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Destiny on Fire

Written by: Mirith J.S. Colao
© Disney 1995

Transcript by Meesh

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(Aladdin, Genie, Iago, and Abu are riding Carpet home from vacation. Abu is reclining and relaxing with a hat on his head.)

Aladdin: *laughs* Looks like Abu isn't ready to end his vacation.

Genie: *sigh* Neither was I … But SOMEONE had to go home. (pulls Iago from behind him.)

Iago: (with cream on his beak) Watch the beak! Ah! (Genie drops him on Carpet, and we see that the tip of his beak is red.) No one seems to care that I've got a 3rd degree sunburn here. All I wanna do is go home and jump in a vat of aloe vera. But we'll never get there if Carpet keeps slowin' down!

Genie: Aw, poor Carpet. He still misses that beach towel he met at low tide.

(He and Aladdin laugh until they enter Agrabah. They gasp, for Agrabah is smoking, and all of the citizens have been turned into small brown slug-like creatures, moaning and crying miserably.)

Iago: Ah! What is that?!

Aladdin: Oh no. Jasmine! I have to find her!

Genie: To the palace, Rug-man! And step on it!

(They start to fly off and Abu starts chattering. A mysterious figure drops a large cloth over them. They can‘t see anything.)

Aladdin: Woahah!

Iago: Ah! My beak!

Aladdin: Genie. (We see them being dragged by a strong hand up Aladdin's hovel.) Genie get us out.

Genie: I'll get us out! (The captor lets go of the bag, and Genie emerges, dressed as a boxer.) Dah, nothing can hold me! Not even… (They see who it is.) Rasoul?

Aladdin: Rasoul! What are you doing? I've got to get to get to Jasmine and the Sultan.

Rasoul: I had to stop you from going to the palace.

Aladdin: (in his face) Which is where you should be! Why aren't you protecting Jasmine and the sultan?

Rasoul: Listen, Street-rat. You're not sultan yet!

Aladdin: And when I am?

Rasoul: Don't expect me to stick around for that wretched day.

Aladdin: Don't expect me to mind.

(Rasoul growls and turns back to Aladdin, grabbing his vest. Genie turns into a referee, whistles, and pushes them apart.)

Genie: Foul play! (tosses Aladdin onto a pile of pillows by the window) You're benched. And you? Start talkin'. Where are Jasmine and the sultan? (puts a spotlight on Rasoul) Who did this?

Rasoul: I don't know. We were on duty at the palace.

(A FLASHBACK starts. We see sleeping guards at the palace entrance. Rasoul throws open the doors, violently waking them up.)

Rasoul: Guards, report!

Hakim: There's nothing to report.

Rasoul: Then, what's that?

(Rasoul points to a menacing, orange, sparkly, dust cloud approaching the city.)

Nahbi: Eh, condensed water vapor, sir. It's called fog.

(The fog rapidly engulfs the city. Everything it passes is badly damaged and smoking.)

Fazal: I have never seen fog do that!

Hakim: It is coming this way!

Rasoul: I have to warn the sultan! (bursts back into the throne room) Your highness! Princess Jasmine! (A magic blue fist punches at him. Just in time, he presses a secret brick in a nearby pillar and falls down a secret chute, yelling. The FLASHBACK ends here. We see the gang in the hovel.) I couldn't get to the sultan or Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin: So, you just left them in the palace?

Rasoul: No one can get near the palace without getting turned into one of these!

(He pulls a slug creature from his vest and holds it out in his hand. Iago and Abu are disgusted.)

Genie: Fazal!

Fazal: Help meee!!

Genie: I'll sure try, big guy! (He pulls up his “sleeves” and shoots him with magic. Nothing happens. Fazal bawls.) That's strange. I just had them in for a tune-up!

Aladdin: You can't undo any of this?

Genie: Oh, we're dealing with some serious hocus pocus here, Al.

Rasoul: You need a genie to figure that out?

(Aladdin approaches Rasoul angrily, and Rasoul growls at him. Genie hits himself in the head then separates them.)

Genie: You both cool your fajitas while I go to the palace and gather some clues! Once I get a scoop on this magic, I can bury it!

(Genie disappears. Rasoul and Aladdin walk to opposite sides of the window pouting.)

Iago: (at Rasoul's shoulder) So! There's a secret tunnel under the throne room! What other palace secrets do you have?

SCENE CHANGE - The palace garden

(Genie slinks around the garden secretively. He changes into a cat.)

Genie: *Purr* I am one sly cat.

(Green magic is shot at him, and he is flung through the air all the way back to the hovel, yelling as a cat might.)

Aladdin: Genie?

