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Armored and Dangerous

Story Editor: Duane Capizzi
Written by: Bill Motz and Bob Roth
© Disney 1994

Transcript by Samantha

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(Setting: Agrabah, at night. A giant minotaur, Dominus Tusk, stomps through the streets, attacking citizens and buildings with a giant mace.)

Tusk: Dominus Tusk will smite you into dust, kingdom of Agrabah.
(The palace guards load a boulder into a catapult)
Rasoul: Fire!

(The boulder hits Tusk; it bounces off of his arm)
Tusk: You dare provoke me?
(Tusk pulls the top off of a building and hurls it at the guards, destroying the catapult.)
Tusk: I am stronger than ever!
Citizens: (Fleeing) Run!
Tusk: Tonight, Agrabah falls!
(He nears the palace)

(Setting: a palace balcony. Sultan and Iago watch the destruction.)

Sultan: The guards were our last line of defense!
Iago: A swell time for Al and Genie to be out of town on business!

Sultan: Surely this is Agrabah's darkest hour.
Iago: Hour nothin'! The way bull head is moving, we've got two minutes, tops! (begs) Do something, save me! Use your royal influence!
Sultan: But, well, I-I... (stammers)
(Jasmine arrives, on Carpet. She wears her battle attire and holds a spear.)
Sultan: Jasmine! What are you doing?
Jasmine: I can't sit by and watch Agrabah fall.
Sultan: I can't sit by and watch you fly to your death! (pauses) There is one recourse and it's something I must do.
(He runs into the palace)
Sultan: Wait here for me, Jasmine!
Iago: (to himself) On the off chance he's ducking tail and hiding... (to Jasmine) I'll cover Sultan! (follows him)
Jasmine: Whatever you're doing father, hurry.

(Setting: inside the palace. Sultan runs down a hallway, Iago behind him. Sultan lights a torch, then opens a hatch leading to a secret staircase. He descends, then runs through a hallway.)

A secret hiding place... (follows) you sultans think of everything.

(Sultan stops before a door decorated with a sword-shaped coat of arms.)

Iago: This is fantastic! A minotaur-resistant safety chamber.
Sultan: No. This is a memory my family has tried very hard to forget.

(He opens the door and enters the room, which is filled with pots and crates.)

Iago: (Walks around) You're trying to forget a storage closet? Look, I know a pawn shop that would give you a few bucks for this junk...

(Iago screams. He's noticed a statue of a large, muscular man who wears thick armor and holds a knife. Sultan approaches the statue)

Sultan: Here it is. The armor of Kileem.
Iago: Handsome man, that Kileem.
Sultan: My father told me the legends. The man who wears this armor becomes invincible.
Iago: So, who you gonna get to try it on?
Sultan: My father also said it should never be worn—the consequences could be tragic. I can ask no other.
(Sultan removes the shoulder armor; green smoke emanates from the statue.)

(Setting: the streets. Tusk uses his mace to smash a hole in a building, exposing a poor woman and her baby.)

Tusk: The helpless make for amusing toys.
Jasmine: (Watches from the palace balcony) I can't wait for Father. Let's go, Carpet.

(She jumps on Carpet and they fly to Tusk, who is about to hit the poor woman with his mace)
Jasmine: Leave them alone!
Tusk: What?
(He hits Jasmine with the mace; she flies off of Carpet and lands on a pile of sandbags.)
Tusk: (Approaches) The bold, however, make for a good, quick mashing.
Sultan: There will be no mashing.

(Sultan is behind Tusk. He is wearing Kileem's armor and his voice is almost robotic. Tusk approaches.)

Tusk: Now what weak thing beckons Tusk?
Iago: (hidden behind Sultan's leg) Wasn't me!

Tusk: Do you mock me with your meager horns, little man?
Sultan: You won't have any horns once I pluck them from your face, cowl.
Iago: Easy with the jabs, chief, you may be wearing untested invincible armor.
Tusk: Destroy! (swings the mace)
Iago: (screams, flies off screen, then returns with a contract) Would you mind signing this? It bequeaths a small portion of the royal jewels to me in the event of your passing.(Tusk nears; Iago screams and flies away)
Tusk: Fare thee well, puny one! (He attacks Sultan, then lifts his mace to assess the damage. Sultan is gone) What?
Iago: (some distance away) Where did he go?
(Sultan is behind Tusk.)
Sultan: Behind you, beast.

(Tusk attacks Sultan, who jets out of the way and escapes)

Tusk: What trickery is this?
Sultan: (Several feet in front of Tusk) Over here, Tusk.
(Sultan runs and, within seconds, is in another block)
Sultan: Or, am I over here?
Tusk: Hold still, old man!

