulled back by the spring) Whoa!

(Genie transforms into a couch, and Aladdin stops on Genie)

Genie: Could get violent, Al. Maybe you should stay with Pasta.

Aladdin: I'll be fine!

Iago: You're right. Pasta shouldn't be alone. I'll stay with him.

Al-Dente: Oh! Why thank you!

(Iago and Al-Dente see the gang fly off)

Iago: Well, I always say Pasta there's safety in numbers. And my safest numbers (he pulls out a bag of dinari) happens to be on the Wheel of Fortune if you get my drift.

Al-Dente: To the casinos!

(Next scene:) It's sundown in Getzistan and deserted before we then see Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Carpet, and Genie looking around.

Jasmine: She could be anywhere.

Genie: (stopping Aladdin before he could put his foot down) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Al, you might step on something nasty.

Aladdin: (aggravated) Genie…

Genie: (who has a detector scanning the floor) Can't be too careful you know. (the detector beeps loudly) Aha! (he shows Aladdin a pebble) Huh? Huh?!

Aladdin: (sarcastically) Oh a stray pebble. I suppose it would have penetrated my skin and given me pebble poisoning!

Genie: Well… why don't we just step into the future and see what would have happened little mister?

(lightning strikes and Aladdin is taken to the future, a cloaked figure wants Aladdin to come to him, Aladdin goes to him, then the cloaked figure points at a grave while lightning strikes again)

Aladdin: (gulps) My grave?

Genie: Hmm… no, some guy named Ebenezer Scrooge. (he brings themselves back to normal time) But the point is… It could have been bad!

Aladdin: Grr! Jasmine, make him stop!

Jasmine: Genie's only worrying about you because he cares, Aladdin.

Aladdin: Well don't care! Worrying won't get the egg back to its mother!

(Aladdin picks up the egg from Carpet)

Jasmine: You're right again, Aladdin.

Aladdin: I am?

Jasmine: I got to spend less time worrying about you (she takes the egg from Aladdin) and more time trying to get the egg back to its mother.

Genie: Point, Jasmine! Whoo-hoo!

(Aladdin looks at Genie with an angry look)

(Next scene:) Somewhere else in Getzistan, Abis Mal and Haroud are there.

Haroud: Sir, we must be cautious. I doubt that the griffin will be happy to see us!

Abis Mal: What are you worried about? We bag the egg, we mix the potion, I become a living slab of muscle. I'll protect you Haroud.

Haroud: But you barely escaped with your life the first time, sir. The griffin's bound to remember your face. After all, you are the man who stole her baby.

Abis Mal: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. D-Do you mind talking about something else?

Haroud: You mean, like how we're risking our lives, so you can juggle elephants? After all I see a griffin tear a man in two.

Abis Mal: (shaking in fear then he takes a gulp then he keeps shaking in fear) In… two?

Haroud: Well it might have been two hundred. Yes, they found an arm in Kathmandu, (Abis Mal holds his arm) a leg in Timbuktu, (Abis Mal holds his leg) and his spleen in Patagonia. (Abis Mal continues to shake with fear he taps Abis mal on his shoulder) Sir?

Abis Mal: (He throws the bottle in the air) Aah! (the bottle then falls right in the Abis Mal's Mouth and he swallows the cork and the potion along with it, he takes the bottle out of his mouth and started coughing) Haroud… swallowed…c-cork!

Haroud: Not to mention the potion it would seem.

Abis Mal: (starts doing crazy movements with his body as the potion takes effect) Wait… Haroud… something's… happening I… I feel… (Abis Mal's hat flies off and he has golden yellow hair in the style of the sixties) Manly! Ha-ha! Whoo! Haroud, I have hair! fluffy hair with lots of body in this… (he flicks the hanging end of his hair) neat dippy thing! Ooh, it feels so good! You may touch my hair, Haroud.

Haroud: Perhaps later, sir, after you pummel your way to Agrabah's throne with the fury of your savage bouffant.

Abis Mal: Once again Haroud, you miss the big mosaic! For this handsome hair you see, is no doubt a sign of my newfound super-strength!

Haroud: But what if the potion isn't complete without the talon?

Abis Mal: I don't need no stinking talon! Watch me pound this wall to dust with my fist-like hands.