Genie: (dizzy from hitting the wall) Don't worry. Curiosity won't kill this cat! (changes back) But that magic sure came close! Sorry, Al. I couldn't get a paw in the palace, let alone look for Jasmine!

Rasoul: Now, do you see what you're up against?

Genie: (puts some of the magic in a test tube) Hmm, doesn't look different from your basic garden-variety magic. (changes into a scientist) But, with the help of Mr. Science! (turns into a robot and prints out the data) And Mr. Computer! We can find out very… little. But! Enough to give it another try!

(Genie shoots Fazal, who is sitting on a barrel, with magic. He turns into himself for a few seconds but changes back and once again bawls. Rasoul scoffs, crosses his arms, and shakes his head.)

Aladdin: Oh no.

Genie: Wait! Let me go back to the palace. I can fight this thing!

Magic voice: I don't want the genie!! Send the boy who is responsible for Agrabah's despicable destiny. Send Aladdin!

Rasoul: What?

Genie: Whoa! Whoa! The kid has an alibi! He was on vacation with me! See? Tan line!

Aladdin: That voice! Carpet! We're going to the palace!

Iago: Count me out!

Rasoul: You're out. Follow me! I know the palace inside and out.

Aladdin: Don't worry. I can handle it. I'm pretty sure I know who we're up against.

Genie: You coming?

Rasoul: (Gets on Carpet with Genie and Aladdin and growls.) Taking orders from a street rat. I'm going to regret this.

Iago: Goodbye! (gets luxuriously comfortable until he hears the creepy moans of the slugs) Uh, I said wait up! HEY! (flies after them)

(The gang flies into the throne room.)

Genie: Well, the palace is still in one piece.

Voice: Because it's MINE!! (A face in a green flame appears on the throne.) And there's nothing you can do about it, Aladdin!

Aladdin: Hello Aziz.

Aziz: (returns to his normal figure) How did you know it was me?

Aladdin: Your demented ideas about destiny give you away every time.

Aziz: Demented?

Iago: Yeah, we're off to a good start.

Aziz: Oh, don't worry, I won't blow you up. Why, it was you who helped me get to the destiny stone! Of course, thanks to you, I was trapped in it for years! But! Now I'm out, and the power it gave me is glorious! (He briefly demonstrates pink power in his hands.) I owe you, Aladdin.

Aladdin: Then tell me where Princess Jasmine and the sultan are.

Aziz: I am the sultan now, Aladdin. My destiny is to lord over Agrabah with limitless power. (gets off the throne) And wait until you see my power.

Aladdin: I don't want to see your tacky magic show, Aziz.

Aziz: Tacky magic? Well, I look forward to proving you wrong, Aladdin. (walks towards the gang) Besides, its fun to have a few humans around for the sake of amusement.

(Rasoul growls.)

Iago: And we thought he had no sense of humor.

Aladdin: Where are they?

Aziz: Haha! Where else would a sultan and a princess be? They're in the palace. Try to find them. I'll give you a sporting chance. (laughs)

Aladdin: Come on. We better check the dungeon.

Rasoul: (pulls a rope, revealing a secret passageway) This way.

Aziz: (after the gang had gone) They'll never find them.

SCENE CHANGE - The dungeon

(The gang crawls into the dungeon from a passageway that could have been the one from the original movie.)

Iago: Another secret passageway. Did you know about that, Al?

Rasoul: There is a lot our little sultan-to-be doesn't know.

Aladdin: Then tell me who that is. (points to a sultan-silhouette the dungeon)

Rasoul: Sultan!

(The gang realizes that it is actually Aziz as Aziz transforms back and walks towards them.)

Rasoul: Filthy jackal! (tackles Aziz, but Aziz disappears)

Aziz: (reappears beside Aladdin) Better keep your thug in line, Aladdin. I hate (slaps Aladdin) poor (slap) sports (slap).

Rasoul: I am royal captain of the guard, and I take no orders from that street rat!

Aziz: (laughs) Do I sense some hostility among the ranks?

Genie: Nahh, just towards you.

Aziz: Good. Then they won't mind getting close.

(Aziz blows some magic at some chains hanging on the wall. They almost fall on Iago, who yells and dodges them. They then wrap up Rasoul and Aladdin together. The two struggle.)

Aziz: (laughing) Looks like it's too close for comfort.

Genie: (tries to saw the chains) Stay still. We'll get you out.

(Abu tries to pick the lock, but Aziz's magic turns him into a slug.)

Aladdin: Abu!

Aziz: Oh, does the little rodent mean something to you, Aladdin? Sorry. (disappears)

(with torch and welder's mask) Uhh, maybe we can't get you out.