(Tusk chases after him and attacks; Sultan runs into an open section of town. Tusk follows, attacks, and misses; Sultan runs again. Tusk, frustrated, smashes the ground with his mace. Sultan, now near Jasmine, Iago, and Carpet, watches)

Swarthier, zippier... but it's him!
(Tusk lifts a building out of the ground and throws it at the Sultan. It appears to hit him.)
Jasmine: Father!
Iago: Oh boy.
(Tusk laughs and rubs his hands together, accomplished. The rubble where Sultan had stood vibrates.)
Tusk: What?
(Sultan lifts the building off of him; he holds it up with one hand. Jasmine and Iago gasp)
Sultan: Who is weak, horned giant?
Tusk: Impossible!
Jasmine: Iago, how did Father get so strong?
Iago: Hint, it's not the stair climber we got him.

(Tusk nears Jasmine and Iago, but is stopped when a chain thrown by the Sultan, gets wrapped around one of his horns. Sultan throws Tusk into a building, then punches him, rendering him unconscious. Sultan's eyes glow green.)

(Jasmine, Iago, and Carpet fly to Sultan)
Iago: Muy macho el Sultano!
Jasmine: Father, you stopped him! (hugs him) You've saved Agrabah.
Sultan: Yes. (turns away from her) But this is only the beginning. I see great things for Agrabah. (evil laugh) Great things, indeed.
(Sultan's eyes glow green)

(Setting: the secret chamber. The Kileem statue's eyes glow green.)

(Setting: Outside the palace, sometime later. Aladdin, Abu, and another man enter on an elephant driven by Genie.)

Aladdin: Welcome to Agrabah, Ambassador Akim. While you are visiting, consider this your home.
(Akim disembarks, followed by Aladdin and Abu)

Genie: (Dressed as bellhop; to Akim) We aims to please, mister! Be sure to ask for a window room. Tell 'em Genie sent ya. (turns Abu into a bellhop) Skeeter, take the man's bags. (The bag appears on top of Abu)
Akim: I look forward to meeting your Sultan, so that we may fortify the alliance between our two kingdoms.
Aladdin: There's not a more generous soul in all the Seven Deserts that our Sultan.

(They enter the palace)

Aladdin: And this is the Sultan's... uh, throne room?

(The room is filled with weapons and large horns are mounted on the wall above the throne. The Kileem statue is on the right side of the room.)

Genie: (scoffs) They redecorated and didn't call me? Personally, I would have gone with a rustic cabin motif.
Abu: (thinking) Uh huh, uh huh... yeah, yeah...
(Aladdin and Akim pass the Kileem statue)
Akim: An ... interesting decor. (Sees the throne) Those horns belong to a mighty beast!
Jasmine: Dominus Tusk, actually. (She enters, with Iago) My father bested him in battle.
Iago: Whupped him good!
Akim: Bested Dominus Tusk? Our army could not defeat him!
Aladdin: Well, the Sultan has a fine army.
Jasmine: Aladdin, you don't understand. Father beat him with his bare hands.

(Aladdin gasps)

Genie: Let me get this straight.... (he flies into the air, his face resembling Tusk's) Dominus Tusk, big old minotaur was beat up by (returns to the ground and lowers his hands to indicate a short person) Sultan, little old miniature?
Iago: Having this guy Kileem's magic armor doesn't hurt, but that's splitting hairs. Sultan's a big kahuna now.
Aladdin: I'm amazed!

(Sultan enters)

Sultan: And why is that? Am I too feeble to protect my kingdom?
Akim: Ambassador Akim of Ganastan at your service, oh mighty Sultan. (He bows, then extends his hand) I salute you for ridding the Seven Deserts of Dominus Tusk.
Sultan: I accept your gratitude. (shakes his hand)
Akim: This is the heroism of which legends are made! Someone of your stature, taking on a giant—
Sultan: (angry) What do you mean by "my stature?" (He squeezes Akim's hand; Akim groans)

Jasmine: Father!
Aladdin: Sultan?
Akim: Please! I meant no disrespect. (Begs) Forgive me! (Sultan lets go; Akim falls to his knees and crawls away)
Sultan: After an insult like that, you should beg me not to declare war on your country!
Aladdin: Uh, Sultan, with all due respect, um, perhaps you, uh, overreacted?
Sultan: Overreacted?! Overreacted?! (He grunts, frustrated, then punches a stone pillar, leaving a hole. Genie's jaw drops.) I am the Sultan. I do not overreact! (Stomps out of the room)
Aladdin: Whoa.
Iago: That armor's done a lot for his self-esteem.
Jasmine: It makes father stronger than a hundred men. But it's changed him, for the worse.
Aladdin: Whoa…

(Setting: the palace, later. Aladdin and Jasmine peek into Sultan's toy room. There's a padlock on the door.)