Haroud: Uh… Sir…

(Abis Mal winds up, then he punches the building hurting his hand, his hairdo is all messy as he now starts to grow more hair but this time it's all over his body)

Abis Mal: Whoa!

Haroud: Oh, dear. Me thinks you do need the stinking talon after all.

Jasmine: (gasps) Abis Mal?

Abis Mal: Help me! (he runs then slides to Abu) I'm a man trapped in a monkey's body!

Abu: Hey!

Abis Mal: (he sees the egg the smacks Abu off Carpet) Must eat egg!

(Abis Mal and Haroud runs off with the egg, Aladdin starts to run after them)

Come on!

Genie: (he transforms into a rocking horse in which Aladdin was stuck into riding) Hold your horses Al, he could have rabies.

Jasmine: I'll get the egg, you watch Aladdin.

Aladdin: But…

Genie: (transforms back to normal) Come on Al, We'll have some good safe fun (he uses his magic to bring out a ball) with the squishy ball.

(Genie starts to squish the ball but then a griffin was flying overhead and spots Aladdin and Genie)

Genie: Look… Ball.

(the griffin starts to screech out loudly)

Aladdin: Hey, easy old girl.

Genie: We're just trying to help you find your egg! (the griffin starts screeching again, then he uses his magic to put Aladdin in a cage while wearing a scuba diving outfit, the griffin rams the cage with his beak, he turns into a shark and he flies around the griffin) Come on! Scrap with me! (the griffin starts snapping at him) Yeah, I'm the terror of the deep… Oh! The great white shark… Oh! the… Whoa! (the griffin swallows Genie whole, inside the griffin's belly, Genie strikes a match lighting up where he's in. He's in the form of Geppetto from "Pinocchio", and has Figaro the cat and Cleo the goldfish with him) I never have thought it would have ended this way, Figaro. Starving to death in the belly of a Griff.

Iago: (his voice coming from a nearby casino) Come on baby, come on! Come to Papa! NO I'VE LOST EVERYTHING!

(the griffin starts to follow Iago's voice, while Aladdin struggles to take off a flipper from his scuba diving outfit)

Aladdin: Oh no… Iago! Genie we've got…

Genie: Pinocchio! You shouldn't stray far when there's monsters about!

Aladdin: On second thought…

(Aladdin runs off without Genie noticing)

Iago: I can win it all back! I know I can! Please loan me a shekel!

Al-Dente: I'm sorry my friend. But we're a casino, not a bank.

Iago: Look, Pasta buddy, what's one lousy shekel between kingdoms? Me and the Sultan we like this. (he cross his fingers to show Al-Dente) You know he's good for it.

Al-Dente: Well… OK. But just this once!

Iago: YES! Everything on lucky number seven! Come on, baby… Come to Papa!

(outside the griffin is still going to where Iago's voice is, meanwhile Jasmine, Abu, and Carpet are still flying around the city)

Jasmine: Ooh! where is that hairy ape?

Abu: Yeah.

(Haroud sees Jasmine, Abu and Carpet fly right by them without being noticed)

Abis Mal:
 (who's sitting on an egg) Haroud are you sure this will make it hatch quicker?

Haroud: It works for chickens, sir.

Iago: Come on, baby! (he throws the dice, then the griffin breaks inside the casino Al-Dente runs off) Lady luck just spit in my eye. (the griffin gets a closer look at him) Heh-heh. Polly want a cracker?

Aladdin: Hey! Over here! Take me! Me! Iago, run!

(Iago flies off but then looks back at the table where one die was on four while the other die is tilting, Iago starts to lose feathers, nervous, as the die then bounces but then it stopped on a three)

Iago: Lucky number seven?! I'M A WINNER! (the griffin then turns to him) I'm a dead man.

Aladdin: Iago!

(Aladdin scales the griffin, bounces off her head, grabs Iago and leaves out the same way that the griffin came in. The griffin starts to chase after them)

Iago: Aah!

Genie: Hang on, Al! I got you covered! (he uses his magic to cover Aladdin in armor, the griffin smacks Aladdin with his beak) Ooh… ooh! Idea!

Iago: (who's also inside the armor) I'll see if the coast is clear. (he sticks his head out of the helmet's visor and he sees the griffin eye-to-eye) Aah!

