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Black Sand

Story Editor: Duane Capizzi
Written by: Kevin Campbell
© Disney 1994

Transcribed by Ruth
Transcript edited by Calluna
Screencaps by Calluna

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(We see the palace, then we head down to the streets, where RASOUL and a couple of other GUARDS are obviously chasing something.)

RASOUL: Stop that ... thing!

(Now we see what the GUARDS are chasing -– MOZENRATH’S slippery accomplice, XERXES. As he flies around a corner, he begins to taunt the GUARDS.)

XERXES: Thing, stop thing, stop thing! (He laughs and flies off again.)

(The GUARDS continue to chase.)

HAKIM: What is it, anyway?
RASOUL: Who cares? It's evil, it's ugly, it—
FAZAL: It bites!

(We see the backs of the GUARDS now, revealing a hole in FAZAL’S pants. XERXES, still flying a little way off, obviously hears this.)

XERXES: I bite, I bite! Hee hee hee! (He flies off again.)

(The GUARDS continue to chase XERXES until he comes to a dead end. XERXES comes to a halt just before he hits the wall, gasps, and turns to see the GUARDS gaining on him. The GUARDS begin to advance on him.)

RASOUL: Good job, men. The beast is trapped.

(XERXES looks fearful; then a voice out of the darkness startles the GUARDS.)

MOZENRATH: No. You are trapped.

(RASOUL looks back over his shoulder.)

RASOUL: What? Who dares?

(We see MOZENRATH’S silhouette, which we zoom in on. After he says his name, we see him clearly –- he is young, well dressed and has a glove on one hand.)

MOZENRATH: I am Mozenrath, Lord of the Black Sand.

(He is holding some sand in his gloved hand, which he blows in the direction of the GUARDS. They struggle and yell out as the sand envelops them, but it is too strong, and soon the GUARDS all vanish. XERXES flies over to MOZENRATH.)

XERXES: Black sand, black sand! (MOZENRATH pets him.)
MOZENRATH: Yes, Xerxes. And there’s plenty more where that came from.

(We move to the palace, during the day. RASOUL and all the other GUARDS are carrying barrels and setting them down near the palace wall. They all appear to be in a trance as they do so. From a balcony above, we hear IAGO.)

IAGO: That’s a lotta barrels. And you know they’re filled to the brim with caviar.

(ABU joins him on the balcony, holding his nose at the thought of caviar.)

IAGO: Don’t obsess on the fish eggs! This means the Sultan’s throwing a party. A clam bake. A shindig. We’re gonna boogaloo with the big-wigs tonight. (He starts heading off. ABU seems more interested in this idea and begins to follow, both of them strutting happily. Suddenly, IAGO stops.) Wait a minute. Nobody invited me to this party!

ABU: (After a moment, in his money talk) Me neither!
IAGO: Oh! Monkey, check my forehead! (He takes ABU’S paw and places it to his forehead) I feel moral outrage coming on! Let’s get to the bottom of this!

(On the word ‘bottom’, IAGO slaps ABU on the back, and he falls off the balcony, screeching as he falls. IAGO flies down and catches him before he hits the ground, and the two of them perch on a couple of the barrels.)

IAGO: A-hem!

(They have to scarper since RASOUL puts down another barrel where they were.)

IAGO: (To RASOUL) Didn’t invite us, eh? Bird and money cramp the royal style! Hah! (When he doesn’t get any response from RASOUL, IAGO flies after him) Well, you just tell Sultan... (RASOUL continues to walk, staring straight ahead. IAGO realizes something is wrong.) Hey. Rasoul? (He snaps a couple of feathers together as a human would fingers -– no response.) Anybody home? Focus. Focus. (RASOUL slaps his hands together, squashing IAGO between them. RASOUL continues toward the palace and IAGO falls to the ground, where ABU joins him.) He’s moody today.

(In the garden at the palace, ALADDIN and JASMINE are standing talking.)