Aziz's voice: They'll only come off when you two kids can agree on things.

Aladdin: We both agree to get rid of you!

Rasoul: For good!

(The chains disappear.)

Aziz's voice: Well, that was fast! But how long will it last? Mhm? (laughs and fades away)

Iago: (looking at Abu) Eww.

(Genie's magic changes him back.)

Aladdin: Genie, you did it! (Abu changes back into a slug.) Oh.

Genie: Oh, *sigh*, not quite. But I am making progress. (picks up Abu) Hey, I'll have the hang of it in no time.

Iago: Another secret passage?

Rasoul: Let's go.

Genie: Sit tight, little buddy. (tucks Abu into his sash)

Aladdin: Not this way. We've gotta—

(Shackles connect Rasoul and Aladdin's wrists.)

Rasoul: Now look what you've done!

Genie: Can't you two try to agree?!

Iago: Rasoul does know the palace inside and out.

Aladdin: *sigh* Okay. Let's go. (The shackles disappear. The gang leaves, and the door closes behind him. Aladdin runs to the bottom of the secret staircase.) Where does this lead?

Iago: To a secret treasure perhaps?

Rasoul: It leads to Princess Jasmine's chambers.

Iago: (sweetly) And where else?

Rasoul: Your grave if you don't BACK OFF!

Iago: Touchy.

SCENE CHANGE - Jasmine's chambers

Aladdin: Jasmine?

Iago: (to Rasoul) Come on! The sultan must have an emergency stash somewhere.

Rasoul: If I tell you, will you leave me alone?

Iago: Oh. Yes, sir!

Rasoul: Well, first you have to go that way… (whispers inaudibly into Iago's ear)

Iago: Yes. Okay. Uh huh.

Jasmine's face in the mirror: Aladdin.

Aladdin: Jasmine?

Rasoul: Princess?

Jasmine's face: Help! (turns into Aziz's laughing face) How's that for power, Aladdin?

Aladdin: You always knew how to trick people, but you'll never know real power.

Aziz: (pokes Aladdin from the mirror) Are you sure?

(Aziz blows magic to Carpet, who becomes a slug.)

Aladdin: No!

Genie: (picks up Carpet) Whoa, looks like even us magic folk aren't safe.

Rasoul: None of us are.

Iago: Well, I've got better things to do than rediscover life as an invertebrate. Just so happens I have a secret treasure to find. (flies away)

Aladdin: Iago?!

Rasoul: (stops Aladdin) He'll be fine, trust me.

Aladdin: Trust you?!

Genie: Uh, Al?

Aladdin: I trusted you to protect Jasmine and the sultan!

(The shackles reappear. Aladdin struggles.)

Rasoul: (after an inaudible angry exclamation) Are you happy now?!

Genie: Oy.

SCENE CHANGE - the dining hall

Aladdin: We won't find them here.

Genie: But what about there?

(They see Jasmine and the sultan across the way in a doorway, struggling, gagged and tied.)

Rasoul: It's another trick. You'll end up a slug like Abu!

Aladdin: (struggles) Jasmine!

(Aladdin and Rasoul look at each other and nod in agreement then charge towards the two gagged royals. The table comes to life and intercepts them. Genie fights with it. He turns into a cowboy and rides it like a bucking bronco or bull. It escapes and kicks Genie against a wall. Rasoul attacks it, but it throws him and Aladdin and pins them to the wall.

Aladdin: Genie!

Genie: Hang on, kids! (turns into a lumberjack with saw hands) Eat. My. Sawdust.

(The scene shows Aladdin and Rasoul, who shield their eyes from Genie's attacking the table. When it's over, we see several piles of sawdust on the floor, and Genie as Geppetto playing with a wooden Pinocchio-like marionette.)

Genie: If only you were a real boy.

Aladdin: Let's go.

(Pulls Rasoul towards the door. Jasmine and the sultan become potted plants.)

Aladdin: Cute trick, Aziz.

Aziz's voice: Feels like real power to me!

Aladdin: I can't believe he tricked us again!

Rasoul: Wake up, Street rat. He's tricked us from the start!

Genie: (collects magic from the potted plants) Hmm…

Aladdin: Oh, so you're saying we never should have left the—

Aladdin and Rasoul: The throne room!

(The shackles disappear.)

Genie: (as Aladdin and Rasoul grab him) Huh? Whoa!

SCENE CHANGE - the throne room

Oh no!

(We see sultan as a slug in a jar hanging on one side of the throne.)

Rasoul: This cannot be!

(We see Jasmine as a slug in another jar hanging on the other side of the throne. They run towards them, Rasoul to the sultan and Aladdin to Jasmine.)

