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Count on Me

Music and lyrics by Alan Menken

Hey, gonna make you proud someday
Gonna do great things you'll see
Yeah, it's in the hands of fate now
Just wait now
I've got this destiny

My friend, you can count on me
We won't just get by
Hang on tight
And we'll have adventures
Diamonds and pearls
We'll rescue damsels
Did I mention girls?

And then, I'll pick a star from the sky
And all of our dreams will come true one-two-three
You can count on me

You can always count on me
'Cause I got lots of plans
So stick with me
And there will be riches
And magical places
A private oasis
Out there in the sands

Till then
You keep on smiling through
And we'll get by
On what's out there for free
You can count on me

'Cause I'll make you proud someday
'Cause I've got this destiny
And I know that I'll make good now
I should now
You can count on me

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