Jasmine: He's been in his toy room for days. The only time he comes out is to train the guards. He says, "we must be prepared to defend Agrabah's honor".
Aladdin: What's he doing in there?
(The door opens; Sultan emerges. Jasmine gasps)
Jasmine: Hello, Father!
(Sultan closes the door, then padlocks it)
Sultan: No time for chit-chat, time to train. (Walks away) We must be prepared to defend Agrabah's honor.
Jasmine: Father's never felt the need to lock me out before.
Aladdin: We need to know what's in there. (Pulls a lock pick out of his vest pocket) Abu's not the only ex-thief in Agrabah.

(Setting: outside. Sultan holds one end of a rope; three palace guards are on the other end, struggling to pull him down)

Sultan: With the proper use of direct strength, a single combatant can claim victory— (he pulls the rope, knocking the guards down) —over a force of many weaker foes.

Iago: My, what an inspiring lesson! Bravo!
Sultan: Genie! I need you for a demonstration.
Genie: (Turns into a soldier) Gene, the Lean Marine, reporting for duty, Sir!
Sultan: (To the guards) Now here's an opponent who seems worthy. But remember— even the most powerful opponent has a weak spot. (He grabs Genie's stomach and pulls it. Genie transforms back to normal, shocked) Remember also, never show mercy to your opponent, even when he's down.
Genie: Uh oh..
(Sultan grabs Genie's hand and uses it as leverage to smash him into the ground. The guards cringe. Genie is stuck in the ground, dizzy, with lamps circling his head.)
Iago: (Lands on Sultan's shoulder; obviously sucking up) Nice form, Your Highness!

(Setting: Sultan's toy room. It is filled with various maps and scrolls. Aladdin and Jasmine each read a scroll aloud)

Aladdin: "Kileem ruled Agrabah with an iron-fist. His magic armor made him strong as stone".
Jasmine: "As Kileem lay dying, he cast a curse: My legacy will live on within he who dares to don my armor." (Puts down the scroll; goes to Aladdin) Oh no! That armor has cursed Father.

Aladdin: (Notices the map on the wall) What is this? Ganastan? These are plans to invade Ganastan!
Jasmine: (Looks at other scrolls) Not just Ganastan— Father plans to conquer all the Seven Deserts!
Aladdin: Kileem's making him do this. He's taken over Sultan's thoughts.

(They hear someone open the door; both gasp. Sultan enters, holding the lock in his hand)

Sultan: Hmmm... unlocked. Now who could have opened it? (Jasmine is underneath the table) And where would they hide? And what will I do to them when I find them!? (Sultan picks up the table and throws it across the room. He forces Jasmine onto her feet) What are you doing here? Answer me!

(Aladdin watches from behind a tapestry.)

Jasmine: Why, Father, I was just reviewing your invasion plans. They're excellent.
Sultan: You approve of my plans?
Jasmine: Of course! The kingdoms of the Seven Deserts are rightfully ours. It's about time Agrabah used its muscle.
Sultan: Then why did you hide from me?
Jasmine: Uh, I thought you'd be mad at me for meddling in your secret affairs.
Sultan: Well, a father shouldn't keep secrets from his daughter. (He throws a dagger at the tapestry Aladdin hides behind) Nor should a daughter keep secrets from her father! (He exits)
Aladdin: (Sighs; the dagger barely missed his left shoulder) Whoa...

(Setting: The throne room. Iago lays on the Kileem statue's shoulder, eating grapes)

Iago: I, for one, have been sleeping better knowing Sultan Muscles is protecting our city.
Jasmine: "Sultan Muscles" is planning to take over the world!

Aladdin: We just have to see to it that he doesn't get past the planning stage...
Iago: (Sarcastic) What are you gonna do, fight him? He can rip your liver out with his pinky!

(Genie enters, in a wheelchair. His body is covered in various casts and bandages)
Genie: Yeah, I'm living proof—barely.
Jasmine: Iago's right—we don't have a chance as long as Father's wearing that armor.

Aladdin: Maybe we can trick him out of the armor...

(Setting: the cliffs near Agrabah. Aladdin, Sultan, Genie, Abu, and Carpet stand on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a river.)

