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How Quick They Forget

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Say, you wouldn't go break up the old act would ya, pal?
After all these years, that wouldn't be real nice
Nah, you couldn't go break up the act, now could ya, pal?
Yes, he could, without so much as thinking twice - amazing!

I guess we won't swap those barbershop harmonies no more
You can't sing 'em with three, you gotta have four
And ain't it a crime, a real crying shame
Screwed up and all wet
We used to be thick
How quick they forget

Here's how it becomes a guitar, bass and drums, without a horn
That saxophone leaves, and a trio is born
Not much does it take to go out 'n' break
A nice matching set
Not much of a trick
How quick they forget

Like three blind mice
Or three on a matchstick
Three makes only three
Him plus him plus me
Makes us . . . whoopee!

Let's see, three bears
And three little kittens
Signed, sealed, said, and done
One plus one plus one
Makes what? . . . No fun

We're not what we were
Any fool would prefer
Any four-handed game
There's nothing that squares
Without two complete pairs
So it's just not the same

And I guess we ain't got no more
Of those hot old nights in store
Our future looks dull, a regular snore
And what is it for?
Why go busting up a happy quartet?
He's all out of tune
How soon they forget

Well, ain't it a sin
It's a real crying shame
Three fellas is left
One fella's to blame
Don't want it to end
Not now and not yet
It makes a guy sick
How quick they forget

Just three little pigs
Out hustling gigs from door to door
What used to be fun
Sans one is a chore
As all of that
"Put 'er there old pal
Fades into the past
How quick they forget

He thinks he's so chic
How quick they forget
We went and broke up the clique
How quick they forget
That guy's a real yick
How quick they forget
How quick, how quick
They forget

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