ALADDIN: Aw, Jasmine, you’re not still mad, are ya?
JASMINE: I’m not mad, Aladdin, just ... irritated.
ALADDIN: But ... the Caliph was boring! (He imitates the Caliph) I’ve got gold, I’ve got palaces, blah, blah, blah.
JASMINE: Be that as it may, at official dinners we do not suddenly wow them with a fruit juggling trick.
ALADDIN: (Laughing) It was worth it just to see the Caliph with grapes up his nose. (We see RASOUL enter and place a barrel on the ground. He tips it up and snakes made of the black sand slither off toward ALADDIN and JASMINE.) Blah, blah, blah, I’ve got grapes up my nose.
JASMINE: (Beginning to laugh, then controlling herself.) Ahem. Aladdin, that was not funny.
ALADDIN: Ah, I don’t get it. Fighting monsters: okay. Fighting boredom: not okay. (He turns and starts to walk off.)
JASMINE: (Chuckling) Actually, I don’t care for the monster fighting, either. (She looks down as a couple of the sand snakes take hold of her arms. She gasps, and is quickly enveloped by the sand.)

(Inside the palace, we see JASMINE walking with a barrel, the same as the GUARDS. She passes a door and IAGO and ABU stick their heads out.)

IAGO: Bingo! Princess and caviar. Come on. Don’t let on we know about the party. (ABU chatters his agreement and follows IAGO. IAGO flies up to JASMINE.) Whoa-ho-ho, Princess! Don’t strain yourself with that great big barrel. Let us carry that. (He takes the barrel from JASMINE’S hands.) Here — Abu, carry that. (He drops it toward ABU, who catches it. IAGO flies down and lands beside him.) What craftsmanship! What do you suppose is in it, Abu? (ABU is almost dropping the barrel and chatters a little. JASMINE is still standing there, staring blankly ahead. ABU puts the barrel down and he and IAGO pull the top off. IAGO looks inside.) Ooh, look — caviar! How nice! (To JASMINE) You’re throwin’ a party, aren’t ya? (JASMINE still stares straight ahead.) Funny how – hey (He looks back in the barrel) That’s not caviar, it’s just a bunch of black sand. (He takes some out and drops it back into the barrel, then dusts his wings
off. As he does so, JASMINE whacks him. ABU meekly puts the lid back on the barrel, JASMINE picks it up and continues on her way. IAGO groans after sliding down the wall he hit and looks after JASMINE.) Princess? (To ABU) Is somethin’ in the water supply? Everybody’s so moody today. Fine! We don’t wanna go to your stupid party! (They don’t notice ALADDIN standing behind them.)
ALADDIN: What party? (IAGO flies up to his shoulder.)
IAGO: You weren’t invited either? Whew, I feel better.
ALADDIN: Ah, Jasmine must really be mad. All because of my stupid ‘wow them with the fruit juggling’ trick.
IAGO: At least Jasmine didn’t smack you! Who needs their stinkin’ party, and their, uh – their dumb old black sand?
ALADDIN: Did you say ‘black sand’?
IAGO: Yeah. I also said Jasmine smacked me. I would think that’s the more important point of the story.
ALADDIN: Where did Jasmine go?

(In another room in the palace, we see the lamp. From inside come the sounds of Genie telling jokes in a German accent to a laughing crowd.)

GENIE: (as emcee) Ladies und bergermeisers! Tonight at the Hoffrau (sp?), one night only, it's: Der Oom-Pa-Pa Genie! (audience cheers)

(A blue hand comes out briefly, then disappears back into the lamp.)

GENIE: (as comedian) Danke shoen. I woulda been here earlier, but I had a run in my lederhosen. (audience laughs)

(A hand then knocks on the lamp and we hear GENIE’S voice from inside the lamp.)

GENIE: Who is it? Did someone knock? Hello?

(During this second sentence, JASMINE tips the sand out of a barrel onto the floor, then places the barrel on the ground. When he gets no answer, GENIE comes out of the lamp as a one-man-band, making a lot of noise. He looks around, but the room is deserted.)