Aladdin: And now to get to Ganastan, your troops will have to cross this river. You, uh, see the problem, Sultan?
Sultan: Ah, yes, I see the problem. The problem, as I see it, is that you brought me all the way out here to show me a river! What kind of a fool do you take me for?
Aladdin: Genie, now!

(Genie blasts Sultan with magic; Sultan is knocked off of the cliff and into the river below)

Sultan: (as he falls) Traitors!

(Sultan lands at the bottom of the river; he tries to swim up to the surface, but he's too heavy. Aladdin and the others fly down to the riverbed. They see air bubbles on the surface of the water)

Aladdin: If he wants air, he'll have to take off that armor and come up for some! (They wait; the air bubbles stop appearing) Uh oh.

Genie: He's not coming up...
Aladdin: Go get him, Genie.
Genie: He's gonna be really, really mad.
Aladdin: We can't let him drown!
Genie: I'm on it! (He turns into a scuba diver and dives into the river. He reaches the bottom; there is a large hole in the river bottom) Huh? (He swims down the hole)
Aladdin: What could be taking Genie so long?
Abu: I don't know.

(Sultan pops out of the sand behind Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet)

Sultan: Vengeance is mine!
Aladdin: Carpet! (Carpet picks up Aladdin and Abu, but Sultan places a foot down on top of him before he can fly away)
Sultan: Going somewhere? (He pokes Aladdin with one finger, knocking him over)
Genie: (Appears from the same hole that Sultan had) Hey, Al, I think the sultan tunneled... (sees the situation; Sultan runs toward him) Whoa!
Abu: Carpet, let's move! (Carpet picks up Aladdin and flies to Genie)

(Sultan grabs Genie's chin and rears back to punch him; three pairs of glasses appear on Genie's face, all of a different shape and color)

Genie: You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would ya?

(Sultan rips the glasses off Genie's face and throws them aside. Carpet passes by; Aladdin grabs Genie and pulls him onto Carpet. Sultan chases them.)
Sultan: You can't run from me!
Aladdin: But we can fly! Carpet! (They fly into the air and away from Sultan)
Sultan: Vile betrayers!

(Sultan lifts a palm tree out of the ground and hurls it at Carpet; it hits, and Aladdin, Genie, Carpet, and Abu fall out of the air and into an oasis. Sultan laughs)

(Setting: The palace. Jasmine is in her chamber, looking out the window. Iago rests on her bed.)

Jasmine: This is taking much too long. Where are they?
Iago: If they're smart, which I doubt, they're begging the Sultan of Strong for forgiveness. (Flies over to her) You see, you're looking at this the wrong way. Princess of Agrabah, small potatoes! Princess of the Seven Deserts—now you're talking. This armor thing could be the best thing that's ever happened to us!

(Guards Rasoul, Hakim, and Fazal enter)
Rasoul: Seize them! By order of the Sultan.

(Setting: The palace dungeon. Jasmine is chained to the wall. Sultan enters)

Sultan: Keeping secrets from Father, hmm?
Jasmine: You're not my father, you're Kileem. My father would never harm the innocent. My father's not a coward.
Sultan: A coward, you say?
Jasmine: If you're not, then let my father go. (looks away)
Sultan: (His voice is back to normal) Jasmine, is there something you would like to say to me?
Jasmine: Father? Father, you can't carry out Kileem's invasion plans. Lives will be lost if we go to war. You must listen. It's me, your daughter. Please, release me, Father.
Sultan: Jasmine, I have no intention of keeping you here.
Jasmine: Oh, father. (smiles)
Sultan: Oh, no, no my dear, don't worry. You'll be leaving here by sundown. (in Kileem’s voice) For that's when I've scheduled your execution!
(Jasmine gasps)

(Setting: The oasis; dusk. Carpet and Abu stand over Aladdin, shaking him. Genie is nearby, his head buried in the sand.)

Abu: Wake up, wake up!
Aladdin: (Sits up) Ow, my head.
Genie: (lifts his head, dizzy) Anybody get the license number of that flying tree?
Aladdin: The Sultan, he's on to us. We've got to get back to Agrabah.
(Aladdin and Abu jump on Carpet; Genie turns into a jet and flies underneath Carpet)
Genie: Let's jet.
(They fly toward the palace)

(Setting: A high tower near the palace. The Sultan walks a handcuffed Jasmine to her own execution. Rasoul waits on the platform.)

