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Eye of the Beholder

Story Editor: Duane Capizzi
Written by: Bill Motz and Bob Roth
© Disney 1994

Transcribed by Heather H.
Transcript edited by Calluna
Screenshots by Magical Screencaps

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Phasir: Why do you persist in tormenting humanity, Mirage?

Mirage: Why do you persist in tormenting me, Phasir!? You're so tiresome with your hopeless causes.

Phasir: On the contrary. It is you who have the hopeless cause. Good shall always triumph over evil for love is the strength of good.

Mirage: Ho, ho! Love! It is no more than a tingly feeling. It is weak!

Phasir: No. Witness these souls, Mirage.

Jasmine: -laughing- Aladdin, you didn't!

Aladdin: -laughs- No, Jasmine. I really did.

Phasir: All your spells, all your incantations, all your potions could never destroy their love. -disappears-

Mirage: How dare you pull your cheap parlor tricks! Never destroy their love? -laughs to herself- We'll see about that, Phasir. -turns into beautiful woman- We'll see.

-Jasmine and Iago roaming marketplace-

Iago: Boring! This is boring!

Jasmine: You could’ve gone for sugared dates with Aladdin and Abu!

Iago: No way! I touch one date and, wham! I'm bloated for a day! Besides I’d much rather much be here with you.

Jasmine: Love you too, Iago.

Iago: -gasps- Princess, you shouldn't kid around like that. What would people think if they heard ya?

Mirage: -still in human form- Perhaps they would think she should get a new boyfriend.

Iago: See?

Mirage: Something to enhance your radiant beauty, my dear?

Jasmine: You... weren't here just a moment ago.

Mirage: Oh, the heat can play tricks on the weary shopper. This is where Asha always sells her goods.

Jasmine: I was sure that...

Iago: Oh, do you have any shadow? Something to make my beak look smaller?

Mirage: Perhaps some rose petals from Cairo? Your kiss will win any man you choose.

Jasmine: I’ve already chosen a wonderful man.

Iago: Oh! How 'bout an eyebrow thinning agent? Plucking doesn't do diddly.

Mirage: A young man for the young lady. How nice. I'm sure he loves you very much.

Jasmine: Yes, he does.

Mirage: He probably doesn't even notice those wrinkles.

Jasmine: Wrinkles?

Mirage: Oh, oh, small ones. Around the eyes. Hardly noticeable... yet.

Iago: Yeah, I see 'em. Oh, look. They make a little smiley face.

Mirage: It's a fact of life, my dear. The pretty face of youth just doesn't stay with us and then the man we love wants another pretty face.

Iago: -rubbing cream on his beak- She's right. I've seen guys do it. Heck, I’ve done it... several times!

Jasmine: Iago!

Iago: What? I got a problem with commitment. I admit it.

Jasmine: Well Aladdin’s not like that. He loves me, not how I look.

Mirage: Perhaps... but can you be sure? -holds out fancy bottle- I have a very special lotion I use each night. When I awake in the morning my beauty is flawless.

Aladdin: Oh, Jasmine. -appears with flower- For you, my darling. I've loved you from the moment I first set eyes on your beautiful face.

Jasmine: -gasps- You love me... for my beauty?

Aladdin: Well, yeah!

Mirage: -whispering- Take the lotion, my dear. No charge.

Jasmine: Um, it's getting late. We should be going.

Aladdin: Uh, sure.

Iago: So, notice anything about my beak?

-Abu chatters-

Iago: "Big schnoze"!? Who asked you!?

-Mirage laughs wickedly to herself-

-at night in palace-

Jasmine: Oh, what can it hurt? -puts lotion on her face-


Iago: Picnics! Charity banquets for ants, I’m tellin` you.

-in Jasmine's bedroom-

Jasmine: Oh, no! I've overslept! -screams-

Aladdin: Jasmine!? -enters her room- Jasmine, are you all right? -gasps-

Jasmine: -waist down turned into snake- Help me!

Aladdin: Who? What did this?

