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Call Me a Princess

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Call me a princess, I don't care
Call me obsessed with nails and hair
Only concerned with what to wear
Shallow and so blase

Go ahead, call me "royal pain"
I'm unimpressed with your disdain
Let me repeat one sweet refrain
Princesses get their way

Other girls cook, but that's not relaxing
Princesses make reservations
Life's much too short and Lord, it's so taxing
Ruling these darn Third World nations

Some say that when I nag a whine
Nobody's voice is as shrill as mine
Daddy thinks that I sound just fine
He's in my royal sway
Other girls study, why do they bother?
I study how to grease up my father
Fathers were born to pay
And princesses get their way

Call me a princess, I don't mind
Selfish disgrace to womankind
People need hobbies - I unwind
Watching how much I weigh

Other girls work for law degrees
Some scrub the floor on hands and knees
I'd rather have a facial, please
Slather her face in clay

Soon I'll get married - what could be sweeter?
To some Salim or Abdullah
Whoever he is, the two things he'll need are
Earplugs and plenty of moola

Princesses write a check - it clears
That's 'cause they spend those wonder years
Running to Dad and faking tears
Training him to obey
Fresh outta cash? No problem, I drop a
Snit and go running straight to my papa
Then everything's okay
Princesses get their way
Believe it
Princesses get their way

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