GENIE: Hello? (He sees the barrel and gasps.) A barrel! I’ve been visited by the Barrel Fairy! Thank-you, Barrel Fairy! Thank-you, wherever you are! Oh-ho —huh? (He looks in the barrel) Empty. Oh, what a rip. Barrel Fairy brought me a bogus barrel? Oh, there’s gotta be something! (He puts a hand into the barrel, then his head.) Barrel Fairy, don't forsake me now! (He doesn’t notice the sand on the floor. ALADDIN bursts into the room.)

(The sand grabs GENIE, pulling him into the puddle. ALADDIN takes the barrel.)


(The puddle of sand on the floor is moving.)

IAGO: It’s digesting? (As the puddle begins to grow again) It’s regurgitating!

(The puddle seemingly releases GENIE, but like the GUARDS and JASMINE, he merely stares straight ahead. ALADDIN looks relieved and smiles at GENIE.)

ALADDIN: You’re okay! (No response.) Genie? Are you hurt? Say something!

(We see IAGO and ABU. We hear ALADDIN get hit and he slides past the two.)

IAGO: It’s that moody thing again! The sand does it to them!

(ALADDIN rubs his head, then looks after GENIE in puzzlement. GENIE steps out of the puddle and heads off. ALADDIN, IAGO and ABU follow him at a distance.)

IAGO: What’s the sand do to them?
ALADDIN: I don’t know.

(We see GENIE disappear around a corner. The others follow him.)

IAGO: Rasoul, Jasmine, Genie. It’s like their brains have been sucked right out of their heads.

(ALADDIN looks around a pillar, gasps, then turns back to the others.)

ALADDIN: I hope that’s not the case.

(He looks back around the pillar. We see JASMINE. GENIE joins her and the two of them start off down the corridor.)

IAGO: Eh, I also have an ‘evil twin’ theory.
ALADDIN: Let’s find out what’s going on.

(We appear to be in the dungeon. ALADDIN, IAGO and ABU are looking through a crack in a door. GENIE and JASMINE are just standing there, mute as ever.)

ALADDIN: What are they doing in Jafar’s room?

(We hear MOZENRATH’S voice from inside the room.)

MOZENRATH: Our grand deception is going splendidly, my sleepy-eyed supporters.

(Outside, ALADDIN blanches and opens the door further, seeing MOZENRATH.)

ALADDIN: Ah-ha. Just as I thought. Where there’s black sand, there’s Mozenrath.
IAGO: So what’re you gonna do? Bust in there and stomp him?
ALADDIN: No. Jasmine may be in danger. We can’t let him know we’re on to him.

(They hurry off as XERXES pokes his head around the door. He looks around, but ALADDIN, IAGO and ABU are hiding behind the door and he doesn’t see them.)

MOZENRATH: We must continue the ruse until the Sultan is captured.

(XERXES goes again and ALADDIN, IAGO and ABU breathe a sigh of relief.)

MOZENRATH: (To JASMINE) You are the one who can get close enough to him to accomplish that. (He hands her a barrel.) Now go! Take him!

(ALADDIN, IAGO and ABU have been peering through the door again, and hide behind it again as JASMINE exits.)

IAGO: Ooh, poor Sultan’s next.
ALADDIN: Not if I can help it.

(JASMINE walks down a corridor with the barrel. ALADDIN hurries up to her.)

ALADDIN: Hey, Jas! What’s in the barrel? (He tries to take it from her, but she pulls it away. ALADDIN looks after her, puzzled, then catches her by the arm.) Jasmine, I really think we need to talk — (JASMINE’S arm comes off in ALADDIN’S hand. He gasps and holds it up – it has turned into the arm of a MAMLUK. In fact, it was a MAMLUK all along – we see him now, and he moans at ALADDIN. ALADDIN drops the arm on the ground in disgust.)
IAGO/ABU: Eurgh!