Jasmine: This lotion! That woman in the marketplace gave me this lotion and look what it's done!

Iago: Cursed cosmetics! I'm doomed! Is my beak sprouting hair!?

-Aladdin rubs lamp-

Genie: You have summoned the almighty genie of the -sees Jasmine- la... Whoa! Never mind.

Aladdin: Genie, find the woman who sold this to Jasmine! -holds out bottle for him to see-

Genie: -has dogs smelling bottle- Get a good whiff, chaps. -dogs start running- The hunt is on! -reappears in the room- We looked everywhere! Not a trace! Zipp-o! She's history!

Jasmine: -crying- What'll I do?

Aladdin: I’ll find a cure.

Jasmine: What if there isn't one?

Genie: Oh, sure there is. The Tree of Renewal. Its fruit is good for whatever ails you.

Iago: Wait a minute! I've heard of this tree! It's impossible to get to!

Genie: Not impossible! Maybe a little death-defying...

Aladdin: I don't care! -takes Jasmine's hands- I swear on my love for you, I will cure you. -they hug tight-

Mirage: -watching from Morbia- The genie knows of the tree!? -growls- Go on your quest, Aladdin. Your love is no match for the pitfalls ahead. You will never make it to the Tree of Renewal!

-on their journey to find tree-

Aladdin: What is it, Genie?

Genie: Think of it as a map. Ancient nomads marked the way to the tree. I'll do the honors! -one finger short--grows middle finger--places hand in marker--ball of fire shows direction- We go that way!

Aladdin: See. You're as good as cured.

-Jasmine gives him half smile-

-walking through swamp--four Genies are carrying Jasmine-

Genie: -serving Jasmine- Hors d'oevers? Mint tea? Slippers? Oh, sorry. I think I’ll see how dinner's doing in the oven.

Jasmine: Thanks, but I don't need all this. I'll walk... slither... whatever it is I do.

Iago: Well, no sense lettin` it all go to waste.

-Iago sits down in Jasmine's seat--the Genies holding it up dissapear-

Aladdin: Shhh! Did you hear that? Something's out there! Listen.

-octopus grabs Aladdin by leg pulling him into water-

Jasmine: Aladdin!

Thief 1: Give us your valuables or...

-Thief 2 blows into conch shell-

Thief 1: The gypuuk will finish your friend.

Iago: It's bad enough we're walking through a soggy, stinky swamp we have to get mugged too!?

Jasmine: Here! -throws them her purse- Now let him go!

Thief 1: But why? You are all going to the same place!

-Aladdin drowning-

Jasmine: Aladdin! -rises up on tail- Bring him back! -picks thief up with her tail- I said bring him back!

-Thief 2 blows into shell bringing drenched, coughing Aladdin back on shore-

Thief 1: Run! She's a monster!

Thief 2: Flee the horrible creature!

Jasmine: They're right. I am a monster.

Aladdin: No. No you're not. You're the woman I love. -they hug-

Mirage: -watching from Morbia- Such foolish perseverance you have, Aladdin, but I promise the worst is yet to come. -growls-

Iago: Boy, Princess, that was some fancy tail work you used back there on those mugger jerks! Boom! Whack! You sure ya wanna lose that tail? It comes in handy in tense situations.

Jasmine: -grabs Iago by body with her tail- Good point, Iago. It is handy. In fact there's some lotion left. You could have a handy tail, too.

Iago: No! No! Ha, you're right, Princess. Bad idea. Lose the tail.

Genie: Let's see. Next marker should be around here somewhere.

-Abu finds marker leading down tunnel-

Genie: Nice work, monkey boy.

Aladdin: I guess we go down this tunnel.

Mirage: -watching from Morbia- You've come farther than I’d have wagered, young lovers, but I believe there are more obstacles in your path.

Jasmine: Look! -points to ray of light-

Iago: Sunlight! Enough of this spelunking! I'm outta here! -looks up- Yes! A way out! -looks down--no ground- Ahh! For birds only, that is. -air blows him up-

Aladdin: Iago!