Jasmine: Rasoul... (He looks at her, then puts his hood on with reluctance).
(Sultan shoves Jasmine; she falls into position)
Sultan: Be done with it, Rasoul.
Rasoul: Forgive me your highness!
(Rasoul winks at Jasmine; she smiles and lowers her head. He swings the axe; Jasmine moves her head and puts the handcuffs in its place. Rasoul breaks them)
Rasoul: (Blocking the Sultan) Run Princess!
(Jasmine escapes)
Sultan: Surrounded by treason! (He pushes Rasoul into a pillar, knocking him unconscious, then follows Jasmine. He darts in front of her) I'll just have to do it myself!

(Sultan picks Jasmine up and throws her over the ledge. She screams, but never hits the ground. Aladdin, on Carpet, catches her.)
Sultan: The conspirators, alive? A mistake I won't again make!

(Sultan jumps off of the ledge and lands on Carpet; he's too heavy and Carpet crashes to the ground below. Sultan lands; his eyes glow green. He approaches the group, who fell across from him)

Aladdin: Jasmine, we have stop him.
Jasmine: Do whatever it takes. He's no longer my father. He's Kileem.
Genie: I understand. Alright, Kileem, say hello to… Genie Bot! (turns into a Transformers robot) (to the audience) I'm from the future. (To Sultan) Taste hot flesh from the future! (echos) (He shoots his lasers at Sultan; they hit him, but he keeps inching toward the group)

Iago: (Off-screen; screaming) Help, up here!

Aladdin: The throne room!

(Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu jump on Carpet and fly to the throne room. Iago backs against the edge of his cage, screaming)

Iago: Don't let it near me!
Aladdin: What, don't let what near you? (Iago points to the Kileem statue) It's just a statue.
Iago: Sure, that's what I said. (Abu picks the cage's lock and frees Iago) Then it looked at me funny...
Aladdin: Iago...
Iago: Look, there he goes again!
(The statue's eyes glow green)
Aladdin: Kileem... strong as stone...

(Setting: outside the palace. Sultan picks the Genie Bot up and spins him around. He throws Genie across the palace lawn, then approaches him)

Genie: Halt! (Mid-transformation) I transform you know (echos)(he becomes a toaster; Sultan laughs, then picks Genie up.) —toast anyone? (Sultan tosses Genie over his shoulder.)

(Sultan's eyes glow green. Cut to the statue, whose eyes still glow)
Aladdin: I've got a hunch that that armor gets its strength from somewhere else.
(Aladdin touches the statue; he is thrown across the room)
Jasmine: Aladdin!
Aladdin: We've got to destroy that statue.

(Sultan enters, laughing)
Sultan: It cannot be destroyed. As least, not by the likes of you, weak boy.
(Genie enters)
Genie: Oh yeah? Then lets turn things over to 40,000 megatons of military industrial know-how. (He turns into a rocket, then targets the statue) Fire!

(The rocket flies into the statue; there is an explosion, which nearly destroys the balcony. The gang goes onto the balcony; the statue, still whole, hangs over the edge. Sultan is clinging onto the statue, about to fall)

Sultan: (His normal voice) Help me, Aladdin!
Aladdin: (Reaches for Sultan) Grab on!
(Sultan does so. His eyes turn green and he laughs evilly. He pulls Aladdin off the balcony and throws him toward the ground below)

Jasmine: Aladdin!

(Carpet hurries to Aladdin; he breaks his fall. Sultan climbs over the statue and onto the balcony. The weight is too much, however, and the balcony collapses. Genie grabs onto Jasmine, Iago, and Abu. Sultan and the statue crash into Aladdin and Carpet and all land on the ground.)

(Carpet is trapped under a large piece of rock. Aladdin, on top of a rock pile, sits up and rubs his head. Sultan emerges from a pile of boulders)

Sultan: Destroy!

(Sultan runs at Aladdin; he dodges and Sultan crashes into a slab of stone, breaking it. Aladdin sees the Kileem statue and gets an idea; he dodges another attack and positions himself in front of the statue.)

Aladdin: It ends here, Kileem.
Jasmine: (On the ground, with the others) Aladdin, no!
Sultan: Yes!

(Sultan, his eyes glowing, lunges for Aladdin. Aladdin ducks; Sultan realizes he is about to smash the statue)


(Sultan hits the statue, breaking it. A green, djinn-like spirit rises out of the remains, writhes in agony, then disappears.)

Aladdin: Destroyed, by the likes of you.

(Sultan sits nearby. The armor falls off of him; he looks around, confused. The others approach him)

Aladdin: Sultan, are you okay?
Jasmine: Father?
Sultan: Did… did I stop Dominus Tusk?
Jasmine: (Hugs him) Yes, Father... yes, you did.



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