(Setting down the barrel, the MAMLUK reattaches his arm and turns back into an image of JASMINE. He picks up the barrel and continues down the corridor.)

IAGO: Wow ... beauty is only skin deep.
ALADDIN: It’s not Jasmine. Mozenrath replaced her with a mamluk! Which means the real Jasmine is trapped somewhere! ... but where?

(ABU climbs up onto his shoulder and starts chattering at him —we see GENIE coming from behind them. IAGO notices too, and tugs on ALADDIN’S trousers.)

IAGO: Al? Big blue zombie at twelve o’clock!

(ALADDIN sees him too, and ABU begins to chatter in a frightened way. GENIE continues to advance on them, and ALADDIN, IAGO and ABU start to back away.)

IAGO: I wanna speak to Genie — the real Genie, deep inside.

(GENIE thumps the ground, and ALADDIN gets out of the way just in time.)

ALADDIN: Iago, it’s a mamluk too! There is no Genie deep inside.

(They scarper as GENIE punches the pillar they were standing in front of. ALADDIN ducks behind a column, then sneaks out again brandishing a vase.)

ALADDIN: ... which means I don’t have to worry about hurting him!

(He smashes the vase on GENIE’S back, but it just shatters and GENIE moans.)

IAGO: (To ABU) What about him hurting us?

(ABU makes to fight. We see JASMINE walking off and hear ALADDIN.)

ALADDIN: No, Abu! Stop Jasmine!

(ALADDIN is struggling against GENIE.)

ALADDIN: Don’t let her get to Sultan! (He continues to struggle.)
IAGO: Good idea. Girls don’t hit quite so hard.

(They start to run off after JASMINE, but skid to a halt and turn back toward ALADDIN, still struggling against a very tight GENIE hug.)

ALADDIN: Go on! Save the Sultan!

(The SULTAN is in the throne-room, balancing a few mechanical elephants on top of one another and humming to himself. JASMINE appears and SULTAN gasps.)

SULTAN: Oh! Jasmine, you startled me. I didn’t hear you come in.

(JASMINE takes the lid off the barrel. Black sand comes out. We switch back to a corridor, where GENIE is carrying ALADDIN, still struggling.)

IAGO: We can’t just leave Al. (To ABU) Go on, help him!

(He pushes ABU, then CARPET comes flying down the corridor. He sees what’s happening and flies over to ALADDIN to help by pulling on GENIE’S wrist.)

IAGO: (Flying up to GENIE) Here’s a little trick called a Mongolian Hair Pull! (He grabs GENIE’s hair and starts pulling. Before he gets too far, GENIE’S entire head comes off. IAGO is now carrying a MAMLUK head.) Aah! Gross! (He drops the head in disgust.)

(GENIE’S body also turns back into the MAMLUK and ALADDIN manages to get free.)
ALADDIN: Thanks, guys.

(He goes over to the MAMLUK, who swipes at him but misses, then grabs ABU and starts squeezing him. He chatters, and ALADDIN taps the MAMLUK’s shoulder.)

ALADDIN: ‘Scuse me ... you got a loose thread back there.

(Indeed, we see the loose thread in the MAMLUK’S back. ALADDIN pulls it, and the MAMLUK falls to pieces. A hand tries to grab ABU but he kicks it away and laughs. ALADDIN zooms past on CARPET and picks him up by the tail.)

ALADDIN: There’s no time to lose!

(JASMINE is leading a blindfolded SULTAN somewhere.)

SULTAN: Jasmine, I really don’t understand the point of this game.

(We now see that she is leading him towards a pool of black sand on the floor.)

SULTAN: And you’re so quiet. Is something troubling you?

(He cries out as he falls into the sand, but just in time ALADDIN arrives.)

ALADDIN: Gotcha!

(He pulls the SULTAN’S wrists and the SULTAN takes off the blindfold.)

SULTAN: Aladdin, what’s going on?
ALADDIN: There’s no time to explain right now.
IAGO: Al, look out!