Rasoul: Your highness!

Aladdin: Jasmine, I'm so sorry I—

Jasmine: Aladdin, you can stop Aziz. I know you can.

Aziz: How touching. (blows Aladdin and Rasoul back several feet with his magic and sits on the throne) Oh, what a shame. The game is over.

Aladdin: Change them back, Aziz.

Aziz: Well, actually, I rather like them the way they are.

Rasoul and Aladdin: Let me take their place.

Aziz: Sorry. I find the two of you quite amusing.

Rasoul: In that case, let's play a new game. But now, it's your turn. Catch us if you can, Aziz.

(The gang escapes through a trap door. Genie yells.)

Aziz: Ready or not, here I come!

(After a thrilling fall, the gang lands safely in a huge mound of hay.)

Genie: Uh, Rasoul? If the sultan and Jasmine are up there, what are we doing down here?

Rasoul: As long as Aziz is up there too, he'll never let us get near them. But, if he takes the bait…

Aladdin: He'll leave the throne room! (snaps)

Genie: And I can sneak in to help the sultan and Jasmine!

(Rasoul and Aladdin shush him.)

Aziz's voice: Aladdin? Is that you?

Genie: (secretively) He took the bait.

You'd better head back to the throne room.

Genie: Teamwork!! (as a cheerleader) Thaaat's the spirit!

Aladdin and Rasoul: Go!

(Genie disappears with Abu and Carpet, and the two men run for the nearby door. It is locked.)

Aziz's voice: Tell me if I'm getting warm or if I'm cold.

(A snowy gust of wind blows.)

Rasoul: Aladdin!

Aziz's voice: Or, am I freezing?

(Aziz laughs, and we see the room filled with snow. Aladdin's head pops out from a plump snowman.)

Aladdin: Rasoul?

(A block of ice with Rasoul trapped inside pops out from a frozen pond. Aladdin gasps. An avalanche forms. Aladdin escapes the snowman and runs from the avalanche. He tackles the block of ice and sleds on it across the room yelling and through bursts through the door. The door closes behind them magically. The two pop out from a pile of snow, shivering wildly.)

Rasoul: We're… alive?

Aladdin: For now.

SCENE CHANGE - Castle tunnels

Iago: Rasoul said there was some secret staircase around here. (flies into the wall and falls down a staircase) Ow! Oh! Oh! Ow! Oh! Ow! Ow! That hurt! Ow! Ow! Ooh! Ah! I must be close.

SCENE CHANGE - back to Aladdin and Rasoul

Aladdin: (helps Rasoul up) Come on. We can't make it too easy on Aziz.

Aziz: (secretly watching them) Ohh, no you don't. Time to feel more of my power! (blows orange magic that turns into a giant fist and flies after Aladdin and Rasoul) It's only getting better.

(The fist chases Aladdin and Rasoul, who are running and panting hard.)

Aladdin: Faster!

(The fist grabs them, and they find themselves in the desert in a sandstorm. Aziz's giant face laughs behind them. Then it and the fist and disappear.)

Aladdin: We're getting buried again!

Rasoul: I'll find a way out!

Aladdin: How? We're in the middle of the desert!

(Rasoul digs in the sand and finds a trap door. Aladdin gasps.)

(opens the door) This way!

(Aladdin smiles and follows him in. Once inside, they are climbing down a very tall ladder.)

Rasoul: That rat Aziz is toying with us! His magic is getting stronger! He could catch us any time!

Aladdin: Let him show off. It gives Genie more time to help Jasmine and the sultan!

SCENE CHANGE - The throne room

Genie: (hiding under the throne with Abu and Carpet) Okay, men. Keep a low profile. Uh, or, uh, no profile in your case. (flies out to Jasmine) This slug look just isn't you, Princess! How about a makeover?

Jasmine: And hurry!

Genie: (grabs the jar and gets hurt by a red glowing magic) Okayyy, forget the hands-on approach. (He shoots the jar with a laser gun. It ricochets and hits a pillar, almost hitting Genie.) Never try this at home, kids.

SCENE CHANGE - A high-roofed chamber

(A rope drops from a very high ceiling, and Rasoul and Aladdin begin climbing down.)

Aziz's voice: Oh, you boys are sneaky! Just remember! It's a jungle out there!

(The entire room becomes a jungle. The rope becomes a vine and ties up Aladdin and Rasoul.)

(coughing) Looks like I won the game! Well, what do you think of my power now? Aladdin?

Aladdin: (being pull to Aziz by the vine) Give it up, Aziz. You don't have half the power of—

Aziz: Your genie? Why don't you join me in the throne room? We'll see who has real power after I destroy your true blue friend!