Genie: Easy, Al. It's the legendary Tunnel of Wind! Ancient nomads used it as a way out of here. Watch. -takes Carpet--blows up to land--as kid- That was fun! Can I ride it again, Daddy? Huh? Can I? Can I? Can I? Please? -normal--yells down- It's fine! Come on up!

Aladdin: Well, should we try it?

-dog growls behind them--they escape by using Tunnel of Wind-

Genie: Did I hear a roar? -looks down hole- Ahh! Something's coming and it's got two heads. Oh, the ancient nomads never mentioned this! Easy, boy, just don't wreck the furniture!

-Jasmine backs up into dead end, defenseless-

Iago: Use your tail! Whap! Whap!

-Jasmine whips at dog with her tail-

Aladdin: Come on, mutt! It's me you want! -jumps into hole- Carpet!

-Carpet catches him--dog falls--wind blows dog up-

-Genie looking down hole--yells--covers hole--dog hits its heads-

Genie: Yep! Two heads hurt more than one, eh, Al?

-Jasmine appears dead, lying partway into a cave-

Genie: Oh, no!

Aladdin: No. Not when we've come so far.

Mirage: -watching from Morbia- Oh, she's not dead, Aladdin, but you may prefer that fate when you see what's become of her.

Aladdin: Jasmine! You're okay!

-she crawls out of the cave more snakelike than before-

Aladdin: -gasps- No!

Jasmine: Aladdin, what is it? -all jaws drop- Genie, I want to see myself.

Aladdin: Jasmine...

Jasmine: Genie, please!?

Genie: -holds mirror showing a fake reflection- Oh, yeah. You've got a smudge right there.

Jasmine: Genie!

-turns mirror around to show the real reflection--she gasps-

Iago: If she gets any worse we won't be the only animals in this club.

Aladdin: Uh, Jasmine...

Jasmine: I’m all right. We'll need some water before we move on.

Aladdin: Go ahead, Abu.

-Abu follows Jasmine to pond-

-Jasmine looking at reflection in water--splashes reflection away with canteen- -Abu scared of her appearance-

Jasmine: I scare you, don't I, Abu?

Abu: Uh, nuh-uh.

Jasmine: It's okay. I scare myself, too. To think this happened all because I wanted to be beautiful for Aladdin. You've been with him longer than I have, Abu. If we can't find a cure will Aladdin still love me?

Abu: Uh, uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

Jasmine: I hope you're right. I can live as a snake but I can't live without Aladdin.

-Abu comforts her-

Aladdin: -starts to walk on bridge--bridge starts to break- I don't think it's safe.

Genie: -as hot air balloon- Well, climb aboard.

-Carpet feels sad-

Jasmine: Ah, Carpet, it's okay. I'll ride with you.

Iago: For once Genie being an airhead's a good thing.

Genie: Nice and easy. -sets them down on ground--returns to normal- Well, here we are safe and sound on terra firma! -stomps on ground causing it to break-

Aladdin: -falls- Ahhhhh!

Jasmine: Aladdin!

-Jasmine pulls him up on Carpet with her tail--on ground Aladdin is shivering in heat of sun-

Jasmine: Aladdin? What's wrong with him?

Genie: Venom, from your barbs.

-she gasps-

Genie: Jasmine, you've poisoned Aladdin!

Jasmine: -crying- What have I done?

Iago: He's gettin` worse.

Genie: Carpet, keep him warm.

-Carpet obeys-

-in Aladdin's dream-

Aladdin: Jasmine!?

Jasmine: -trapped in cage- Help me, Aladdin!

-bars of cage turn into snakes--snakes turn into one giant serpent that grabs Aladdin--Jasmine slipping away-

Aladdin: Jasmine! No! Jasmine! Come back!

Jasmine: Help me, Aladdin! Help me!

Aladdin: Come back! No! No! -stops dreaming- No.

Genie: He's coming around.