(JASMINE is running toward them. She knocks ALADDIN off CARPET. The SULTAN cries out as he is sucked down into the sand again, but ABU grabs his wrist, then IAGO grabs ABU and CARPET grabs IAGO. ALADDIN and JASMINE continue to struggle. ALADDIN throws her over his head, but she gets up and jumps at him again. ABU, IAGO and CARPET pull the SULTAN out of the sand. He pulls himself together for a couple of seconds before he notices ALADDIN and JASMINE.)

SULTAN: Jasmine, Aladdin, why are you fighting?

(ALADDIN and JASMINE continue to fight. Now we see MOZENRATH and XERXES wandering down a corridor. We see MAMLUK pieces they haven’t noticed yet.)

MOZENRATH: Agrabah’s so clean and wholesome. I’m really loving darkening its doorstep.
XERXES: Dark door, dark door!

(MOZENRATH notices the MAMLUK pieces and gasps.)

MOZENRATH: What’s this?
XERXES: Mamluk pieces.

(IAGO is watching ALADDIN still struggling with JASMINE.)

IAGO: Go, Al, go! Remember it’s not Jasmine, it’s a mamluk!

(JASMINE pushes ALADDIN over to the window and hangs him out of it. Hanging by his feet, he sees a pool of black sand below the window. He grabs onto the window ledge, then when JASMINE pushes him fully out the window he simply jumps back in and pushes her out instead. The SULTAN sees all this happening.)

SULTAN: NO! (He rushes over to the window.)
ALADDIN: Sultan, wait!

(The SULTAN looks out of the window.)

SULTAN: Jasmine!

(JASMINE is hanging on the window ledge. She grabs the SULTAN, then lets go of the ledge and they both fall. ALADDIN makes a grab at the SULTAN as he falls.)


(The SULTAN and JASMINE both fall into the pool of black sand.)

ALADDIN: Sultan!

(XERXES flies in and chuckles as he turns somersaults over the pool.)

XERXES: Black sand, black sand!

(We see ALADDIN at the window above, then he goes back into the room.)

ALADDIN: I’m going after Sultan. Carpet. (CARPET flies over.) Find me a chain, or a ... a rope, something. (CARPET flies off and ALADDIN calls out after him.) Something long!
IAGO: Going after Sultan? How? Where?
ALADDIN: Into the sand.

(He looks startled as MOZENRATH enters through the throne room door.)

MOZENRATH: Aladdin! I applaud you. Truly one for the textbooks. Except for the end there, where you lost Sultan. Still, an ‘A’ for effort, friend. An ‘A’ for effort.
ALADDIN: Don’t call me friend.

(A couple of the GUARDS grab ALADDIN. He struggles against them.)

ALADDIN: Let go!
MOZENRATH: Easy now, muscles. Don’t make them use force.

(XERXES flies in through the window.)

XERXES: Sultan captured!
MOZENRATH: Excellent, Xerxes.
ALADDIN: You — what have you done with them?
MOZENRATH: You’re about to find out. First-hand.

(He is holding a lump of black sand in his hand. ALADDIN struggles against the GUARDS and MOZENRATH blows the sand toward ALADDIN as IAGO and ABU look on, looking very worried. The sand forms a puddle below ALADDIN. MOZENRATH turns on his heel and exits; XERXES chuckles at ALADDIN, then follows. We see IAGO and ABU still hiding behind a pillar, still watching.)

MOZENRATH: Getting in was the easy part. Your so-called guards were more like escorts. (MOZENRATH is now seated on the throne.) In fact, (he yawns) now that I’ve won, there’s no need to keep up appearances.

(He snaps his fingers and the GUARDS revert to their original MAMLUK form. MOZENRATH steps down off the throne and goes over to a window.)