(Aziz blows green fire-like magic that fills the room. Once the magic clears, Aziz is gone, and Aladdin and Rasoul are back in the room they were climbing into.)

Aladdin: We have to stop him!

SCENE CHANGE - The throne room

Genie: (tries to break the jar as a nutcracker, but to no avail) Ya! That's one tough nut.

Aziz's voice: Aww. Why don't you let me help you?

Genie: Wuh oh! (A cloud of orange magic wraps around the jars, and they disappear.) Where'd they go?!

Aladdin: (runs in with Rasoul, who gasps) Genie!

(The orange magic becomes a fiery wheel, spinning in place.)

Genie: Your highness! Jasmine!

Aziz: (His head appears in the magic, laughing.) I've got the power of the world, man! The universe! It even blows my mind!

Genie: Okay. We've got a delicate situation here! But there's someone everyone listens to. (poofs into a lady with a trunk/chest beside him) Mom! That will be quite enough, young man. Time to put your toys away!

(Aziz gasps. He and the orange magic are sucked into the chest.)

Aziz: (flies from the chest, flaming green) How DARE you!

Genie: Now, don't make me the bad guy. You've had enough fun for one day! Time for bed! (turns the chest into a bed)

Aziz: No!

Aladdin: Rasoul, look.

(The green magic around him disappears, and his horns/ears catch fire. He puts them out with his hands.)

Aziz: D'oh!

Genie: Still wound up are we?

Aziz: I'll show you wound up!

Aladdin: Genie, watch out!

(Aziz, ears flaming again, wraps Genie up with orange magic. It shocks him, and he falls to the ground as a blue slug.)

Aladdin: Genie!

Genie: (turns into Dumbo) It's okay, Al! (turns back to a slug) He (changes into a flamenco dancer) cannot stop me! (changes back into a slug and falls to the floor) Oh, rats.

(returns to the throne, horns still flaming) You can't deny it now, Aladdin. My power is so real, it's unreal. An invincible, supreme force!

(Aladdin looks at Rasoul as Aziz speaks, and they nod in agreement.)

Aladdin: Your power destroyed my best friend. Why didn't you get that sad excuse for a guard instead?

Rasoul: What?!

Aziz: (laughs and puts the fire out on his horns) That can be arranged.

(Aziz shoots magic at Rasoul from his mouth. Rasoul ducks, and the magic hits a pillar.)

Rasoul: Dah! That power-hungry street rat! He's the one you've got to get rid of! He'll never let you rule Agrabah!

Aziz: (horns once more on fire, more than before) Ah ha! Divided they fall!

(Aziz has two pillars fall. Aladdin runs from them.)

Aladdin: No! Rasoul is lying! That traitor will never let you live!

(Aziz, panting as his back now on fire, blows green magic at Rasoul. Rasoul dodges it.)

Rasoul: That flea-bitten weasel Aladdin is a liar AND a thief! Get him!

(Aziz's fists are now on fire, and his eyes are blood-shot. His body turns red. He huffs fiery orange magic at Aladdin, who swings on a rope and dodges it. Aziz turns black.)

Rasoul and Aladdin: (pointing to each other) Get him!

(Aziz boils over and explodes. Blue magic, like a comet, shoots up and through the throne room roof.

Rasoul: It worked!

Aladdin: Ha ha, we did it! (The blue magic shoots across the sky and explodes in fireworks.) I guess his destiny wasn't to lord over Agrabah, but to shine over it.

Genie: (turns back to normal) How did you guys know that?

Sultan's voice: Because Agrabah has a grand destiny ahead of her, (appears from the balcony) and one day Aladdin must guide it as sultan.

(Jasmine runs to Aladdin.)

Aladdin: Jasmine!

Rasoul: Your highness.

(Carpet flies the chattering Abu in.)

Jasmine: You'll be a great sultan, Aladdin.

Aladdin: As long as Rasoul will carry on as my captain of the royal guard.

Rasoul: I'm not going anywhere… Street rat.

Aladdin: You're never going to call me “your highness,” are you?

Rasoul: Get rid of that parrot, and I'll think about it.

(Everyone laughs.)

Genie: Hey. Where is Iago?

(We see Iago, still looking for the treasure.)

Iago: *Gasp* I finally found it! The sultan's secret stash! (struggles as he opens the chest) Soon I'll be rolling in pearls, diamonds, rubies, and… (sees the chest is full of dates) dates? Dried dates? (flies around, reading all of the boxes in the room) Beans? Walnuts? Uh! More dates! AAHH!! RASOUL!!!

(The camera shows the city night as he yells.)




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