(the griffin gets ready to use her claw to scratch through Aladdin's armor, but then Carpet shows up with the egg in front of the griffin. Al-Dente, Jasmine and Abu watch Carpet leave out of Getzistan while the griffin follows Carpet. Carpet stops at a good distance away from the city for the griffin to catch up. The griffin sees the egg as it starts to hatch, when it hatched it was Genie as a baby, he started crying.)

Genie: Hey! You're not Mom! Sorry, sugar. this'll have to do until you get your egg back. Mwah!

(Genie kisses the griffin's beak and disappears with Carpet. The griffin lets out a loud screech of anger and sorrow.)

Jasmine: Aladdin, you could have been killed!

Aladdin: (who's trying to get the helmet off) Don't worry about me, Jasmine, I'm fine. Come on Iago, I can't see.

Iago: No! We're never coming out! That freak of nature is out there!

(Aladdin crashes into the crates)

Aladdin: (groans) My ribs!

Genie: (as a doctor) It's okay, I'm a doctor (he pulls out a stethoscope and places it on places of Aladdin's armor then he puts on hypnotizing glasses) Hold still for x-ray. (the hypnotizing glasses start to spin then he goes over to Jasmine) If those ribs don't heal, he may never play ball again.

(Two first-aid Genies carry Aladdin in a stretcher)

Aladdin: I'll be okay, Genie.

Genie: (as a coach) Get with the program, sport! From now on, you are out of the game!

(Aladdin gives Genie a sad look)

(Next scene:) It's night time and Aladdin is tiptoeing out of a building.

Aladdin: We'll see who's out of the game. (he looks down and sees hair) Ha! Looks like Abis Mal's been shedding.

Jasmine: Fine, if Aladdin wants to put his life in danger, let him!

Genie: Yeah! (they stood still silent for a while) Ooh I'm worried.

Jasmine: Let's find him.

Genie: (going left) I'll look this way.

Jasmine: (going right) I'll look this way.

(Next scene:) Abu and Iago fly on Carpet looking for Aladdin

Abu: Aladdin? Aladdin?!

Iago: Can you do that a little less loudly? I'm trying to get some shut-eye! Not to mention that griffin might hear you.

Genie: Oh, Al? Al-ly, Al-ly-O? Where are you?

Jasmine: Aladdin! Come back! (sighs) This isn't about your ribs anymore. You could get yourself killed!

(as Jasmine still looks around, the griffin is hiding in the shadows of the buildings)

(Next scene:) Haroud is sleeping while Abis Mal is still sitting on the egg.

Abis Mal: Pretty please, hurry up little Griffy chick-chick? I don't like being Mr. Hair Man, It's so dumb-looking! Ooh and itchy, I'm gettin' fleas! I know it! (Aladdin pulls some of his hair from his foot) Yow! (Aladdin switches the egg with a small boulder that looks blue like the egg and he lands on the stone) Oy! Stupid fleas bite like a camel! (he grabs a piece of wood) That's it! I can't wait anymore! Hello chick-chick!

(Abis Mal hits the stone with the wood and starts to shake, Haroud then wakes up)

Haroud: What? What is it? (he sees Aladdin run off with the egg) The egg!

(Aladdin runs into a dead end, he tries to turn back but Abis Mal and Haroud was blocking his way)

Abis Mal: We got you now, you little egg-snatcher. (he scratches his back but couldn't reach where it was itchy.) Haroud, I'm itchy, scratch me. (Haroud scratches his back, then he runs to Aladdin, but Aladdin grabs his beard and throws him to the other side) Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!

(Aladdin is surrounded now by Abis Mal and Haroud. They both run to Aladdin but Aladdin jumps onto the crates and Abis Mal and Haroud collide into each other. Aladdin gets to the top of a building and then jumps off to grab a clothesline, but the clothesline snaps and Aladdin jumps into a window opening.)

Aladdin: Ow! Ribs…

(Aladdin goes in and Abis Mal and Haroud goes off to find him. meanwhile Jasmine is still looking for Aladdin.)

Jasmine: Aladdin! (the griffin is behind her snarling then she looks back a little) Aladdin?