MOZENRATH: The deception is over. Agrabah is mine to rule. I’ve made prisoners of the royal family. Princess Jasmine of course made for such a delightful victim. When she was swallowed by the sand, she gave out the most ... blood-curdling scream. (He laughs.) She’s so cute.
ALADDIN: You made one mistake, Mozenrath.
MOZENRATH: Really? A mistake? What would that be, tell me puh-leeze.
ALADDIN: You saved me for last!

(He struggles free of the MAMLUKS, but before he gets very far, MOZENRATH zaps him, lifting him into the air. We see MOZENRATH as ALADDIN might from above.)

MOZENRATH: I meant to. You’re so much fun to gloat to.
XERXES: Gloat, gloat!

MOZENRATH: Well, it’s time for good-bye, Aladdin.
XERXES: Bye-bye!
MOZENRATH: Assure the Sultan that my mamluks love the royal decor. Oh, and my fond regards to the princess.
XERXES: Fond regards, fond regards! (He blows a kiss.)

(MOZENRATH snaps his fingers and ALADDIN falls into the pool. He chuckles.)

MOZENRATH: Xerxes, you punctuated my moment beautifully.

(We see IAGO and ABU again.)

IAGO: Al? I'll miss his two-fisted antics. (ABU crosses his arms.) What? What can I do?

(CARPET flies back in through the window with a length of rope, which he ties around a column. He takes the other end and flies right into the black sand.)

ABU: All right, Carpet!

IAGO: Hah. Well, I was just gonna do that. I swear!

(We now find ourselves in a strange land full of the black sand. As the camera moves, we see SULTAN, JASMINE and the GUARDS up over their ankles in the sand.)

JASMINE: Where is this place? It’s so strange.

(RASOUL tries to free his leg, but with no success.)

RASOUL: Some royal guardsman I am. Tricked by a flying, simpleton eel!
JASMINE: It couldn’t be helped. Who knew Mozenrath was up to something?

(One of the puddles begins to boil and GENIE emerges dressed in diving gear.)

GENIE: Here’s the plan: we get out the same way we got in!
JASMINE: Did you see anything?
GENIE: Goop. Tons of it.
SULTAN: My kingdom, my people ... under Mozenrath’s evil rule.
GENIE: Don’t worry — there’s hope while Al’s out there stopping mamluks!

(A large bubble appears. It bursts, and ALADDIN appears, stuck in the goop.)

JASMINE: Aladdin!
ALADDIN: How do we get outta here?
HAKIM: So much for our hope.
GENIE: Don’t worry. There’s still Carpet, Abu and Iago!

(Another bubble. CARPET pops out of this one.)

GENIE: Oh, let’s face it: we’re doomed.

(CARPET reaches down and pulls out the rope. GENIE grins and kisses CARPET.)

GENIE: I think that I shall never hug a friend I love more than this rug!

(He hugs CARPET, but gets stuck to him with some of the goop.)

GENIE: Ah ... a little help?

(We see the puddle of black sand on the throne room floor and hear IAGO.)

IAGO: I don’t like this. What if they don’t come back? You’re gonna have to save the day.
ABU: What?
IAGO: Coward. Al would do it for you.

(They duck back behind the pillar as XERXES flies in to inspect the puddle.)

XERXES: What this, what this? Rope.

(IAGO pushes ABU out from behind the pillar.)

IAGO: Get him!

(XERXES sniffs the puddle.)

XERXES: Mozenra—(He is cut short as ABU tackles him.)

(ABU and XERXES struggle. Out on the balcony, MOZENRATH hears this and starts to turn around. IAGO flies over and perches himself on MOZENRATH’S shoulder.)

IAGO: Mozenrath! Bubby. Can we talk? (ABU and XERXES continue to struggle.) You seem like a guy who’s goin’ places. A real Renaissance wizard. I could, you know, be your sidekick. That freaky eel doesn’t do anything for your image, trust me! What you need is a parrot!

(ABU is still struggling with XERXES. This time, MOZENRATH hears them.)