Jasmine: Aladdin? Can you hear me? -now fully transformed-

Aladdin: Jasmine? Oh, thank goodness it's you. I just had the worst dream. -reaches his hand up to touch her face-

Jasmine: No! Don't touch me!

Aladdin: Oh, Jasmine.

Jasmine: My barbs almost killed you. If I can't touch you how can we ever be together? -slithers away-

Aladdin: Wait! Jasmine, we will be together as soon as we find the tree!

Jasmine: But what if we never make it? What if there is no tree?

Aladdin: We can't think about that.

Mirage: -watching from Morbia- Not so sure of your love now, are you Aladdin? Not so sure you can love her like this?

Genie: Aladdin! Come quick! I found it! The next marker!

Aladdin: We must be close!

-Aladdin places hand in marker--marker sinks to reveal tree-

Aladdin: I knew we'd find it.

Mirage: -watching from Morbia- Blast! You've come further than I’ve thought! -growls--gasps- But of course! What was I thinking!? You still love her because you have hope she will change back, but what if I should take that from you as well.

Aladdin: -picks some fruit- The most beautiful fruit for the most beautiful lady. -hands Jasmine piece of fruit-

-Jasmine gasps--fruit rots in her hands-

Jasmine: No!

-tree sinks into the ground, disappearing-

Jasmine: Aladdin! The tree!

Aladdin: -gasps- No! No!

Jasmine: I’m stuck like this... forever.

Mirage: -appears on Earth- I do love a tragic ending.

Aladdin: Mirage! So you're behind this!

Genie: Lady, I’m taking you out, and I’m not talking dinner and a movie!

-Mirage waves her hand and Genie is cut into pieces-

Genie: You're one sick kitty!

Mirage: I know! -laughing-

Aladdin: Mirage!

Mirage: I could tear you apart like I did your genie... but you're filled with blood!

-Aladdin gets mad--Jasmine holds him back--Aladdin backs off-

Mirage: Wise decision. Tell me, Aladdin, do you still love Jasmine knowing she will never be human again?

Aladdin: Don't listen to her, Jasmine. I'll never leave you.

Jasmine: No, Aladdin. She's right.

Aladdin: What?

Jasmine: Look at me. What kind of life can we possibly have together? I can't even touch you or you might die.

Aladdin: But Jasmine...

Jasmine: Go back to Agrabah, Aladdin.

Aladdin: I told you I’ll never leave you.

Jasmine: -burns with anger- Go away! -slithers away-

Genie: I’ll bring her back, Al.

Aladdin: No, Genie. It's gonna be a long trip back to Agrabah. You guys better get going. I'm staying with Jasmine. -pours rest of lotion on his arm-

Mirage: No! It must be a trick!

Jasmine: Aladdin? -turns around to see fully transformed snake- No! Aladdin, what have you done!?!

Aladdin: Look, if we can't be together as people then we'll be together... like this.

Jasmine: But you'll never...

Aladdin: -puts his finger on Jasmine's lips- I’ll never leave you. I love you, Jasmine.

Mirage: This can't be! Love is weak! Weak!

-in Morbia-

Mirage: How? How is it possible for love to triumph over such adversity?

Phasir: Love is ever triumphant, Mirage. Aladdin and Jasmine have proven that your hate is no match for their love.

Mirage: That may be, but they'll suffer for the rest of their lives!

Phasir: No, they won't. You lost, Mirage. There's no need for them to pay for your defeat. -renews tree-

Mirage: No! No!

-back on earth tree appears--Genie hands Jasmine fruit--she eats--hands it to Aladdin--he eats--they change back to normal--fruit drops to ground-

Iago: You think that fruit could make my beak a little smaller?

Abu: No way!

Jasmine: I’ll never leave you, Aladdin, ever. -they kiss-

-from mountain top watching happy, normal couple, thinking of his past love-

Phasir: You once left me, Mirage, to pursue your malevolent path, but one day love will triumph over your evil heart and bring you back to me.




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