(Aladdin is on the top of a building backing up from Abis Mal and Haroud. Aladdin gets close to the edge and knocks over a piece of pottery, he then sees the pottery fall and breaks from a few stories down.)

Aladdin: Uh-oh.

Abu: Aladdin!

Iago: Huh? Oh, There you are. I could hardly sleep, I have been so worried! Now drop the macho act and am-scray… pronto!

(Aladdin gives Abu the egg then he sees Abis Mal and Haroud coming from both sides Aladdin gets on Carpet bouncing Iago up from impact)

Aladdin: Carpet, punch it!

Iago: Aah!

(they fly off and Abis Mal and Haroud collide into each other again. Meanwhile Jasmine is running away from the griffin who's flying after her, until Genie shows up as a helicopter)

Genie: Give yourself up! We have you surrounded! (he starts flashing the light at the griffin which didn't seem to work well) Maybe not surrounded but… let me handle this, Jasmine! (he transforms into a tamer while he has a wooden chair as a shield and a whip) I know the lion in you wants to sit for the audience, but the eagle in you is so bullheaded! (the griffin breaks the chair with her beak) Hey, I like that chair. (Jasmine sees a building with a large wooden door and a big wooden board for a lock) Okay, two griffins can play this game!

(he transforms into a dog and barks at her, Jasmine pulls out a feather from the griffin, the griffin looks back at Jasmine)

Jasmine: Hey! Over here! Take me! Me!

(Jasmine runs towards the building while the griffin follows her)

Genie: Jasmine! What are you doing?!

(the griffin closes in on Jasmine, Jasmine trips and falls and the griffin flies into the building. Genie closes the doors and pushes the wooden board to lock it)

Jasmine: (holds her stomach) Ooh! Ohh!

Genie: Nice thinking adventure woman! But you know you really could have hurt yourself.

Jasmine: (gets up) Aah…

Genie: You did hurt yourself.

Jasmine: A little.

Genie: Aw, Jasmine. You've really got Al's worst qualities, you know.

(Aladdin, Abu, Iago and Carpet shows up)

Iago: Hey, what gives, you eat something that didn't agree with you?

Aladdin: Jasmine, are you okay?

Jasmine: I think it's just a… few bruised ribs?

(Abu screeches to show Jasmine and Genie the egg)

Genie: Look, Jas! Al got the egg!

Abis Mal: (snatches the egg from Genie) No, you are wrong, for I Mr. Good-bye, Hair Hello, Muscle City have the egg!

Genie: Don't look guys, I'm gonna squish him like a melon.

Haroud: I wouldn't do that if I were you, (he holds Iago up in a squeezing position) or the bird gets it.

Iago: Hello.

Abis Mal: Yes, Haroud, (he starts to back up to the locked building) there is one thing that can sneak up on a Genie, I am that thing. (Genie lifts up the lock to the building) I am a "Genie"-us. (the griffin comes out and goes right behind him) And nobody sneaks up on a "Genie"-us.

(Abis Mal hears footsteps and turns around only to see the griffin screeching.)

Abis Mal: (whimpering) Slay me quickly!

(The egg starts to hatch right in front of him. Abis Mal puts the egg down for the newborn griffin to come out of the egg. Abis Mal runs away. The griffins rub beaks and they start screeching softly at each other as if they were talking)

Aladdin And Jasmine: Aww… (hugs each other but then they stop and hold their stomachs) Ow!

(Final scene:) Aladdin and Al-Dente are shaking hands.

Al-Dente: (laughs) Good-bye, my friend and thank you! Once again the business she booms! Our new Half-Man Half-Beast attraction should really draw the curious from all across the seven deserts!

(Abis Mal and Haroud are inside a cage growling at Al-Dente. Aladdin waves good-bye to Al-Dente and the gang starts to fly off. Aladdin and Jasmine were holding hands looking at each other until Genie who's a Grandma shows up.)

Genie: Aww, chicken soup's the best thing for busted-up ribs.

(Grandma Genie places a spoonful of Chicken Soup near Jasmine's mouth)

Jasmine: (in a "do I have to" tone) Aladdin….

Aladdin: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You know, you can't be too careful Jasmine. Genie, I think she'll be needing the baby seat. (laughs)

Genie: Coming right up!

Jasmine: (in a shy but serious tone) Guys, that's not funny.




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