MOZENRATH: What was that?
IAGO: (Desperately trying to get MOZENRATH’S attention back) Ah, I’ve got great sidekick credentials! You ever hear of Jafar? You know, ah, tall guy, kinda snaky ...
MOZENRATH: Get out of my way!

(He hurries back into the throne room. When ABU sees him, he screeches and releases XERXES, who smacks him one with his tail and flies off. MOZENRATH goes over to the pool of black sand on the floor and kneels down by it.)

MOZENRATH: Ah, some people don’t know when to give up.

(A large blue hand comes out of the sand and flicks MOZENRATH, sending him sprawling across the floor and crashing into a pillar. GENIE appears.)

GENIE: And some people just don’t know when to shut up!

(He pulls the rope out of the sand and an elevator comes out. The door opens to reveal GENIE, dressed as a lift boy, ALADDIN, SULTAN, JASMINE and the GUARDS.)

GENIE: Next floor: evil wizards, wacky slug fest and happy endings. Everybody off. (EVERYBODY exits the elevator at a run.)

(The MAMLUKS look around. ALADDIN tackles one, CARPET trips up another, RASOUL fights yet another, pushing him over FAZAL. ALADDIN struggles with one, throwing it over his head and causing his arms to completely fall off.)

ALADDIN: Yeuch, I’m never getting used to this.
MOZENRATH: This isn’t over yet, simps!

(GENIE materializes with a mirror, admiring a wig he’s wearing.)

GENIE: Hey, handsome ...

(MOZENRATH zaps them, but GENIE whacks the magic back towards MOZENRATH with the mirror, who very quickly gets up and starts running the other way.)

MOZENRATH: No! (He runs, dives, and the magic breaks a hole in the palace tower instead.)

(GENIE is sitting in a referee’s chair, watching the action.)

GENIE: Game point!

(MOZENRATH is dangling out the window, his gloved hand holding the ledge. ALADDIN comes over to the window and offers MOZENRATH his hand.)

ALADDIN: Take my hand.

(MOZENRATH grasps his wrist and pulls himself up a little.)

MOZENRATH: I’d much rather take your life!

(He falls — ALADDIN catches hold of his glove, which comes off, revealing a skeletal hand beneath. MOZENRATH, having fallen a little way and having caught onto another ledge with his good hand, stares at it in horror a moment.)

MOZENRATH: No ... (He can’t hold on any longer and falls.) ALADDIN!! (He yells as he falls, but something catches him before he hits the pool of sand at the bottom of the tower. He looks up. XERXES is holding him up by his cape.) Yes! Xerxes! Good toady! (But he’s too heavy, and the cape rips. MOZENRATH falls into the sand. XERXES spits the piece of cape out and looks up angrily.)
XERXES: Hmph. We’ll return, Aladdin! We’ll return! Don’t think we won’t! We will return! (A safe falls on him, sending him into the pool as well. GENIE and ALADDIN are at the window above.)
GENIE: I had a spare safe lying around. What was I to do with it?

(Later, IAGO is relaxing in the palace.)

IAGO: Boy, am I glad that's over.

(He hears footsteps and looks around. GENIE comes in the door with a barrel on his back. He is staring straight ahead. IAGO begins to back away from him.)

IAGO: That stinkin’ eel wasn’t kidding. They did return with more of that black sand! (He flops onto a cushion. ABU is on the other side. ABU turns and moans at IAGO, acting like GENIE too.) AAH! The monkey’s a mamluk! Let me outta here! (He zooms out the window where ALADDIN and JASMINE are standing. They shrug at each other and inside we see GENIE and ABU shaking hands.)
ALADDIN: Hey, guys.
JASMINE: What’s with Iago?
GENIE: Beats me. (ABU shrugs.) But he’s gonna miss the Sultan’s party.

(ALADDIN and JASMINE smile at each other; GENIE takes the lid off the barrel.)

GENIE: Oh, well. More caviar for us, eh?

(Monkey-chatter from ABU at this.)

(The end.)

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