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Hold On

Lyrics provided by Evi

This song was found in a copy of the "Aladdin" script dated July 3, 1991 and did not have a title; "Hold On" is just a title I made up to call it until we find out the real name. - Calluna

Music and lyrics (?) by Alan Menken

Hold on
There's a rainbow
There's a sunrise
There's a dawn
Hold on
I hear the calling of fate
There's something great and it's waiting for you

Hang on
'Till tomorrow
A new day is due
Did somebody order miracles for two?
Count on me - I'll come through

And we'll have adventures
In magical places
A private oasis out there in the sands
Diamonds and rubies and emeralds and pearls
A palace and servants and beautiful girls

Hold on
Keep believin'
Have a dream, pal
Have a few
Destiny calls and all your dreams come true
Here they come - bright and new
Destiny calls and all you have to do
Is count on me - I'll come through

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